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Shantelle Larissa Malawski (born January 26, 1986) is a Canadian retired personal trainer, power skating instructor and professional wrestler. Trained by El Fuego, she made her pro wrestling debut in 2003 at the age of 17 and worked for several independent promotions across Canada(winning her first title belt in New Vision Pro Wrestling), USA (most notably SHIMMER), Mexico and South Africa before being offered a WWE developmental contract in 2006, performing for Deep South Wrestling and FCW before being released in 2007.

However, she is best known for her time in TNA from 2008-2010 where she performed as Taylor Wilde. She is a one-time TNA Knockouts Champion and a two-time TNA Knockouts Tag Team Champion with her partners Sarita and Hamada, while also becoming the first TNA Knockout to have held both titles and managing to hold half of the WSU Tag Team titles for a day during this time. After departing from TNA, Malawski announced her retirement from professional wrestling and wrestled her final match on February 5, 2011. She became a firefighter and took to studying psychology at York University.

In 2021, Taylor Wilde makes a comeback to Impact Wrestling ten years after her initial retirement.

Tropes pertaining to Taylor Wilde include:

  • Arch-Enemy: Angel Williams first though it ended up being The Beautiful People in general after Love was faced with deportation, particularly in tag team matches with extra animosity coming from Taylor Wilde having recruited Madison Rayne specifically to help against The Beautiful People only for her to immediately betray Wilde to them. Awesome Kong also overtook Love at points, with Wilde losing a chance to be champion by the slight tactical error of prioritizing a trapped in chain link Kong over a seemingly unconscious Angelina...but then The Beautiful People took center stage again, instigating the only time Wilde and Kong ever teamed up. When they were not around there was Sarita, after her and Wilde's tag team disbanded. When Angelina Love's visa issues were cleared up though she ended up teaming up with Wilde against a makeshift alliance of The Beautiful People, Sarita and Daffney.
  • As Himself: Early in her career on the Discovery Channel's Slam Bam
  • Beauty Contest: The Beautiful People forcing a brown paper bag over her head eventually lead Taylor Wilde competing in a "pageant" against them.
  • Canada, Eh?: Very proud and prone to wear the Red and White.
  • Commuting on a Bus: As opposed to a 10-Minute Retirement, Shantelle has had a few ten minute returns with occasional guest appearances, even participating in a tag team match for American Combat Wrestling in 2016(with Deimos against Rex Bacchus and Ashley Massaro)
  • David Versus Goliath: Shantelle Taylor's return to Battle Angels leading to the inevitable match against Jessicka Havok for the title belt Taylor never lost, though this was back during the rail thin days of the so called German Giant. Shantelle vs Hailey Rogers in Border City was a little straighter except that they quickly became friends. Taylor Wilde's entry into TNA vs Awesome Kong was a much straighter and more successful example.
  • Face–Heel Turn: For the first time in her career since her return, she turned Heel by refusing to help Killer Kelly in their match against The Death Dollz (Rosemary, JesSICKa and Taya Valkyrie) and cemented by betraying her former friend while receiving the assist of the newest member of Impact Wrestling, KiLynn King.
  • Fighting Your Friend: Deep South Wrestling general manager Krissy Vaine forced Shantelle into a match against her Tracy Taylor while teaming with their hated enemy Angel Williams. Williams made such a nuisance of herself that the Taylors eventually ignored the match stipulation.
  • Genki Girl: Her gimmick was a go lucky sorority girl. TNA interviewer Lauren was presented as her Sorority sister to help this along.
  • Hot Witch: Her current gimmick is that of a stunning witch who uses her tarot cards to play mind games with her opponents.
  • Leitmotif: All American Girl at first in TNA, despite not being American, then a theme called Poison. Basically a violin cord meant you'd be seeing her soon.
  • Masked Luchador: Her San-Eye gimmick on WWECW and Smackdown house shows, though a better mask was needed to disguise the fact she wasn't Japanese. The fact it didn't already suggests it was a leftover from her time in Mexico.
  • Mini Dress Of Power: Got this ensemble towards the end of her career.
  • Ms. Fanservice: More evident in her photoshoots than her wrestling career, but she did show plenty of skin in the ring.
  • Odd Couple: With the stoic, detached Hamada and the foul mouthed, confrontational Amy Lee.
  • Painted-On Pants: What she most commonly wore, especially pre-Hogan.
  • Put on a Bus: She was released from TNA in December of 2010 and retired two months later.
  • Red Baron: "The Upset Queen".
  • Red Oni: To the not too talkative Hamada, a little less so to Sarita. Blue Oni to Amy Lee.
  • Retired Badass: To become a firefighter.
