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Cristina Milizia (once known as Cristina Ullola) is an American voice actress born on February 1, 1984, and is one of the newer voice actors in the industry. She started acting at a young age, mainly in commercials, but her career really took off in the 2010s.

One of her most well known roles is on DC Super Hero Girls, where she is the first person ever play to Jessica Cruz, a Latina Green Lantern, who is in fact one of the newest. Some of her other roles include Darcy on Bunsen Is a Beast, LaLa the baby toy koala on Doc McStuffins, and Abbey Bominable in more recent Monster High material.


Cristina Milizia's voice-acting credits include:

Tropes associated with her include:

  • Actor-Shared Background: She has a Spanish background, and is cast as Jessica Cruz, who's Latina.
  • Adorkable: A lot of her characters are dorky or awkward in some way, but that doesn't make them less lovable.
  • Crossdressing Voices: She voices Nunu and Amunu with a young boy voice, as is the case with Poky.
  • Dawson Casting: Naturally given her age, but she stands out as one of the youngest adult voice actors to do a flawless baby voice.
  • Genki Girl: She's as bubbly and energetic as the characters she plays.
  • Moe: She tends to voice a lot of cute characters. She's also this in real life.
  • Nice Girl: She treats her fans as if they were family.
  • Promoted Fangirl: She's a big fan of the Green Lantern Corps, especially Jessica Cruz, hence her excitement at being the first to be cast in the role. This even got to the point where she cosplayed as Jessica for 2018 San Diego Comic Con.
  • Relationship Voice Actor: She tends to be cast in a lot of the same material that has either Debi Derryberry, Grey DeLisle Griffin, and/or Kari Wahlgren.
  • Role Reprise: She's been the most consistent voice for Jessica Cruz, having voiced her in DC Superhero Girls, Lego DC Superhero Girls: Supervillain High, and Lego DC Comics Superheroes: Aquaman: Rage Of Atlantis.


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