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Throwing grenades is great and all, but sometimes it's better to shoot them. That's where the Grenade Launcher comes in. Size varies from an accessory to a BFG. Possibly related to Revolvers Are Just Better if it's the kind with the ginormous loading cylinder (The M32 is the most famous of these). Also included are the older concept of rifle grenades, grenades designed to be fired by sticking them on the end of a rifle and loading/firing a special powder cartridge.

Grenade launchers in Video Games tend to behave in an unrealistic fashion. A real launched grenade primes itself after flying a certain distance (so the users won't accidentally blow themselves) and then explodes as soon as it hits something, doing damage to everything near it. In video games, launched grenades tend to behave more like thrown grenades, ricocheting off the walls and exploding with a timer. Sometimes, grenades can inexplicably tell the difference between living targets and scenery, exploding on contact with the former but not the latter. No "Arc" in "Archery" is usually averted with them, as, like thrown grenades, they are usually meant for arcing over cover. If an accessory, they can be used under Secondary Fire.


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    Anime and Manga 
  • Black Lagoon:
    • Revy uses an M79 to finish off Luak's fleeing boat in the finale of the big shootout of the third episode.
    • In the "El Baile de Muerte" arc, Roberta has one as a accessory to her Sniper Rifle, but not just any grenade launcher, a rotating cylinder one.
    • In the "Greenback Jane" arc, Revy kicks a box over to Eda when they're holed up in the Lagoon Company's dock as the bounty hunters are attacking. The box turns out to contain a revolver-style grenade launcher that Eda quickly uses to scatter many of their attackers. Revy had been reluctant to use it as first as they'd been trying to sell it and she didn't want to miss out on the money it could have gone for.
    • Fabiola whips out a China Lake grenade launcher (a quite rare weapon even for Black Lagoon) during the finale of her shootout in the Yellow Flag.
  • In Coppelion, Kanon uses an M39 — at least, it looks and loads identically to one. However, the first time she fires it, it doesn't cause any more damage than a pistol. Later on, she fires it and produces a small explosion, but it's still not quite at the level you'd expect. Granted, the series is prone to giving the title characters abnormal ammo, including the main character having bullets that function as flash grenades and smoke bombs, so Kanon may be using some form of less explosive Ammo for closer range.
  • The Gundam franchise in general:
  • Incognito from Hellsing: Impure Souls has a rather interesting one as his weapon of choice: It appears to be a heavily modified ArmsCor 40mm MGL (Multiple Grenade Launcher). The MGL is attached to his arm and is able to produce this weapon from his arm at will, ejecting it from his flesh when he needs to use it. It's supported by chains that wrap around his torso. He also reloads the damn thing in a very... unorthodox way: by vomiting green magic slime that congeals into dark magic spines while inside of the cylinder.

    Comic Books 
  • The Judges' Lawgiver from Judge Dredd has the Hi-Ex setting, essentially making it a grenade launcher pistol when required.

    Fan Works 
  • When Captain Kanril Eleya of Bait and Switch (STO) is selecting her weapons for an away mission, among other things she picks out a G23 grenade launcher and a belt of photon grenades. When she uses it, it's described as using a mass accelerator to fire the round.
  • DNMC: In a similar vein as Nora Valkyrie's weapon below, Nara-Jay Andes' weapon, Wonderful World, is a grenade launcher of the single-shot variety that can turn into a shovel.
  • Night Strike of Fallout: Equestria - Empty Quiver is rarely seen without her extended-barrel personalized M79 lookalike, named Thumper. Later on comes the inclusion of Boomer, a fully automatic 40mm grenade launcher. While originally meant to be pony-portable, it's since been relegated to a mount on the back of the Kettenkrad for easier mobility.
  • Rocketship Voyager: The Space Marines use a Y-rack discharger in a Shout-Out to Starship Troopers, firing either tear gas or more lethal bomblets as required.

    Film — Animation 

    Film — Live-Action 
  • The pulse rifles of the Colonial Marines in Aliens have an integral grenade launcher. You know Ripley has a badass streak when she insists Hicks teach her how to use it.
    Hicks: I wanna introduce you to a personal friend of mine. This is an M41A pulse rifle. Ten millimeter with over-and-under thirty-millimeter pump action grenade launcher.
  • Apocalypse Now features the M79 in the hands of an American soldier called Roach near the Do Lung bridge. Roach takes out a VC soldier with a high arcing shot aimed only by sound of the VC shouting insults at them.
  • Battle of the Bulge: U.S. troops use rifle grenades against the advancing German tanks.
  • Birds of Prey (2020) sees Harley Quinn wielding a "Fun Gun", a heavily modified M79 designed to fire less-lethal, but outrageously campy projectiles of glitter, paint, and smoke.
  • In Captain America: The Winter Soldier, the Winter Soldier already has about five various guns strapped to his person, then somebody hands him a grenade launcher — because you can never have enough dakka.
  • In Darkman, Durant wields a grenade launcher in his final confrontation with the title character. It causes a lot of collateral damage since he's shooting at a rapidly moving target from a helicopter over a freeway.
  • In Dobermann, Nat the Gypsy has a M203 Grenade Launcher mounted under her FN Minimi Paratrooper. She uses it to blast her way into the bank.
  • In The Dogs of War, we have "XM-18's" (actually Manville revolver launchers) used for the climatic attack. There's also a Shirtless Scene of Tom Berenger testing the grenade launcher in mid-ocean, in one of the most laugh-out-loud Rated M for Manly spectacles you will ever see.
  • Final Run: The film's final raid is kicked off by its hero marching into enemy base while firing a grenade gun left and right.
  • Rifle grenades are used to try and force Bond to stop in the speedboat chase in From Russia with Love.
  • In Inception, when Arthur's SCAR proves ineffective against the cover one Mook is hiding behind, Eames pulls one of these out and uses it with predictable results.
  • John Wick: Chapter 2: Santino destroys John's house with one.
  • In the 1986 thriller No Mercy, an undercover cop posing as a hitman is approached to kill a Louisiana crime boss, only for the man himself to turn up and blow up the car they're in with a rifle grenade.
  • Predator: Poncho carried and used a multi-barrel grenade launcher against the rebels ("You got time to duck?"), and Dutch had an underbarrel grenade launcher on his assault rifle. Curiously enough, Poncho's grenade launcher is not a real weapon, it was built using a submachinegun, a WWII-era flare thrower, and other assorted bits.
  • In the film Red (2010), We have the Pig. What's the Pig? A stuffed pig plush toy with a zipper pouch concealing a M203 standalone grenade launcher. Frank thumps one enemy mook with the loaded grenade, then Boggs returns-to-sender a thrown grenade from another mook with the launcher being wielded like a baseball bat.
  • Scarface: Tony Montana uses an M203 grenade launcher mounted under the barrel of his M16 for the final shootout of the movie. "Say hello to my little friend!"
  • Terminator 2: Judgment Day has the T-800 using two:
    • An M79 launcher (break-action, single shot) that fires standard explosive 40-millimeter rounds. He uses it to blow up police cars and scare cops away during the Cyberdyne raid, but never kills anyone with it, and it turns out to be the only infantry-portable weapon in the whole film that causes the T-1000 to do more than flinch when shot. The T-800's last round finally does it in, the explosion throwing it off balance so badly that it topples into a vat of molten steel.
    • A police-issue tear gas launcher (cylindrical magazine) that he takes from the SWAT team and uses to drive them back.
  • The explosive-laden climax of Tragic Hero features the heroes (played by Chow Yun-fat and Andy Lau) using not one, but TWO Grenade Launchers to level the Big Bad's mansion, firing on full-auto and taking down entire legions of enemy mooks in seconds. Chow notably uses the M79 Predator-style variety, while Andy on the other hand uses the type attached to an M16's front.

