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Ryuga Banjo: What are you doing the intro for?
Blood Stalk: My voice is great, right? I always get the job done in that regard.
Ryuga Banjo: Don't call it a job!

He is a manly man, and he has a manly voice to prove it.

A character of this sort must fulfill two criteria:

  1. Obviously, the character must be a badass.
  2. The character must have a deep voice of baritone register. Bass register is also possible but is rarer and almost always overlaps with being evil.

Such a character may range from Cool Old Guy to Testosterone Poisoning. While this trope is much more commonly applied to male characters, female characters are eligible as well, although in their cases it will likely be Played for Laughs.

See also Evil Sounds Deep, Guttural Growler, Power Makes Your Voice Deep, Rated M for Manly, and Voice of the Legion. The Distaff Counterpart would be Contralto of Danger. Contrast Tenor Boy.



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    Anime and Manga 
  • One Piece: Crocodile is a former boss of a mass criminal syndicate as well as being a former Warlord of the Sea. He has one of the deepest (if not the deepest) voice(s) in the series to boot.
  • Yuuki Kaji, who usually voices young males, plays the Big Bad in The Heroic Legend of Arslan and with a much deeper pitch than his usual one.
  • Souther from Fist of the North Star has a voice that seems deeper than what is naturally possible.
    • Raoh and Kaioh have very impressive baritones.
    • Oddly enough, Toki has his own Badass Baritone going on as well.
    • The main character, Kenshiro, also speaks in this pitch, but prefers high-pitched "A-TA" sounds whenever he strikes.
    • The narrator speaks in a considerably deep tone of voice in season one, a sharp contrast to the high-pitched screaming he went for from season two-onwards.
  • Death Note has L in the english dub, courtesy of Alessandro Juliani, contrasting Villain Protagonist Light Yagami's tenor.
  • Dragon Ball:
    • Whenever English dubbed version of Goku goes Super Saiyan 3, he invokes this trope by lowering his voice an octave to show he means business. And let's not get started on the badassery that is Super Saiyan 4...
    • The English dub also has Piccolo, who has an incredibly deep and booming voice; and Vegeta, who is more of a Guttural Growler. Both were once enemies of Goku, and both gave him a run for his money when they first fought him, and both continue to be badasses after.
    • Beerus and Whis both have deep voices. Beerus is a Guttural Growler and a God of Destruction who is not to be trifled with. Whis's has a more Campy quality to it, but remains deep. He is also Beerus's mentor.
    • The Brazilian and Mexican dubs turned Frieza into one of this.
    • Cell's voice is this in both the Japanese and Mexican dubs. In Japanese, his voice is more booming due to him being voiced by Norio Wakamoto; in the Mexican dub, his voice is more guttural.
  • Hidekatsu Shibata: Voiced The Third Hokage, King Bradley and Igneel.

  • Transformers: More than Meets the Eye has a moment when Whirl tries to imitate Optimus Prime (See Western Animation below) and fails. He lampshades it.
    Whirl: How can anyone's voice be that low?

    Film — Animated 
  • Beauty and the Beast:
    • No one has a baritone like Gaston! Indeed, Gaston has a whole song (sung by him and the rest of the town) describing how badass and uber-manly he is.
    • The Beast himself is a baritone as well. The towering Beast's ferociousness terrifies most other characters into submission with a single roar. Within the movie, he single-handedly drives off a hungry wolf pack threatening Belle, defeats the aforementioned badass Gaston, and rules his staff of household objects with an iron fist.
  • Smaug in the Animated Adaptation of The Hobbit, as befits a titanic dragon, voiced by Richard Boone. It really adds to the effect of his Badass Boast.
  • The Lion King: Mufasa! A commanding voice literally fit the king of beasts. Shenzi certainly thinks so. "Oooooh.... say it again!"
  • Hiro Hamada from Big Hero 6. Even though Hiro's voice is not necessarily deep, but it is pretty low for a kid who is in his early teens.
  • The strong, resourceful Jack Frost from Rise of the Guardians may look like a teenager his voice is very deep and manly.
  • Zootopia: Several male characters fit the bill, among them Chief Bogo, Mayor Leodore Lionheart and Finnick the fennec fox.

