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"Welcome to the Rooster Teeth Podcast! Starring Gus... [other members]... and Gus."
Gus Sorola, The Rooster Teeth Podcast

When the Title Sequence includes credits, there is a whole mess of jockeying for position that goes on. The dominant position within the credits sequence is either at the very beginning of the list, or at the very end.

As a way to draw special attention to the last actor on the list, their name will often be bracketed with an additional annotation, such as "With", "And", or "And Starring". Sometimes, this would be elaborated even further, giving the name of the character portrayed by the actor, although this type of credit may also be used to hide the actor's name. In Hong Kong cinema, some films take this further by giving "Special Starring" credit to especially prominent actors.

In the past, this was reserved for either the star of the show, a cast member who is not part of the "primary" ensemble (e.g. villians and mentors), or a big name doing a cameo. Over time, as stars and their agents learned about the power of marketing, it has become an increasingly important bargaining point.

Although not done as often these days, "And Introducing" was a common credit on movies, indicating where the company felt they had a potential star on their hands and wanted to ensure everyone remembered that "you saw them here first" (even if it wasn't their first major role). Often, these people were never seen or heard from again, and the perception that an "and introducing" credit was a kind of "kiss of death" to a career may explain its disappearance.

The most extreme form of this is the Fake Guest Star. Compare Billed Above the Title, when special attention is drawn to the first actor in the cast list. Very common in All-Star Cast fare. Contrast with And Zoidberg.


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    Live-Action TV 
  • 7 Days (1998). And Alan Scarfe as Bradley Talmadge.
  • In 24, the "And" credit was given to:
  • 3rd Rock from the Sun started with "And Jane Curtin", which later got a "With Wayne Knight" preceding it.
  • The 100: "With Isaiah Washington And Henry Ian Cusick."
  • The 4400:
    • Peter Coyote (Dennis Ryland) has an "and" credit in Season One.
    • Karina Lombard (Alana) has a "with" credit in Season Three.
    • Billy Campbell (Jordan Collier) has an "and" credit in Season Four.
  • The Addams Family: In the second season, the billing of "featuring Jackie Coogan" was added to the opening credits over the shot of Coogan's face.
  • The opening credits of The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr. end with the line "With Comet" — Brisco's horse.
  • Alias was notorious for its revolving door-style notion of what makes a "main character", yet no matter how often the names changed in the opening sequence the first and last spots always remained the same starting with Jennifer Garner and ending with "and Victor Garber". When Lena Olin joined the cast it became "with Lena Olin ... and Victor Garber", then it went back to "and Victor Garber" after she left.
  • The Amazing Race US edition waited 17 years until Season 30 (!!) to add a "Hosted by Credit" for Phil Keoghan in the opening titles (after the standard turn-and-smiles for the competitors). It is rare for both competitors and hosts/judges to both be credited directly in the title sequence.
  • The American Girls, a short-lived 1978 CBS crime/adventure series, had "and David Spielberg as Francis X. Casey."
  • American Horror Story:
  • American Odyssey had Anna Friel appear first... then Peter Facinelli above her.
  • The Americans had "And Noah Emmerich." The final season added "With Margo Martindale" before Emmerich's credit.
  • Angel initially didn't have an "And" credit, likely due to it only starting out with three cast members. However, starting in Season 4 (by which point several more cast members had been added), Alexis Denisof was moved from third-billed to the end of the line and given an "And" credit. This would last through the end of the series.
  • Arrowverse:
  • In As the World Turns, "and Eileen Fulton as Lisa".
  • In Babylon 5 Peter Jurasik and Andreas Katsulas as Londo and G'kar received a "with" and an "and" respectively. Lampshaded by JMS in one of the commentary tracks. When G'Kar and Londo appear in the credits, he refers to them respectively as "God" and "Demigod". The two rotated every season for the first four years, then switched every episode in season 5.
  • Batman (1966): "And Yvonne Craig as Batgirl."
  • Battlestar Galactica (1978) had "And Lorne Greene as Adama," and on the creative credits at the top of each episode after the episode title, "And Terry Carter as Colonel Tigh."
  • In Battlestar Galactica (2003), Dean Stockwell is always the last credited guest star, carrying the credit "And Dean Stockwell".
    • There's also "Crossroads, Part II" in which, instead of being billed with the rest of the main cast, Katee Sackhoff appears in a special credit, "Katee Sackhoff as Starbuck", right before the episode's end credits. This is repeated in "Sometimes A Great Notion" with "Kate Vernon as Ellen Tigh". In both cases, it was done to preserve a surprise.
    • And now Caprica has "And Polly Walker" concluding its main cast list each episode.
    • "The Plan" gave us "And Tricia Helfer" as the final credit.
  • Beakman's World in its final season had "And Mark Ritts as Lester the Rat". Weirdly, in the middle two seasons, Mark Ritts was not last credited, that one went to the assistant, Eliza Schneider.
  • Better Call Saul:
    • "... and Michael McKean"
    • Season 3 added "with Giancarlo Esposito" before McKean's credit.
    • Season 4 has "and Giancarlo Esposito" since McKean is no longer on the show.
  • Bewitched: "...and Agnes Moorehead as Endora"
  • Beyond Paradise (2023): Barbara Flynn receives the "and" billing amongst the main cast while Jamie Bamber, who plays Martha's ex Archie, receives a "with" billing right afterwards for the episodes he appears in.
  • In The Big Valley "...and starring Miss Barbara Stanwyck as Victoria Barkley"
  • Birds of Prey (2002) has "And Mia Sara".
  • Bloodline (2015) does this to Sissy Spacek and Sam Shepard.
  • Blood Ties (2007) has "and Kyle Schmid as Henry Fitzroy."
  • Blue Bloods has Tom Selleck get this treatment, although he usually almost as much screen time as Donnie Wahlberg, who's always listed first.
  • Boardwalk Empire: Dabney Coleman through Season 2, Gretchen Mol from Season 3 onward.
  • In Bones, of a sort: all of Verizon fiOS' episodes descriptions from episode two of season 10 onward include "and Special Agent Aubrey" (IE "Booth/Bones/the team and Special Agent Aubrey investigate...").
  • Boston Legal never had the same full cast for two consecutive seasons... sometimes even for a full season, but it had three permanent "big stars": James Spader (leads off), William Shatner (brings up the rear, with an "and"), and Candice Bergen (next-to-last, with a "with").
  • Boy Meets World: And William Russ.
  • "And Ann B. Davis as Alice" ended the credits of The Brady Bunch.
  • Brooklyn Nine-Nine: "And Andre Braugher".
