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Saban Entertainment Inc. (formerly Saban Productions and also trading as Saban International NV) was an independent television production company formed in 1983 by Israeli musicians Haim Saban and Shuki Levynote , as an offshoot of the former's previous company, Saban International Paris. It was best known for importing and dubbing Japanese series, both of the animated and live-action variety. In addition to that it teamed up with French production teams and DiC Entertainment for several animated series.

They notably allied with Fox in the 1990s, initially airing the Power Rangers on Fox Kids and eventually entering into a joint venture with Fox in 1995 to operate Fox Kids outright, gaining the rights to the library of Marvel Productions (aka Marvel Films and New World Animation), as well as its predecessor DePatie-Freleng Enterprises (with the exception of DFE co-productions, and Marvel's co-productions with Sunbow Entertainment), and International Family Entertainment in 1997, leading to a rebranding to Fox Family Worldwide and addition of the now-named and eventually Fox Family Channel to the venture.

Also thanks to Power Rangers, the company worked closely with Japanese toy giant Bandai leading to Digimon as well as several other Saban shows getting toys.

However, not all things were going well. The Fox Family Channel struggled in the ratings and with failed attempts to create "Boys" and "Girls" channels on cable (effectively named "BoyzChannel" and "GirlzChannel") led to many money losses. Fox attempted to sell the venture to Saban but both companies couldn't agree on a deal, and decided to sell off to a third party. This eventually led to July 22, 2001, when The Walt Disney Company announced they would purchase Fox Family Worldwide, which was soon closed by October. The sale didn't include the Saban programming library, but Saban Entertainment as a whole, renamed BVS Entertainment by Disney not too long afterward. Power Rangers continued on as planned under the BVS name, while the Anime dubbing division was renamed "Sensation Animation" to continue dubbing Digimon episodes (specifically, Digimon Frontier). After the dubbing was completed, Sensation was done for by Disney losing the dubbing license to Digimon.

Most of their library is still owned and controlled by Disney, except for Power Rangers, its successors (VR Troopers, Beetleborgs, The Mystic Knights of Tir Na Nóg, and Masked Rider), Ninja Turtles: The Next Mutation and Digimon; all of which were reacquired from Disney by Saban Entertainment's successor, Saban Brands, in 2010 until 2018, when all of these properties (sans Digimon) moved to Hasbro among many other shows that Saban licensed or distributed that went back into their original producers/distirbutors. Saban International Paris was rebranded itself as SIP Animation, and continued producing series until going dormant in 2009. Although SIP has been a multi-shareholder studio since 1991, SIP's trademark and intellectual property rights belonged to BVS International N.V. between 2002 and 2012. In 2023, SIP was terminated and its remaining assets folded into BVS Entertainment. Thus, BVS Entertainment directly owned properties such as W.I.T.C.H., Alpha Teens on Machines and Combo Niños, which were produced by SIP but BVS was not credited.

A last note: The infamous "Saban Moon" trailer has nothing to do with Saban. This was in fact a misnomer of the fandom because Renaissance Atlantic, Toei's American division that acted as a middleman between them and Saban for Power Rangers, was behind it.

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