    Film — Live-Action 
  • In the 1966 film adaptation of A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum, Miles Gloriosus is played by the deep-voiced Leon Greene.
  • The 1937 edition of King Solomon's Mines featured Paul Robeson, professional baritone singer, as Ignosi. Ignosi is a brave warrior who returns to Kukuanaland, defeats the usurper King Twala in battle, and reclaims his throne. Since he's played by Paul Robeson, he gets to sing a couple of songs too.
  • Many incarnations of Batman have him lowering his voice while in costume to sound more menacing.
    • In The Dark Knight Rises, Bane has a voice amplifier that gives him an extremely peculiar contrast between the trope (in vocal range) and jovial, eloquent word choice and mode of speech, in comparison with Tom Hardy's fairly nasal voice.
    "You think darkness is your ally, but you merely adopted the dark. I was born in it, molded by it. I didn’t see the light until I was already a man. By then, it was nothing to me but blinding!"
  • Christopher Lee sometimes played this when he wasn't playing villains. His voice was perfect when he played the Discworld role of Death, since Terry Pratchett has always described Death's voice being deep and foreboding like the slamming of a coffin lid. Also, whenever Death speaks in the novels, his lines are rendered completely in upper-case. And who else, but Christopher Lee knows how to speak in capital letters?
  • Anyone played by Vin Diesel.
  • Thorin, as played by Richard Armitage, in The Hobbit. Warrior, rightful king returning, general monster-killing badass, and a baritone. He even gets to sing a song perfectly suited for his voice.
  • Any character played by Mel Gibson.
  • Mace Windu in the Star Wars prequel trilogy (as a rule, any time Samuel L. Jackson is in the film's cast, expect his character to be one of these). Darth Vader is the more villainous example, courtesy of James Earl Jones, but he's still one of the most badass villains on the screen.
  • Another major Samuel L. Jackson example would be Nick Fury, Badass Normal Big Good to the mostly transhuman heroes of the MCU.
  • Any character played by Ron Perlman.
  • Kevin Grevioux has an incredibly deep Basso Profundo voice, which led many people watching his character Raze in Underworld to assume it had been altered in some way. He's also a Genius Bruiser, having degrees in microbiology and genetic engineering and having come up with the idea for the movie in the first place.

  • Harry Dresden of The Dresden Files is very much a badass, and is described as having a resonant baritone.
    • Also, Sanya. Knight of the Cross with a nice Basso Profundo voice, and the only person manly enough to make Dresden feel inadequate, being roughly of a height with Dresden and muscle-bound enough to make Michael, who is notably strong, look puny, whereas Harry is all wiry muscle.
  • Bahzell Bahnakson, chosen of the war god and demon slayer in David Weber's The War Gods series speaks in deep voice, likely thanks to his unusually huge size.
  • Death from the Discworld is described as having a voice like a lead coffin lid slamming, even if his voice is more felt than heard. It is rendered as All Caps.
  • Private Kolya Vlasov from David Benioff's City of Thieves. Quick-fisted fighter of cannibals who sings in a "strong, confident baritone".
  • Admiral Augustus Khumalo of the Honorverse, whose badassery was severely underestimated by his fellows in the Royal Manticoran Navy, has a voice which is consistently referenced in the text as "deep", even in comparison to other male characters in the series.
  • The Duke of Taunton in the Village Tales series is both … when he uses his high head-voice. He is in fact a Basso Profundo Retired Badass. And the retired bit is purely notional.
  • Journey to Chaos: Fairtheora is described as having a deep and intimidating voice which suits his status as a Terror Hero and Royal Sentinel.
  • Zack State of The Mental State is described as having a baritone voice, and he is probably the biggest badass in the entire story.