  • Buck James had "And John Cullum as Henry Carliner.''
  • For most of Buffy the Vampire Slayer's run, Anthony Stewart Head was last in the opening credits, with an " Giles", because he was by far the most accomplished and famous actor in the series at that point. In the last 2 seasons, he was dropped from the main cast but would still get a "Special Guest Star..." (post opening). Alyson Hannigan, whose career had recently taken off thanks to the American Pie movies, would be moved to the end with "and ... as Willow", replacing Head.
  • Burn Notice: "with Bruce Campbell and Sharon Gless".
  • Cagney & Lacey: "And John Karlen as Harvey."
  • In the 1968 Ancient Rome-set mini-series The Caesars, the first five episodes ended the cast list with "And Freddie Jones". In the sixth and final episode, "Claudius", Jones, who played the title character, was promoted to top billing; the cast list instead ended with "And Ralph Bates" (who played Claudius' nephew, Caligula).
  • In The Cavanaughs, a 1986-89 CBS comedy: "And Christine Ebersole as Kit."
  • In the first 3 seasons of Charmed (1998), Shannen Doherty was billed first and Alyssa Milano had an "And..." (despite not the last to be credited). After Doherty left the show and was replaced by Rose McGowan, Milano's name is moved to the beginning and Holly Marie Combs (who was previously credited between the two) was upgraded to "And ... as 'Piper'" for the rest of the series.
  • The Carrie Diaries: "With Freema Agyeman and Matt Letscher".
  • Charlie Horse Music Pizza: "And starring Dom De Luise as Cookie".
  • Cheers had George Wendt (Norm) as the "And" credit from Season 4 onwards. He had still been last in the credits prior to this though,
  • First season episodes of Chico and the Man had "Introducing Freddie Prinze as 'Chico'; starting in the second season, it was "And Starring Freddie Prinze as 'Chico.'"
  • Chicago Hope: For the first couple of seasons, the credits read "and Héctor Elizondo as Dr. Phillip Watters". When Mark Harmon joined the cast, it now read "with Mark Harmon and Hector Elizondo". The final season saw a major overhaul of both the cast and the opening credits. Harmon and Adam Arkin alternated the top billing, and the 'with' honors went to one of the newcomers to the series..."with Barbara Hershey and Hector Elizondo as Dr. Phillip Watters".
  • Chuck has two: "with Sarah Lancaster and Adam Baldwin".
  • Mary McDonnell got a big fat "Special Guest Star Mary McDonnell as Captain Sharon Raydor" during the fifth season of The Closer. It didn't hurt that she'd just come off her stint as President Laura Roslin on BSG. When she got her Promotion to Opening Titles in season 7, she slotted in right before Jon Tenney, as "with Mary McDonnell and Jon Tenney".
  • Season 2 onwards of Cobra Kai has "With Martin Kove as John Kreese", carrying over from The Karate Kid films above.
  • Code Black has an interesting example. The show's original star was Maggie Grace as Dr. Leanne Rorish, with the Oscar-winning Marcia Gay Harden as new resident Dr. Christa Lorenson. However, Grace dropped out of the project before the pilot was filmed, and Harden stepped into Grace's rolenote . As a result, during the first season, Harden takes the top spot in the credits, but Luis Guzmán, who gets the "with", isn't followed by anybody — presumably because that's where Harden's name was supposed to go. This goes away in the second season, because Rob Lowe joined the cast and got "And" billing to finish up the credits.
  • Community also has two: "with Ken Jeong and Chevy Chase."
  • Cory in the House has "And Rondell Sheridan."
  • The "created by" credits for The Cosby Show read: "Created By Ed Weinberger & Michael Leeson," then on its own screen, "and William H. Cosby Jr., Ed. D.". Ironically, in the cast credits, Cosby was Billed Above the Title instead.
  • Crazy Like a Fox: After Jack Warden's billing, it reads 'Starring John Rubinstein, Penny Peyser, Robby Kiger'.
  • Criminal Minds had Thomas Gibson following "Starring Mandy Patinkin," but when Patinkin left the show and Joe Mantegna joined, Gibson's name was moved to the end with "And."
  • CSI gave Paul Guilfoyle the "And" during his time on the show.
  • CSI: NY: "with Hill Harper and Eddie Cahill."
    • For the final two episodes, Megan Dodds and Natalie Martinez, respectively, got the "with/and," but without their images being shown.
  • Damages has this in every season. Glenn Close gets the top spot and season 1's credits end with "with Tate Donovan and Ted Danson." Season 2 takes this to an absurd level with its credits ending like so: "with Marcia Gay Harden and Timothy Olyphant and William Hurt AND (when he appears in an episode) Ted Danson". Ted Danson again gets an "and" in season 3 episodes he appears in.
  • Dante's Cove, as of season three, gives us three: "with Jensen Atwood," "Gregory Michael as Kevin" and "Special Guest Star Thea Gill as Diana Childs". The other cast members simply get their names.
  • Desperate Housewives has "Brenda Strong as Mary Alice Young." Weirdly, however, this is not the last credit of the opening titles—that honor belongs to "and James Denton," which appears after Strong's credit.
  • James Remar, who plays Harry on Dexter, gets the "and," probably because the character only appears in flashbacks and imaginary conversations, and so isn't considered part of the main cast despite being a prominent character.
  • The Dick Van Dyke Show "Starring Dick Van Dyke, Rose Marie, Morey Amsterdam, Larry Mathews... and Mary Tyler Moore."
  • Doctor Who:
    • The series was notably funny in the order in its early years; while the actor playing "Doctor Who"note  always went first in the end credits, his companions (the secondary stars of the show) sometimes went well down the list.
    • Notice the almost complete absence of any British shows on this page? Cast and crew credits on UK television come at the end of an episode, in the manner of films. A relative few also include the principal stars' names in the opening sequence, where you might get the odd "And..." used to partition off a significant actor/role after the others, but the various specified billings of "Starring"/"Co-starring"/"Also starring" etc, and the hotly fought demarcations between these, are essentially unknown.
    • Doctor Who is one of the fairly rare series to put the lead actors' names front and centre in the opening sequence, and even then has only done so since its 2005 Revival. Typically, you get name of the Doctor and then that of the main companion, without any "starring", "with", "and", etc. The original 1963-89 run did this more creatively by (from 1967 onwards) incorporating the Doctor's face into the (then-revolutionary) "vortex"/"starfield" graphics during the opening.
  • Don't Trust the B---- in Apartment 23 had "And James Van Der Beek".
  • Doogie Howser, M.D. ended its credits with "and James B. Sikking as David Howser."
