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The site slogan was originally a catchphrase that was used by Balazaar, a character from the inaugural World's Largest Dungeon campaign.
RPGMP3 is a website started by Richard "Hal" Halpin in 2004, for hosting his RPG Actual Play podcasts. Hal and his tabletop gaming group managed to hack 'n slash their merry way through the entire World's Largest Dungeon, recording the gaming sessions and uploading them to the site.

After this Herculean effort, Hal kept recording and sharing his gaming sessions, and several other groups have since joined the ranks of the Site Contributors, including the Bradford Adventuring Guild, the Whartson Hall Gamers, the Pantsless Gamers, the Yorkton Gamer Guild, the Thistledown Gamers, the Order of the Ass, Kicking, and several others.

At this point, RPGMP3 holds over 1,000 podcast episodes available for free download (and yes, that's the correct number of zeroes), in addition to a collection of super-special Patrons Exclusive audio sessions, which are only available for donating members.

Pretty much every genre, setting and system of tabletop RPG has been playtested and recorded at one point or another, from the most popular games, e.g. Dungeons & Dragons and Pathfinder, to indie darlings and cult classics.


The website can be found here, the file download page (where the podcasts live) can be found here, and the site discussion forum is here. (There's also an RSS feed with the 10 newest downloads, if you don't want to miss any of the shiny new podcasts.)

These podcasts contain examples of:

  • Proud to Be a Geek: Unsurprisingly, since the majority of the participants are roleplaying gamers and, therefore, huge nerds, there is no end to the amount of geekery and nerdness that will accumulate in an average podcast episode.

  • Running Gag: The contributor groups have all developed their own running gags and in-jokes over time, which they usually remember to explain to their listeners. (Usually.) Since some of the groups' members listen to the other groups' recordings, this can sometimes lead to inter-group commentary.

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  • Witty Banter: Pretty much every podcast on the site, regardless of which group its from, will invariably feature copious amounts of digression and discussion about anything and everything, e.g. the players' personal lives, other media, amusing anecdotes, and lots and lots of dick jokes. And others kinds of rude hilarity, of course. Luckily, most of the banter is highly entertaining.

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    Bradford Adventuring Guild 
Runepunk is a campaign setting for the Savage Worlds system. It features a mixture of Steampunk and magic.

Here's the first episode of the Bradford Adventuring Guild's Actual Play podcast of their Runepunk campaign. (And here's the character creation session.)

List of characters:

    Pants Campers 
The Pants Campers are currently engaged in several gaming (and recording) projects, devoting the majority of their time and effort to the so-called Knights Trilogy, which is played using the Savage Worlds system, and set in the home-brewed World of Tropis. It follows a disgraced knight, Herr Gareth Ranthos, and his retinue, as they attempt to unravel murder mysteries and other ill-doings in a benighted realm.

Part one, Murder at Sturmhalt, consists of four episodes, which have all been released to the public. Part two, The Black Swan, will likewise span four episodes.

The Knights Trilogy contains examples of:

Daniel: Look around you! This hall holds so many empty chairs... So many chairs that will never again see noble arse.

    Whartson Hall Gamers 
List of group members:

    Yorkton Gamer Guild 
List of group members:
  • Aimee: Mandy's sister. Married to Brad.

  • Brad: Married to Aimee.

  • Brian: Muppet.

  • Glen:

  • Jack: Married to Mandy.

  • Kurtis:

  • Lockhart: This trained accountant and friendly neighborhood Pathfinder encyclopedia is usually always the Game Master, when the Yorkton Gamers settle down for a night of gaming. (As you might have guessed, they play a lot of Pathfinder.) Besides being a walking repository of rules trivia, Lockhart has also mastered a selection of delightfully cheesy fake accents, which allows him to imbue his NPCs with a variety of verisimilitudinous vernaculars. One of his characters, Brunsk the Barbarian, is particularly prolific, and has appeared in almost every Yorkton Gamer campaign, either as a recurring character or in a cameo.

  • Mandy: Aimee's sister. Married to Jack.

  • Mike:

  • Paul:

  • Scott:

  • Vince:

Jade Regent is a Pathfinder campaign that introduces exciting rules for caravan travel, and for handling the slow development of relationships (and possibly even rivalries or romances, or both) between PCs and NPCs. Here's the first episode of the Yorkton Gamers' ongoing Jade Regent campaign.

List of characters & noteworthy miscellanea: (All NPCs are played by Lockhart, unless otherwise noted.)

Spivey: There'sacoupletravellersahead! Weshouldfeedthem.
Harold: Ah, Spivey! How do you fly with that heart of gold?
Spivey: Oh, well... Desna gives me wings!
Misty: Her heart is made out of gold?! How do you know? [Visibly starts to ponder whether she should reach in, pull it out and check]
Harold: Y'know, with the Good Outsiders, I wouldn't be surprised.
Misty: [Grabs Spivey and shakes her] She's not heavy enough to have a heart made of gold?
Koya: Misty, that's not how we usually hug!
Jade Regent, episode 13


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