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Ambiguity Index

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This might possibly be the index for pages to resolve ambiguity. Maybe. We think.

Developed specifically to deal with Similarly Named Works and adaptations and remakes with their own pages. There are also some former tropes that were split up into separate tropes because of misuse or because they covered more than one concept, with the remaining disambiguation serving to prevent continued misuse of the old term.

Note: disambiguation pages are not meant to be linked to pages other than this one, select Administrivia pages (like Split Tropes and Glossary), and archive pages with preexisting links (since archives can't be changed in any way). To discourage their addition to other pages, disambiguation links are colored green as opposed to the default blue.

Not to be confused with the Index of Ambiguous Tropes.

Contrast Super-Trope which encapsulates several similar tropes but in a less dubious and less unintuitive way. See also Red Link.

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Alternative Title(s): Green Link, Disambiguation Index