  • Ryan Stiles was the last to be credited on The Drew Carey Show, but he was also the only one who was listed along with the character he played.
  • Doom Patrol (2019) goes kind of crazy with this, to the extent that there are more specially credited actors on the show than "regular" stars. almost all of the variations mentioned in the trope description are used:
  • The Dukes of Hazzard gave James Best an "and" credit, which was then followed by an "also starring" for Sorrell Booke in what functioned as the final "and" position. Both got an "as" added, but so did all of the supporting characters after the first three leads. When Best was temporarily replaced (by Dick Sargent!, among others) in season 2, the interlopers got the same treatment.
  • Dynasty (1981) did this with three cast members during its run. Season 1 was "and starring Bo Hopkins as Matthew," season 2 had "and starring James Farentino as Dr. Nicholas Toscanni," and the most famous, of course, was "and Joan Collins as Alexis" for the rest of the series. In Season 2, Joan Collins was second-to-last and simply credited with "as Alexis Carrington."
  • In Earth 2, the credits end with 'And Antonio Sabato, Jr. as Alonzo Solace' It's not quite as complete a example as some listed here, because in these credits all the characters names are listed anyway.
  • Eastwick only billed the main cast members appearing in that week's episode, and in alphabetical order (hence some episodes had the credit "starring ashley benson," while others might say "starring jon bernthal" - and yes, the type used for the credits was all in lowercase)... with the exception of Paul Gross, who always came last and with the "and."
  • Empire: "And Taraji P. Henson."
  • ER gave the "and" credits to the following:
    • Eriq La Salle for Seasons 1-8. Unusually for the show, episodes in Season 8 in which La Salle does not appear have him removed from the opening titles. The actor who then ends up credited last does not receive "and" before their name.
    • Paul McCrane for Seasons 9-10.
    • Laura Innes following the departure of McCrane in the middle of Season 10 until Season 12.
    • The opening titles were changed and drastically shortened for Seasons 13-15, and no longer included any cast credits. The cast were credited with on-screen text during the beginning scenes of the episode, and during this time, the final person did not recieve "and" before their name.
    • The original opening was reinstated for the series finale, when Angela Bassett got the "and" credit.
  • Everybody Loves Raymond had "with Doris Roberts as Marie and Peter Boyle as Frank".
  • Debrah Farentino got one of these credits in the short-lived yet critically acclaimed EZ Streets.
  • "And Nancy McKeon as Jo" in The Facts of Life.
  • Family Matters, initially gave this position to Telma Hopkins as Aunt Rachel; after her departure, the slot remained vacant for a few seasons, even though Jaleel White as Steve Urkel was so obviously the Breakout Character. He was credited last in any event, but it wasn't until well into the show's run that he finally got the full "Jaleel White as Steve Urkel" credit.
  • In the ending credits of Fate: The Winx Saga, the main cast roll concludes with "and Eve Best".
  • In the second season of The Flight Attendant, Rosie Perez is credited this way for her role as Megan Briscoe. In the episodes in which Cheryl Hines appears as Dot Karlson, it is "with Cheryl Hines as Dot Karlson and Rosie Perez as Megan Briscoe."
  • The extremely short-lived TV adaptation of Foul Play, starring Barry Bostwick in the Chevy Chase role, gave separate "And...As" credits to twins Greg and John Rice.
  • Frasier had John Mahoney (Martin Crane) as the "And" credit.
  • Full House gave the "And" to Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen in the final season. Also the only time they are credited as separate people.
  • Future Cop: "Starring Ernest Borgnine in Future Cop, also starring Michael Shannon as Haven, John Amos as Bundy."
  • Game of Thrones:
    • The cast list in the opening sequence ends with "and Peter Dinklage" in season 1. This was dropped in season 2, where his name was simply listed first instead, likely due to the critical acclaim and Emmy win his performance netted in the first season.
    • Jason Momoa is given "also starring" as his billing — rather unusually, this appears in the end credits, after the guest stars have been listed.
    • Unusually, starting with Season 4, Iain Glen receives the more prominent "with" credit at the end of the cast list, something usually reserved for the person listed penultimately in the cast list (the final name is typically given the "And.")
    • The prequel series House of the Dragon has "and Rhys Ifans''.
  • Getting Together: "Pat Carroll as Rita Simon."
  • On Gilligan's Island, there was "Also Starring Jim Backus as Thurston Howell III" and "And Also Starring Tina Louise as Ginger". Plus, the Professor and Mary Ann were at first credited simply as "And the Rest", with Russell Johnson and Dawn Wells being credited by name only in the closing credits. This was changed after the first season, with the two appearing together under "with" after Tina Louise's credit (but no "and" between them). When all is said and done, the credits, when looked at together, are very ungrammatical: "Gilligan's Island, starring Bob Denver, Alan Hale, also starring Jim Backus as Thurston Howell III, Natalie Schafer, and also starring Tina Louise as Ginger, with Russell Johnson, Dawn Wells". Geez...
    • Interestingly, the opening credits and theme song were changed only on the insistence of Bob Denver who wanted all the lead characters explicitly named. When the studio refused to make the requested changes saying that it would be too expensive, Denver, whose contract said that his name could appear wherever he wanted it, demanded that he be removed from the opening and only be given credit at the end. Knowing that they couldn't leave their star out of the title sequence, the studio agreed to a new theme song and opening credits.
  • The last two spots in the opening credits for Gilmore Girls were always "and Kelly Bishop" followed by "special appearance by Edward Herrmann" (Emily and Richard Gilmore, respectively).
  • Girl Meets World:
    • Subverted with Ben Savage as Cory taking second in the opening credits.
    • However, the intro does have "And Danielle Fishel", who plays Topanga.
  • GLOW (2017) has "and Marc Maron" for Season 1 and 2, and in Season 3 has "with Chris Lowell and Marc Maron".
  • Good Luck Charlie has "And Jason Dolley", who plays the eldest son, rather than one of the two parents as is more typical for family sitcoms (though Eric Allan Kramer gets a "with" credit). This is probably because of his years of long and loyal service to the Mouse House.
  • Good Times saw breakout star Jimmie Walker graduate from a gang "with" combining the three children (with Tony-nominated Ralph Carter listed first) in season 1 to a triple-barreled and/also starring/as by season 5.
  • Gossip Girl (2007) has "with Kelly Rutherford and Matthew Settle," while in the final season Michelle Trachtenberg receives "And" billing for her appearances.
  • Gotham had "Jada Pinkett Smith" in the first season.
