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"A lot of the newer actors and actresses as of late, you can kinda tell when they're starting out and when they've been around for awhile because you can tell the people who've been around awhile; they like their stuff, but they don't seem to be in love with it. Erica Mendez is one of those people that started a couple years ago and is the biggest fan of her own work ever because she has a shelf of everything she's done..."
Andrew, Dub Talk Podcast 049 on Erica Mendez while discussing the Hunter × Hunter (2011) English dub

Erica Mendez (born February 13, 1988) is a voice actor residing in Los Angeles. She has gotten a lot of popularity thanks to her breakout role as Aladdin as well as her role as Ryuko Matoi. She also worked in many video game and web animation works as well.

Here's her official website and account. Not to be confused with a singer of the same name.

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After being forcibly freed after Naofumi loses a duel against Motoyasu, thanks to Malty's interference, Raphtalia, still genuinely loyal to Naofumi despite no longer having a slave crest, slaps Motoyasu and destroys his and Malty's excuses and negative talk about Naofumi. Eventually, Ren and Itsuki also call out Malty for her blatant cheating in securing Motoyasu's victory when the audience refused to do so, since they were under orders from the king.

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