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That red button is not just for show.

"Melee weapons that become guns are fricking awesome!"
Linkara, Atop the Fourth Wall

When you have your weapon act like it is a Swiss-Army Knife — having multiple functions in one — you have a Swiss-Army Weapon.

There are many ways of accomplishing this. The most common is having your weapon be several weapons in one, whether they are weapons literally strapped onto each other and capable of acting as 2 (or more) weapons at the same time, or having several forms it can cycle through. Or, it may just be a humble single-formed weapon that the user finds many uses for, including uses that are improbable and sometimes non-combat utility that may be mundane in nature.

The advantages are numerous; it gives you more versatility in combat, letting you handle more problems than someone with only one weapon. It also (usually) takes less space than if you carry several weapons at once, making you less encumbered. Be careful of Rummage Fail, however, which is a bit of a problem in the middle of battle. So what else can a character do if they want the versatility of, oh, say... ten pointy and blasty things?

See also Ninja Pirate Zombie Robot.

See Magic Tool and Every Device Is a Swiss-Army Knife for the tool-oriented variant of this trope (though weapons that combine the uses of/have tools and weapons in them aren't unheard of). Related is Bifurcated Weapon, a weapon that can be separated into smaller weapons; the fact that the "separated form" and "combined form" add to the user's versatility makes it much like this trope. Sub-Trope of Impossibly Cool Weapon. Supertrope to:

The self-directed version is a Do-Anything Robot. And of course, this weapon goes very well with Adaptive Armor.

Do not confuse with actual Swiss-Army Weapons.

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    Anime & Manga 
  • In Black Cat, Sven has such a weapon masked as an attache case.
  • Black★Rock Shooter's Rock Cannon and Strength's Ogre Arms both transform multiple times over the course of the 2012 anime, usually in mid-combat. It's not always effective but it's constantly impressive.
  • The Zanpakutou (Soul-Cutting swords) in Bleach usually change in appearance when in released form, be it from one type of sword to another (like Ichigo's Zangetsu, which goes from a giant khyber knife to a classy black daito), one type of weapon to another (Ikkaku's Houzukimaru from katana to hybrid naginata and three-section staff) or single-to-double weapons (both Shunsui and Ukitake's swords).
    • Some of them have different shikai (initial release) and bankai (final release) forms apart from their sealed state. Byakuya, for example, has a running total of 4 different forms of bankai.
    • Note, however, that this is technically more of a Super Mode than a Swiss-Army Weapon, especially in the case of Bankai. Even though the altered functionality of the weapon is often part of the point (especially in many early examples of Shikai), the main reason to use it tends to be a general increase in power and the acquisition of new abilities.
  • In Buso Renkin, this is standard practice - unlike in most Shōnen, becoming stronger isn't about reaching new power levels, but about finding different and creative uses for the weapon you have. A later character, for example, has tiny homing chakrams for weapons. In addition to controlling them, he can use them to enhance his punches, ride on them like wheels, or even propel himself through the water by spinning them.
  • The Byakuen from Code Geass: Oz the Reflection is a near-literal example: its right arm is a multi-weapon complex shaped like a giant Swiss-army knife, which contains two Hot Blades (which can combine into giant scissors or a single large blade), a drill, and a railcannon in addition to a standard right hand.
  • In Digimon Adventure: (2020), WereGarurumon can use his Sagittarius Mode's eight wings as these. By default, they're metal casings that open into Laser Blade wings. They can then be detached and wielded as Morph Weapons, used as extendable Energy Weapons that fire both regular and Homing Lasers, or even ejected as Hard Light Improvised Platforms with new wings forming in the casings. Or they can just be used to fly REALLY fast.
  • Digimon Ghost Game: Siriusmon's two arms are weapons that can switch between sword mode and gun mode. This allows him to either go Dual Wielding mode, Guns Akimbo mode or Gun And Sword mode.
  • FLCL gives us Haruhara Haruko's flying surfboard chainsaw machine-shotgun Rickenbacker bass guitar that can open interdimensional portals in other people's heads by smashing it into said people's heads.
  • The Kogan Anki of Kaoru Koganei from Flame of Recca can take turn into a swallow, a chain and sickle, a boomerang, a pair of giant scissors, and a bow, as well as a sixth secret form. The transforming process is complicated though, and only someone as adept at puzzles as Kaoru can change it from one form to another while in the heat of battle.
  • Genesic GaoGaiGar's multi-segmented tail can turn into at least three distinct weapons. The end of the tail (actually a bird's head) transforms into a knife, and the other three segments either form the base of the Bolting Driver or reconfigure into gloves for the Finishing Move Hell and Heaven.
    • Also of note is the bucket of RaiRyu Dump truck form, which in robot form serves as a shield, an electric gun, and a means of flight.
  • One of the bad guys in Genzo wields a huge Iron Club called kanabo. His club, however, has a chained weight hidden in the handle, and he could shot said chains at his enemies in order to disarm them.
  • Lots from the Gundam franchise:
    • In the UC and CE productions, many of the later mobile suits' shields have integrated beam or projectile launchers.
      • The Zeta Gundam had both its beam rifle and BFG double as beam sabers, while the Double Zeta Gundam had two beam cannons whose barrels could also become giant beam sabers.
      • In V Gundam, a rotating beam saber functions as weapon, shield, and helicopter rotor.
    • In Gundam X, the titular Gundam's rifle is its shield. Later, when it's rebuilt into the Gundam X Divider, it loses the rifle-shield combo for a double-barreled beam machinegun and the Divider Shield, which is a shield, a 19-barrel beam-firing BFG and a booster pack!
    • In Gundam SEED, the Blitz Gundam's right arm mounts the "Trikeros offense/defense system", which is a shield that also contains a beam rifle, a metal stake launcher, and a beam saber. Its MSV-based mass produced variant, the N Dagger N, pairs it down to just the shield and beam rifle.
      • It is said that the Sword Strike Gundam's "Schwert Gewehr" anti-ship sword was meant to also have a beam gun built into it, but that one was a prototype, so it didn't have it. A later model, the Sword Calamity, did.
      • The Gundam Astray Blue Frame Second L from the Gundam SEED Astray manga has the Tactical Arms system, which is a booster backpack that can become a BFS or a gatling gun. The Sword Calamity in the same series carries a pair of BFSs that double as laser guns.
      • A model kit version of the Blue Frame Second L takes this even further, enabling the halves of the sword to detach and become beam blade tonfas.
      • The recently released Master Grade kit of the Astray Red Frame ups the ante further by giving it its own Tactical Arms, where the booster backpack can become a BFS, a longbow that fires laser beams, a V mode (not sure what it's for yet), a weirdly named Delta mode (which may be related to the Stargazer's method of moving long distances without using power like a solar sail) and finally, a 'Work Mode' where the entire Tactical Arms mounts on the left arm and works like Kyrios' pincer claw while the handle detaches and becomes a beam torch; this mode however, (in a moment of Fridge Brilliance) rather than being for combat, is for making salvage work and other Junk Guild tasks easier for the Red Frame to do.
      • Additional translations suggests that Red Frame's Tactical Arms II also carries abilities to pull Gold Frame's Energy Drain and be controllable via DRAGOON system.
      • Later entries include the "Caletvwlch" multipurpose tool, It's meant to be a cutting and induction welding tool with two detachable blades ("Build Cutter" and "Build Knife") and a welding torch ("Build Torch"). It can convert into a long sword ("Mode S") and a beam rifle ("Mode G"), though the Junk Guild doesn't like those modes to be used unless it's for self-defense.
      • Gundam SEED Astray also has the Gundam Astray Gold Frame, which is upgraded with the Blitz Gundam's right arm, including the multifuction shield. After several other upgrades, its ultimate iteration (the Gundam Astray Gold Frame Amatsu Mina Custom (Okitsu-no-Kagami Equipment Type)) makes the left arm into just as much of a Swiss-Army Weapon, by adding the "Okitsu-no-Kagami beam shield system", consisting of a beam shield that can also function as a beam spear and a whip.
    • In Gundam 00, both the Gundam Exia and the titular 00 Gundam have swords with built-in beam guns.
    • Gundam Build Fighters Amazing: The Mercury Lev almost have everything, one section can switch between any of the melee weapons while the other can switch between any ranged weapons.
  • High School D×D has Kiba's Sacred Gear, Sword Birth. Apart from the ability to arm himself at a moment's notice, the swords it creates can have whatever properties Kiba wishes to assign to it, as long as those properties would be physically possible. This leads to situations like his light-nullifying sword being broken, only for him to instantly draw one that repels darkness instead. When later events reveal the Magic A Is Magic A of the setting is starting to decay, he starts using it to materialize Holy-Demonic swords, which are impossible to create, but there's no longer a natural law saying they can't exist.
    • With a little boost from Boost from Issei's Amplifier Artifact, Sword Birth also becomes a useful area-of-effect weapon, allowing Kiba to sprout a Field of Blades and skewer anyone unfortunate enough to be caught in it.
  • At last count, Inuyasha's Tessaiga's sheath can generate a powerful barrier and summon the blade to itself. The sword itself can create extremely powerful anti-youki barriers, extremely dangerous blasts of kenatsu, mountain shattering blasts of air/youki, rebound and amplify youki attacks, cut through barriers (up to a point), shoot out high powered barrages of diamond spears that flat out dissolve even stronger barriers (and can be amplified by the aforementioned mountain shattering blasts), absorb youki (and ghosts, and senki, including that generated by a human), regurgitate/redirect youki, purify youki, generate flames, create portals into hell/other dimensions/the future/spiritual resting places in other dimensions in the future. Oh, and it seems to also be at least semi-sentient (hell, possibly even prescient, considering that it and its brother are able to figure out when and how to be used, even when their masters aren't even aware that they need to be used — or not used — at all), and it eats youki, which means that it can pretty much gather powers ad infinitum.
  • Éclair's lipstick in Kiddy Grade can be used for just about anything you'd use another tool for and it can turn into a whip.
  • In Kirby: Right Back at Ya!, a oneshot character is an Action Girl with a machine gun/sword/flamethrower/missile-launcher/grappling hook.
  • The Devices of Lyrical Nanoha have different forms to suit the needs of the mage or knight. The Devices of the two leads have the most. Nanoha has a staff that reconfigures into a blaster that turns into a spear that releases four attack drones. Fate has an axe (technically a bardiche) that flips open to reveal a scythe that grows into a BFS that splits into two sabres which she combine into an even bigger BFS.
  • The puppets used by Sand ninja in Naruto are gigantic Swiss-Army Weapons, being, well, a huge collection and weapons and tricks gathered up into the shape of a human or animal puppet. Sometimes, the puppets even have combo attacks.
  • Negima! Magister Negi Magi has Negi's artifact. It allows him to copy the artifacts of any of his partners. Considering this includes things like Anti-Magic, instant healing, an invisible cloak that's Bigger on the Inside, shooting swords, and Telepathy, it looks to be pretty freaking useful.
  • In Panzer World Galient, Wingal's tomahawk can be used as a beam gun.
  • Psycho-Pass gives us the weapon of choice for both the Enforcers and Inspectors alike: The Dominator. This shapeshifting hand-cannon has three forms it can take, depending on the current target's threat-level, as determined by the Sybil System: Non-Lethal Paralyser, which is essentially a glorified taser; Lethal Eliminator, which causes the target's body to bubble and expand grotesquely where they were hit, and then explode; and Destroy Decomposer, which is used to take down heavily armored opponents- like androids- or create entry points by way of a massive blast of energy.
  • As the name suggests, the Ten Commandments sword of Haru Glory from Rave Master has ten forms. These include a sword that increases the speed of the user, a form that splits it into a fire sword and an ice sword, and another that can sever pure energy such as magic but passes through solid objects. There's also Musica, whose abilities allow him to change the silver necklace he wears into any weapon, usually a spear or shield.
  • The Kero Ball from Sgt. Frog features such devices as a taser, a disintegration ray, a teleporter, a levitation device, a duplicator, a repair module, and more. It can also reconfigure household clutter into tasteful furniture and electronics.
  • Symphogear Chris in her Symphogear can transform her crossbow into Gatling Good. It's exactly how you think it is.
  • Trigun:
    • Nicholas' giant cross is a portable pistol rack, a machine gun, and a rocket launcher.
    • There's also Rei-Dei the Blade, whose sword blade can be fired from the hilt while the sheath functions as a rifle.
  • Van Fanel's armgear in The Vision of Escaflowne doubles as a shield, a crossbow, and - if memory serves - a BFS, too.