  • Since Robert Culp was a much bigger star than the actor playing the lead, William Katt, the credits for The Greatest American Hero went "Starring William Katt" followed by "Starring Robert Culp as Bill Maxwell"—with "as Bill Maxwell" in a box, to emphasize it even further, resulting in his freeze-framed face being mostly obscured with credit text. Poor Connie Sellecca, who came third (and who was literally an afterthought when it came to casting the regulars), just got a title card with her name and nothing else.
  • Grey's Anatomy has done this through the entire run: Patrick Dempsey has always been the "and", while Isaiah Washington was the "with", until he got kicked off the show. Recently, it was rumored that Chandra Wilson would inherit the "with", as her character is arguably the best-loved on the show, but it seems that for now, things will stay the way they are.
  • Gunsmoke practically invented this trope in later seasons, when all of the main cast would have their credits read before the actual star of the show's credit was read as: "And Starring James Arness as Marshall Matt Dillon."
  • Laurence Fishburne gets the "And" credit on Hannibal.
  • "And Tom Bosley as Howard Cunningham" finished the intro to Happy Days. The producers originally wanted to put Fonz at the end, but Henry Winkler refused, saying he didn't want to upstage the original stars.
    • The tenth season of the series gave an additional credit to Scott Baio and/or Erin Moran whenever they made a guest appearance.
  • The original Hawaii Five-O took this to ludicrous extremes — Jack Lord had starring billing on the opening (and from season 6 closing) credits, and all the other regulars were relegated to "With" billing (and had the names of their characters to boot). Averted on the revival, which simply lists the names of the actors.
  • Here Come the Brides: Starring Robert Brown, co-starring Bobby Sherman, David Soul, Bridget Hanley, Mark Lenard, and Joan Blondell as Lottie.
  • Hill Street Blues "and Veronica Hamel as Joyce Davenport."
  • Home Improvement gave the "and" to Jonathan Taylor Thomas in Season 7, then to Richard Karn after Thomas left in Season 8, which also added a "with" to Zachery Ty Bryan.
  • For the first few seasons of Homicide: Life on the Street, the opening credits always ended with "And Ned Beatty as Bolander". (Especially noticeable, since everyone else was credited strictly in alphabetical order.)
  • Honey West: Starring Anne Francis, co-starring John Ericson.
  • How I Met Your Mother: "With Neil Patrick Harris and Alyson Hannigan".
  • In order to maintain the "big up front, big out back" sandwich, the opening credits on Hustle have always opened with Adrian Lester and closed up with "and Robert Vaughn as Albert Stroller"
  • Interview with the Vampire (2022): The end credits have "And Eric Bogosian."
  • A twofer: the credits for the 1980 restaurant sitcom It's a Living (later retooled after the strike-truncated first season as Making a Living) seem to build up to the credit for the blonde bombshell, "And Ann Jillian as Cassie". But then the credits keep going, listing more supporting characters (the pianist, the chef, etc.) before coming back around to another "star" waitress with the credit "And Barrie Youngfellow as Jan".
  • It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia has "and Danny Devito as Frank Reynolds" after he joins the cast in season 2.
  • JAG: David James Elliott (Harmon Rabb) had the "starring" for all ten seasons, "and John M. Jackson as Admiral Chegwidden" at the end for the eight seasons in which he appeared in the opening titles.
  • Janda Kembang: The opening credits uses "introducing" for the child actress Abigail (Laila).
  • Jessie: "And Kevin Chamberlain"
  • Justified had "And Walton Goggins" from the second season on.
  • The King of Queens had "And Jerry Stiller as Arthur" as the final credit in the opening sequence. He was also the only cast member to have their character name included in the credit.
  • Kings Crossing, a short-lived 1982 ABC prime time serial: "And Beatrice Straight as Louisa Beauchamp."
  • "Starring Hugh Beaumont, June Lockhart, Jon Provost as Timmy, and of course Lassie."
  • L.A. Law: "and Richard A. Dysart"
  • Thora Hird and Jean Alexander were billed as Special Guest Apperances during their times on Last of the Summer Wine.
  • When Craig Ferguson went to Scotland with his friends, the opening for each episode of The Late Late Show credited the guests, Weird Cows, Kilts, "music by the Imagineers, introducing Jordan Malone as Young Craig, with Secretariat and Geoff Peterson as Geoff Peterson, and now, Craig Ferguson."
  • The final season of Laverne & Shirley gave an "Also Starring" credit to David L. Lander, making him the only cast member other than Penny Marshall and Cindy Williams to be listed in the opening credits.
  • Law & Order:
  • The League ends its main cast credits with "And introducing Jon La Joie."
  • "And starring Jerry Mathers as the Beaver" was the last line of Leave It to Beaver's opening credits.
    • Parodied in the opening credits of SCTV with "and Dave Thomas as The Beaver", even though John Candy actually played The Beaver in their parody sketch of that show.
  • Lewis uses this not for its main cast members, but for notable guest stars in individual episodes — for instance, the pilot gave the "and" to Jemma Redgrave due to her being... well, Jemma Redgrave.
  • The Librarians 2014: The main cast ends with "and John Larroquette." Meanwhile, Fake Guest Star Noah Wyle is always credited as a special guest star; apparently this was due to guild reasons as you can't star in two shows at the same time.
  • Irwin Allen's Lost in Space opening titles featured 'Special Guest Star' Jonathan Harris as Dr. Smith — and in the same vein, Land of the Giants had Kurt Kaznar as Fitzhugh.
  • The L Word put its actors' names in the credits in strict alphabetical order... with the exception of the final name: "and Pam Grier as Kit". It presumably helped that Jennifer Beals, its other big-name star, has a name early on in the alphabet.
  • Mad Men: Starting in Season 2, "...and John Slattery." (In Season 1, Slattery's character Roger Sterling didn't appear in every episode and Slattery was listed as a guest star).
  • Magic City: Danny Huston as Ben Diamond.
  • Frankie Muniz, despite playing the title character, was credited last on Malcolm in the Middle.
  • Make It Pop bills all four of its leads as "Featuring" ("Featuring Megan Lee", "Featuring Louriza Tronco", "Featuring Erika Tham", "Featuring Dale Whibley").
  • For the NBC seasons of Mama's Family, it was "And Rue McClanahan as Aunt Fran''. Additionally, when Carol Burnett, Betty White, and/or Harvey Korman guest-starred, they were credited in the opening titles as well. Betty White made one final appearance in the syndicated seasons and was given opening sequence credit again, but Allan Kayser, the last star credited in the syndicated seasons, received no special credit treatment (other than being the only one to have his credit picture updated, which happened in the final season).
