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Sayori's Author Avatar, as drawn by herself.

Sayori is a Chinese-born fanartist (currently living in Japan) from the doujin group NEKOWORKs , which consists mostly of just herself, famous for the doujin series Nekopara. Outside of NEKOWORKs, she primarily does doujin artwork for Touhou.

Tropes present in her artwork include:

  • Cat Girl: She seems to have an affinity for them.
  • Original Character: Chocola, Vanilla, and Caramell.
  • Fan Nickname: Is referred to as "Big Mama Neko" by her Nekopara fanbase.
  • Pimped-Out Dress: Fans of Nekopara will be familiar with the high number of bows, ribbons, and other accessories in the catgirls' clothing, including the quite fancy outfits they wear on one particular date. But that's still far from the high end of the scale for Sayori. Some of her other artworks feature stupendous amounts of detail throughout the picture, and not just in the characters' dresses.
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  • She's Got Legs: Everyone in her Eastern Garden series. Everyone.

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