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Recap / Digimon Tamers E 17 Chase The Blue Card Lightning Rapidmon

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A boy checks out his collection of Digimon cards when he’s jolted into by a passing mysterious man in a yellow jacket. As the boy gathers his cards, he picks up a card that he doesn’t recognize from his deck...

Much later, Kenta trades Digimon cards with a friend, giving him a rare card for the mysterious one. Kenta gives the card to Jian, and when Jian tries to slide the card through his Digivice, he finds it turning into a blue card. At home, Jian has his father analyze the blue card in their computer, and although Jiangyu passes what he sees off as “meaningless data”, he seems somehow surprised by what he sees on the screen.


The next day, Takato, Jian, and Ruki hunt down the origins of the card, eventually finding the boy who had found it. The boy tells them about the mysterious circumstances he’d found it in, including the man with the yellow jacket.

While practicing martial arts, Jiangyu reminisces of the time he spent in his youth working on the creation of Digimon and remembers Yamaki telling him one of Jiangyu’s “fellow players” hasn’t grown up yet, and the name “Shibumi”. At dinner, Jian notices that Jiangyu is bothered by something, but says nothing.

The next day, Jian and Takato head off to the station to continue their investigation into the card but are found by Impmon. Before Terriermon can get Jian’s permission to challenge Impmon to a fight, however, Jian’s father walks onto the scene, seeing Terriermon and Impmon. Jiangyu is shocked to see living Digimon, and when Impmon attacks Jiangyu, Terriermon steps in to defend him. Impmon departs and Jianliang and Takato run for it before Jiangyu can confront them.


At Hypnos, Megumi is about to launch Shaggai when they’re interrupted by two Digimon coming through the hole Shaggai left.

As Jian, Takato, and Ruki continue their search, Jian is stressed over the fact his father has discovered his secret. The group explores Akihabara’s electronic department, where the boy had told them he had found the mysterious card, and Culumon finds the place and follows them around. The search is interrupted when all of the television screens start to show static and Terriermon sees a sheep and an ox Digimon Realize in the sky above them. Jian uses his Digivice to identify them as Pajramonnote  and Vajramon, both Perfect-level Digimon, and the two of them start eating computer wires and CDs around them, putting the nearby civilians to sleep, and causing general mayhem. Jian realizes that the two Digimon aren’t “stable”, and are eating things around them in order to do so.


Jian and Ruki send Terriermon and Renamon in to defeat Vajramon and Pajramon before they do, giving them a hammer and a speed boost via Option Cards. Vajramon and Pajramon decide to defeat and load Terriermon and Renamon in the hopes of evolving, and as Terriermon is thrown into danger, Culumon watches in fear, causing a red light to emerge from him and Terriermon to evolve to Galgomon. Vajramon taunts Renamon, telling her to evolve as well, and Ruki realizes that he’s toying with them. Takato gives Jian a speed Option Card to use, but it doesn’t help Galgomon much and Pajramon pins him down.

Jian continues trying Option Cards, including a defense card and one of Takato’s evasion cards, but none of them do much help as Pajramon beats Galgomon up. Takato urges Jian to try the blue card, but Jian is worried since he doesn’t know what the card will do. Finally, Galgomon is put in too much danger to try anything else and Jian slashes the blue card, but it does nothing but shoot a beam into the air. However, Takato sees Culumon shoot a red light at the beam, triggering Galgomon’s matrix evolution to Rapidmon.

Rapidmon turns out to be quite the Lightning Bruiser and quickly beats up Pajramon, taking her and Vajramon out in one hit when Pajramon threatens to use Jian as a Human Shield. Despite this victory, however, Hypnos detects that one of them isn’t dead, and Vajramon reappears at a nearby bridge.

Jiangyu returns home and sees Terriermon, thanking him for helping him earlier. Jianliang apologizes for hiding the truth from his father, but Jiangyu has no hard feelings and decides to tell him a secret of his own: he was one of the Digimon developers in the open-source project twenty years prior, and was part of a collective aim to create artificial life. Jiangyu’s particular group focused on making realistic creature-like programs that worked off survival of the fittest. However, the project didn’t get enough funding and was cancelled, but led to the creation of the popular Digimon franchise - and, apparently, the real-life Digimon Jian and his friends have. Jiangyu is happy that his group’s efforts led to a fantasy for children all around the world, but one thing bothers him: one of his groupmates, Shibumi, had produced code that Jiangyu had found in the blue card.

Ruki and Renamon run into Vajramon on the street, but Renamon decides to go off to have a talk about “things only Digimon can understand” with Vajramon, promising to return when she gets some answers.



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