  • Marvel Cinematic Universe:
  • On M*A*S*H, Gary Burghoff received a unique special credit ("also starring Gary Burghoff as Radar") when he returned for the two-part Season Eight episode "Goodbye, Radar" after having decided to leave the series.
  • Masked Rider: "And introducing FERBUS".
  • Matt Houston: "And Buddy Ebsen as Uncle Roy."
  • Melrose Place had Heather Locklear as "Special Guest Star" once she joined the show. The rest of the cast had to make do with alphabetical order credits.
  • Miami Vice: "and Edward James Olmos as Castillo"
  • Midnight Caller: "and Arthur Taxier as Lt. Carl Zymak."
  • The Mod Squad: "and also starring Tige Andrews", later modified to "and also starring Tige Andrews as Captain Greer".
  • Monk has "and Ted Levine as Stottlemeyer".
  • The Monty Python's Flying Circus episode "The Buzz Aldrin Show" has a fake credits sequence that includes "AND INTRODUCING F. B. GRIMSBY URQHART-WRIGHT AS THE VOICE OF GOD".
  • Conrad Janis received an "Also Starring" credit for Mork & Mindy. During the show's final season, Jonathan Winters was given as "Special Guest Star" credit after Janis.
  • The Munsters: "and starring Fred Gwynne as Herman" (in the first season only; Gwynne was later given top billing).
  • Various Muppet productions have given this credit to Jim Henson, Frank Oz, and Caroll Spinney, among others.
    • The short-lived Little Muppet Monsters gave this credit to five Muppet performers: Henson, Oz, Dave Goelz, Jerry Nelson, and Kathryn Mullen.
  • Mystery Science Theater 3000: Several "and introducing" jokes including a few for Frank at the beginning of season 2 and one for Jim Mallon in Mystery Science Theater 3000 S02 E03: Jungle Goddess.
  • Nashville: "With Kimberly Williams-Paisley And Powers Boothe"
  • NCIS has "With Rocky Carroll And David McCallum" starting Season 6. McCallum got the citation all to himself in the first five seasons. Starting in the show's twentieth season, Gary Cole was given an 'and' credit following the already existing 'with' credits for Carroll and Mc Callum.
  • The publicity for the drama New York News featured Mary Tyler Moore, but the "and" credit went to Madeline Kahn, followed by a "with" credit for Mary ("as Louise Felcott") in the final position.
  • Peter MacNicol on NUMB3RS. In previous seasons, it was Diane Farr that was credited this way.
  • Once Upon a Time had "And Robert Carlyle"
  • The opening credits for One Day at a Time (1975) featured "and Valerie Bertinelli" from season 5 on, with "as Barbara Cooper/Royer" added on starting with season 6. But fan favorite Pat Harrington Jr.—already "as [Dwayne] Schneider" back in season 1—also needed prominence, and when they added big-name new regular Howard Hesseman he needed to be featured too. So the season 9 credits ended up as:
    STARRING [all caps] Bonnie Franklin; Howard Hesseman;
    starring [lowercase] Pat Harrington as Schneider;
    Boyd Gaines; Mackenzie Phillips [temporarily]; Michael Lembeck; Nanette Fabray [in some episodes];
    and starring Valerie Bertinelli as Barbara Royer.
    • There were actually several iterations of this trope across the 9 seasons.
      • The all-caps "STARRING" (on its own screen) was there from the beginning in the season 1 credits, which ended with "with Valerie Bertinelli / also starring Pat Harrington as Dwayne Schneider". The sans serif "STARRING", originally just meant to contrast the brush script used for the names, survived the font change at the start of season 2 and remained to the end.
      • The first set of credits for season 2 was a reuse of the specially shot "moving to a new apartment after the divorce" season 1 credits but with a plainer font; the billing was initially the same as season 1. After a few episodes a new set of credits was developed using clips from the show. These had "Pat Harrington as Schneider" moved up to third position and ended with "with Valerie Bertinelli / and Marie Louise Wilson".
      • When Wilson was removed for season 3 Bertinelli was in last position, but lost her "with"—she was title card only for the first time. Season 4 billing was unchanged.
      • Season 5 started the same way, but when Michael Lembeck joined the cast a few episodes in as Julie's husband, Bertinelli, still in the final position, was given an "and"; this remained after Philips was removed.
      • Season 6 was when she got the added "as Barbara Cooper". This was the basic set-up (Bertinelli with an "and" at the end, she and Harrington both getting an "as") until Bertinelli and Harrington got the extra, lower-case "starring" in season 9, as noted above.
      • The STARRING/starring/and starring distinction might very well be unique to this show and its final season.
  • One Tree Hill had "With Craig Sheffer and Moira Kelly" in the first three seasons, then "And Paul Johansson" in Seasons 7 and 9.
  • Orphan Black had "And Maria Doyle Kennedy".
  • The Orville had "and Norm Macdonald" at the end of the special guest stars part of the opening credits whenever Yaphit appears.
  • In Out of This World (1987), Maureen Flannigan is listed as "and introducing Maureen Flannigan as Evie."
  • The opening credits for The Osbournes go through the four family members, ending with "And Ozzy Osbourne as 'The Dad'"
  • Marking the point where And Starring meets Billing Displacement, Deka Beaudine got this credit ("And Deka Beaudine as Ashley") on all the CBS episodes of The Paper Chase (it later moved to Showtime) — although she only appeared in the pilot.
  • Parks and Recreation: The Season 2 finale had "And Introducing Rob Lowe" as an in-joke, as it was Lowe's first episode of the series, and as an in joke about Lowe's long distinguished career. Starting with the Season 3 premiere, "And Rob Lowe" was added to the opening credits, which remained until he left the show.
  • The Partridge Family: Starring Shirley Jones, co-starring David Cassidy, Susan Dey, Danny Bonaduce, Brian Forster,note  Suzanne Crough, and Dave Madden as Reuben Kincaid.
  • Party Down: "and Lizzy Caplan".
  • Peacemaker (2022): "And Robert Patrick".
  • On Pee-wee's Playhouse, during the end credits, Paul Reubens' role as Pee-wee Herman is saved for last and worded as "And Pee-wee Herman as Himself".
  • Person of Interest: "And Michael Emerson." Changed in Season 3 to "with Sarah Shahi and Michael Emerson."
  • Poker Face: "And Benjamin Bratt"
  • Parodied (of course) in the opening credits of Police Squad!:
    • "And Rex Hamilton as Abraham Lincoln," who is seen getting shot at — and firing back — in the theater and never appears again.
    • After the Abraham Lincoln credit, each episode credits that episode's 'Special Guest Star', who is promptly killed in their credit scene and not seen again.