    Live-Action TV 
  • Arrow:
    • Both the Arrow and the Dark Archer use voice changers most of the time while in costume.
    • Stephen Amell does this to great effect for Oliver Queen's private persona, too. The effect is a manifestation of character development, changing from the "normal" voice that closely resembles Amell's natural tone in the initial flashbacks to the present-day tone.
  • Any character played by James Spader is sure to be this, but the best example may be Raymond Reddington from The Blacklist. He has an incredibly smooth, deep voice that is sheer pleasure to listen to, and he is easily the most dangerous character in the show (if you get on the wrong side of him, anyway).
  • Walter White from Breaking Bad becomes this eventually. He starts out with a quiet and non-threatening voice, but as the series goes on and he and his actions become more despicable, he grows into a very intimidating baritone mixed with Guttural Growler.
  • Doctor Who:
    • The Fourth Doctor has an unusual, velvety voice about an octave deeper than all of the other Doctors. For the most part this is used to make the Doctor seem more commanding and suggest a gravitas he might otherwise disguise — yeah, he comes in dressed in a ridiculous outfit handing out sweets and smiling at people, but no one with a voice like that could possibly be as weak and undistinguished as he initially likes to appear. A couple of the more interesting exploitations: In "The Deadly Assassin", he speaks in a higher pitched voice while trying to appear beneath the notice of some other characters. In "The Robots of Death", he develops one of his more specific New Powers as the Plot Demands when we discover Time Lord larynxes aren't affected by helium, just so he can continue sounding cool in one specific scene. In "The Power of Kroll", he generates a subsonic frequency that shatters a window.
    • The Twelfth Doctor has a gravelly voice with wide range, which can occasionally drop quite low. It's worth noticing that Peter Capaldi sometimes on purpose imitates Tom Baker's voice, who played the aforementioned Fourth Doctor.
  • The cast of Game of Thrones presents a wide array of delightful voices. On the lower side of the register we have:
    • Tywin Lannister, played by Charles Dance. He sounded as intimidating as he looked.
    • Roose Bolton, played by Michael McElhatton. His soft, deep and commanding voice ceirtanly made his scheming less annoying than Littlefinger's.
    • Also Gregor Clegane as played by Ian Whyte in Season 2 (Season 1's Gregor doesn't get enough dialogue to be sure). Later, when his actor changes again, it's just about the only aspect of Whyte's portrayal that Thor Bjornsson carries over into his own. He's also capable of cutting off a horse's head off with one swing or crushing a man's head with his bare hands. Any time he shows up, nothing survives direct confrontation with him. One-Man Army indeed. For a sense of perspective, there are five or six men Jaime Lannister thinks possess at least as much killing ability as him. The list includes Barristan Selmy, Loras Tyrell, Sandor and Gregor.
    • Ned Stark has quite a deep voice. Interestingly, he is more of a Guttural Growler in his prime, as seen in the Season 6 flashback.
    • Tyrion Lannister is a a Badass Bookworm gifted with the smooth, deep voice of Peter Dinklage.
    • Jorah Mormont's voice sounds deep and refined.
    • Barristan Selmy, due to Ian McElhinney's deep, slightly scratchy voice.
    • Drogon's roar is notably a lot deeper than his brothers, and he's also the strongest of them.
    • Aeron Greyjoy. Michael Feast speaks in a very low and menacing baritone.
  • Star Trek: The Next Generation gave us Lieutenant Commander Worf, the only Klingon member of the Enterprise, and the resident Proud Warrior Race Guy. Michael Dorn played Worf so gruff for so long that his voice actually got significantly deeper as a result.
  • Ben Sisko in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine once punched Q in the face (while Q acted smug about it, he avoided DS9 thereafter) and is one of the most badass captains in the Trek franchise. It's particularly convincing because he's played by Avery Brooks, whose voice is a rich baritone that even on a good day sounds like distant thunder - and in the later seasons of DS9 Sisko has very few good days.
  • Supernatural
    • Dean's voice sounds noticeably lower in the show's later seasons. According to Jensen Ackles, this was because of his own voice changing.
    • Castiel. Misha Collins has said that he regrets it - he thought he would only be a guest star and was just trying to sound badass, but when he was brought back to be a major supporting character he was forced to keep it, and finds using the voice so much to be annoying, difficult and mildly painful.
      Misha Collins: So in the first episode that Castiel shows up in, um — he's trying to communicate with Dean, and in so doing, his voice, his angelic voice, is exploding television sets and breaking windows — and so I, consummate guest star that I am, thought - oh, you know, I'm gonna do this [deepens voice], really deep, gravelly, commanding, kickass, kind of window-breaking voice... And I may be running into medical problems now. It has been brutal on my throat.
  • Fargo: Bear Gerhardt has a voice that could shake the fillings from your teeth. He also proves to be the most formidable Gerhardt brother.
  • Shaka Zulu: Shaka, as portrayed by Henry Cele, possesses a very powerful, commanding voice.