    Comic Books 
  • The DCU:
    • Doom Patrol supervillain Codpiece has, well, a giant transforming codpiece weapon.
    • In Final Crisis Aftermath: Run, General Immortus' team of losers includes Miss Army Knife, the Woman of a Thousand Attachments, who is a Swiss-Army Weapon.
    • The Blue Beetle's scarab. When it bonded to Jaime Reyes, the latest Blue Beetle, it gave him alien Adaptive Armor that can sprout energy weapons out of his forearms, or turn his entire arms from the elbows down into energy weapons if he needs something of a higher caliber. Also saw blades, gripping claws, and smaller extra arms when he needs to grasp more than two things at a time. He can fly with wings, with a rocket mounted on his back, or, in a heavy storm, with a surfboard attached to his feet.
    • DC's 1958 space hero Rick Starr Space Ranger (no relation to Isaac Asimov's 1952 David Starr, Space Ranger) uses a "multi-raygun" that can fire an anti-gravity ray, bubble ray (imprisons the target in a forcefield bubble), dissolverizer ray, explosi-discs (energy grenades), paralysis ray, thermoblaze ray and anything else that a given plot might need.
    • As Red Robin Tim modified his Telescoping Staff so that pressing on a discrete panel and twisting causes a blade to extend from one end. He only uses it as a last resort however as the entire reason he chose a staff as his weapon of choice was for its non-lethal applications. The staff already had an EMP emitter in it while he was still Robin but he doesn't use that much since it disables his own tech as well.
    • Wonder Woman:
      • Diana's Lasso of Truth is an incredibly versatile weapon. In addition to its ability to compel the truth out of people, it protects Wonder Woman from the effects of mind control, can dispel illusions, exorcise demons, allows Diana to read the minds of whoever is bound in it and can remove impurities from the body. In the earlier comics, she used it as an impromptu propeller, an emergency roller coaster track extension, an electrical conduit, another propeller, a drill, and some sort of sonic dinosaur repellent. She also used it occasionally to actually snag things. Specifically, a nuclear missile, all of Paradise Island, and a lightning bolt.
      • Wonder Woman (Rebirth): The Rebirth version of Nubia wields the Staff of Understanding. It can be used in its primary spear form and transform into a Blade on a Rope with unlimited range. The Staff also has magical properties similar to the Lasso, as seen in issue #5 of Nubia & the Amazons when it restores Medusa to her human form.
  • Marvel Universe:
    • The Mighty Thor: Thor's uru hammer Mjolnir is not only a nearly indestructible melee weapon, it can also be thrown to devastating effect, it controls the weather, fires various types of energy, opens interdimensional portals and enables the wielder to fly. Some of its other abilities (which have been used and/or referenced far less frequently) include its capacity to generate anti-matter, magnetism, force fields, intense heat, a magic neutralizing field, a memory-erasing aura, and the ability to freeze time.
    • Similar to the Mjolnir but made of from alien ultratech is Ronan the Accuser's Universal Weapon. A mighty two-handed hammer that can generate energy blasts, force-fields, matter manipulation, be an Amplifier Artifact and flight. Captain Marvel has inherited the weapon and found she can divide the Universal Weapon for use by other people.
    • Spider-Man:
      • Minor foe Mr. Stone has "multi-cannons" that fire explosives, blinding flares, burning flares, sticky immobilizing goop, stun-pods, and more.
      • Likewise, Spidey's clone, the Scarlet Spider, had "webshooters" which were bracer-sized devices that could use Spidey's traditional web fluid in a variety of ways. His favorite (besides the standard strands) was "impact webbing", a small ball that would explode into a gooey mess on impact.
      • And Spidey himself could do that in some video games.
    • Following Secret Wars (2015), Tony Stark altered his armor to essentially combine every single one of his suits and their specialties into one, achieved by Voluntary Shapeshifting. Within the first four issues, it goes completely invisible (making it look like he's not wearing it), develops massive energy weapons and even goes full Hulkbuster. Even Doctor Doom is impressed.
    • Machine Man was much like this, with his stretching arms, and fingers each with a different weapon. The new version of him from Nextwave has become a Flanderization of this, having just about anything he can think of pop out of his body. His response to a female colleague asking if he could impregnate her from across the room? "I am full of useful devices."
    • Avengers: The Initiative introduced the Tactigon, an alien symbiotic weapon which attached to the wielder's arm and became anything that it needed to be, whether that was an energy axe, razor wire, an energy blaster, or even a device for removing other alien symbiotic weapons.
    • Daredevil's Cane/Grappling hook/Nunchucks/Billy Club/Simple Staff/Bulletproof shield/Katana/Recording Device/Taser/Gas Gun/Sniper Rifle/Back Scratcher.
    • Death's Head has several different weapons that he can swap his right hand with. His most common ones are a mace, an axe, a blaster, and several different types of missiles.
    • As Valkyrie, Jane Foster wields Undrjarn, the All-Weapon, which was formed from the shards of the Mjolnir of the Ultimate Universe and can transform into whatever weapon Jane wants or needs.
  • Judge Dredd has the Lawgiver pistol, with ammunition that can configure itself to the operator's specifications including Armor Piercing, Heat Seeking, and High Explosive as a sample.
    • Which leads to the scene where Dredd pulls the trigger on the Big Bad, only for the gun to inform him "lethal rounds exhausted". So he yells "signal flare!" and fires again.
  • The Metabarons has the Multi-Cogan. According to the RPG expansion of the comic, the regular Cogan is a rifle that shoots "lazed plasma bolts" (maybe plasma riding on a laser beam?). The Multi-Cogan took that and added a heavier charge, plus an integrated grenade launcher and vibro-bayonet.
  • In Paperinik New Adventures there's the Extransformer Shield. Known functions and tools include shield (of course), a communicator capable of contacting his base from anywhere on Earth or even in orbit, rocket for flying, the Crusher (extendable Power Fist), the Bradionic Paralyzer (suspends the target's subjective time, effectively turning him temporarily into a statue... And harming otherwise invulnerable time-eating creatures), laser beam, the Commutator Gravitational Ray (that alters the gravity of the target, making it float away weightless or crushing it under its own increased weight), hologram projectors, the Holographic Psychocollector (that scans the victim's mind and projects a hologram of their worst fear), the Device 87-Bis (a teleporter beam. It never works), the ability to shoot itself as a boomerang, an additional deployable shield and Deflector Shields' to protect against extremely powerful attacks, and even the ability to turn into a short-ranged minisub. It's implied it has even more'' functions and we were never shown them due Paperinik never having a use for them (he normally sticks to the communicator, the basic shield, the rocket, the Crusher, the Bradionic Paralyzer, the laser, and the ability to shoot the shield). PK has occasionally lampshaded that the user's manual is too thick for him to finish until he's too old to use the damn thing.
  • Strontium Dog: Johnny Alpha's favorite weapon is a "time-drode", which can manipulate Time and Relative Dimensions in Space to a wide variety of effects. To date, Johnny has used it as a grenade, interrogation tool, temporary holding cell, and emergency teleporter.
  • Image Comics' cybernetic hero "Superpatriot" has arms that work this way. They go "clickclackclickclack" for a bit, as they become any sort, or number, of weapons (usually projectile weapons) he needs.
  • In Topps Zorro comic, Lucien Machete had a Hook Hand had a number of attachments that allowed him to convert it into different weapons, including spring loaded blades that could be fired at an enemy.