  • During his war against The Mafia in the 1970's novels, The Executioner used an M16/M79 combination as his primary long arm (author Don Pendleton was likely thinking of the XM148) and by the time the Gold Eagle novels came out he'd upgraded to the M16/M203. Members of Able Team and Phoenix Force would also use the weapon.
    • In Amazon Slaughter, a mercenary is ordered to mark Able Team's position with flares so Deadly Gas can be used on them. Knowing his Bad Boss doesn't care much about collateral damage, he increases the distance between himself and the target by having his men remove the nosecaps on their rifle grenade-flares and cut off the tiny parachute inside, so they won't deploy and slow down its flight.
  • In the sequel to the book behind Full Metal Jacket, "The Phantom Blooper", the namesake character is a US defector to the VC that uses an M16 with an M79 "Blooper" grenade launcher. After having his squad killed by him, Joker is taken to a VC POW camp. He uses the same gun to escape. He presumably uses it again after returning to Vietnam.
  • Rebuild World: Due to facing a large number of enemies in one battle, Akira eventually adds an A421 grenade launcher to his arsenal. He nearly accidentally blows himself up using it indoors. Akira eventually gets the launcher modified into a mini-missile emplacement on his Cool Bike that tracks to a laser-sight on his gun. After that gets destroyed, since he's already switched to using a line of Bifurcated Weapon guns, Akira uses Homing Projectile bullets that are like mini guided rocket-propelled grenades instead.
  • Star Wars Expanded Universe: The Essential Guide to Weapons and Technology describes a grenade mortar that can be mounted on repulsorcraft and flown around the battlefield.
  • In Starship Troopers, Marauder suits are fitted with a device known as a "Y-rack" that fires grenades to either side every time a Mobile Infantryman uses his suit's Jump Jet Pack.

    Live-Action TV 
  • The F.B.I.: In "The Giant Killer", a disgruntled air force vet uses WWII issue rifle grenades to attack a Vulnerable Convoy.
  • Flashpoint: Among the tools in SRU Team One's tool box is a six-shot grenade launcher, which can be loaded with a variety of grenades, including smoke and CS gas.
  • Kamen Rider G3 from Kamen Rider Agito had the GG 02 Salamander, a grenade launcher attachment to his Scorpion machine gun that he used as his Finishing Move. Notably, it was an attachment for his machine gun and even before he was upgraded, capable of destroying Lords. It also behaves realistically and explodes on impact rather than bouncing.
  • The Professionals
    • In "Heroes", Bodie isn't happy about Tommy—an even more gungho member of CI5—being assigned to work with them, but changes his mind when they're pinned down by hitmen firing automatic weapons from a launch. Tommy then roars up in his own boat, slides a rifle grenade onto the end of his rifle and uses it to blow the launch up.
    • In the final episode of The '90s remake, the villains jump into a truck full of munitions to escape CI5. A mook grabs a revolver grenade launcher to use against our heroes but it doesn't work. He starts fiddling with it and the launcher—which is pointed down at his feet at the time—fires and blows the truck up.
  • In the Stargate SG-1 episode "The Fifth Man", Jack O'Neill uses a Colt M203 grenade launcher to shoot down a death glider. The M203 has also been used in its attached-to-rifle form in both SG-1 and Stargate Atlantis.
  • A Def-Tec 37mm Composite Stock Multi-Launcher is shown in the weapon's locker in the trunk of the Impala in Supernatural.

    Tabletop Games 
  • Battle Armor and combat vehicles in BattleTech can mount grenade launchers. Since they're short-range anti-personnel weapons they do almost no damage to mechs or anything with mech-grade armor, but they can be used to deploy smoke screens or non-lethal munitions for crowd control against unarmored targets.
  • GURPS:
    • High-Tech'' has a wide variety of Real Life grenade launchers from the Walther Leuchtpistole to the ATK-H&K M29.
    • By Ultra-Tech one of the available designs include the Electromagnetic Auto Grenade Launcher which can fire for an extended time at four times the range of the High-Tech weapons.
    • Transhuman Space offers personal weapon pods which combine conventional firearms with miniature missile launchers — functionally equivalent to grenade launchers.
    • GURPS Infinite Worlds: Britannica-6 features a rather steampunk-styled grenade launcher, the "Crowhurst Desolation Number 2", which was developed in this Alternate History setting as an anti-vehicular weapon.
  • Infinity has grenade launchers firing a wide variety of different shells, as well as heavier ones mounted as support weapons on TAGs.
  • Iron Kingdoms: Men O' War Bombardiers in Warmachine are soldiers wearing steam-driven Powered Armor and wielding grenade launching chainsaws. It can't get much more awesome than that.
  • Rifts also has a variety of grenade launchers, Armor-mounted braces, Full-sized normal and Automatic launchers, and even underslung launchers built into rifles (and one pistol).
  • Shadowrun had both dedicated grenade launchers and underbarrel launchers for long arms (rifles, shotguns, assault rifles, etc.).
  • Traveller Classic had auto grenade launchers (rapid fire).
  • Imperial Guard units in Warhammer 40,000 can be equipped with grenade launchers. They have two firing modes: a frag grenade which is a low damage blast weapon, and a krak grenade which is a medium damage single target weapon. The latest Codex also gives them as wargear for Space Marine characters, and 8th Edition gave the new Primaris Intercessors the option to take an auxiliary grenade launcher along with their bolt rifles. Tau Pulse Carbines have underslung launchers.
    • The Imperial Boltgun (and variants) are all technically rocket propelled grenade launchers. Which happen to be fully automatic.

