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Crazy Awesome

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"I hate to advocate drugs, alcohol, violence, or insanity to anyone, but they've always worked for me."

Someone who is Crazy Awesome is completely nuts, in a hilarious way, and is effective at what they do as a result. In real life they would get fired, get arrested and eventually be committed, or just flat out get maimed or die. Not so in the world of fiction; thanks to the Rule of Cool, they manage to be both effective and a character liked or loved by the audience. Please note the difference between a plain old Cloudcuckoolander, who is simply out-there and the Bunny-Ears Lawyer, who is someone who is still effective despite or alongside their quirks.


On average, every other action the Crazy Awesome does is cool, awesome, and/or funny, over-the-top, or a combination thereof. The Heroic Comedic Sociopath is Ax-Crazy Awesome. A Large Ham is a verbal Crazy Awesome. If their crazy awesomeness prevents them from being killed or arrested when anyone else would be, they just benefited from a Lunatic Loophole. They may also be a Lethal Joke Character. Expect lots of Insane Troll Logic to be behind their plans and antics.

As previously mentioned, a character that can "work" without the quirks (but still wouldn't be the same) is a Bunny-Ears Lawyer. If they're just crazy, they're a Cloudcuckoolander.

Compare Power Born of Madness, Eccentric Mentor, and The Wonka. Compare and contrast Creepy Awesome.


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  • This is how you fight an invasion using a giant chicken, a fish and tons of Coca Cola Zero.
  • He can speak French... in Russian. If he were to pat you on the back, you would put it on your resumé. If he were to punch you in the face, you would have to fight off the strong urge to thank him. Even his enemies list him as their emergency contact. He is... The Most Interesting Man in the World.
  • The Toyota NZ Hilux ad, where the protagonist was driving on his Hilux, offroad, over this mountain, through a valley, in the middle of a cyclone, which caused a flood, which triggered a landslide, before he finally got to this volcano... He carries on for almost a minute, until you find out he was telling the truth.
  • Qatar Airways and Barca's ad Barca FC as a fantasy land? Check. Pique playing grumpy customs officer? Check. Iniesta painting a wall with just a ball? Check. Leo Messi leading a dance class showing off his snazzy moves? Check that one please, and Carles Puyol freakin' headbutts a falling FLOWER POT??!! CHECK PLEASE!!
  • Trolli has tried to invoke this with their advertisements for their candies. Major YMMV as to whether it works or not.
  • The Man Your Man Could Smell Like. Evidence. He's on a horse.
  • John Jameson:
    • During the Great Storm of 1781, John Jameson lost a barrel of his beloved whiskey. He said goodbye to the crew, and went in after it. In hindsight, that probably wasn't a good idea. Weeks later, a funeral was held. All of Ireland was in attendance, including John Jameson.
    • To most people, the Hawk of Achill was just a legend, except for those who knew better. When it took the mason's daughter, it was tragic. When it took a barrel of John Jameson's whiskey, well, that was another matter. But Jameson was generous, and the hawk, greedy. Very greedy. And in the end, the pursuit of the whiskey would prove foolish... for the Hawk of Achill.

    Films — Animation 
  • Buck of Ice Age 3: Dawn of the Dinosaurs. Nothing he says makes sense... and yet he somehow makes it make sense with how he's the only mammal in the entire underground world he's in. Just get past the fact that he's married to a pineapple... An ugly pineapple. But he loved her.
  • The major motion picture version of Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs has two: one as Earl—that is his name, yes?—and the other, Manny(?), as non-crazy but technically fitting variation.