    Fan Works 
  • Yuuki Terumi lampshades the ubiquity of this trope throughout the world of Remnant in BlazBlue Alternative: Remnant, saying he misses the good 'ol days when weapons either cut you from up close or pierced you from afar, rather than near every melee weapon having a ranged mode.
  • In the Daria Expanded Universe, each member of the Corps of Ringbearers has a Defender Ring — a solar-powered device that can disinfect anything, create substances that can heal and feed tens or even hundreds of thousands of beings if needed, terraform large areas of land, manipulate the elements, create and transfigure materials, control time to a limited extent, impart psychic or elemental abilities to others... you get the picture. Powerful weapons and multipurpose tool all in one, but necessary for their mission of defending planetary populations against any manner of supernatural threats anywhere in the various realities and universes, helping those populations rebuild after massive disasters or even relocate to new worlds and provide them with the basic essentials for survival... more often than not, all by themselves.
  • A Growing Affection:
    • Kitsune, Naruto's staff-blade (a fancier club), that can turn into a broadsword, a BFS, a chainsaw like Rasengan sword, and a shield. It also resists heat and electricity, giving it more mundane uses.
    • Hinata's bracers Ginmaki almost qualify, they have a variety of tricks, but only two 'forms': their regular form and a broader forearm blade.
  • In Kyon: Big Damn Hero, Kyon has three, Hakurouken, his beam saber that cuts metal but only stuns flesh and also is a full-featured sonic screwdriver. Altair and Vega are his guns that take on multiple forms, like a sonic cannon, realistic stun gun, emp, and wire cutters. In addition, all three combine to form a Kill Sat.

    Film — Animation 

    Film — Live-Action 
  • Ellen Ripley from Aliens builds herself one in her Lock-and-Load Montage, duct-taping together a flamethrower with an assault rifle, the latter of which already comes with a grenade launcher. Plus a tracking device on top.
  • In Arthur and the Invisibles, Betameche has a swiss-army-knife-type-implement that is everything from a knife to a grappling hook to a bubble blower.
  • In Beverly Hills Cop III, Serge's "Survival Boutique" sells a combination minigun, microwave oven, rocket launcher, portable TV, flamethrower, beverage cooler...
  • The Roy Orbison movie The Fastest Guitar Alive included a guitar that played perfectly... and shot bullets. While that is only two functions in comparison to the dozens that other devices in this list show, the sheer impossibility of a single device that both fires bullets accurately (without a trigger mechanism) AND does not need any more tuning that a normal guitar qualifies.
  • The ZF-1 from The Fifth Element (see quote in relevant section) definitely counts. Also see the page image above for a look at the front end of the ZF-1.
    • Not to forget the autodestruct/demolition charge function not mentioned above... "I don't like warriors. [...] Now a real killer, when he picked up the ZF-1, would have immediately asked about the little red button on the bottom of the gun."
    • The autotracking function was the likely inspiration for Resistance's Bullseye Rifle.
  • In First Blood and Rambo: First Blood Part II, Rambo's knife has a variety of additional functions. In the weapons department, he can tie it to a stick (there are holes in the hilt to thread the cord through) and make a spear. It also has a compass, thread and needle for stitches, fishing hooks for fishing, waterproof matches, and two screwdrivers (which form the hilt).
  • Flag of Iron: The Rambler's main weapon, his all-too powerful spear. Besides being a sharp, near indestructible weapon, it also contains projectile launchers on its tip, can be extended to give its wielder ad edge in battle, and in the finale, is revealed to have a hidden catch in its back which can unleash hundreds and hundreds of needles into any unlucky enemies.
  • Godzilla vs. Kong: Mechagodzilla. It's a Humongous Mecha intended to be a Remote Body for a human pilot (until Ghidorah's subconsciousness possesses it), which is armed with multiple rocket launchers, plasma punches, buzzsaw claws, a drill tail, and an all-destroying lazer breath weapon. While Mechagodzilla's primary design purpose is to overpower and kill Godzilla, the art book One Will Fall – The Art of the Ultimate Battle Royale reveals that Apex also intended to use it to enforce a corporate police state on the world afterwards.
  • In Hot Shots! Part Deux, the main character has an impressive looking knife which has a built-in chainsaw, wire-cutter, and drinking straw.
  • The Shaw Brothers film Jade Tiger was arguably the king of this trope. The villainous Four had a sword that had two smaller swords inside of it, and the last one was also a bomb. The movie's hero had a staff that could be turned into a spear or gigantic nunchucks. At the beginning of the film, a blind monk takes out his glass eyes and throws them as grenades.
  • Quite a number of James Bond films have Bond getting a Swiss-Army Watch. In addition to telling time, they also have various other functions depending on the movie. Some of these functions include a built-in detonator, grappling hook, and laser.
    • Just his watch? Don't forget his cellphone in Tomorrow Never Dies that also had a tazer, a lockpick, and a fingerprint reader/viewer, plus was able to control his car.
    • And what about the keychain that had lockpicks, stun gas, and plastic explosive in The Living Daylights?
    • And the mother of all James Bond Swiss-Army Weapons: the attache case from From Russia with Love, containing a sniper rifle, ammo, a knife, gold coins for bribing, a spare gun, and a teargas bomb booby trap.
    • Arguably all of 007's Weaponized Cars are Swiss-Army Weapons since they are fully-functional cars yet also contain machine guns, ejector seat, rockets, jet motors, lasers, and one very special car turned into a fully-functional submarine with torpedoes, underwater mines and a cloud of ink!
  • As in Comic Books above, the Lawgiver handguns from Judge Dredd can switch to several types of ammunition with a simple voice command and without needing to change magazines. Like in the comics example, this leads to the scene where the Big Bad pulls the trigger on Dredd, only for the gun to inform him "lethal rounds exhausted". So Dredd wrestles the weapon from him, yells "signal flare!" and returns fire.
  • The Rainmakers from Kingsman: The Secret Service and Kingsman: The Golden Circle. They are bulletproof shields and can fire at least three different types of ammo (stun and lethal).
  • Marvel Cinematic Universe: Hawkeye's bow functions as this, due to his specialized quiver that allows him to put a a variety of custom heads on his arrows before he fires them. In addition to standard arrow heads, we see explosive, "hacker", grappling hook, thermal, taser, and several others.
  • The Naked Gun parodies this with a simple pistol with so many add-ons that it eventually becomes a full-sized howitzer.
    • Don't forget the SWISS-ARMY SHOE!
  • Spy Kids 2 had a spy watch said to be able to do basically anything except tell time—there was no more room for the clock. It turns out to be literal, as an "upgraded" version could only tell time after being upscaled into what can only be described as a gauntlet.
  • Walking Arsenal Bloodsport from The Suicide Squad wields a pair of pistols mounted onto his suit which when combined with the various attachments he carries can be converted into assault rifles, shotguns, or even a BFG.
  • The Sword and the Sorcerer features a three-bladed sword whose blades shoot out like frigging rockets! It also has a dagger in its handle.
  • xXx achieves this effect with a fairly conventional .44 revolver and various kinds of Abnormal Ammo.

