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In fiction, often a female character will have a deep or raspy voice to emphasize that she is One of the Boys or The Lad-ette. This is more common with child/preteen characters than adults, but appears in all age brackets (and sizes).

Compare Contralto of Danger, for when a low female voice signifies a villainous character or Action Girl, the latter of which is often a tomboy in her own right. Contrast with Effeminate Voice, which is a feminine male character with a high-pitched voice.



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    Fan Works 
  • The tomboyish Vinyl Scratch has a low voice in I Am Octavia. Her voice is rougher than her more feminine friend Octavia's.

    Films — Animation 
  • In the anime adaptation of A Silent Voice, Yuzuru Nishimiya has a low sounding voice for her age courtesy of Aoi Yūki and Kristen Sullivan. Yuzuru is a Bifauxnen who initially pretended to be her older sister's boyfriend because she's overprotective of her and didn't want Shouya to befriend her.
  • Encanto has Luisa, the older sister of Mirabel with the gift of Super Strength who's built like a brick outhouse and has a very deep voice to match, courtesy of Jessica Darrow.
  • Wreck-It Ralph:
    • Sergeant Calhoun is a badass, tough-as-nails Space Marine with a very masculine personality and has a gruff voice courtesy of Jane Lynch to match.
    • Vanellope Von Schweetz is a Badass Adorable tomboyish aspiring go-kart racer with a raspy voice.

    Live-Action TV 
  • Detective Rosa Diaz in Brooklyn Nine-Nine is a tough and violent Hell-Bent for Leather Badass Biker Lad-ette who is more masculine than the rest of the women (and most of the men) of the main cast, and has a deep and gruff voice that emphasizes this. Much laughs off the set ensue for fans who learn that her actor Stephanie Beatriz has a much higher and feminine speaking voice in real life.
  • Sam Puckett from iCarly is an abrasive tomboy who speaks with a low voice for a girl.
  • Punky Brewster was a tomboy in the first two seasons of her show, and her raspy voice complimented it.


    Professional Wrestling 
  • Picturing a rough boxing basket player. She might not look like it, but she'd sound just like Jazz, who has a much deeper voice than her height and raspier voice than her age would suggest. In the latter case Jazz did eventually "grow" into though.
  • Sweet Saraya couldn't sound more like a vulgar hard drinking blue-collar Blood Knight if she tried she. Her rasp has been described as "inimitable".
  • Mercedes Martinez is like Jazz if she was taller and had more of a New England accent. In the early years Martinez didn't look the part as much, as she wore a lot of shiny clothing, and didn't sound it quite as much because she liked to let her actions do the talking, but as she gradually gravitated more towards duller ring gear, ran her mouth more often and started showing off her beer mug tattoos...
  • Shantelle Taylor doesn't look the part, but her voice is much deeper than most people her size and coincidentally or not became raspier when she returned to the ring after bulking up and becoming a firefighter. Her selling could be mistaken for a teenage boy's if one listened but didn't see her.
  • Shojo Machiko is more so a Girly Girl with a Tomboy Streak, as she talks more about dresses and kitten than protein shakes binge drinking, still her tomboy streak is in no way surprising considering her voice is deeper than most boys and some men.

  • Elphaba from Wicked usually has a somewhat husky voice with a powerful belt when she sings. She is androgynous (the books even imply she is intersex) and is not particularly feminine, though she isn't particularly boyish either. Her singing voice is a mezzo-soprano.

    Video Games 
  • Naoto Shirogane in Persona 4, especially given that she's a Bifauxnen detective whose character arc has her intentionally pose as a boy to avoid the sexism she would encounter in the police force. Doesn't hurt that in Japanese, she's voiced by Romi Park, the voice actress who made her name voicing young boys and tomboys alike.
  • Senran Kagura:
    • Daidouji the 25-year-old third-year high schooler (It Makes Sense in Context) has a manly, muscular build and has an appropriately deep voice.
    • Murakumo of Gessen Girls' Academy speaks in a very low voice and she acts far from girly... with her mask on. Without it, she regressed into a moeblob with a very cute voice.
  • This is used as The Artifact in Super Smash Bros. with Sheik. In the source game, Sheik was a Sweet Polly Oliver with a low voice to pass as male. She keeps her voice tone despite being a bifauxnen who is openly female.
  • In Undertale, Undyne is a Hot-Blooded Action Girl and has some of the deepest Voice Grunting.

    Web Animation 

    Western Animation