  • As the credits evolve throughout the season, Power Rangers often ends up with several actors listed this way; Power Rangers: Dino Thunder used "And", "With" and "Also Starring" all at the same time.
  • The Pretender had "and Jon Gries as Broots" at the end of the guest credits until he was moved to the opening credits in the last season. The show also had "with Paul Dillon" whenever his character, Angelo, was involved in the episode.
  • Prison Break
    • Season 1: "And Sarah Wayne Callies".
    • Season 2: "And Sarah Wayne Callies", followed by "With William Fichtner".
    • Season 3: "And Jodi Lyn O'Keefe", followed by "With William Fichtner".
    • Season 4: "With Jodi Lyn O'Keefe", followed by "With Sarah Wayne Callies", and finally concluding with "And William Fichtner".
  • With Psych, it's "And Corbin Bernsen", since he's probably the most generally known of the main cast (with Dule Hill a mildly distant second).
  • Punky Brewster season two had "and T.K. Carter as Mike."
  • Starting from the second season of Raising Hope had "And introducing Cloris Leachman as Maw Maw" added to its credits as a good-natured poke towards Leachman's extensive career. Leachman herself found it hilarious and agreed.
  • The Really Loud House:
    • The opening credits end with "With Jolie Jenkins" / "And Brian Stepanek".
    • The guest star credits of "The Princess and the Everlasting Emerald: A Royal Woods Fairytale Part 2" end with "With Kevin Chamberlin as Flip Phillipini" / "And Stephen Tobolowsky as Walter Phillipini".
  • Red Dwarf had some fun with this, in the third season second episode "Time Slides". Because they spliced in some old German World War II footage, they were able to put in "Adolf Hitler, as himself" into the opening (prompting a chuckle from the Studio Audience).
    • Chloë Annett's first appearance as Kochanski had her listed as "and introducing Chloe Annett as Kochanski" — in the end credits, as Red Dwarf has no cast credits in its opening titles. Given that this certainly wasn't her first ever on-screen performance, it's likely that this was to acknowledge her being The Other Darrin.
  • Riverdale: "With Mädchen Amick And Luke Perry."
  • Rome featured two in the opening credits of Season One. The penultimate name on the credits was "with James Purefoy as Mark Antony" followed by "and Ciarán Hinds as Caesar". Purefoy got this carried over into Season Two, becoming the only cast member to be accompanied by "with".
  • ''TheRookies: "and Gerald S. O'Loughlin as Lt. Ryker".
  • Sabrina the Teenage Witch:
    • For the first four seasons, Nick Bakay received last billing in the opening credits for his voice role, styled: "And Nick Bakay as Salem the Cat".
    • In the last three seasons he was displaced to the penultimate spot by the actress for Sabrina's roommate Roxie King, who received last billing styled: "And Soleil Moon Frye as Roxie".
  • Saturday Night Live frequently has "featured players", who are listed after the main cast; usually some work their way up to the main cast.
    • Parodied in their rap video "One Voice", which makes fun of overstuffed songs. It starts with just three emcees (Big Chris, Shantasia and Yung Bitch), but more keep joining despite Big Chris's attempts at putting a stop to it. Eventually, he gives up and just has everyone get on stage and rap. It turns into a cacophony, since everyone starts rapping a different song, and he just ends it.
  • On Saved by the Bell, "...and Dennis Haskins as Mr. Belding''.
    • The peculiarities of this trope and of billing placement in general are best illustrated in the Good Morning Miss Bliss episodes that were repackaged for syndication as Saved by the Bell. In the original episodes, the actors are credited as: "Starring Hayley Mills, Dennis Haskins, Joan Ryan, Max Battimo/Dustin Diamond/Mark-Paul Gosselaar (all on the same title card), Heather Hopper/Lark Voorhies (again on the same title card), and T.K. Carter as Mylo". But in the Saved by the Bell version, this is changed to "Starring Hayley Mills, Mark-Paul Gosselaar, Joan Ryan, Dennis Haskins, Lark Voorhies, Dustin Diamond, Heather Hopper, Max Battimo, and T.K. Carter as Mylo". Mills and Carter retain their bookending positions, which was likely contractually mandated; Ryan, curiously, is billed third in both versions of the credits, despite everyone else being moved around (and other than Mills, only Ryan is billed ahead of actors who moved on to Saved by the Bell).
  • Scandal had "And Tony Goldwyn".
  • Scream Queens (2015) had "And Jamie Lee Curtis".
  • SeaQuest DSV's first season used "And Stephanie Beacham as Dr. Kristin Westphalen." Season three had "And Peter DeLuise as Dagwood, despite the character being introduced in the second.
  • The credits of Seinfeld ended with "And Jason Alexander as George", as he had arguably the highest profile as an actor of the four principals.
    • And, too, because the character of George was a fictionalized portrayal of series co-creator Larry David.
  • Severance: "With John Turturro, Christopher Walken, and Patricia Arquette"
  • Shadow and Bone gave this honor to Ben Barnes, which makes sense considering he's the most high-profile actor in a cast primarily comprised of relative newcomers.
  • Shadowhunters: The main cast credits ends with "with Isaiah Mustafa and Harry Shum Jr.".
  • The Shadow Line had "and Stephen Rea", because he was one of the biggest names in the cast and had his own separate plot for most of the series.
  • Shoestring: "Starring Trevor Eve with Michael Medwin, Doran Godwin, Liz Crowther."
  • In Six Feet Under, the titles ended with "And Rachel Griffiths as Brenda" despite her not being an inordinately significant (a la Giles) or different (a la Mary Alice) character. On the other hand, in the episodes in which he did appear, "Richard Jenkins as Nathaniel Fisher" was a more typical example of this trope (the character is dead.)
  • Skins did a variant; while the opening sequence had no credits and was almost entirely standardised each season, with clips of all the main characters hanging out, the last clip was always of the episode's Rotating Protagonist(s), indicating them as the And Starring.
  • Sliders: John Rhys-Davies was listed last with 'as Professor Arturo'.
  • Small Wonder had "and Tiffany Brissette as Vicki the Robot".
  • Smallville had "Starring," "With" and "And" credits for Tom Welling, Annette O'Toole and John Glover respectively, and then finished it off with "John Schneider as Jonathan Kent."
    • In Season 10, we have "and Allison Mack as Chloe Sullivan" whenever she appears. This is because she had seniority by at least 3 seasons over every other cast member from the opening credits except Welling, who's listed first. Quite an interesting case as only she gets the "and" despite only appearing in less than half of all episodes. If she's not there, neither is the "and".
  • The first two seasons and prequel of Spartacus: Blood and Sand had "And Lucy Lawless".