  • The artifact without an instruction manual in the choose-your-own-adventure book The Citadel of Chaos. It's about as likely to turn into a squeaky hammer as a sunsword.
  • Memory swords from Terry Pratchett's The Dark Side of the Sun. It could become a gun which fired bullets from frozen air, a sword, a shield, a spear, a laser...
  • Also from Pratchett the Discworld has the Lancre Army Knife, which contained such functions as The Device for Locating Small Grains of Hope. Fortunately, it also had The Device for Ending Arguments Very Quickly, possibly a knife but which, given the features suggested by King Verence, could have been anything capable of causing someone to bleed when stabbed with it.
  • In Rick Riordan's The Heroes of Olympus, Jason's weapon begins as a gold coin; a toss causes it to become an Imperial Gold sword or javelin on heads or tails respectively.
  • In The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, a towel is dubbed the most important tool for any galactic hitchhiker. It can be wetted down for hand-to-hand combat, made into a blanket, coat, or sail, used to avoid the gaze of the Ravenous Bugblatter Beast of Trall... and of course dry yourself off with it if it's clean enough.
  • The FORCE: Ground multi-rifle from Dan Simmons's Hyperion Cantos has multiple modes, including a high powered particle beam, pulse bolts, a killing laser, a standard rifle, heat-seeking flechettes, smart grenades, and a targeting system that meant you would never miss, in a sandstorm, at ten kilometers. According to the book, it could do just about anything besides cook your dinner, and in the field, soldiers would often use the laser on a low setting to do exactly that.
  • The shapeshifting mage spears in Last Mage.
  • Old Man's War by John Scalzi. The nanotech-based weapons used by the main character can do anything from rockets, grenades, and bullets, and fire them in whatever pattern needed thanks to the Brain Pal interface.
  • The One Who Eats Monsters: Ryn has six gill-like slits on her back from which she can produce countless razor-sharp, Kevlar-like fibres which she can use as a weapon, as armour, as camouflage, as a grappling hook, as stitches, etc. She can even change its colour and texture and weave it into normal-looking human clothes.
  • The Panacea rifle from Seekers of Truth. The polymer barrel can expand and contract to change its interior diameter. If you find some ammo lying around, and it's no bigger around than 40 mm, go ahead and shove it in there. Also features a flamethrower, a high-pressure water cannon, and an electronic scope with built-in bullet drop compensation. Doesn't have guided missiles or anything, because that would be silly.
    • The second generation of the rifle is a pair of gauntlets with guns on them, which can fire anything 20 mm or less.
  • Prince Charming (yes, that's really his name) in John Moore's Slay and Rescue receives as a gift a sword with a number of tools folded into the grip. It didn't come with a manual, though, so Charming and everyone else who admires the device is puzzled by one particular fitting. Fortunately, Charming figures out when it's most needed that the mystery tool is a lockpick.
  • The "soft weapon" from Larry Niven's short story "The Soft Weapon" is a spy weapon from the defunct Slaver Empire. It's a communicator, laser, energy-absorber, ballistic weapon, monosword, and has a total conversion setting. It's also a little too smart. This is a deconstruction of the trope as the characters debate the pros and cons of such a device (it is easy to carry and disguise, but also expensive to manufacture and awkward to use).
  • While more of a weapon system than a weapon, the Mobile Infantry's powered armor from Robert Heinlein's Starship Troopers probably applies. The narrator describes his suit as coming with a flamethrower with multiple settings, a rocket launcher with multiple forms of warhead (including peewee nukes), a wide variety of high-explosive bombs/grenades, and presumably some sort of standard bullet-firing weapon, though he never explicitly uses one at all during the same mission. Not to mention that little experimental toy. "I'm a thirty-second bomb! I'm a thirty-second bomb! Twenty-nine!... Twenty-eight!..."
  • The Servo in Star Trek: The Eugenics Wars can tranquilize people, vaporize steel and Right-Wing Militia Fanatic superhumans, provide transporter locations, communicate with other servos and functions as a pen.
  • From the Star Wars Legends novels featuring the Yuuzhan Vong hails the amphistaff, a serpentine living weapon that can be used as a whip, a sword, a staff, a spear, and can even spit poison/acid.
    • Jacen Solo (who has a Force specialty of talking to animals) was able to wear fifteen or so amphistaffs around him as a suit of armor, swapping them in and out so that they can rest and he can use new ones.
  • Living Shardblades from The Stormlight Archive can become a sword, a spear, a shield, a warhammer, a halberd, a dagger, a fork, or whatever other metallic item its Radiant needs. Justified by the fact that it's actually Voluntary Shapeshifting on the part of the Radiant's Bond Creature.
  • Dan Abnett's Triumff has a literal Swiss-Army Weapon — the series is an Anachronism Stew of steampunk, modern fantasy and Victorian themes. The main character's main weapon is the couteau suisse, a hex-powered weapon which, at the touch of a (somewhat unreliable) button, will manifest a variety of fighting blades (usually a rapier, but on one occasion, a cutlass), as well as, when the mood takes it, traditional Swiss-Army Knife tools, including a veg peeler.