  • Not all, but many, incarnations of Robin Hood in Film, Live-Action Television and Literature can be Crazy Awesome, usually depending on how supernaturally talented he is with a bow and on just how much the odds are stacked against him.
  • Par for the course for Tall Tale heroes. If it weren't for the fact that their crazy plans always succeed somehow, they'd be considered just plain demented.
    • Paul Bunyan, when frustrated that all the hills in Kansas are making it difficult for him to use his three-miles-long saw, decides to get rid of the hills by flipping the entire state upside down, so all the hills are underground and there's only flat land on top.
      • Or when he got into the oil drilling business and found that there was no oil where he'd been digging. Rather than just give up on the giant hole he drilled, he cuts up the hole into thousands of smaller pieces and sells them as fence post holes.
      • Or how he made sure he always knew where oil was in the future: find some dinosaur footprints, then keep following their trail until the footprints stop; where they stop will be where the dinosaur died 65 million years ago, and since dinosaurs turn into oil when they die, there must be oil on that spot.
    • Pecos Bill once thought that killing a buffalo for its hide was a waste. Instead he skinned them alive and turned them loose to grow new hides. And it worked ... at least until winter, when all the skinless buffalos froze to death.
    • Febold Feboldson solved the grasshopper infestation in Kansas by importing a bunch of flying fish to eat them. He got rid of the flying fish plague by bringing in timber wolves to be the new apex predators. When folks started complaining that the wolves were worse than the fish or the grasshoppers, he simply goes out and bends some trees into a U shape so they start growing down into the ground. The wolves, being timber wolves, went where the timber was and burrowed down into the ground as well, adapting to the new environment by becoming smaller and smaller, until eventually they became prairie dogs.
    • Jack the Dullard, most commonly known from H.C. Andersen's version of the story, happily collects rubbish he finds on the road: A dead crow, a broken clog, and common mud. This all comes in handy when he woos the princess later on.
  • A book of riddles found in folklore tells the story of a particularly eccentric but cunning judge. A poor young boy was selling sticky buns on a street corner next to a large rock. The boy dozed off, and when he woke up, the money that he'd stashed at the bottom of his bun-basket was stolen. He went to a local judge, who deduced that, obviously, the rock must have stolen the money! He put the rock on trial, interpreted its silence as a confession of guilt, and sentenced it to public flogging when it refused to yield the money. The crowd that had gathered to watch laughed loud and long; the judge then turned on them, calling for each to pay a five-cent fine — dropping their money into a huge jar of water. He watched as each person shuffled forward and paid their fine — until he pointed at a man walking away and cried "Arrest him! He stole the boy's money!" Astonished, the thief confessed and turned over his contraband. His frosting-covered coins left a greasy film on the surface of the water — and exposing him was the goal of the entire sham trial.

  • Doctor Javolt from Fallout Is Dragons. In a magitech post apocalyptic world of colorful talking ponies, he is the amnesiac science-obsessed elderly donkey who (apparently) replaced his own leg and eyes with cybernetic counterparts after shrapnel took them away in an explosion. Also he wears an electro-cape, which basically amounts to having a pair of tesla coils for a collar.

    Pro Wrestling 
  • Randy Orton. Crazy? Awesome? Let's see. Kicks his boss in the head to keep him from being fired, okay. RKO's his own girlfriend to prove he's ruthless, yep. Stealing The Undertaker's urn? Been there, done it. Going toe-to-toe with Mick Foley in a hardcore match and winning? He can do it. Trojan Horsing himself into an EXPLODING CAKE in order to sneak attack Triple H? He absolutely went there.
  • Four words: popcorn bag of doom.
    • Mick Foley in general, but notably Mankind. Too crazy to quit. No risk he won't take.
    • Which is quite mild compared to Cactus Jack, who's even more crazier than the Mankind persona.
  • Ric Flair, is, and always has been crazy awesome, but has slid a little bit to more awesome because of how crazy he is.
  • Two words: Beer Truck .
  • R-Truth post 2011 Face–Heel Turn. And hell, even after his early 2012 Heel–Face Turn of sorts, as he's still as crazy and awesome as he was before.
    R-Truth: [during a pre-Elimination Chamber debate] Oh yeah? [crowd chants what] Well, if I'm elected...
    Dolph: [in time with the crowd's Big "WHAT?!"] What.
  • A.J. Lee. How many ways? She pushes people off ladders both to show she is sick of them toying with her affections and to show she's sweet on them. She dresses as Kitana from Mortal Kombat and attempt a fan lift on one of the biggest baddest divas. She sent Kane packing by acting like she had a schoolgirl crush on him and kissing him. Being called crazy is a Berserk Button even if she completely is. These are just some of the things she's done to convince Vince Mcmahon, no bastion of sanity himself, that she is as insane as he is and he appointed her general manager of Raw for her troubles.
  • Shinsuke Nakamura of course. His quirky mannerisms, taunts and facial expressions have come a long way in establishing him as one of the true standouts of pro wrestling. Needless to say, the guy's really talented and insanely charismatic. YeaOh! Just watch him rock his King of Strong Style attire down the aisle at Wrestle Kingdom 9.
  • Dean Ambrose lives and breathes this trope.
  • Matt Hardy, specifically BROKEN Matt Hardy is the most literal example of this in pro-wrestling. He's the only wrestler who can have a stable that involves a dilapidated boat, a drone and a Mexican gardener. He obsesses over deleting people and calls every enemy "Brother Nero" (including his own brother, whose middle name is Nero). His fashion sense looks like he'd fit in with something Tim Burton could've come up with, he has strange "premo-NEE-tions" and can sense the souls of famous historical figures inside zoo animals (like George Washington in a giraffe, or Joe Frazier in a kangaroo, which he wrestled).
  • Jimmy. Fucking. Havoc. Who else would think to wrap Barbed wire around his arm during a deathmatch before hitting his finisher?
  • Los Ingobernables de Japon's own Ticking Time Bomb Hiromu Takahashi. So much so that he manage to get a stuffed animal over.