  • In Stargate SG-1, Richard Dean Anderson got his name above the title, and Beau Bridges was credited as "with". Upon returning to the show after a season away, Michael Shanks was listed at the end as "And Michael Shanks as Daniel Jackson". The "and" even carried over to the posters for the DVD films.
    • Though never credited in the title sequence, after two seasons Teryl Rothery graduated to "And TERYL ROTHERY as Dr. Fraiser" in the post-title credits.
    • The Stargate Atlantis opening titles have at the end "and David Hewlett as Dr. McKay". During his Promotion to Opening Titles, the credits also include "with Paul McGillion as Dr. Carson Beckett" in the second-last place.
    • After she was promoted to a regular in the middle of season 1, the credits for Stargate Universe now end with "and Ming-Na".
  • Stargirl (2020): "With Amy Smart and Luke Wilson".
  • Starsky & Hutch: "Starring David Soul, Paul Michael Glaser, with Antonio Fargas as Huggy Bear, Bernie Hamilton."
  • Star Trek
  • Stranger Things has "and Matthew Modine" in season 1.
  • The late '90s-era NBC sitcom Suddenly Susan did this with all of its main cast members not named Brooke Shields in a Running Gag ("Also Starring", "Not to Mention", "And Let's Not Forget", etc.)
  • The Suite Life of Zack & Cody as well as its After Show has "And Phill Lewis."
  • Suits ends its cast credits with "and Gina Torres".
  • Swamp Thing (2019): With Will Patton and Jennifer Beals", plus "Special Appearance By Kevin Durand".
  • Switch (1975): "Also starring Charlie Callas, Sharon Gless."
  • T.J. Hooker: For the first two seasons, it's "and Richard Herd as Captain Dennis Sheridan". After that, it's "and James Darren as Jim Corrigan".
  • Taxi: "And Andy Kaufman as Latka Gravas."
  • In seasons 1-3 of Three's Company, the words "And Starring as the Ropers" would appear before Audra Lindley's and Norman Fell's credit clips were shown. The show had an interesting format in that they had two different opening gags with the Ropers. In one, Norman was credited first, and in the other, Audra was credited first. The show would go back-and-fourth between the two gags every other episode.
  • The Thundermans: "With Chris Tallman and Rosa Blasi."
  • Titans (2018): "With Alan Ritchson and Minka Kelly", plus "With Special Appearance By Esai Morales".
  • Trapper John, M.D.: "And Charles Siebert as Dr. Riverside" (Season 1 had this near the end, and then a co-starring credit for Christopher Norris, and an "and-as" credit for Brian Mitchell, presented side-by-side ["Christopher Norris as Ripples", and "And Brian Mitchell as Jackpot"]).
  • The Tudors never kept the same cast between seasons, and thus had a new "And Starring" for every season. In the first season, Jeremy Northam got it; in the second, it was "with special guest star Peter O'Toole and Jeremy Northam"; in the third, it was "with Max von Sydow"; and in the last, it was "with special guest star Joely Richardson".
  • Ugly Betty always gave Vanessa Williams the "And" credit, and in the latter half of Season 1 into Season 2, she was proceeded with "With Rebecca Romijn."
  • Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt: "With Carol Kane and Jane Krakowski".
  • The only regular to be credited in the Opening Titles for each episode of The Untouchables was Robert Stack as Elliot Ness. The other credits in the opening titles, though key players in the day's episode, were usually one offs; notable exceptions include Bruce Gordon who played Al Capone's Enforcer: Frank Nitti and, in later episodes, Barbara Stanwyck who played an agent focused on locating missing persons. This makes the "with Special Guest Star" credit that was sometimes used this Trope, as there was no consistent series-wide hierarchy between the "guest stars" and the "co-"stars". The voiced-over only credit, "And narrated by Walter Winchell", also counts.
  • Veronica Mars has "and Enrico Colantoni".
  • The Walking Dead had "And David Morrissey" in Season 3 and the first half of Season 4. The "And" citation then becomes vacant until Season 7 when Jeffrey Dean Morgan gets Promoted to Opening Titles. He's then joined by Samantha Morton starting Season 9 being preceded by a "With" citation.
  • Wednesday has "with Christina Ricci", and in episodes 1 and 5, "guest starring Catherine Zeta-Jones and Luis Guzman".
  • Martin Sheen is listed as "And" in The West Wing. In the later seasons, Jimmy Smits is listed just before him under the modifier "With". Alan Alda, being the cast member who comes first in alphabetical order anyway, goes first and thus gets "Starring" before his name once he is added to the opening credits in the seventh season.
  • This trailer for Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp takes it to extremes, using "and", "also with", "also", "also also", "plus", "featuring", "don't forget", "guest starring", and the Hebrew word for "featuring". To top it all off, Jon Hamm gets an "And Introducing" credit.
  • For most of the 1970s and 1980s, The Announcer on Wheel of Fortune would introduce only the host (Chuck Woolery until 1981, Pat Sajak from 1981 onward), who in turn would introduce the co-host (Susan Stafford until 1982, Vanna White from 1983 following a few substitutes). Starting in the 1990s, the opening spiel was changed to end in "...the stars of America's game, Pat Sajak and Vanna White!" and they walked out together.
  • Who's the Boss? had "And Katherine Helmond as Mona".
  • Ross Martin receives "And" billing on all season 1 episodes of The Wild Wild West — and on several season 4 episodes as well (specifically the episodes made after his heart attack, like "The Night of the Diva" (as shown on the Columbia House video releases) — this was likely due to CBS shuffling the order of the episodes so ones where Martin appears, like "The Night of the Pistoleros," would alternate with ones where he doesn't, like "The Night of the Bleak Island").
  • Eric Close gets the "and" distinction in the credits for Without a Trace.
  • The Wiz had "Introducing Shanice Williams as Dorothy" for the live TV version.
  • Wizards of Waverly Place: has "And David Deluise".
  • Howard Hesseman was always last to be credited among the main cast on WKRP in Cincinnati, both in the closing credits (seasons 1 and 2) and opening credits (seasons 3 and 4). Like Ryan Stiles above, he was also credited with "as Dr. Johnny Fever."
  • Wonder Woman (1975): This was done frequently. The pilot, "The New, Original Wonder Woman" had Cloris Leachman for a Special Guest Star. Red Buttons was the first one listed in the Starring section. The next episode, "Wonder Woman meets Baroness von Gunther" had a Special Appearance by Bradford Dillman as Arthur Deal, III. And there were many others.