  • Mark Sandman from Morphine was this trope in spades, having a hypnotic, seductive voice that commanded respect and attention.
  • The Swedish singer Roger Pontare is notable for his very deep voice both when talking and singing.
  • Trace Adkins is a Country Music singer known as much for his bass-baritone voice as for his very tall, muscular stature and often masculine songs (e.g. "Hot Mama", "Honky Tonk Badonkadonk", etc.). Bonus points for having had a pinky finger reattached after an accident, and having survived getting run over by an off-road vehicle.
  • Metallica's James Hetfield. Accidentally stepped into a pyrotechnic, and lived.
  • Ringo Starr is this. He is a badass, despite allegedly not even being the best drummer in The Beatles, and listening to him sing will tell you that he is a baritone.
  • Benjamin Burnley of Breaking Benjamin is known for his deep, soulful voice that can quickly descend into a Metal Scream.
  • Neil Peart of Rush. In hearing him interviewed, his voice has a very deep register. With his tall (6'4") muscular build, he comes across as a Cultured Badass.
  • Matt Berninger from The National is one of the most well-known and acclaimed examples of a not only a baritone, but indeed a badass in modern indie music. You can watch any live performance this band has done, and still be completely blown away by Matt's vocal and stage performance every time.
  • Joakim Brodén of Sabaton definitely qualifies. Coupled with his huge physique and massive biceps (not to mention the steel vest he wears onstage), his deep, Swedish-accented voice defies expectations for the metal genre, which typically has higher, almost screechy voices.
  • Gianluca Ginoble of the opera trio Il Volo is the baritone and the other two are tenors.
  • The deep baritone of Joy Division's Ian Curtis was crucial to the band's dark sound. In live performances, he could sound positively ferocious.


  • The indisputably badass Beast from Beauty and the Beast is a solid baritone role, as is the equally badass (though much more arrogant about it) villain Gaston.

