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''"The humans are gone! The goblins are here!
Now let's hurry up and take all their gear!''

Gobblin' is a Tabletop RPG published by Drunk and Ugly Games in 2018. It involves the fantasy world's population of goblins becoming so obnoxious, pathetic and cruel that both good and evil join forces for one massive spell to banish them to another dimension. This lands them in a post-apocalyptic version of Earth, and the goblin couldn't be happier. Their new realm (one they call Goblin House) is full of cars, guns, deliciously rotten food and things that blow up when you poke them enough times. The game focuses on goblins exploring and conquering a world where humanity is seemingly gone and nobody is there to stop them from doing anything stupid.

The game runs on an original system, mainly revolving around the d12.

  • After the End : "Goblin House" is actually the remains of human society, implied to be the result of a massive war as a default. Humans are either rare or extinct.

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  • Big Eater : Most goblins can fall under this trope. Even ancient, rotten human food and mutated animals are considered better eating than goblin cooking. The Drumbelly tribe is also briefly mentioned as being proud of their massive feasts even more than their impressive strength.

  • Blinding Bangs : A subspecies of goblins called the woolies are playable. They're a mountain-dwelling breed of goblin who grow shaggy white fur. They were deemed goblin enough to be banished along with their distant cousins. Their hair falls over their faces, which gives them trouble seeing things (to their benefit and hindrance).

  • Dumb Muscle : A type of goblin called a Brute is playable and a staple of goblin society. They're bigger and dumber than the rest of their kin, but they're great as obeying orders and are as strong as they come.

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  • Equippable Ally : Stronger goblins can wield other goblins as weapons, either throwing or swinging them at their opponents. Starting gear can even include another goblin to use as a club or a gofer.

  • Funny Foreigner : Woolies are this to other goblins. They speak an entirely different language from other goblins apart from a few words of the player's choosing, coming off as dimwitted even if they are smarter than the rest of the group.

  • Gun Nut : The Specialty called Shootomancers are obsessed with the recent disovery of firearms. They can go as far as giving their guns pet names and talking to them. They're also one of the few goblins in the world who realize guns can be reloaded and don't just get thrown away when they're "done."

  • Hard Head : The Headroc clan prides themselves on refusing to use any close-range attack or weapon besides headbutts. They determined this is the ultimate solution to any situation when their ancient founder once defeated a giant bird with a lucky headbutt just to fall and land on his head.

  • Healing Factor : All goblins come with this, but this is not widely-known information. Even to goblins. They have been known to survive having their heads ripped off if there's someone there to stick it back on, but they may still run screaming if someone gives them so much as a nasty papercut.

  • Improvised Armor : Many goblins resort to this as they find human inventions that are sturdier than their old rags. Goblins are mentioned as wearing trash cans and life vests as options for armor.

  • Zombie Apocalypse : One of many world-ending threats that were left behind by the humans. Staring Fiends are mentioned in particular as a type that has had their eyes blown out by whatever caused them to change, blindly attacking anything nearby.

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