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"Is this the kid from The IT Clown?"

Finn Wolfhard (born December 23, 2002 in Vancouver, British Columbia) is a Canadian actor and musician.

He is best known for his roles as Mike Wheeler in the Netflix series Stranger Things, and Richie Tozier in the 2017-2019 film adaptation of Stephen King's novel It.

Wolfhard was the lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist for the alternative rock band Calpurnia, which was formed in 2017 and disbanded in 2019. He later formed a new band titled The Aubreys with Malcolm Craig, a former bandmate from Calpurnia.



As actor

As director


His career provides examples of:


  • Finn Wolfhard has social anxiety and has admitted to having difficulty with large crowds of people.
  • Wolfhard started acting to build credentials for a future career in directing.
  • Wolfhard owned a VHS player until he was 9, despite the dominance of DVDs at the time.
  • On the set of Ghostbusters: Afterlife, Wolfhard was allowed to make his own jokes rather than use ones provided to him by the director.
  • Wolfhard's father is a lawyer specializing in indigenous land claims, and Finn Wolfhard started a campaign to bring awareness to difficulties faced by First Nations people in Canada.