    Web Animation 
  • This animation by Neil Cicierega, AKA Lemon Demon. Yes, the Lemon Demon responsible the Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny. Which also qualifies. In fact, just about everything this guy has made qualifies.
  • If this parody/example doesn't qualify, nothing does. Nothing beats a wolf riding a Tyrannosaurus rex that is holding a chainsaw and a shark holding a flag of America and is itself riding a bald eagle!
  • RWBY:
    • Nora Valkyrie. Outside of battle, she comes up with odd plans, like using sloth calls to send a secret message. Despite being told that sloths don't make a lot of noise, she deems that this makes this plan even more perfect. In battle, she uses her Magnhild, a rocket-powered warhammer capable of converting into an M32 grenade launcher, with wild abandon. Using Magnhild, she can actually use the rocket power as a Recoil Boost, and generally flies through the air while giggling like a maniac. Nora is one part Cloud Cuckoolander, one part fearless warrior, one part incorrigibly cheery, and one part Blood Knight, all wrapped up in an adorable but psycho shell.
    • Yang Xiao Long easily rivals her JNPR counterpart in this regard. When she is launched into a forest via a catapult, she calmly puts on some aviator sunglasses and well... does this. During a battle with a giant raven monster, jumps up into it's mouth, keeps it's beak held open with one arm, and uses the other arm to repeatedly punch incendiary shotgun rounds right down it's throat, punctuating each one with "I! HOPE! YOU'RE! HUNGRY!" There's also the memorable scene where she attracts Blake's attention using a laser pen, which hilariously works, the whole room decorating scene (she wants to improvise "incredibly dangerous" bunkbeds simply because it's "super awesome"), and the scene where Nora is shown throwing grapes for her to catch (come to think of it, Yang and Nora are seen bonding together often). For bonus points Yang was actually called "Crazy Awesome" in-universe after winning a fight by practically destroying the entire arena. Considering her dad, Taiyang, has an off-screen establishing moment where he sends a live corgi puppy to her through a mail tube, she very likely inherited this trait from him.
    • Zwei, the corgi in question, may have rubbed off on the Xiao Long family as well. When Team RWBY and Professor Oobleck are trying to stop an explosives- and mech-laden train, one of the mechs on board tries to block their path. At a single bark from the pooch, Oobleck responds by batting Zwei at the mech with his weapon, LIGHTING HIM ON FIRE in the process, and destroying the mech without a single hair out of place. Zwei even wags his tail at the end as if the whole thing was just another happy romp around the house.
    • Her sister, Ruby, while most of the time relatively sane has her moments as well. When fighting the giant raven mentioned above she improvised huge slingshot from her friend's weapon and launched herself at it to finish it of by draging him by neck with huge scythe while running up a wall. It's just as awesome as it sounds. Later when she needed to reach an airship she did it by flying on top of a rocket locker and jumping of in mid-air.
  • Saige from Deadly Space Action! has an assortment of weird hobbies and fixations, but is probably the most consistently competent member of the crew.
  • Gordon Freeman of Freeman's Mind. Ross Scott (the creator) said that he went for a mentally unhinged and quirky characterization because he couldn't see a normal person surviving the events of Half-Life. His more eccentric attributes do indeed save his life a few times. In later episodes, he also gets pretty lax with his personal safety, seeing as how he considers running right past a Bradley through an open killing field while it attempts to hit him with its autocannon to be a completely viable strategy. Perhaps his crowning moment of this is taking out a bunch of soldiers and a tank while singing Modern Major General and adding a new verse.
  • Although it's entire runtime is about 30 minutes (with eight of those being the final episode's credits), Inferno Cop has established itself with a fiery skeleton cop from hell that gained the ability to turn into a time traveling car, with a gun that kills with a single shot most of the time that almost never miss and can go Super Saiyan, doing battle with thugs, babies that turn into sea monsters, superhero judges, The FBI, a mecha version of himself, God, mummies and a Scarlet Witch Expy who engineered the Third Destroy Finale to turn everyone into Inferno Cop, all the while parodying every single anime trope through Surreal Humor. Oh, and it's all done with clip-art animation and about four voice actors.