    Video Games 
  • Mass Effect:
    • Expert sniper Garrus Vakarian, infamous mercenary Zaeed Massani, and unmatched assassin Thane Krios have the deepest voices on your team.
    • David Anderson has Keith David's distinctive baritone, and is no slouch in a direct fight despite being a naval officer. Most of his badassery is offscreen or in his history - but direct comparisons to Shepard's service record are easily available.
    • Urdnot Wrex has a very deep, booming voice. Notably, he typically speaks rather quietly, but is no less menacing for it. He also spends the time between the first and second games headbutting his way to dominance over an entire culture of Blood Knights, and his first appearance in the Citadel DLC for Mass Effect 3 involves him taking down an entire shuttle full of heavily armed and armoured mercenaries by himself, unarmed.
    • It's a krogan trait. Your other krogan squadmate, Grunt, is a genetically-engineered perfect krogan with an incredible healing factor, and one of only two characters who can wield the Claymore shotgun, the other being Shepard themself. He's voiced by Steve Blum.
    • The Reapers all have voices so deep that they echo off basically any scenery. They are an endless fleet of species-killing living warships who have a billion-year history of slaughter behind them.
    • Shepard himself, rightfully considered to be one of the biggest badasses in the franchise, has the pleasant baritone of Mark Meer. Female Shep gets a Contralto of Danger courtesy of Jennifer Hale.
  • Fenris of Dragon Age II has a deep husky voice despite his Bishōnen elf look. But then, one of the things he does on a regular basis is reaching into an enemy's chest and crush his heart.
  • Auron from Final Fantasy X has a deep, guttural voice. He's a Ronin-themed warrior with all the killing power you'd expect from a Final Fantasy character, plus an armour-piercing sword, who clawed himself back from the grave to keep a promise, and periodically uses the flask of booze on his belt to create nonstandard results, such as fire and black holes.
  • From the StarCraft universe, while most named male Protoss we meet "speak" in a smooth tenor, Zeratul has a deep, slightly gravely baritone voice (voices, rather). On the human side, Gabriel Tosh has a deep voice coupled with a Caribbean accent, while Tychus Findlay's smooth and very deep baritone (almost a basso) is accompanied by a smooth Southern drawl.
    Tychus: Those people aren't ready for the raw sex appeal I'd inject into their gray little lives...
  • Persona:
    • Persona 2: In Innocent Sin, stoic badass Tatsuya Suou has a very deep voice for a high schooler, even considering that he's already eighteen. In Eternal Punishment, all of the male party members have deep voices, though it's justified by most of them being working adults; Katsuya Suou is an elite detective, Baofu is a shady criminal who can kill you with nothing but a single coin, and Kei Nanjo is already quite experienced at dealing with Persona-related incidents.
    • Persona 3: Shinjiro Aragaki has an imposing baritone, his friend Akihiko Sanada has a smoother one, and the two are the most physically imposing members of the team; Akihiko is a star boxer, while Shinjiro can single-handedly intimidate entire gangs.
    • Persona 4: The Ace Yu Narukami has a smooth baritone befitting of the Investigation Team's level-headed leader, while delinquent Kanji Tatsumi has a rough baritone befitting of a physical powerhouse who once took down an entire biker gang by himself.
    • Persona 5: The protagonist has a fairly deep voice that becomes particularly evident whenever he's in Phantom Thief mode, and his Persona Arsene has a baritone that borders on being downright sinister. Yusuke Kitagawa has an even deeper baritone that belies his effeminate appearance and artistic inclinations, but perfectly fits him being one of your team's hardest hitters.
  • Shao Kahn and Quan Chi in Mortal Kombat have this. They are also serve as the announcers for various installments.
  • In Fallout: New Vegas, Legate Lanius from the base game, Joshua Graham from the Honest Hearts DLC and Ulysses from the Lonesome Road DLC are all badass and have very deep voices. Doubly notable for being extremely cool, competent, and collected and none of them use profanity in a game where it is plentiful.
    • Fallout 2 gave us Frank Horrigan, an enormous, mutated high ranking member of the Enclave, with a voice as deep as the ocean. He also fits the Badass criteria VERY, VERY well. There was also Marcus, a mutant who'd been a member of the Master's army, then founded his own town after the Master's death, where he still serves as sheriff. Give him a hand, and he can join you in running around melting Enclave goons with a plasma rifle. Being voiced by Michael Dorn certainly helps in the baritone department.
  • Big Band, from Skullgirls, is a Large and in Charge Cyborg with brass instrument-themed armaments and an incredibly deep voice to match.
  • Vhailor from Planescape: Torment definitely counts since he's basically the avatar of justice and wields an axe so heavy that literary no one else can lift it.
    • Even more impressive than the above-mentioned Vhailor is The Transcendent One voiced by Tony Jay. He's also a Physical God.
    • Let's not forget the main character. He may not be an avatar of justice, but he's actually one of the most powerful living beings in all of existence, on par with any of the gods, and capable of literally anything he wills, as long as his belief is strong enough.
    • Dak'kon has a very dark and raspy voice and wields a sword that, if used correctly, can cut a hole in reality.
  • Solid Snake, the hero of the Metal Gear series, is a Guttural Growler in the English dub but very much one of these in the Japanese dub, where his voice is very resonant but also surprisingly warm and calm - done to give the impression of Dissonant Serenity, according to Hideo Kojima. The same goes for his father Big Boss.
  • In Skyrim, Ulfric Stormcloak is a manly man and he most definitely has a manly voice to prove it (naturally, since he's voiced by Vladimir Kulich). May overlap with Evil Sounds Deep depending on your stance on the Skyrim Civil War.