    Theme Parks 
  • In the Jaws ride at Universal Studios, Captain Jake's Amity Boat Tours make it so all skippers are equipped with grenade launchers in the event of another shark attack. Of course, the skipper that the guests ride with ends up having to use it.

  • Hardball is the G.I. Joe Team's multi-shot grenadier. He appeared in the G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero (Marvel) comic book, but not in the animated series.
  • Nerf Brand: The Elite Demolisher prototype introduced at a recent UK toy fair features an integrated underbarrel foam grenade launcher, mk203 style. Modders love to kitbash their own such integrations to add more 'firepower' to their foam blasters.

    Video Games 
  • Available in 7.62 High Caliber at high levels (or with the use of cheats). Grenades from launchers and hand grenades both have nearly identical properties (throwing actual modeled fragments from the detonation point with a rather small explosion), so the advantage of a grenade launcher is (much as in real life) being able to fire them accurately and at longer range than hand thrown grenades (which have a restricted distance based on the character's stats).
  • There's one in Alice: Madness Returns. Yep, it's called a Teapot Cannon. The in-game poster states that it shoots "Tea Grenades". Probably one of the few (if not the only one) game which the weapon can overheat just after a few shots.
  • Aliens Armageddon features the grenade launcher as one of the last power-ups for players, which can blow apart groups of aliens in a single shot. It's also the only weapon capable of harming the kaiju-sized Winged Alien Queen.
  • Alien Swarm has one as the final unlockable. It becomes Recursive Ammo if used by a character with an explosives bonus.
  • Arknights has Catapult, who wields a single-shot grenade launcher as her main weapon. This makes her one of the few Snipers capable of hitting multiple targets at once. On the enemy side, there is Skull Shredder who wields a pair of ramshackle revolver-style grenade launchers. His grenades also hit multiple targets, but also reduces their defenses on top of that.
  • ARMA has many under-barrel, two shoulder fired, and two mounted grenade launchers, capable of firing several different kinds of explosives as well as smoke grenades of numerous colors. As in real life, the explosive grenades will fail to detonate if they haven't traveled far enough.
  • Armory & Machine: One of the skills you have is called Grenade Launcher. Compared to Frag Grenade, it deals the same amount of damage, but has half the cooldown time and uses twice the ammunition, giving it higher DPS at increased ammo cost.
  • Shay Cormac, the protagonist of Assassin's Creed Rogue, receives an 18th century prototype grenade launcher — designed and built by Benjamin Franklin, no less — that can fire off grenades loaded with berserk toxin, sleep gas, or, if subtlety ain't your thing, shrapnel.
    • In the Dead Kings DLC of Assassin's Creed: Unity, Arno obtains the Guillotine Gun, a handheld mortar that can also function as an axe.
  • The grenade launcher first shows up in the second level of Apocalypse, when the game started throwing Giant Mook-variety of enemies at the player. It has short range, but thanks to splash damage, can wipe out enemies grouped together in just a few seconds. Later in the city rooftops the player can use this weapon to take out patrolling enemies from higher elevations.
  • Grenade/Mortar Vets (different names for the same thing) in the Battalion Wars series have huge, drum-fed grenade launchers with a Charged Attack: Holding down the fire button increases their range and damage.
  • Ernest from Battleborn as an Aviant Demolitions Expert wields one as his primary weapon.
  • Battlefield 2 features grenade launchers attached to some assault rifles. They used to explode right away, but a later patch fixed them to arm after traveling a certain distance.
    • The launcher in Battlefield: Bad Company, meanwhile, had it's damage nerfed in multiplayer for fear of it being overpowered. It's still good for knocking down walls, but not much else.
    • Battlefield 3 has the M320 grenade launcher as a possible first-slot gadget for Assault players (in place of either a Medkit or an M26 MASS shotgun). Unlike other games, the M320 is a "standalone" weapon by default, and one has to equip the Underslung Rail (the starting underbarrel attachment for assault rifles) in order for the grenade launcher to be mounted underbarrel for the "fast" weapon switch time akin to Call of Duty. The M320 starts out with default HE options, but players can unlock buckshot and smoke rounds. Battlefield 4 also adds the XM25 as a Support class only weapon, and the MGL-140 as a Battle Pickup.
      • If the player is using an AK-74M, an AEK-971, or an AN-94 with the Underslung Rail and a grenade launcher, it will take the in-game visual appearance of the Russian GP-30.
  • Borderlands has had a few over its franchise history:
    • The first game didn't actually have grenade launchers per se. They were Dummied Out fairly late in development and were intended to be a variation of the Rocket Launcher class of weapons. The only two remaining grenade launcher type weapons are the unique Leviathan and extremely rare Jackal.
    • Borderlands 2 features the Torgue barrel for assault rifles – finding a Dahl or Jakobs weapon with this barrel type gives either a burst-fire grenade launcher or a single-shot high velocity grenade cannon, respectively. The Splatgun E-Tech shotgun variant basically fires arcing elemental grenades – though they resemble energy spheres rather than a traditional grenade, the effect is functionally the same; the Torgue SWORDSPLOSION!!! is the same, except the "grenades" are swords and have a MIRV effect upon impact. The E-Tech Bandit PRAZMA CANON is similar to the Leviathan in that it is a rocket launcher that fires arcing shots like a grenade launcher—it differs in that its projectile drops a trail of explosive spheres behind it while it flies through the air. Grenade rifles return for Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel!, but not the E-Tech weapons (since those hadn't been invented yet).
  • Many guns in the Call of Duty series include a grenade launcher as an optional attachment. Particularly when combined with the Scavenger or One-Man-Army perks which allow more than 2 grenades each life. They avert the aforementioned unrealistic portrayal as they do have impact detonation and you can Cherry Tap by hitting someone with an unprimed nade if you're close enough. However, the unexploded grenade is actually a one hit kill. The series also includes various standalone grenade launchers - Modern Warfare 2 has the M79, Call of Duty: Black Ops has the China Lake launcher, Modern Warfare 3 has a standalone version of the M320 attachment alongside the high-tech XM25, Call of Duty: Black Ops II has the MGL-140 as a killstreak in multiplayer and a unlockable weapon in single-player alongside the Hawk MM-1, and Call of Duty: Ghosts also has the MGL-140 (This time an unlockable secondary weapon in multiplayer and firing Semtex grenades) alongside the RGM-40 Kastet.