    Live-Action TV 
  • In Andromeda, the Force Lance can fire plasma burst, shoot smart bullets (which are themselves Swiss-Army Weapons, because they can target opponents or intercept incoming missiles, bullets, or mortar rounds), shock unauthorized users who touch it, shock the ground near someone, be set on a "lightning" setting in which it can only fire 3 short-range shock pulses, expand into a 2-meter long staff (which can shock people it touches), set on overload and used as a grenade, and be used as a grappling hook, cutting torch, or light source.
  • Doctor Who: The sonic screwdriver, a multi-purpose Magic Tool that can be used for anything from picking locks to lighting candles to making robots' heads explode. Its utility and oddly specific weaknesses (don't use it on wood or around hairdryers) are occasionally Played for Laughs.
  • Farscape has Ka D'argo's Qualta blade, a traditional Luxan weapon. In its primary form, it's a broadsword, but it converts to a powerful pulse rifle at need (the blade splits in two to reveal the barrel, and the hilt becomes the stock).
  • House is a zombie slayer in his dreams, and gets an appropriately cool weapon: his cane can transform into either an axe or a shotgun.
  • Kamen Rider: Introduced in Kamen Rider X, these became exceedingly common in the Heisei era, being used in almost every series from Agito on.
    • Kamen Rider X: The title character's Ridol has whip/sword, stick, rope, and longpole modes.
    • Kamen Rider Agito: The title character's Shining Calibur (used in his final form) serves as twin swords or a naginata.
    • Kamen Rider Ryuki: Ryuki's Drag Visor-Zwei has gun and sword modes. Knight's Dark Visor-Zwei has a gun mode or split into a sword and shield.
    • Kamen Rider 555: Faiz's final weapon, the Faiz Blaster, has sword and gun modes. Kaixa's Kaixa Blaygun is both a sword and pistol.
    • Kamen Rider Blade: Chalice's Chalice Arrow has Bow, Knuckle, and blade modes.
    • Kamen Rider Kabuto: The Kunai Gun can be used as handgun, knife or axe. Hyper Kabuto's Perfect Zector is a BFS/rifle combination.
    • Kamen Rider Den-O: The DenGasher and ZeroGasher, which are multi-part weapons whose mode depends on how the parts are combined. The latter is simply a BFS/crossbow, but the former has been changed into a sword, gun, axe, spear/fishing rod, paired boomerang and hand axe, and naginata. Useful things they are.
    • Kamen Rider Kiva: Ixa's Ixacalibur has sword and gun modes. Saga's Jacorder is used as both a sword and a whip.
    • Kamen Rider Decade: The title character's Ride Booker has three functions - a blaster, a sword, and storing the cards he uses to turn into other Riders and use special attacks.
    • Kamen Rider Double: The title character's final weapon is the Prism Bicker, which splits into a shield and sword.
    • Kamen Rider OOO: The title character's Taja Spinner functions as a shield, gun, and knuckle weapon. The Medagabryu (his final form's weapon) has axe and bazooka modes.
    • Kamen Rider Fourze: Fourze Cosmic States' Cosmic Module Barizun Sword has Sword Mode and the club-like Boost Mode.
    • Kamen Rider Wizard has the Wizarswordgun, which is a sword that turns into a gun, somewhat like Lightning's. He later receives the Axcalibur when he obtains Infinity Style, which is a sword that can also function as an ax.
    • Kamen Rider Gaim: Multiple Riders use the Musou Saber, with sword and gun modes. It can also be combined with other weapons into a naginata, larger sword, or kusarigama.
    • Kamen Rider Drive: Mach and Chaser have the Zenrin Shooter and Break Gunner, with gun and knuckle functions. Kamen Riders Lupin and Dark Drive use the Lupin Gunner and Blade Gunner, which have the same gun and knuckle functions, but add blade modes.
    • Kamen Rider Ghost: The title character has the Gan Gun Saber, which outdoes the DenGasher - it can reattach and reassemble into four different forms (sword, naginata, twin swords and gun), or combine with the four animal gadgets into an energy bow, larger rifle, hammer, and sickle. His later Boost form comes with the Sunglasslasher, with sword and blaster modes.
      • Kamen Rider Specter's Gan Gun Hand is no slouch either as its base rod form can become a gun or combine with his Cobra Mobile into a sickle.
    • Kamen Rider Ex-Aid: The Gashacon weapons wielded by the Riders all have multiple modes: Ex-Aid and Genm have the Gashacon Breaker hammers with extending sword blades (and Ex-Aid's Super Modes uses the Gashacon Key Slasher, a sword with axe and gun functions), Snipe's Gashacon Magnum handgun can fold out into ad sniper rifle, Lazer's Gashacon Sparrow bow can split into paired sickles, Para-DX's Gashacon Parabragun axe can spin around to reveal a gun barrel, and the Gashacon Bugvisor used by multiple characters including Genm is a Transformation Trinket that can be mounted on the arm to be wielded as a chainblade or a rapid-fire beam gun. The only Gashacon weapon that doesn't change form completely is Brave's Gashacon Sword, which swaps between fire and ice modes.
    • Kamen Rider Build: The title character's Drill Crusher is a drill-shaped sword that can be swapped into a gun, while the Kaizoku Hassyar is a bow with bladed limbs that lets it function as a melee weapon and the Fullbottle Buster is a large sword that can turn into a cannon. Cross-Z Charge and Grease have the arm-mounted Twin Breaker, which has beam gun and Pile Bunker modes.
  • The murder weapon in the Murdoch Mysteries episode "Toronto's Girl Problem" is an Apache revolver (see below under Real Life), leaving Murdoch and Dr Grace puzzling over how you get powder marks inside a stab wound.
  • A memorable sketch in the early days of Saturday Night Live featured Dan Aykroyd doing a commercial for the Swiss-Army Gun. It featured the usual knife features (utility blade, nail file, fish scaler, corkscrew), along with a .357 revolver, a sub-machine gun, and a mortar (with incendiary grenade). Plus a genuine ivory toothpick. "Isn't that amazing?"
  • Super Sentai: Most groups (and, by extension, their Power Rangers counterparts) have laser pistols that become a sword or some other melee weapon for their common sidearm.
    • Standout examples include Gao Silver's Hustler Rod (a sword, rifle and pool cue), Bouken Silver's Saga Sniper (gun, staff and metal detector) and Gokai Silver's Gokai Spear (trident, laser gun and anchor). For some reason, they like giving these kind of weapons to Silver Rangers...
    • Before any of those three, MammothRanger had an axe that turned into a laser cannon (a concept that would be re-used for the U.S. exclusive Titanium Ranger's weapon, and the entire Gingaman team had the Mechanical Blade Kiba (or Transdaggers for Power Rangers Lost Galaxy), which has SIX different modes: fang (its default form, which is used both for one of the team's original finishing moves and for activating and controlling their mecha), short sword, claw, laser crossbow, a pair of daggers and a longbow.
    • Shuriken Sentai Ninninger gives us the Karakuri Shuriken, an oversized shuriken that can transform into a claw, katana or bow.
    • In Power Rangers Operation Overdrive and GoGo Sentai Boukenger, the Rangers have a weapon that can encase enemies in cement, or be reversed to fire a spinning drill head (in the style of Cement Driver and Drill Driver, two Humongous Mecha introduced just before this weapon.)
    • Uchu Sentai Kyuranger takes Kamen Rider Den-O's idea and runs with it: the nine core Kyurangers wield the variable Kyu The Weapon, which consists of three parts (a grip with an extending handle and two blades, one dagger-like and one axe-like) which can be configured into a greatsword, a spear, a claw, a crossbow, a handaxe, a scythe, a rapier, a gun, and a shortsword. Of note is the fact that while everyone has their own weapon, there's nothing stopping them from using another form other than personal preferencenote ; the Sixth Rangers follow that trope by having their own unique weapons, with the exception of Kotaro, who ends up using the Kyu Spear like his Big Brother Mentor Stinger.
  • Star Trek:
    • The phasers and disruptors could be used to stun someone, burn or heat a target, cut, kill, be set on overload and explode, or even disintegrate a target. It was even useful in brewing coffee.
    • Photon torpedo casings have a wide variety of uses in addition to being weapons. Some of the other uses include using them as probes, high speed (and claustrophobic) transports, and as caskets.
    • Gary Seven's servo in the Star Trek: The Original Series episode "Assignment Earth." Among its many functions, it can stun or even kill people, disabled forcefields, and unlock doors.
  • Tomica Hero Rescue Force has the Rescue Breakers, which are a combination of a rope, an axe, a pickaxe, a hammer, a drill, an analyzer-camera thingy, and a grappling hand, as well as the Rescue Crusher, which has a chainsaw, drill (again), and water cannon modes. And then we get into the Max Divider, which is comprised of a circular saw, a sword, and another drill.
    • The spinoff Rescue Fire has the Tri-Basher which has Gun, Sword and extinguisher modes.
  • Ultraman Trigger: New Generation Tiga: The titular hero's signature weapon, the Circle Arms, is a sacred weapon that can change its abilities and form depending on what form is being used in a particular situation.
    • Multi Type: Multi Sword, the default form of the Circle Arms which functions as a great close and medium range weapon with a balance between speed and force.
    • Power Type: Power Claw, a strength-oriented weapon meant for close quarters combat, it employs both striking and lifting attacks.
    • Sky Type: Sky Arrow, an agility-oriented weapon meant for aerial and long-range combat, it is a bow-like weapon that fires arrows of energy to fight opponents with and can charge shots for maximum power output.
  • The Witchblade. Usually it was a bracelet. When the wielder needed it to, it would become a dagger, a short sword, a broadsword, a cestus. It could also become a steel gauntlet, a vambrace, or even a whole suit of plate armor when it had to.


    Tabletop Games 
  • Gamma World module GW6 Alpha Factor. The list of New Items includes the Chameleon Rifle. It has interchangeable barrels that allow it to fire as a rifle (single shot or semi-automatic) or submachine gun.
  • As mentioned above, Humongous Mecha are pretty much already a type of Swiss-Army Weapon, but in BattleTech they go one further: the Clans have invented OmniMechs, which rather than relying on fixed hard points that require an entire variant to be redesigned to get a different configuration have modular points that can field virtually any weapon or equipment, as long as there's unused mass and space.
  • In Games Workshop game Chainsaw Warrior, Chainsaw Good really is a thing if the titular Super-Soldier is lucky enough to get one. Besides having the highest melee bonus, the chainsaw also can cut through locked doors and net traps on a successful dice roll. This saves some of your limited equipment space as you don't need to bring a lockpick or metal detector (those will automatically succeed unlike your chainsaw). The sequel is the video game only Chainsaw Warrior: Lords of the Night removes the chainsaw's tool features and downgrades its combat bonus, but there's now several variation of the chainsaw that have special abilities such as piercing light armor.
  • The weapon obsessed Hellvetics from Degenesis have the Trailblazer, a tri-barreled rotating automatic rifle whose stock can be turned into a bipod, a grenade launcher, a bayonet, or a pair of useful pliers. Amusingly, the Hellvetics (as can be discerned from the name) have literally evolved from the Swiss army after the apocalypse.
  • Dungeons & Dragons examples, all shapeshifting.
    • 1st Edition Advanced D&D:
      • Dungeon Master's Guide: Rod of Lordly Might (mace, sword, battle axe, spear, life-force absorbing device, magic staff, door opener, ladder, target of infinite puns...)
      • Unearthed Arcana: Rod of Flailing (rod, horseman's mace, footman's mace), Staff-Mace (quarterstaff, great mace, mace), Staff-Spear (staff, spear, long spear), Anything Sword (any type of sword), Hornblade (knife, dagger, scimitar).
    • Slightly subtler: metalline, a metal that allows a weapon made of it to switch between any kind of special material, such as adamantine, mithral, or silver—useful for overcoming different types of damage reduction.
    • Magic Item Compendium: The Rod of Surprises, it can be used as a javelin, kama, longspear, quarterstaff, scyth, shortspear, short sword or spear. It can also store messages of up to 25 words to be repeated on command. There is also the Morphing property, that allows a weapon to become any other weapon of the same hand category (i.e. a one-handed weapon with the property can be any one-handed weapon).
    • Every single weapon ever made by the Kender of D&D's Dragonlance setting, as seen here. The most famous is the hoopak, which is a staff with a slingshot at one end and a spike at the other.
  • Exalted has a few of these, but the most prominent example can be found in Wonders of the First Age; the Power Mace. An ornate-looking club, originally devised by the Mountain Folk, once activated it projects an Essence field with two settings; burning lethality, or blunt impact. The shaft also contains a built-in miniature Essence cannon, which can also fire in both lethal and non-lethal modes.
  • If you like the idea of using Zorg brand weapon clusters in your OGL science fiction games, there is a blatant copy in the OGL supplement 1001 Science Fiction Weapons. You will need to be proficient in both energy and slugthrower weapons to use the General Weapon System Mark 183, which contains a shotgun, particle beam, laser, micromissiles, and grenade launcher in one single handy pod. The more advanced Mark 490 contains an X-ray laser, stun ray, plasma gun, armour-piercing force bolt, and an antimatter gun.
  • Boris' crazy polearm from GURPS: Low-Tech is a dueling halberd axe head, pick head, barbed spear point, a second spear point at the butt, a hook and a four yard long kusari (chain) attached somewhere on it. It's hard to even envision such a monstrosity.
  • In the Iron Kingdoms wargame WARMACHINE, the heavy infantry of the Convergence of Cyriss faction are armed with "protean" weapons, including the protean buckler (buckler/punch daggers), protean polearm (spear/halberd), and protean javelin (can be altered to favour range or damage).
  • Magic: The Gathering has Umezawa's Jitte. Pump yourself up? Check. Recover lost health? Check. Kill guys that you aren't even fighting with? Check.
    • More recently, Bow of Nylea. Pump a creature permanently, shoot down a flying creature, gain a bit of life, or shuffle cards from a graveyard back into their owner's library. Unlike the Jitte, it's not an equip.
  • The Morrow Project. The Stoner weapon system is a kit consisting of one receiver and several different types of barrels, feed mechanisms and stocks. They can be assembled into any one of a number of Stoner weapons: Stoner M23, Stoner M207, Stoner Mk 23 and Stoner M22.
  • One of the items in the original "Munchkin" card game is a Swiss-Army polearm. (Depicted as having a number of halberd like blades, apparently able to (against all reason) fold into the shaft.)
  • In Paranoia, cone rifles and some other guns take multiple types of ammo (armor-piercing, hallucinogenic gas, tactical nuke, etc.) with the same size shells, which are never ever mislabeled. One mission also has you field-test a bayonet attachment for a cone rifle (which, predictably, just breaks the rifle and sticks you with a hefty fine).
  • In Pathfinder 2nd ed. supplement book Lost Omens: Gods & Magic, the young android goddess Casandalee has her favored weapon, the Polytool. Turns out a polytool is actually a Swiss army knife (including file, awl, magnifying glass and flint & steel, etc). Casandalee wants to spread innovation throughout Golarion and the polytool is easy enough for the local smith to replicate, unlike a laser gun or warpdrive.
  • You have to be superhumanly strong to use most of them, but Naruni: Wave 2 for Rifts contains a series of mercenary multi-rifles, which tend to combine three weapons in one, such as the Silverfire, which contains a gun which fires silver projectiles, a flamethrower, and a laser; and others that combine plasma cartridge, laser, plasma beam, grenade, micromissiles etc. together, usually in combinations of three. Some can even have a vibro-bayonet mounted, for extra cost.
    • Many magical weapons in Rifts, such as rune or techno-wizard weapons, can also be used as both ranged weapons and melee, with both also having other features such as deflector shields or poison, and the ability to use spells (rune weapons having a varying amount to cast, while techno-wizard creations usually end up with a specific set which requires the creator's or another techno-wizards' work to upgrade). One example is a sword introduced in Federation of Magic, with massive damage, and the ability to increase it a lot, protection for the user, and the ability to fire charged particle beams.
  • Shadowrun:
    • 1E/2E Street Samurai Catalog. The AUG-CSL Weapon System can be assembled as a submachine gun, carbine, assault rifle or light machine gun.
    • 3E Cannon Companion. The Hecker & Koch G38 can be assembled as a carbine, assault rifle or light machine gun. Converting it from one configuration to another takes 36 seconds and the whole weapon fits inside a large briefcase.
    • 4E has the HK XM30 (based on the XM-29 and the XM8) mentioned under Real Life. Baseline, the XM30 is an assault rifle with an underbarrel grenade launcher. Using different kits, you can modify it to have an underbarrel shotgun, become a carbine rifle, sniper rifle or a light machine gun.
  • Classic Traveller, Paranoia Press's supplement SORAG. The Smallarms System is a package of interchangeable parts that can be used put together to create a submachine gun, an assault rifle, a carbine or a light machine gun. It has several accessories as well, including a folding stock, a shoulder stock, electronic sights and a silencer. It is stored in a fitted attache case.
  • Obliterators from Warhammer 40,000 can transform their arms into meltaguns, lascannons, and plasma guns amongst others.
    • A slightly more subtle version is the Shot Selector weapon upgrade in Inquisitor and Dark Heresy — it allows a weapon to hold multiple magazines of different types of ammunition, allowing the user to switch between them quickly.
    • Combi-bolters are boltguns with an over/underslung melta, plasma, or flamer attached to them. They only have enough ammunition to fire the secondary weapon oncenote . Bolters used by Space Marine Sternguard also count, as they come with various special ammos for different tasksnote , such as taking out heavily armoured targets or negating cover.
    • Also an honorable mention for Ork Big Meks in Dawn of War, whose Power Klaw looks like a lot like a Swiss-Army chainsaw.