  • Rivals Team Up: The story behind her joining with Hamada, who had first taken the knockout tag titles from Wilde and Sarita with Awesome Kong but was later stripped of the belts under false pretenses.
  • Signature Move: Leg lariat, "European" head scissors, Mexican arm drag, handspring elbow, her "running stomps", O'Connor Roll with bridge
  • Squash Match: Delivered two in a row to Velvet Sky to kick off her feud with the Beautiful People. Sky was eventually able to put up something resembling a fight after convincing Wilde to a third match with the promise of $5000, but still lost in the end.
  • Summon Bigger Fish: The bigger fish were actually Missy Sampson and Awesome Kong when Amy Lee wanted Mercedes Martinez and Angel Orsini taken down. Taylor Wilde was more so a same sized fish called to get the tag titles off of Beatdown Betties Roxie Cotton and Annie Social. Also used against Shantelle when Tiana Ringer called on Vanessa Kraven.
  • Suplex Finisher: The Wilde Ride(German)
  • Symbol Swearing: Her first finishing move was the B*** kick.
  • Tag Team: She was forced to form one with a male partner by Battle Angels general manager Shana Lockhart and found one in Jason Jones as Tiana Ringer found George South Jr. Later she was tag team champions with Sarita and (Ayako) Hamada in TNA, Amy Lee in WSU.
    • In her return from hiatus to Impact, she forms The Coven with KiLynn King.
  • The Ace: The Face of Battle Angels, whose Overdrive TV program was going to change the face of women's wrestling...if Taylor hadn't been called to a WWE tryout five matches into her undefeated streak. Nonetheless, she never officially lost the belt.
  • The Bully: Became this to her former tormentor Daffney on TNA's B Show Xplosion. The mind behind this was Sarita, who was fed up with their losing streak since losing the tag team titles and eventually turned on Wilde after losing in a title match againt Madison Rayne.
  • The Bus Came Back: Taylor Wilde returns to Impact Wrestling ten years after her initial retirement, and it shows that she still gets it in wrestling!
  • The Rival
    • Taylor's first was Tiana Ringer, feuding with her in Battle Angles, Blood Sweat And Ears, Border City Wrestling and Norther Championship wrestling but teaming with her in the Canadian version of UWA. Their rivalry is what got SHIMMER's attention.
    • SHIMMER in turn saw Taylor kick off an even bigger rivalry with Cheerleader Melissa, who teamed against Taylor with Ringer on Volume 2, although much of this wasn't with Melissa officially but with Raisha Saeed as she handled Awesome Kong and formed the Kongtourage with Sojo Bolt and Rhaka Khan, the latter of whom offered her help to Wilde at first to sabotage her efforts. There was a brief truce between them to stop The Beautiful People but when Knockout Tag Team belts were brought into the picture Alissa Flash challenged Wilde and Sarita with Daffney and Traci Brooks as partners, unsuccessfully and Raisha failed against them with Kong. Flash was the one to beat Wilde in her retirement match, getting the last laugh.
  • Tertiary Sexual Characteristics: One of Shantelle's symbols is a skull with cracks around the eyes that resemble lashes. Sometimes it has a bow too.
  • Too Many Belts: Has a shiny silverish set of ring gear that requires five belts just to stay up with two more belts around her boots seemingly for the hell of it. She has a red version of the same concept, only with buttons.
  • Vocal Dissonance: Okay, maybe not to the degree of Low Ki but she has one of the deeper and most forceful voices of the knockouts, despite being one of the shortest. Especially when she sells. It's not hard to imagine why WWE wanted to disguise her as a man.
  • We Used to Be Friends
    • Natalya Neidhart was the one to finally help Shantelle overcome the alliance of Angel Williams and Krissy Vaine in Deep South but was immediately made her adversary in the WWE version of Florida Championship Wrestling.
    • Taylor Wilde and Roxxi Laveaux concocted a scheme to humiliate The Beautiful People with a "thespian" going by "The Governor" from "an undisclosed part of Alaska" after an invitation from TNA was declined by Sarah Palin. After The Beautiful People's inevitable retaliation, their fake governor was revealed to be an alternate personality of one Daffney, who snapped and blamed Taylor Wilde and only Taylor Wilde for whole thing...but since multiple personalities were in play it might be safe to say Wilde might have remained friends with one of them.
    • A recent example in Impact Wrestling is Killer Kelly. They teamed up and almost got things in common, but Taylor decides to turn on her as she was playing mind games with her tarot cards on the Portuguese-born wrestler, and cemented when Taylor brings KiLynn King to attack Killer Kelly.
  • What He Said: She and Sarita once went through a phase of, during interviews, Sarita reeling off a string of Spanish and Wilde finishing off the interview with "What she said!" They did the EXACT same thing with Matt Morgan & Hernandez. And at the same tine too, although it was never acknowledged.
  • Wrestling Doesn't Pay: Became a wrestling top model to supplement her income, though promotions downplayed it once she got the sorority girl gimmick.