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What's Google? Just Google it.

"The core of what Google is about is bringing information to people."
Sundar Pichai, current CEO of Alphabet and Google.

The search engine with the greatest user share, by a large margin. The company that creates/maintains it also works on a wide variety of other products, including things like translators, the webmail provider Gmail, the interactive map Google Earth, the free cloud-based web office suite Google Drive, the web browser Google Chrome (and an operating system of the same name), the Android mobile OS, the social networking hub, The Advertisement Server. Find it here. TV Tropes' search engine is also run by Google.

Surely a company this wildly successful can afford to rest on its laurels for awhile? Nope. Fuelled by their success in commercializing software products and services, Google is now using its vast financial resources, data collection and analysis ability to explore the frontier edge of technology. Of particular note are its Augmented Reality glasses, Automated Automobiles, and the Knowledge Graph/Knowledge Vault unified framework and database system to allow its personal assistant Google Now unprecedented ability to understand you and process any kind of information on demand, with the aim to eventually develop it into a true Artificial Intelligence (for which purpose it hired many specialists in the field, including the renowned inventor and futurist Ray Kurzweil). To show that the potential of Big Data is truly endless, Google has established the California Life Company (CALICO), whose aim is advancements in personalized medicine through advanced monitoring devices, preventative medicine, coordinating medical data from researchers and medical centres across the world and ultimately the defeat of aging itself.

Currently believed to be the most likely company to result in The Singularity.

In 2015, Google was made into a subsidiary of Alphabet Inc.

Not to be confused with a googol, which is equal to 10100.note 

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