  • The Crysis series has a grenade launcher attachment for rifles. Crysis 2 adds an automatic cylinder launcher called the L-TAG. Sadly, ammo for the latter is scarce, as the ubiquitous ammo resupply boxes usually don't have L-TAG 'nades.
  • Dawn of War:
    • Imperial Guardsmen and Chaos Cultists can be upgraded to carry grenade launchers, whose long range keeps them alive for slightly longer. It's more useful to keep enemy infantry scattered than doing damage, however. Kasrkin grenade launchers do much the same, though it replaces some of their hellguns.
    • Tau Fire Warrior Shas'ui and Stealthsuit Shas'vre both have area-of-effect grenades, the former does damage to infantry and the latter immobilizes vehicles for a while.
  • Rifle-wielding heroes and villains in DC Universe Online have a grenade launcher attachment as an unlockable trait. They can also obtain a proper six-chamber grenade launcher as a skin for the rifle, though this has no effect on its primary function.
  • In Deep Rock Galactic, The Engineer's default secondary weapon is a 40mm grenade launcher for some burst Area of Effect damage. Besides upgrades that can let explosions shatter enemy armor, stun foes caught in the blast radius, or modify the munitions with a proximity trigger, the grenade launcher can be enhanced with overclocks that allow for Rocket Jumping, trade the AoE blast for concentrated single-target damage via "hyper-propellant" rounds, or replace the normal payload with "Fat Boy" nuclear explosives.
  • Deus Ex: Human Revolutionnote  and Deus Ex: Mankind Divided both feature a 6 shot, semiautomatic grenade launcher called the G-87 Linebacker. In Human Revolution, acquiring the launcher can make any subsequent boss fight a walk in the park, though ammunition is extremely scarce with less than twenty rounds in the entire game. In Mankind Divided, ammo is far more plentiful, and now even includes multiple grenade types such as EMP, gas, and stun in addition to the explosive rounds of the previous game. However, while the launcher can now hold 6 rounds of each type, additional ammo now takes up twice as much inventory space per grenade type as any other ammo, and only stacks up to 10 rounds.
  • Dante gets one of these in Devil May Cry, though its fall-off isn't significant enough to differentiate it from a rocket launcher (which becomes its functional replacement in later games).
  • Dino Strike Wii, being set in the 1930s, has a grenade crossbow. It's the only weapon that can actually hurt the T-Rex boss at the end of the game, whereas your trusty M1-Garand and Tommy Gun can only deal scratch damage.
  • Dirty Bomb: One of Nader's special abilities is her Grenade Launcher, which takes some seconds to recharge a grenade.
  • Dolphin Blue has a weapon called the "Fire-Cracker", which fires a short-range grenade with a massive explosion radius. Very useful for taking down enemy vehicles and structures, or for targeting enemies behind barricades.
  • In Duke Nukem 3D, there's one less than a minute into the first level if you know where to look. It's actually a Rocket Propelled Grenade launcher though, so it behaves like a typical FPS rocket launcher.
    • In Duke Nukem 64, the RPG is replaced with a regular Grenade Launcher, which shoots grenades in an arc that bounce off of objects and explode after a set time.
  • Empire Earth's first anti-tank infantry unit is a grenade launcher, but the weapon behaves more like its replacement, the bazooka. The only modern-age arcing weapons are mortars and artillery.
  • Enter the Gungeon has a few guns that function as grenade launchers, which launch explosives that bounce off walls a few times before detonating, or detonating on impact with an enemy. The Grenade Launcher itself being modelled after the M79. Another is the wooden Mahoguny gun, which launches explosive pinecones that behave similarly.
    Description of Grenade Launcher: Fwomp!
  • In Evolve, the character Caira wields a napalm grenade launcher that inflicts a burn DOT, as well as a healing grenade launcher.
  • E.Y.E: Divine Cybermancy features the Spiculum Ovum, a 6-shot double barreled grenade launcher. The grenades fly in a nearly straight trajectory and explode on contact. The Excidium borders the line between a grenade launcher and cannon; the splash damage from its 40mm shells are enough to smite enemies from a dozen meters away. You even get an achievement for gibbing yourself with the splash.
  • Fallout:
    • Fallout Tactics: Brotherhood of Steel features a grenade launcher as a not-terribly useful weapon. Ammunition is rare and it is not as powerful as true Big Guns.
    • Fallout 3 has a unique variant of the missile launcher called the "Miss Launcher", created when a Brotherhood Outcast tried to modify a launcher to increase its accuracy and failed miserably. In a research log on the subject, he insists that it's not broken, "it just does not function properly". It launches armed rockets without igniting their propellant by using a compressed air bottle, which adds to its firepower.
    • Fallout: New Vegas has them in several varieties. From the ordinary break action M79 'Thumper', the pump action China Lake grenade launcher, and automatic grenade machinegun. The grenades do explode on impact, though at least they guarantee to reduce your enemies into Ludicrous Gibs very effectively.
  • Far Cry:
    • Far Cry 2 has two: the M79 and the MGL-140. The latter is a complete game breaker in both singleplayer and multiplayer, usually banned on servers.
      • In singleplayer, however, you can carry both at once. This is one of the few games where you have four weapons slots and three of them can be filled with explosive weapons. The last one is always taken up by your machete.
    • Far Cry 3 has the pump-action GM-94, while Far Cry 4 has the M79 as a secondary weapon and the GM-94 and fully-automatic drum fed QLZ-87 as primary weapons. Needless to say, the latter is a game breaker, only being balanced by the ammunition for it being very expensive.
  • Foxhole features grenade launchers as an accessory for the rifle, allowing frag grenades to be shot over long distances.
  • The Armored Combat Framework 2 Game Mod for Garry's Mod features a 40mm grenade launcher as a weapon available for mounting on player built vehicles. It lacks penetration power with armor-piercing ammo and has only a small explosion with high-explosive ammo, but the gun is extremely lightweight, compact, and rapid fire, making it easy to Spam Attack other tanks to death.
  • Grenade launchers were introduced in Ghost Recon with the second Expansion Pack of the first game, Island Thunder, via a demolition specialist.
  • GoldenEye (1997) on the N64 has the cylinder type and the shots can bounce off walls. With the All Guns cheat, you can wield two of them! The Wii version makes grenade launchers an attachment. They lose the wall-bounce that the N64 version had, but it's still a One-Hit Kill if the enemy is close enough.
