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Recap / Digimon Tamers E 16 Protect The Towns Light Dangerous Camp Of The Digimon

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Noticing that Renamon looks tired from all of the battles, Ruki presents Renamon with an energy drink and walks off. Renamon thanks her for the gift.

Takato and Jian prepare to head off on their school’s summer camp, and Takato distracts Miss Asanuma while his classmates help sneak Guilmon onto the bus. Culumon also happens to be tagging along, hiding among some of the girls’ backpacks, and Takato and his friends struggle to keep Guilmon under the radar. Juri asks Takato if he’s okay with this, and Takato tells her that he and Jian had decided to bring Guilmon and Terriermon along in the hopes of giving them a break from all the fighting.


The group idly spends time at camp, but they’re interrupted during the evening by Hirokazu and Kenta suddenly hearing a bird call and the appearance of a Digital Field and alert on Takato and Jian’s Digivices. Jian, seeing that it’s a small signal, decides to let Guilmon, Terriermon, and Culumon relax for now. At Hypnos, one of the Bridge Bunnies, Meguminote , deems that it’s not big enough of a signal to alert Yamaki about.

At the campfire, Mr. Mori tells the kids a ghost story about how he once heard a bird’s sound come out of nowhere. As he’s about to tell the part about something coming out of a tent that’s supposed to be empty, Guilmon comes out of Takato’s tent wanting more food, scaring Mr. Mori and causing him to faint. Mr. Mori later tries to prove to Miss Asanuma that he saw a monster, but when they enter Takato’s tent, Hirokazu and Kenta covers for Guilmon.


Takato, Jian, Guilmon, Terriermon, and Culumon go to the top of the mountain to see the view, and Jian and Takato are happy to see the Digimon enjoying themselves. As they depart, they hear the sound of a bird and decide to check it out while leaving their Digimon to play. Jian and Takato come across a giant bird Digimon and, not wanting to start a fight, quickly try to escort their Digimon back to camp so that it won’t see them. The bird begins to absorb power from all around Tokyo, causing blackouts everywhere and forcing Hypnos to switch to emergency power supply, and as the bird gets bigger, Megumi alerts Yamaki. Yamaki arrives to the control room only to find that the Digimon has stopped growing.

The next morning, Takato and Jian take the Digimon to a spot out of the way where they can swim around in the river freely. Impmon comes to taunt them, irritated at not having been invited but not quite willing to admit it, and when they invite him to play, he expresses his irritation by chasing them - which the Digimon respond to happily. Takato and Jian look on amusedly, but the fun is ruined when the bird Digimon appears and sends them flying out of the water.


Jian recognizes the bird, seeing that it’s gotten much bigger, and Takato is initially unable to get any data on it from his Digivice before it finally comes up as Sinduramon, a Perfect-level Digimon. An owl behind them mysteriously begins to talk, telling them that “our god has become stronger by eating the light created by humans”. Terriermon and Guilmon charge in, and Hirokazu and Kenta tell Takato and Jian about the blackout in Tokyo. Jian puts two and two together and realizes that the Digimon grows by eating electricity.

Jian takes Takato to a shuttle that’ll take them to the nearby dam in the hopes of finding Sinduramon, Terriermon, and Guilmon. Jian blames himself for having allowed this to happen, but Takato also assumes responsibility for having agreed with Jian to let the Digimon play around.

They arrive at the scene of the battle, and as Culumon expresses support, Takato and Jian have Guilmon and Terriermon evolve to Growmon and Galgomon. After a quick battle, Growmon and Galgomon throw Sinduramon into the water, causing him to get shocked by his own energy.

The owl goes back to normal, and at Hypnos, the Bridge Bunny informs an irritated Yamaki that the Wild One is gone. Takato and Jian force Galgomon and Growmon to do handstands so they can revert to their Child forms and they can get back to camp.


  • Hollywood Tone-Deaf: Unfortunately for Takato’s class, the journey to the campsite involves Kenta singing on the bus. Guilmon and Takato’s friends seem to enjoy it, while the rest of the class is visibly wincing.
  • Kitsune: Ruki giving Renamon an energy drink is a reference to the traditional offering to the Japanese kitsune spirit in order to replenish its energy.
  • Make My Monster Grow: Sinduramon is able to grow in size by feeding on electricity.

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