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Literature / Chrysalis (RinoZ)

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There's a new Ant-man in town...

Upon his untimely death, Anthony is enveloped in white light, and hears a voice telling him that he will be reborn on the world of Pangera. Will elf girls await? Likely not, since it turns out he's being reborn as an ant!

Lowly, weak, and somehow separated from the other ants, Anthony starts near the bottom of a very active food chain. Unlike the monsters all around, though, Anthony has human intelligence and cunning, to exploit the mysterious System that governs everyone's growth. It's a constant struggle to survive in the Dungeon, but with the intelligence of a reincarnator and the growth potential of a monster, an ant just might shake the world.

Oh, and the Colony is still out there waiting for their lost child...

Chrysalis is a LitRPG Web Serial Novel by RinoZ, originally posted in 2019 on Royal Road (here), WebNovel, and Creative Novels, later being published by Aetherworks. It is ongoing as of December 2023.

Not to be confused with the web serial novel by Beaver Fur, nor with The Chrysalids by John Wyndham.

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