    • There's also Kodlak Whitemane, Harbinger of the Companions (which translates to 'unofficial leader of the province's ancient and sacred order of badasses for hire.)
    • Paarthurnax, an old and powerful dragon who helps the main character in his quest. He is a remarkable example because he is voiced by Charles Martinet, who is best known for voicing Mario.
    • Tsun, the old Nordic god of "trials against adversity" and shield-thane of Shor, speaks with a deep voice when he is met in Sovngarde. He stands a full head taller than even the tallest Player Character, wields the most damaging battleaxe in the game, can use the Thu'um, and he must be beaten in single combat in order to prove one's worthiness to enter Shor's Hall of Valor.
  • Adam Jensen, the One-Man Army Player Character of Deus Ex: Human Revolution, has a very low voice with extra huskiness from the smoking habit.
  • Both Basilio and Lon'qu from Fire Emblem Awakening have very deep voices and great stat growths, with Basilio's badass nature getting mentioned several times in-story.
    • Not to mention Prince Chrom, as voiced by Matthew Mercer. He's the leader of the Shepherds, after all.
  • Fire Emblem Fates features Prince Ryoma of Hoshido, who’s also voiced by Matthew Mercer. There’s also his ninja retainer Saizo, which his voice is a far cry from the voice he used for Hayato and Jakob.
  • Proto Man, Mega Man (Classic)'s older brother who is known for helping him out and giving him advice throwout the latter's adventures and is at least similarly as powerful, is portrayed in Mega Man Powered Up as having a voice like this.
  • Shadowverse: A good number of cards (especially from older male Dragoncraft and Swordcraft cards) spot deeper voices. Special mention to Albert, Levin Saber, who is considered to have one of the deepest voices of Swordcraft followers and is pretty badass for a 5 play point follower.
  • Knuckles from the Sonic the Hedgehog series has a noticeably deep voice when voiced by Scott Drier in Sonic Adventure 2 and Sonic Heroes. This fits his previous characterization as the calm and stoic loner.
    • Shadow's voice tends to be low and booming with the exception of his voice actors David Humprey and Kirk Thorton.
    • In English, Espio sports one of the deepest voices among the other two members of The Chaotix, Vector and Charmy, despite only being 16 (compare this to similarly-aged characters or even Vector, who is four years Espio's senior). Coupled with his lack of eccentricities, this only serves to make Espio come across as even more serious. He's more of a tenor in Japanese.
    • Metal Sonic was suddenly given this in Sonic Heroes but it's Sonic's voice with an electronic makeover.
  • The announcer of each Super Smash Bros. title have deep and wickedly awesome voices.
  • The leader of the Broken Lords of Endless Legend speaks with a deep, slightly echoing voice; the former comes from being a knight, the latter from becoming a suit of Animated Armor. Crosses with Evil Sounds Deep, as the Broken Lords are widely considered to be soulless monsters because they must drain Dust from other creatures to sustain their bodies.
  • Akatsuki Blitzkampf: The titular Akatsuki, is a former Human Popsicle who travels through East Asia to fulfill the mission he couldn't complete 50 years ago, and kicks ass all around to get that done. His voice is surprisingly deep for a fighting game lead, probably because it creates quite a contrast between his still-youthful looks and his actual age.
  • Rodin shows off how extremely deep his voice is while beating up angels in Bayonetta.
  • Sol Badguy in Guilty Gear is the manliest nerd ever, and he's on a mission to hunt down and wipe out an entire race of destructive Eldritch Abominations because he had a hand in creating them and unleashing them on the world, nevermind he's one himself. Luckily he has a rough, deep, action hero-esque voice to go with his backstory. Special mention needs to go to his English voice in Xrd, thank you very much, Troy Baker. His voice was also pretty deep back when he was an Author Avatar for Daisuke Ishiwatari.
  • Kirby has Meta Knight, who has very deep Voice Grunting in Kirby's Return to Dream Land, and in his only fully voiced appearances, namely in Super Smash Bros., also has a very low voice. He also more than qualifies for the badass part of this trope, given his title as The Strongest Warrior In The Galaxy and Master Swordsman status.
  • Duke Nukem has a silky-smooth baritone courtesy of Jon St. John. The fact that he's singlehandedly wiped out two alien invasions and halted the work of several evil scientists on multiple occasions just puts the "badass" in Badass Baritone.
  • Dawn of War has Gabriel Angelos, especially when he's voiced by Paul Dobson. Hear for yourself.
  • Postal gives us the amazing voice of Rick Hunter as The Postal Dude. Just listen to it.
  • In the Kiseki Series, Giliath Osborne has a very deep and commanding voice provided by both Joji Nakata in the Japanese version and Peter Beckman in the English version. Cold Steel IV shows off his badassery and players start crapping their pants and realize that he has enough power to end the series if he really wanted to.
  • In Splatoon, the male Octoling's voice is much deeper and quieter than a regular Inkling's voice, fitting to the Octolings' serious demeanor.
  • Yakuza:
    • Series protagonist Kazuma Kiryu, the Dragon of Dojima, whose least badass accomplishments include beating two fully grown tigers in a fistfight, also speaks in the deep, harmonic rumble of Takaya Kuroda.
    • Goro Majima, one of the few people who can match Kiryu in the badass department, and who has (in all the senses of the word) disassembled yakuza families single-handedly, usually speaks in a screechy, sing-song falsetto with a thick Kansai accent, as befits his status as a general-purpose nutter. However, when things get serious he drops the act, and his voice becomes a smooth, cultured, butter-rich baritone.
    • Ryuji Goda, villain of Yakuza 2, is one of the few people who can match Kiryu in a straight fight, and is a mountain of a man with a voice so deep it almost sounds electronically altered.

