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"Acting is a very personal process. It has to do with expressing your own personality, and discovering the character you're playing through your own experience - so we're all different."

Sir Ian Murray McKellen CH, CBE (born 25 May 1939 in Burnley, England) is a Shakespearean actor, widely known for his roles as Gandalf in The Lord of the Rings trilogy and The Hobbit, and Magneto in the X-Men Film Series, as well as the title character in his 1995 Setting Update adaptation of Shakespeare's Richard III. He also lent his voice to a certain polar bear, and the Great Intelligence in the 2012 Doctor Who Christmas Special. He starred with Derek Jacobi in a series called Vicious, a gay Dom Com about a long-partnered male couple.

He's also openly gay and an ardent supporter of gay rights. He came out to the public in a 1988 BBC radio interview when the British government was in the process of passing Section 28, a law that effectively prohibited schools from even mentioning homosexuality in any sort of context to students (it was in force from 1988 to 2003). He notes that, although he'd been out to family, friends, and coworkers, coming out to the general public was such a liberating experience that he gained access to a new level of emotion and he could add more depth to his acting.

He's also authorized to perform marriages, as he officiated the September 2013 wedding of his friend Patrick Stewart to Sunny Ozell.




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Alternative Title(s): Sir Ian Mc Kellen