  • Girls' Frontline features a whole host of grenade-launching assault rifles, but only four of them (CZ 805, Zastava M21, A-91, and K11) are explicitly shown with mounted grenade launchers. HK416 also gains a standalone M320 grenade launcher with her MOD 3 upgrade.
    • It's worth noting that some of these grenades do things beyond simply exploding. HK416's Parasitic Grenades apply damage over time and a Damage-Increasing Debuff if the target isn't killed. M4 SOPMOD II's explodes into cluster munitions on impact. Zas M21's also apply a damage increasing debuff if more than three enemies are hit, or buff her own damage if less than that amount are damaged, and so on.
    • With the Heavy Ordnance Corps update, one of the obtainable Fire Support Teams is the AGS-30 automatic grenade launcher. A later Theater event also makes a QLZ-04 team available to obtain. In general, automatic grenade launchers offer a balance between mortar and anti-tank weapon teams, having better armor-piercing capabilities than the former while also more suitable to deal with crowds of enemies than the latter.
  • In Grabbed by the Ghoulies, you get to wield a grenade launcher modified to fire pop bottles.
  • The Grand Theft Auto games most recently made have some of these, which include one based of of the M79 and another based off of the Milkor.
  • Half-Life:
    • Half-Life includes a somewhat unrealistic grenade launcher as a Secondary Fire on the MP5. The grenade fires on an extremely limited arc and explodes on contact with anything, regardless of the distance, which can take you out as well if your aim's off.
    • Half-Life 2 features a similar gun that has the same behavior. Meanwhile the Combine Pulse Rifle has a high-tech equivalent to the Grenade Launcher, but seeing as it's firing what amounts to a bouncy ball of death, it doesn't quite fall under standard guidelines for a grenade.
  • Halo has a large variety of such:
    • On the Covenant side, there's the Brute Shot, a typical example of the Brutes' utter lack of subtlety, complete with a huge-ass bayonet. Halo: Reach introduces the Concussion Rifle (pretty much an Elite version of the Brute Shot redesigned to look less crude) and the Plasma Launcher (which shoots homing plasma grenades). Halo 5: Guardians replaces the Concussion Rifle with the Plasma Caster, which can fire a charged sticky round that not only explodes, but releases additional explosives. Also, the fuel rod cannon acted like one in the original Halo: Combat Evolved.
    • On the UNSC side, there's Halo: Reach's actual break-action Grenade Launcher, which has some unique features not always found in shooters; it'll detonate on a fuse when shot 'normally', but holding down the trigger allows for remote detonation (and arms an EMP mode which shorts out shields and vehicles). Because you need to literally have it explode in somebody's face (or between their feet) for a One-Hit Kill, fans and the producers nicknamed the Grenade Launcher the "Pro Pipe" to contrast Call of Duty's comparatively easy to use "Noob Tubes". There's also Halo 4's Sticky Detonator, which is basically just a miniature Grenade Launcher.
    • All Promethean Knights come equipped with a grenade launcher. Additionally, the "Dying Star" Lightrifle in Halo 5: Guardians Warzone fires sticky energy bombs.
  • Hawken The Grenade Launcher is a special weapon used by the Infiltrator, Vanguard Cupcake and the eponymous Grenadier. There is also the 'Revolver Grenade Launcher', used exclusively by the Grenadier. It has been the subject of much controversy and has been subject to various nerfs.
  • House of the Dead 2 has one, but there's no explosion/splash damage. The rounds are incredibly powerful, but you can only have three rounds per reload, so think of them as incredibly large bullets.
  • Killer7: Mask de Smith uses two.
  • Killing Floor features three weapons used by the Demolitionist perk. The first is an M79 grenade launcher, if the demolitionist perk is leveled high enough then you can actually start a game/respawn with one for free. The next is an M4 with an M203 under-slung grenade launcher and then there's the M32 six-shot grenade launcher.
  • Left 4 Dead 2 has one where the shots explode on impact and can be used with incendiary or explosive ammo. Valve put the weapon in just because the fans wanted to see more stuff explode.
  • Legend (1998) provides a medieval equivalent where you can collect a portable cannon that fires exploding cannonballs on the forces of chaos. It can release between 15 to 20 shells (far more than it's size allows) before running dry, at which point you go back to using your sword or ax.
  • Marathon has a Machine Gun/underslung Grenade Launcher combo. The machine gun is wildly inaccurate and its bullets do less damage than the pistol, while the grenade launcher fires in a predictable arc, can knock enemies backwards, has reasonably common ammo and creates focused explosions small enough to be safely used against something on the other side of a room. This led to many players choosing to focus on the grenade launcher part of the combo and reserving the gun part for short ranges only.
    • Gamemod Marathon Rubicon has a mortar that for all purposes functioned as a dedicated grenade launcher.
  • In the Xbox remake of Ninja Gaiden, some Mooks use these, and the tank bosses were given these in Black to counter the old tactic of getting in close enough that Ryu could plink away without retaliation from the main gun.
  • Chris Redfield's level 1 hyper combo in Marvel vs. Capcom 3 include a grenade launcher loaded with multiple elemental grenades.
  • Mass Effect
    • The first heavy weapon you get in Mass Effect 2 is a grenade launcher. One of the early quests references how you're carrying it everywhere you go: a guard explains to a civilian why he's letting you into a quarantine zone and not her with the memorable line, "You don't have a grenade launcher, lady. Get lost."
    • Mass Effect 3 makes heavy weapons mission-specific, but one of the late-game assault rifles (the M-37 Falcon) is effectively a lighter grenade launcher. There is also the Scorpion, a salarian heavy pistol that is acquired midway through the game that fires small-ish sticky grenades. The Groundside Resistance DLC pack introduced the salarian Venom shotgun, which fired explosive projectiles in an arc and could be charged up for a much more devastating hit, and the krogan Striker assault rifle, which (like the above-mentioned M-37 Falcon) is a grenade launcher but this time is fully automatic and while powerful has some of the worst recoil of any weapon in the game.
  • The Matrix: Path of Neo has a few of these through out the game. The launcher goes farther than thrown grenades and does appropriate damage to people, but not to buildings.
  • Medal of Honor: Allied Assault had a rifle that took grenades in multiplayer mode, a weapon so infamous it's almost universally banned.
  • Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty has the RGB-6 (Not to be confused with the similarly named RG-6), a Croatian clone of the MGL-140, while Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots has the XM320 and GP-30 as attachments to the M4 Carbine and XM8 and AK-102 and AN-94 respectively, as well as an actual MGL-140 and the XM25 as standalone grenade launchers, and Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain has four fictional standalone grenade launchers based off the M203, GP-25, RG-6 and a XM29 OICW prototype respectively.
  • Metal Head grants your giant robot a "Grenade Cannon", which is functionally the same as any grenade launchers from a FPS.
  • While grenades flung by hand are among the default weapon in the Metal Slug games, but from the third game onwards players can pick up a rare weapon, the "Super Grenade". It's as wonderful as it's name implies, destroying enemy vehicles in just one or two shots, although it's not as effective when used against human enemies (due to wasting it's extremely limited ammunition capacity).
  • Monday Night Combat's Assault class has a grenade launcher as his secondary weapon, mostly used to shoot around corners because of the frankly ridiculous bounce the grenades possess. Super Monday Night Combat features Karl, who has his own version of the grenade launcher (that's built into his arm, no less), firing "bouncing buddies" that bounce in place once they hit the ground.
  • Nexuiz and its Spiritual Successor Xonotic have the Mortar, whose secondary fire launches projectile grenades, and the Electro, whose secondary fire works the same as the Mortar, but launches instead small energy balls which explode on contact with enemies (and Electro primary shots).
  • The M79 appears as the GL40 in PAYDAY: The Heist, unlocked in the Wolf Pack DLC.
    • The M79 returns in PAYDAY 2, fake name intact, in the Gage Assault Pack DLC. The later BBQ Pack introduces the M32 as the "Piglet", the second Wolf Pack DLC gives players the China Lake grenade launcher as the "China Puff 40mm", the [XM25 CDTE] is known as The Arbiter, added in the Gage Spec-Ops Pack note  After assembly however, you get the most ammo of the 4 grenade launchers, the second-most rounds to use, and a far lower arc trajectory, with the downsides being that rounds do significantly less damage than any other Launcher, and a fairly slow reload.note . The most recent Grenade launcher to be added was added on Christmas Eve 2017, and is the M320 grenade launcher, renamed in-game to "Compact 40mm". It's functionally a slower-reloading version of the GL40, but with better concealment, and it sits in your secondary slot.
    • PAYDAY 3 reintroduces the M32 as an Overkill Weapon called the Marcom Mamba MGL.
  • Perfect Dark had a dedicated grenade launcher in the form of the Devastator, whose rounds exploded on impact; its Secondary Fire mode made the rounds magnetic and so would stick to the first wall it hit and wait a few seconds before the magnet disabled itself and the round dropped down to explode on the ground below. Also, the SuperDragon is a heavy assault rifle with an underslung grenade launcher as its Secondary Fire.
  • Haru Okumura from Persona 5 wields grenade launchers as her main firearms. As such, she's the only party member whose gun can deal damage to all present enemies with just one shot.
  • PlanetSide 1 has the Thumper grenade launcher, which uses a rotating cylinder drum, and can be loaded with a variety of different special ammo types (fragmentation, plasma, jammer). Planetside 2 lacks the Thumper, but allows players to attach underbarrel grenade launchers, smoke grenade launchers or single-shot shotguns to certain assault rifles and carbines. PS2 also allows some vehicles to mount automatic 40mm or 60mm grenade launchers instead of the standard 20mm autocannons.
  • The Grenade Launcher is one of the guns available for Alex Mercer in [PROTOTYPE]. Of all the weapons you can grab, it's one of the better ones due to a high fire rate and enough power to take on armed vehicles. Meanwhile, Captain Cross has an Arm Cannon version.
  • The ancient DOS patrol boat simulator PT 109 featured a mounted grenade launcher as one of the weapon choices for your PT boat. It was quite powerful, handily blowing up enemy bunkers and sampans, being the only weapon in the game that could do so. It came with two distinct downsides, however—the weapon itself had a criminally small magazine of just 30 shots, and its arc was insufficient to hit enemy helicopters.
  • The grenade launcher in Quake shares ammo (rockets) with the rocket launchernote . Grenades bounce off walls, allowing the GL to fire around corners. In the Dissolution of Eternity Expansion Pack, multi-rockets fired from the GL have a slightly shorter fuse time and spawn a cascade of child grenades when they go off. Ogres tote grenade launchers as well (a variant of Ogre in DoE fires multi-grenades) and love to make your life hell with them, especially if they have the high ground advantage, but are too focused on blowing up Ranger to bits to avoid causing friendly fire – they're the enemies most likely to cause monster infighting.
  • Every Resident Evil game except 4 has one. 0, 1, and 6 have the ARWEN 37, 2 and Code Veronica have the M79, 3 has the Deftech 1315, 5 has the MGL-140 and 7 has a fictional design.
  • Ring of Red:
    • Mech troops have the rare "rifle grenade" variant (ie, a bomb slotted over a carbine's muzzle and launched by catching the bullet in a trap). These can easily be repurposed to shoot at enemy troops. They also use special variants to launch bolas to tie down enemy walkers.
    • Soldiers assigned to crew light walkers use one to launch special shells, which looks suspiciously like a Flare Gun.
  • Rising Storm has the Type 89 Grenade Launcher for the Japanese, also known as the "knee mortar", a weapon exclusive to their Light Mortar class. As the name implies, it can launch Type 91 high explosive grenades at enemy positions, to devastating effect.
  • Saints Row:
    • In Saints Row: The Third, Luchadore Specialists carry large grenade launchers that fire swarms of small grenades. These are That One Attack because they stagger the Boss even after you get the no ragdolling from explosions upgrade.
    • In Saints Row IV the Murderbots have "minethrower arms" that are functionally this. You can pick them up off their dead bodies.
    • Saints Row: Gat Out of Hell has a frog launcher that shoots exploding frogs.
  • Serious Sam: The Second Encounter introduced the MK III Grenade Launcher, which is great for firing around corners, and the fact that a fully-charged shot launches the grenade faster and with more explosive power than a rocket, along with the fact that grenades explode on contact with an enemy, actually makes them a much better crowd control weapon than the Rocket Launcher. The grenades' ability to tell live targets from inanimate objects is handwaved away with a "smart impact detonator."