    Web Original 

    Western Animation 
  • Played for laughs in the Dexter's Laboratory episode "Dee Dee Be Deep". Dexter tried to improve his sister Dee Dee's awful singing voice with one of his inventions, but thanks to Dee Dee messing around with it she became a very exaggerated baritone. While she didn't get into the school choir, it worked out for her in the end; she joined a Barbershop Quartet instead.
  • Smytus in My Life as a Teenage Robot.

    Real Life 
  • Science has shown this to be Truth in Television. Research shows a strong correlation between the depth of a man's voice and his physical capability. This is due to Testosterone affecting both physical strength and the status of the Larynx. There are notable exceptions, of course, with Mike Tyson, for instance, probably being the most famous inversion, but these are few and far between. Interesting thing to note is that this only applies to men. There doesn't appear to be any strong correlation between the depth of a woman's voice and their Badassery.
  • Christopher Lee. Played many of the most iconic villains in film history, aided much due to his magnificent baritone voice. He was also a trained operatic singer, a metalhead, spoke at least five languages fluently, was a Master Swordsman, and was a member of the Special Operations Executive during World War II (whose exploits inspired the character of James Bond — created by his step-cousin and war buddy Ian Fleming).
  • Steve Blum. With a voice generally considered to be one of the deepest among current voice actors, he's always cast as playing a badass with few exceptions. He was also in a metal band in his youth, although he didn't sing.
  • Christopher Sabat speaks with a natural baritone, and many of the roles he plays as a voice actor have baritones as well.
  • Johnny Cash, ladies. His voice is very deep and adds to the effect of the music.
  • Benedict Cumberbatch. Often cast as a Badass Bookworm or military man, with a very, very deep voice. It only gets distorted further when he plays Smaug, as mentioned further above.
  • BRIAN BLESSED is no exception to this rule. Large in both size and hamminess, his voice can sound rather deep when he's a bit more quiet.
  • Sam Elliott — the voice you think of when you hear (or say), "'s what's for dinner".
  • Morgan Freeman has a calm, authoritative baritone that gets him cast as several types of leadership roles, including GOD.
  • James Earl Jones is famous for the baritone roles of Darth Vader and Mufasa, not to mention several others, which all benefit from his natural bass register.
  • David Sobolov has a deep voice that he has used to great effect, voicing roles such as Darkseid, Lobo, and Drax The Destroyer.
  • Michael Dorn. His voice has gotten deeper thanks to playing Worf for so long on Star Trek: The Next Generation and its subsequent films, as well as Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.
  • MICHAEL JACKSON believe it or not was said to have a pretty deep speaking voice, with the effeminate whimper being a put-on due to how much he disliked it. There are a few videos and voice recordings were it can be heard. This one, for example.
  • Voice actor J. Michael Tatum is this, while in Real life he has a medium sounding voice a lot of his roles are deep voiced men.
  • Even without the effects added to his voice as RoboCop, Peter Weller has a pretty deep voice suited for such a character. He even voiced another character that's frequently depicted with this trope.
  • Kevin Grevioux naturally has a very deep, bass voice that's been put to good use as the aforementioned Black Beetle and Raze, as well as Terrax, the Super-Skrull, and Clayface impersonating Solomon Grundy. He's also Real Life Genius Bruiser, having co-wrote Underworld (and even being the one he came up with the science for it) and wrote the original I, Frankenstein comic.
  • Matt LeBlanc's speaking voice has become much, much lower than most people remember from his time on Friends.
  • Michael Alyn Pondsmith, typically credited as Mike Pondsmith, designed the classic Pen and Paper game Cyberpunk 2020. Finding his true calling as a Cyberpunk, he naturally has a Badass Baritone.
  • Voice actor Shunsuke Takeuchi, don't be fooled by his age. He boasts a formidably deep voice despite his youth. Some of his older peers are in awe of it. It often leads to him getting cast as characters a good deal older than he is.
  • While his normal speaking voice is of an average pitch, Ed Boon of Netherrealm Studios can drop his voice down to a frightening bass. He provided the voice of Scorpion in many early games in the Mortal Kombat series, and even though he has long since been Darrin'd, he still provides the character's iconic catchphrase: "GET OVER HERE!"


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