  • BIONICLE: The Piraka are armed with dual-function weapons, with each end having a different use. For example, there's a Freeze Ray that transforms into an ice pick, creating a weapon that can both create ice and break it.
  • Appropriate for a franchise about Transforming Mecha, Transformers sometimes features weapons that can also transform:
    • The main toyline to tie in to Transformers: Dark of the Moon had this as its primary gimmick. Called Mechtech, each figure was given a large weapon which could, through spring loaded mechanisms, be converted into a different weapon, with weapons paired with Voyager or larger figures equipped with a locking mechanism. The basic concept (without the locking mechanism) was also used for the Voyager, or 'Powerizer' class of the Robots in Disguise Toyline based on Transformers: Prime.
    • Ironhide's War For Cybertron: Siege toy comes with a "W-35 LR Doomblast Forge Launcher", a multi-rocket missile launcher that transforms into a war hammer.

    Web Animation 
  • In Banana-nana-Ninja! Baninja uses an Omni-Functional Kitchen Gadget to win the Feast Master cooking tournament. The OFKG "transforms into any cooking tool you could possibly need, and dozens more that you couldn't possibly need, ever!" It is used as a saucepan, a range, and later a Humongous Mecha.
  • In How to Kill a Mockingbird, the kid giving the book report repeatedly corrected himself regarding the weapons the pirates wield until they become one of these.
    A gun! No wait, a sword. With a gun on it. And it shot other swords.
  • RWBY has this as one of its major gimmicks. Weapons in the setting are considered intensely personal as an expression of individuality, so most weapons have at least two properties (usually a melee version and ranged version).
    • Of the main cast, Ruby Rose has a giant scythe that can transform into a sniper rifle or a compact form for transportation, Yang Xiao Long has a pair of gauntlets that fire shotgun shells when she punches, Blake Belladonna has a sword that can be folded into a gun and used as a grappling hook, and Weiss Schnee has a rapier which can automatically be loaded with magical dust.
    • Coco's minigun transforms into a handbag, which she uses as an effective melee weapon against giant Grimm.
    • Dr. Oobleck's coffee thermos turns into a baseball bat and flamethrower.

    • Qrow Branwen is one of the few characters whose weapon has four states; A compact state for transportation, a massive greatsword, a gun, and a scythe. Ruby, who happens to be his niece, learned to fight with a scythe from him.
    • Sun Wukong's weapon is usually a Martial Arts Staff, but it can break down into a pair of nunchaku, that themselves have flintlock pistols concealed in the handles.
    • The show even parodies itself at one point, with a bandit who has a revolver.... with a knife taped to the handle.

  • A Beginner's Guide to the End of the Universe has the Everysword, which "almost seems to have a mind of its own, transforming into whatever sword is appropriate for the situation."
  • In Clockworks, Thorton's bow has blades attached to the limbs, thus making it an effective melee weapon as well.
  • Consolers Square Enix owns a BFS that doubles as one of these, containing tons of other weapons. Including another Swiss-Army Knife.
  • Dusty in Corner Alley 13 has a Swiss-Army Axe.
  • The Talking Weapon Blackshard of Darken can shapeshift to whatever form its owner — or it — desires, and has become everything between a regular sword and mace to a whip and a bone saw.
  • In Goblins, Dies Horribly had his hand replaced with a shape-shifting living metal thing, which can imitate a normal hand, becomes a ridiculously spikey gauntlet when he's frightened and has been used as a grappling hook and a long-range stabbing implement.
  • In The KAMics Gertrude invented a Swiss-Army Sword, although it does have a few drawbacks...
  • Donovan in MSF High has a hilt that can become a large number of things, but can't seem to pull out a simple sword.
  • There are several examples in MS Paint Adventures. In Problem Sleuth, there was a running gag that weapons could turn into innocuous items, such as a tube of lipstick into a chainsaw and a paintbrush into a whip. In Homestuck, Kanaya wields a lipstick/chainsaw as a Mythology Gag, while Jane has a spoon that can turn into a fork at the flip of a switch.

    Web Original 
  • Draven Rowe's magipunk crossbow can rotate the stock to reveal any of a number of useful wands.
  • The Abstract Weapon from Ra. It can turn into pretty much anything that could be useful or helpful in destroying stuff. It also constantly gives it user new suggestions as to who to kill next to advance their goals.
    Every second you spend holding it, it's throwing possibilities at you, telling you how best it can be used. It contains every weapon ever made. It contains every weapon never made. It is the primordial destructive spell. It is the prototype for all human violence. There is a List inside it, which... I cannot describe the List.