  • A rotating-cylinder grenade launcher is one of the many weapons Shadow the Hedgehog can pick up.
  • Smash TV has two types of grenade launchers among the powerups: one with normal-looking grenades that fly level and explode on impact, one with futuristic grenades that fly up into the air and land a fixed distance away. Both with a ridiculously high rate of fire, natch.
  • The SOCOMUS Navy Seals game for the PSP has the Hawk MM-1.
  • Splatoon:
    • Using any of the second game's Bomb Launcher special weapons causes one of these to appear on your back, and it enables you to rapid-fire a sub weapon not unlike the first game's Bomb Rush ability.
    • The Rainmaker in Splatoon 2 functions in line with this. It fires a large, arcing bomb of ink that detonates shortly on impact, instantly splatting any enemy in its blast radius. The bomb also leaves a trail of ink as it flies, allowing you to cover ground faster.
  • S.T.A.L.K.E.R. has three grenade launchers; the first two (GP-25 and M203) are under-barreled attachments while the third is revolver-operated (RG-6). Two guns have grenade launchers integrated in them by default, which can somewhat mitigate the need to find the other launchers. The two problems with these launchers are 1) the grenades have quite a steep arc in their trajectories, which can make them dangerous to use in close quarters and 2) rifled grenades are very hard to come by unless you have good standing with a particular faction.
  • Starbound has procedurally generated grenade launchers that can be used as weapons. There's also the Remote Grenade Launcher, whose special ability allows the player to manually detonate any grenades that have been fired.
  • StarCraft:
    • StarCraft has grenade launchers as a cutscene-only ability for marines.
    • In StarCraft II, Marauder Powered Armor includes integral grenade launchers, one built into each "hand". They fired anti-armor grenades and could be upgraded to slow down units hit by them.
  • The Star Trek: Elite Force series features both automatic rifles with underslung launchers and dedicated grenade launchers. The Compound Grenade Launcher in the first game fires both bouncing timed grenades and sticky timed mines over short distances, while the second game features a grenade launcher firing timed grenades at much longer range.
  • Super Smash Bros. Brawl: Have the rotating cylinder launchers from Metal Gear Solid 2 as Snake's Final Smash.
  • SWAT 4: the Stetchkov Syndicate had an extremely useful, bordering on Game-Breaker HK69 Less-Lethal grenade launcher. It could be loaded with flashbang, tear gas, and sting grenades, as well as rubber collapsible-baton rounds.
  • In Syndicate (2012) the TAR-39 has an underslung single-shot tube.
  • Syphon Filter has the M79, which is fired from one hand in most of the games. The Omega Strain adds the MGL-140 to the series, as well as having a Dummied Out HK69A1.
  • System Shock is one of the earliest examples, with grenade launcher-type weapons that fired projectiles that could bounce off (and cast light on!) the scenery, though only thrown grenades would arc. Very impressive for a 1994 game running on a pseudo-3D engine.
  • System Shock 2 introduces a proper grenade launcher as a starting weapon for the Marine class, which in addition to standard grenades can be equipped with specialized rounds for destroying mechanical and biological enemies (as with all Standard weapons), proximity mines, and more powerful disruption grenades, and allows you to switch between "normal" mode (shots explode on contact) and "bounce" mode (shots bounce off of walls and explode on a timer). It's this flexibility, in combination with relatively abundant ammo and a poorly thought-out weapon leveling system, that makes it better than pretty much every other heavy weapon in the game.
  • Team Fortress 2: the Demoman is armed with a normal grenade launcher and a Sticky Bomb launcher.
  • Terraria has a Grenade Launcher that can be obtained as a drop from Plantera.
  • In TimeSplitters 2, the Soviet Rifle and Plasma Rifle both had underslung grenade launchers (unlike Future Perfect, which had separate, thrown grenades), and there is also a cylinder chamber type standalone Grenade Launcher.
  • A recurring weapon in the Tomb Raider games.
  • In UFO Afterlight the grenade launcher munitions can also be primed and thrown by hand. They include HE, Incendiaries, EMP and acid.
  • UFO: Alien Invasion features a revolver-style grenade launcher... Which can unload its entire cylinder as a 6-shot burst in a single turn.
  • The Eightball rocket launcher in the Unreal series can function as a grenade launcher of sorts. By using Secondary Fire, rockets are ejected without igniting their motors. Just like primary fire, holding down the trigger allows you to fire up to 3, 6, or 8 at once. (Depending on the game).
    • The 200X games have assault rifles with integrated grenade launchers as starting weapons. Also, 2004 has a Grenade Launcher weapon which is actually a Sticky Bomb launcher: it's remote-detonated projectiles (8 max) magnetically attach themselves onto the target, exploding when their owner triggers them or dies.
    • Unreal II: The Awakening has the Canister Gun, which is a Grenade Launcher with sockets for up to 6 kinds of grenades.
    • Unreal Tournament III's version of the Rocket Launcher keeps the firemodes from the 200X's RL (primary fire: one rocket; secondary fire: charge to fire up to three rockets), but holding the secondary fire also allows the user to cycle between three kinds of attacks with the primary fire, one of them being Grenades, thus making the weapon also a Grenade Launcher of sorts.
  • Urban Terror has the Heckler & Koch HK69.
  • Valkyria Chronicles:
    • The series has under-barrel grenade launcher attachments available to Scouts who reach Elite status (or change to an advanced Scout class in the sequels). They fire grenades much further than they can be thrown by hand, though the arc can make aiming a bit tricky.
    • Lances (a fantasy take on the Rocket-Propelled Grenade Launcher that looks like a jousting lance) utilize a cold-launch system for their warheads that consists of a kick charge that boosts the rocket to a Minimum Safe Distance before the motor starts so that the Lancer doesn't have to spontaneously evolve fireproof eyebrows. The Mortar variant skips the rocket for more explosive, creating a grenade launcher the size of a person.
  • Warframe features a few grenade launchers that the Tenno can use, such as Grineer-produced Tonkor or Corpus-produced Penta. Smaller one-handed grenade launchers also exist, such as the Kulstar or the customized Sporelacer kitgun. Some care is needed when using them while they no longer deal self-damage, being caught in the blast radius will either cause you to flinch or bodily fling you across the room until you can right yourself.
  • As the name suggests, this is one of the two weapons used by XCOM 2's Grenadier class. It improves the range and blast radius of any grenades used by it.