    Web Videos 
  • Lydia Bennet from The Lizzie Bennet Diaries. When she was ten, she made her father promise that if the world's largest energy company fell to bankruptcy, she would have a pony. After Enron sadly fell to bankruptcy, she got a pony. When he left, she got a cat. She named her Kitty, and gave her a twitter account. Now, they both have a twitter account on which Lydia socializes and influences her admirers. Using her social life and wits, she made herself invited to a party with Mr. Bing Lee. Since her sister has a crush on him, she made sure he would promise to host a party at his home, waiting until he was drunk. After the party, he and her sister spent the whole evening talking to one another, and her sister now lives at his place (episode 28).
  • Spoiler Warning: Reginald Cuftbert's MO is this, in the room with two people you need to kill? Blow up the room, while still in it! Crazy monsters walking a casino? Punch them out! Want revenge on someone? Blow up his pants, stealthily! Annoyed? commit genocide! or alternatively punch the people annoying you out of existence by accident.
  • Gavin becomes quite literally Crazy Awesome towards the end of KateModern. Becoming a Fourth-Wall Observer is definitely part of it, as is a certain scene involving a pen.
  • Everything Doctor Steel does is cool, awesome, and/or funny, over-the-top, or a combination thereof.
  • Tobuscus has shown signs of this. The most obvious example is when he took contact with an auction website about them giving him an Ipad because he had spent about 500 dollars on their website:
    Tobuscus: [...] I bet on an Ipad like 500 times and lost, can you just retroactively give me one for free?
    Spokesperson: No.
    Tobuscus: Okay. [...] I have an idea. How about you give me two, and I give one away on my YouTube channel?
    Spokesperson: That's not a compromise, you just added another iPad!
    Tobuscus: Shhh. Let me finish. Also give anyone who signs up for your website through my channel five dollars. Deal?
    Spokesperson: WHAT! You just added another thing, are you nuts?
    Tobuscus: Yes.
    Spokesperson: Oh. Alright, let's do it.
  • The Slender Man Mythos:
    • Evan from Everyman HYBRID tried to clobber Slender Man with a baseball bat. It didn't work, but... well, he attacked Slender Man with a baseball bat. And lived. Later he manages to not only survive a close encounter with the Rake, he than manages to throw it out a second story window!
    • Speaking of the Mythos, Maduin pretty much has this as his schtick. Among other things, he once marched straight up to Slendy, handed him a twenty-dollar bill, then just turned and walked away, leaving the Eldritch Abomination standing on the sidewalk and presumably wondering what the hell just happened. Up to Eleven when Maduin puts a face mask on TPF and he goes bananas. Earlier he caught a proxy, knocked it out, tied it up, set it in front of a mirror and had it dressed like Slendy. Maduin is the king of Crazy Awesome.
  • In Marble Hornets, Jay actually tackled the Operator. Granted, this erased 7 months from his memory, but a direct tackle is ballsy.
  • Fegelein in Hitler Rants. Not even the laws of physics will stop him from committing increasingly surreal and hilarious antics against Hitler. The other Masters of Antics also qualify, but not to the same extent.
  • Angry Joe helping Linkara defeat Lord Vyce with an army of Angry Joes in the Doctor Who Classics 17 review on Atop the Fourth Wall.
  • The Angry Video Game Nerd: James is to games, especially shitty ones, as Ben is to the Internet: Its Secret Ruler. The Nerd's battle with possessed consoles in his review of Super Mario Bros. 3, his battle against R.O.B the Robot, and so other many battles with famous characters are just a start of what AVGN can do.


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