    Western Animation 
  • Trevor Goodchild, nemesis of Ćon Flux, carries a multifunction cigarette case and lighter that transforms into a derringer. In one episode (A Last Time for Everything) it's highlighted as a MacGuffin.
    • Aeon's own weapon of choice, the FUG (Flux Universal Gun) is also fairly modular. It can be loaded with numerous different types of ammo, including rapid fire flechettes, high explosive shells, high explosive robot spiders & of course, pressurized gas cartridges & a grapple.
  • Spoofed in an episode of American Dad!:
    Stan: Pen-gun — Mightier than the sword! Sword-gun — mightier than the pen-gun!
  • In Avatar: The Last Airbender, Aang's staff doubles as both a melee weapon and a personal flight device. In the third season, he gets a new staff that has the same functions but has a small snack compartment built into it.
  • In Ben 10: Omniverse, Rook's proto-tool serves as this, which has all sorts of functions such as a blaster, sword, grappling hook, scanner, shield, staff, bow and arrow, and that's not the whole list.
  • Parodied in an episode of Earthworm Jim, where Jim tries to free himself and his sidekick with his "Swedish Army Claws", but he never gets the tool he wants:
    Jim: Corkscrew? Rats! Nail file? Rats! Bottle opener? Rats!
    Peter: Um, Jim? Since your arm is free, why don't you just use your gun?
  • In one episode of Ed, Edd n Eddy, Edd constructed one of these, known as a 'Thingamajig', which was apparently capable of dispensing anything the user needed at the time, including things too big to fit inside of it. However, he only built one, and the Eds tried to scam the kids by demonstrating it and then selling boxes full of worthless junk that they claimed contained more of them.
  • Galtar and the Golden Lance: the titular hero wields the titular weapon as a pair of sabers, which can join together at the pommel into a Double Weapon or combine into a more powerful sword, it also retracts into a double pommel shaped stick.
  • In The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy there's Hoss Delgado's replacement hand which has several different add-ons such as a steel fist, a mini-chainsaw that he can launch with a cross-bow, two different lighsabers, and on one occasion a bouquet of flowers.
  • Hawkgirl's Energy Mace from Justice League. It's made of energy-dispersing Nth Metal and can be electrically charged with a thought. So it functions as a light source, protection against magic, and a Magical Defibrillator. When she isn't using it to smash things.
  • The Lotus Blade from one episode of Kim Possible was a magic sword that could turn in to any weapon. And a shield. And a telephone.
  • In Ozzy & Drix, Drix has an Arm Cannon that seems to be equipped with everything. This is lampshaded in one episode where it even has a blender mixer, and Maria asks why a Cold Pill would need that. His response? "You know, sometimes I wonder that myself!"
  • Keytools in Reboot:
    • "Glitch! Anything!"
    • “Glitch. BFG.
  • A bounty hunter in Samurai Jack named Ezekiel Clench has a pair of metal gloves/prosthetic hands with a myriad of sub-weapons, including Finger Guns, a machine gun, a bola launcher, wrist daggers, and tasers.
  • In She-Ra: Princess of Power, She-Ra's sword has transformed into a shield, a helmet, and a parachute — all in the same episode.
  • One episode of Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends has the Kingpin get his mitts on a stolen rifle-type weapon which can fire all sort of beams and rays. Unfortunately for him, the last button he tries turns out to be the device's Self-Destruct Mechanism.
  • The Star Trek: The Animated Series episode "The Slaver Weapon"note  has the titular device. It can function as a communicator, a laser, an energy-absorber, a ballistic weapon, a monosword, and has a total conversion setting.
  • Star Wars Rebels:
    • Ezra's first lightsaber doubles as a blaster. This also has the benefit of making it look somewhat like a blaster, which is useful given the fact that the characters are in hiding.
    • The Lasat bo-rifle can switch between a blaster rifle, an electrostaff, and a third form that somehow allows the user to channel the Force.
  • In Teen Titans Go!, Robin's staff has all sorts of hidden functions. It has a mop-head, a blade, and a toilet plunger.
  • An episode of The Tick, "Little Wooden Boy and the Belly of Love", had a group of Swiss Mercenaries using oversized Swiss-Army Knives that folds out into an array of weaponry, including zip-lines, laser blasters, flamethrowers, and helicopter rotors.
  • Decepticon Hunters in Transformers: Robots in Disguise can take the form of almost any projectile or melee weapon the wielder can imagine.
  • Ulysses 31. Whether you regard it as a laser gun with a lightsaber or a lightsaber with a laser gun, either way, there is not much else you need.
  • Omi's Shimo Staff in Xiaolin Showdown — it's a small baton that can be transformed into any Melee weapon when wielded.
    • It's made of solid water. Don't ask how that works, and keep in mind that this is a show with coins that make you leap like an insect, and shirts that weigh two tons and are indestructible.