    Web Animation 
  • Dreamscape: Dylan's Shock Bomb Launcher, and unlike Koden's, it looks more like a grenade launcher.
  • DSBT InsaniT: Koden's Shock Ball Launcher, although it looks like 'a pencil sharpener on a stick', according to Andy in the Special Info Episode.
  • Nora Valkyrie's weapon in RWBY is a Swiss Army Mix-and-Match Weapon that transforms between a grenade launcher and a hammer. The hammer form also keeps the trigger if Nora is in the mood to add some oomph to those swings, or just do some good old Rocket Jumping.

    Web Original 
  • AsteroidQuest has explosive gel launchers used in this role. One character has one implanted in her arm.

    Western Animation 
  • Darkwing Duck: Trust Disney to bring us a grenade launcher, in the form of Darkwing's 'gas gun'. Granted, it also doubles as a Grappling-Hook Pistol, but he's also used some rather special-purpose grenades — smoke's the most common, but various powders (and one actual explosive) have come out of the barrel.

    Real Life 
  • One of the most well known grenade launchers is the M79 "Blooper" or "Thumper" used extensively in the Vietnam war. It was a single-shot, break-action 40mm launcher, though the gun plus additional rounds weighed so much the soldier couldn't carry a regular rifle. Although the soldiers with M79s were also supplied with several M576 40mm rounds, which did not fire grenades, but rather fired #4 Buckshot. Despite the M203 below effectively replacing it, it's still in use due to its longer barrel giving it twice the effective range.
  • A pump-action variant of the M79 was produced. Unfortunately, as badass as it was, the China Lake saw very limited use in the field and all known surviving specimens are now in museums.
  • The more common M203 grenade launcher is the ubiquitous underbarrel grenade launcher. Universal fittings allow it to be attached to any weapon that uses a rail system, and it's a breech-loading single-shot weapon that loads the round behind the tube.
  • The Russian GP25/30 is the Soviet answer to the M203, and similar in many ways, though it uses caseless VOG-25 grenades that are loaded from the front of the tube instead of behind it.
  • Technically, the RPG-7 is one, it is a rocket-propelled grenade launcher which most people sees it as only a rocket launcher, it is both a grenade launcher and a rocket launcher.
  • Multi-shot grenade launchers are available, including the MGL pictured above (a six-shot revolver stylenote ), though they tend to be a little too heavy for practical use.
    • And the Hawk MM1 is the American counterpart, with 12 grenades and it's still a one-man weapon. It's also just a oversized revolver.
    • The Hawk MM1 is based on the Manville gun introduced in 1935. Originally in 12 gauge, later versions were 26.5mm and 37mm. While sometimes used as a movie prop gun and portrayed as firing explosive grenades, it only fired shotgun shells or tear gas rounds in real life.
    • The Russian RG-6 (or 6G30) is the Russian counterpart to the MGL, except it uses caseless VOG-25 grenades, skipping the need to remove spent cases from the weapon when reloading. Additionally, the trigger is in-line with the bore, dampening recoil somewhat. To make it even more analogous to the American M32, the RG-6 also uses AK pistol grips, while the M32 uses a custom AR-15 pistol grip.
  • The Mk19 (called the Mark 19) grenade launcher is a belt-fed machine gun/grenade launcher, firing about 6 rounds a second up to 2,212 (yards or 2,023 m for you metric types). That is over one mile away. It's absolutely devastating, but has a minimum range and is quite heavy. The weapon can be carried by infantry and mounted on a tripod or mounted on a variety of vehicles including helicopters, hover craft, and military Humvee style vehicles. Take That!, 40k!
    • Due to a fluke with US a weapons laws, if the bore in the barrel is under a certain curvature, it is legally a Flare Gun and neither a machine gun or grenade launcher. This means any old civilian can own a specially made one where the barrel bore has been reduced, and the company making them even produces a variant for civilian sales. However, its massive price tag doesn't have too many law makers worried.
    • The Mk 47 Striker is the successor to the Mk 19, and can fire programmable airburst grenades.
  • It's Russian counterpart AGS-17/30 fires somewhat lighter 30-mm grenades and has a range that is about 300 m smaller, but compensates by being much lighter, especially in the improved AGS-30 version, where the whole weapon including a tripod and ammo belt weighs just around 32 kilos, and having a higher rate of fire. It's installed everywhere, from the infantry tripods and vehicle pintle mounts to helicopters and tanks. BMPT mounts as much as three of them for the antipersonnel protection, including two in side sponsons.
    • For a heavier firepower there's also AGS-40, which is a 40-mm version of the same concept. It's quite a bit heaver than the AGS-30, but still in the general AGS-17 range, so it can still be carried by two solders.
  • A new infantry weapon for the US Army is a grenade launcher with precisely timed grenades, designed to be shot past cover and detonate behind it in order to kill anyone hiding behind. The XM 25 has been fielded to several units and apparently received rave reviews from the operators . . . until one exploded during a test fire in 2013, after which the weapon was recalled and eventually cancelled altogether.
  • Many modern military vehicles feature smoke grenade launchers to deploy a quick smoke screen to temporarily hide themselves from enemy view. Some vehicles, such as the French LeClerc main battle tank can swap the smoke grenades for anti-personnel rounds to defend against infantry attacks.
    • Some Awesome Personnel Carriers also feature automatic grenade launchers (such as the Mk19, mentioned above) alongside heavy machine guns as standard armament, to help compensate for their lighter armor protection. One can imagine that this makes a devastating combination against infantry and light vehicles.
  • The Sage Deuce is a double-barreled grenade launcher. According to Sage the user of a grenade launcher needs an average of 1.4 grenades to achieve his objective, so their product should provide a solution to most scenarios without reloading and while still being relatively light and uncomplicated compared to the larger revolver-style launchers. The product is mostly meant for law enforcement purposes, where not being able to mount your launcher under a rifle and not being able to fire four more grenades right away are not as much of a drawback as on the battlefield.
  • For those who want to own one for collecting purposes and don't want to shell out thousands of dollars and go through the red tape to own a 40mm launcher (not just the launcher, but explosive rounds for it are also legally considered Destructive Devices and they each must be registered individually), there are scores of 100% legal-to-own 37mm launchers to be had for a few hundred bucks. Naturally, only nonlethal/novelty ammunition is usable in a 37mm launcher, being that they have the same legal status as flare guns. And yes, somebody even went ahead and made a copycat M79 in 37mm. On a budget or prefer to use airsoft? Got that covered, too.
  • And now we have the Raytheon Pike, a guided missile that can be fired from the FN EGLM and the Heckler & Koch M320.
  • The design of the Croatian Krešimir grenade launcher can only be described as "unhinged." It fires live hand grenades (as in, their 5-second fuze is already burning) by using a two-stage trigger; one stage strikes a percussion primer on the grenade; the second stage fires a blank cartridge to actually throw the bomb. As such there are multiple avenues of possible failure; if the blank cartridge doesn't detonate, isn't loaded, or the grenade gets stuck in the barrel somehow, it's simply safer to just bodily fling the whole mass of congealed insanity at the bad guys instead of trying to unjam it.


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