  • Young Blades has "with Bruce Boxleitner and Michael Ironside." Sheena Easton also gets a "with" credit in later episodes, leading to the odd-sounding sequence "with Sheena Easton, with Bruce Boxleitner, and Michael Ironside."
  • Young Sheldon: "With Annie Potts and Jim Parsons as the voice of '(older) Sheldon'".

  • Before Clarence Clemons' death in 2011, Bruce Springsteen would introduce the members of the E Street Band during his concerts, and would invariably introduce Clarence last, usually shouting "And last but not least..." In the DVD of one of the band's 2000 concerts in New York City, Bruce handled the band intros during an extended bridge before the third verse of "Tenth Avenue Freeze Out". When he got to Clarence, he shouted, "Do I have to say his name?" while the rest the of the band led the audience in chanting "CLAR-ence! CLAR-ence!", segueing seamlessly into the first line of the third verse, "The change was made uptown and the Big Man joined the band!"
  • Similarly to Springsteen, Mick Jagger will introduce his fellow members of The Rolling Stones culminating with Keith Richards, and often right before a song or two where Richards sings lead; Mick's usual intro for him is "On guitar and now the vocals, Keith Richards!"
  • For some reason, the second (and final) album by short-lived Country Music duo The McCarters credited the group as "Jennifer McCarter and the McCarters".
  • Billy Dean and Suzy Bogguss's 2001 single "Keep Mom and Dad in Love" featured a new singer named Jillian (full name: Jillian Jacqueline); it was credited on the charts as "Billy Dean and Suzy Bogguss Introducing Jillian".
  • Pavement put an "...and" before the last song title on their album Terror Twilight in this style. Because the trope is usually only applied to people, it led to confusion as to whether the song was officially titled "...And Carrot Rope". It was later released as a single as just "Carrot Rope".
  • Disco One-Hit Wonder Santa Esmeralda ("Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood") gave their lead singer special notice by officially billing themselves as "Santa Esmeralda starring Leroy Gomez"

    Puppet Shows 
  • On Bear in the Big Blue House, Brad Garrett and Gilbert Gottfried received a "with" credit for voicing possums in the second half of "Welcome to Woodland Valley," while Whoopi Goldberg received an "and" credit for voicing "The Great Bandini." Regular cast members Lynne Thigpen and Tara Mooney (Luna and Shadow) also normally received a "with" credit, though in the second half of "Welcome to Woodland Valley," they received an "and" credit, despite being billed before Garrett and Gottfried.
  • The Chica Show: Chica, Kelly, Stitches, Bunji, Mrs. C, and Mr. C.

  • Hamish and Dougal has 'and Sir Ian McKellen' credited as Jolly Mick the Undertaker. A parody, as this is radio and Jolly Mick doesn't actually say anything.

  • The 2011 Broadway revival of Follies had "Starring Elaine Paige as Carlotta." Billed above her and the title are the players of the four principal characters.
  • The original production of Bye Bye Birdie had "and Kay Medford" (who played Mae).
  • Wicked had "and Joel Grey as the Wizard."
  • The original production of A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum ended the list of principal cast members with "also Raymond Walburn / and / John Carradine." (They played Erronius and Lycus, respectively.)
  • The Broadway production of Thoroughly Modern Millie had "and introducing Sutton Foster as Millie."
  • City of Angels had a boxed final credit for "and René Auberjonois" (playing Buddy Fidler).
  • Its A Bird Its A Plane Its Superman's principal cast listing included "Patricia Marand as Lois Lane" and culminated with "and Bob Holiday as Superman."
  • The back cover for the 1984 composer-conducted recording of West Side Story credits the four principal singers with the names of their roles, followed by "and Marilyn Horne singing 'Somewhere'" because that song is performed in the show by a nameless character who does nothing else.

    Video Games 
  • Parodied in the game box cover art for Brain Dead 13, which says, "Starring Fritz".
  • The first credit after the main title of The Curse of Monkey Island says, "STARRING: Dominic Armato as Guybrush Threepwood".
  • Nolan North gets the "And Starring" version for his role as David in The Last of Us. Likely because he's a major name in video game voice acting, but plays a supporting villainous role toward the end of the game.
  • The voice actor credits of Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots end with "And Richard Doyle as Big Boss" (who had not yet appeared in the story). An extra scene then plays out with this character before the general credits roll.
  • Zap Dramatic's Move or Die does this with Jackie Burroughs, who plays Mrs. Grimm.
  • The Sims 2: In the GBA version of the game, where you’re an actor in a "Truman Show" Plot, each episode begins with an opening sequence for the Strangetown show you’re a part of, and the last part of the opening is you getting the “And introducing” credit.
  • In Wing Commander III and IV, rounding out the All-Star Cast was "And Malcolm McDowell as Tolwyn". Also in IV, "With Tom Wilson as Maniac" was the first credit after the title, a promotion from the last game. In Wing Commander Prophecy, it was "With Ginger Lynn Allen As Chief Technician Rachael Coriolis, And Mark Hamill As Commodore Christopher Blair". Hamill, the lead in the two earlier games, had been first-billed in III, and Billed Above the Title in IV. Wilson, who also returned for Prophecy, remained second-billed, after the unknown who played the new lead, but lost his "with" designation.

    Web Videos 
  • The Twilight Chronicles at one point credited Gen Borg with "and Gen Borg as Jacob" (she is in the credits as two different characters). As of Episode 8, Jamie Kathleen is credited with "And".
  • This awesome 80s-retro Firefly intro sequence has "And Introducing Summer Glau as River Tam"
  • This Buffy-style interpretation of the Doctor Who credits gives us "and Alex Kingston as River Song".
  • Singer Olivia Thai in season one of Pretty Dudes and Power Ranger Yoshi Sudarso in season two.
  • In the first Welcome to Night Vale live show, "Condos," the credits at the end with "And introducing Dylan Marron as Carlos." This was the first time that Marron voiced the character, after the show's co-writer Jeffery Cranor voiced him for a single episode, "The Phone Call." Cranor decided that he would give the part up since he, as a straight white man, felt uncomfortable playing a gay Latino man when the role could instead be given to a Latino or Hispanic man.
  • The name of the Special Guest of certain React episodes is usually listed below the episode's title with a "Featuring" citation.
  • Kickassia has "With Bhargav Dronamraju, Rob Walker, and Kevin Baugh as the President."
  • Suburban Knights has "With Brian Heinz, Rob Walker, Bhargav Dronamraju, and Orlando Belisle Jr."
  • To Boldly Flee has "With Elisa Hansen, Antonella Inserra, Jim Trokan, Orlando Belisle, and Rob Walker as The Executor."

    Western Animation 

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