    Real Life 
  • The multi-purpose Swiss-Army Knife, of course. It's the Trope namer after all. The standard Swiss-Army Knife doesn't have that many functions (not even a corkscrew) compared to other models, some of which can be used as a memory stick or MP3-player in addition to a varying degree of functions. The most expensive one has 85 devices and 110 functions.
    • As well as the Swiss-Army Knife's major competitor, the Leatherman Tool, which uses pliers rather than a knife as the 'core' tool.
    • Both of these, of course, are mostly not supposed to be weapons. And given the relatively short (and in most models, non-locking) blades, they'd make rather poor weapons. Even more standard knives for other militaries are generally not designed for the sole purpose of killing someone - it's an add-on.
    • That 85-tool knife is Awesome, but Impractical since it's clearly too unwieldy to make effective use of most of the functions. (Does "bludgeon" count as a function?) In fact, that's the point. It exists to show off all the tools that had, at the time, been implemented in a Swiss-Army Knife. Relatively more practical (though still quite large for pocket use; a belt holster is a must) is the "SwissChamp" model (the largest standard-production Swiss-Army Knife), with 22 tools and 33 functions.
    • What people confuse as a mere corkscrew for bottles is really a tool for the aid of ontological discussion
  • Toy version: The Johnny Seven OMA (One Man Army).
    • One episode of Law & Order: Criminal Intent had Detective Goren gleefully mess about with one to force an antique store owner to say where he got a certain piece of merchandise (which he was avoiding showing its rightful owner in the cold opening).
  • The XM-29 SABR, more commonly known as the OICW, was designed to complement the M16 family; originally, it was supposed to replace the M16 entirely. It features a laser telemeter, a fire control computer, an IR/NV camera scope with adjustable zoom, a 5.56 mm carbine, a magazine-fed 20mm grenade launcher [later 25mm] with user-set fusing, and an optional bayonet. Which must have been like trying to stab someone to death with a television set.
    • The Daewoo K11 uses the same layout and general concept as the OICW, with the added bonus that it's actually seen limited service (and even limited test use in actual combat in Afghanistan).
    • The AICW, basically the same thing without the second magazine.
  • Many modern weapons are becoming more modular in this way. A good example is the XM8 modular carbine, which in addition to the basic weapon could be easily switched between grenadier (just a swap of the front end), (even more compact) carbine, "automatic rifle" (light machine gun) and designated marksmanship rifle (not quite configurations; eventually the latter two (sharing the same barrel length — that of an M16) would simply be combined into one full auto-capable rifle with a light machine gun magazine and a 4x scope.
    • This was started by the Stoner 63 Light Weapons System.
    • Which maybe inspired this guy to draw this modular weapon.
    • The AR-15 family of weapons has had this modularity for decades - the entire upper half of the rifle (barrel, bolt group, and sights) can be swapped by pushing out two pins. The SOPMOD package for the M4A1 carbine included, at one point, a short-barreled upper half (CQBR) and a light sniper rifle upper half (SPR). Both were eventually issued as standalone weapons, but the concept is essentially the same as the H&K XM8, perhaps shedding light on why the latter wasn't adopted at the end of the day.
  • Going back a ways, the medieval halberd combined the functions of a pole-axe and a spear, and it also had a hook useful for pulling enemy cavalry off of their mounts (and it also doubled as a counterweight to the axe-blade, improving the halberd's balance). Some halberds also had a weighted base that could be used as a mace if it wasn't sharpened into a spike and a reinforced shaft to block weapons.
    • The halberd, of course, having been used prominently by the early Swiss armies, is a literal Swiss-Army weapon.
    • The amusingly-named Bohemian earspoon combined a pick with a spear for flexibility against armoured foes.
    • The Bec de Corbin and Lucerne hammer both combined the warhammer with the pick and spear.
    • The pollaxe is a combination short spear, axe or war hammer, and spike or hook. Despite the prominence of swords as the knightly weapon of choice in fiction, from the 14th century onward the pollaxe became a knight's primary weapon when fighting on foot, with the sword as a backup. The hammer and/or spike made a pollaxe much more effective when knights fought other knights since unlike a sword, they could reliably defeat plate armor (either punching a hole or transmitting the blunt impact straight through to break bones) while having the spear tip and axe blade meant it was just as good at stabbing or cutting unarmored opponents. At the same time, the pole is long enough to have good reach but short enough to have good agility. And the upper portion is sheathed in steel langets to make it unlikely for the wood to crack no matter how hard the axe or hammer collides with an armored target. When it comes to melee weapons, the pollaxe's versatility is hard to beat.
    • In fact most of the later polearms combined at least two functions be it axe, spear, hook, hammer or spike; the shorter ones could also be used as a staff.
  • Many modern weapons use accessory mounting rails to increase their modularity and utility.
  • Going way back:
    • Shield with a knife/short sword blade
    • Shield with a gun
    • Cutlass pistol
    • Rapier pistol (single shot, of course)
    • This beauty (a revolver/cavalry sword).
    • The Hall flintlock rifle had a breech-loading action which could be removed entirely and used as a somewhat ungainly pistol.
    • There was a period in black powder weapon history where various melee weapons - including maces and swords - with a gun in them became fashionable. Their actual utility is questionable. Tools could also contain (sometimes poorly concealed) weaponry; there is a set of cutlery with miniature flintlock pistols at the end. The book suggests you shoot the cook if your steak is too stringy.
    • Likewise, in the Old West, ammo was of poor quality and couldn't hold up to the rigors of the environment, so it was common for pistols to have a short blade or a thick barrel to be used as an axe or club in close quarters. Some revolvers also had "skull crusher" grip design; if ammo ran out or failed, you could hold it by the barrel and crack some heads.
  • The Apache revolver. A gun, knife, and knuckleduster all in one!
  • Modern bayonets, which can often be used as wire cutters in conjunction with the appropriate sheath. This came into common use with the bayonet for the AK-47.
    • The Chinese military allegedly had a version of their standard-issue bayonet that could function as a three-shot deringer.
    • Really, bayonets in general. Originally, because muskets took so long to reload, musketeers were escorted by pikemen to keep cavalry charges from dispersing their formations. Then someone got the idea that you could just attach a blade to the end of the barrel and give everyone a musket.
    • While originally bayonets were dedicated spikes, eventually people realized you could make the bayonets themselves multi-function. Today, most bayonets (where still used) are functionally a combat/utility knife that you can stick on the end of the barrel.
    • The Galil rifle includes a barrel-mounted bottle opener. The IDF actually insisted on this feature in response to a long-standing habit of Israeli soldiers using the feed lips of their magazines for this purpose, which bent said feed lips out of shape and caused rifles to malfunction as a result.
  • Many modern military-style knives feature a mini compass in the pommel, which unscrews to reveal a mini survival kit. As the example from Metal Gear Solid 3 points out, actual military issue and similar knives never have this feature, because the small, short tang needed for a hollow-handled knife is substantially weaker than one that extends through the grip, making them too fragile for serious combat/survival situations. The survival knives that are made for that kind of duty tend to put the supplies in a pouch on the sheath; less cool-looking, but a lot more useful.
  • An aircraft example: The Joint Strike Fighter. Designed to be modified as needed for Air Force, Navy, or Marine forces, it can do Air Superiority (like an F-15), Tactical Bombing (like a B-2), or Close Air Support (like an A-10).
    • Its major transforming gadget is an entire VTOL (Vertical Take-Off and Landing) system. That's pretty awesome.
    • The still highly classified nature of most of its functionality coupled with its enormous price tag has allowed it to sadly gather a rather negative reputation. On top of widely publicized repeated groundings due to mechanical failures (turbine blade manufacturing defects, improperly applied stealth coatings resulting in it chipping off during flight, etc), the accounts of Americans who make wild claims but were totally unaffiliated with not just the program but the entire military are taken at face value to declare it a Master of None whose technological capabilities are somehow inferior to all of its predecessors.
    • The US Air Force has had two such aircraft in the inventory since the '80s. The F-16 was initially developed as a cheap, slightly more expendable alternative to the F-15 Eagle. However, after some time, the Air Force decided to see what happened if they strapped some bombs too it, and after that proved to be successful, they started finding ways to strap more sophisticated Air to Ground weapons onto it. After some time however, the short-range and small weapons load of the F-16 was deemed to not be enough. So the Air Force decided to modify an F-15D to carry even more weapons, as well as larger weapons then the F-16 could carry. Coupled with some new and improved avionics, the F-15E Strike Eagle was born. Basically, you have a nearly unbeatable aircraft that has a perfect Air To Air record, now able to follow up with Air Superiority by bombing the crap out of the enemy.
  • The Shaolin Monk's Shang Guo or Twin Hook Sword. Serve as swords, hooks, daggers, can be used to parry, and you can hook two blades together and swing them as one double-length weapon.
  • The simple yet oh so effective trench knife. Knuckleduster guard, a several inch-long knife blade, and a hardened pommel nut for breaking open someone's skull.
    • Similarly, the pata: a cross between a sword and a punch knife with a buckler built in. Presumably good for bashing as well, though I can't see a situation where you'd want to bother.
  • The entrenching tool. It's basically a small shovel that can be folded away for easy storage, but it's a critical tool of war that goes all the way back to Julius Caesar's time. Not only can it be used to dig trenches and pits, it can be used as a short-ranged weapon — some models even have concealed blades or serrated edges for cutting ropes and sawing wood. Others simply have sharpened edges on the shovel...or troops sharpen them on their own. During World War I, German trench raiders often carried only an e-tool and a pistol.
    • The Russian military still uses its entrenching tool, MPL-50, in an essentially unchanged form since its invention in 1869 by a Danish officer Mads Linnemann. Imperial War Ministry has bought his design in 1871, and the only change so far was the standardization of the spade overall length to 50 cm.note  The attempts to introduce the folding version didn't take hold precisely because of its official intended use as an axe (utility or… otherwise): first, the hinge was seen as a potential weak point, and, second, if you store an e-tool folded, you need to unfold it first, while a one-piece spade is an instant CHOP-CHOP!
  • The Le Mat revolver of the mid-19th century fired pistol bullets, and also had a single-shot barrel under the main one, containing either a charge of buckshot or a heavier-calibre pistol bullet than those in the cylinder.
  • While the Kukri cannot shape-change, it has a multitude of uses aside from people-carving (a function it performs reasonably well at). It can be used as a machete, a meat cleaver, and can sometimes even cut wood. Traditionally, the scabbard also holds a pair of smaller blades, the karda for general utility, and the unsharpened chakmak for sharpening the kukri and for starting fires with a flint.
    • The machete itself performs a lot of these functions itself, in addition to its intended role in harvesting sugar cane or clearing brush. It is likely to have descended from the medieval falchion, itself intended to marry the power of an axe to the techniques of a sword.
    • Tomahawks and more specialized forms of hatchet can be used for combat, but also for cutting wood or even metal, cleaving, crushing, hammering, prying, breaking doors and so on.
  • While technically not a dedicated weapon (no matter what certain anime tell you) the kunai of ancient Japan certainly had the capability for being used as one, either as a truncheon or a stabbing weapon. Japanese peasant farmers realized this.
    • Most "ninja weapons", in fact, started out as farming tools that could also be used to put a hurting on someone, since the peasantry weren't allowed to carry swords like the Samurai, but many of them obviously objected to the latter being able to use their swords to plunder and kill peasants with impunity, so they fought back with what they had on hand: tools like sickles (kama), grain flails (nunchaku), walking staves (bo), etc.
  • The shotgun is itself a pretty versatile weapon, capable of loading anything from light birdshot to full slugs, or a variety of more specialist rounds like tasers, grenades, Dragon's Breath, flares, etc.
    • Shotguns can also be used to unlock doors (hence why when a sawed-off shotgun is attached under a rifle, it's called a "Masterkey") and even light campfires (by loading a blank and simply shooting at the campfire), assuming discretion and subtlety are not factors.
  • 37mm and 40mm grenade launchers can perform most of the above but on a bigger scale.
  • Speaking of shotguns, the Pancor Jackhammer, besides also potentially being fully automatic, had a drum magazine that was supposed to be usable as an anti-personnel mine. Unfortunately, neither the Jackhammer nor its landmine-magazine worked very well, and ironically enough the weapon's own Crippling Overspecializationnote  (and inability to actually get through a single magazine without jamming) killed any chance of working out the bugs.
  • The lantern shield. That particular example is a shield, blade, gauntlet, and spikes all mashed together in one item. You can also hang a lantern from it.
  • The AK-12, a new Russian assault rifle, comes fresh from the factory firing the 5.45x39mm round that is standard for the Russian military; however, it can be converted to fire the 5.56x45mm, 7.62x39mm, 7.62x51mm, 9x39mm, and the 6.5x38mm cartridges as well. The Russian government says they are also working on a brand new 6.5mm round exclusive to the weapon. Oh, and one can convert the weapon from an assault rifle to a light support weapon, to a designated marksman rifle, to a carbine, and then to a compact carbine. It can also be converted into a 12 gauge shotgun. This is on top of a variety of accessories including a grenade launcher and a variety of optics. Long story short: It can be chambered for more cartridges than one could possibly need, can mount all the accessories that come standard with the AK-series of weapons, and can do the job of an array of different weapons. Oh yeah and the shotgun part. Seriously, what more do you need?
  • The familiar police nightstick can be employed in several different ways, both defensively and offensively, depending on one's grip.
  • While it's not technically a weapon, many fire departments looking to save room on their vehicles employ the very odd-looking TNT Tool. It's an axe, sledgehammer, battering ram, and pike pole all wrapped into a nice neat little package. Its uses include opening doors, roofs, pulling/chopping walls apart, checking the floor/roof, search and rescue, and in some of the more... rowdy neighborhoods that firefighters have to operatenote ... self-protection.
    • The latest tool fire departments have taken a shine to is the FuBar, a combination sledgehammer, pry-bar (in two different ways), hydrant wrench, gas valve shutoff, spanner-wrench, and nail-puller. While it doesn't have the axe, the jaws are designed to grip and twist out the lumber used in walls, floor, and roof joists.


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