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""I met gay Batman, and he's AWESOME!"."
Cullen Row, after interacting with Midnighter

With the fading tradition of portraying gay people as effeminate, weak or perverted, and with some people using the word "gay" as if it meant "incompetent" or "stupid", it still requires some skill to successfully make a character badass while at the same time have the character directly or indirectly engage in same-sex romance. If done well, the contrast between the negative stereotypes and the awesomeness of the character can enhance the character(s) and/or the plot.

The stereotype of gay people as effeminate-and according to them, weak because of it-is almost exclusively used toward gay men. So to counter that stereotype, badass gay male characters are often Manly Gay or Gayngster. But that is not always the case with all—enter Agent Peacock. Lesbians have the opposite problem since they often fall into the Lesbian Jock or Butch Lesbian stereotype in media. In their case, being badass isn't so much the problem as much as making the character more well-rounded.


Note that gay romance or a gay/bi identity is enough for this trope—it doesn't have to be both.

The audience can be expected to regard a romance between two individuals of different genders as simply a romance, yet regarding a romance between two individuals of the same gender as a gay romance rather than just a romance. However, unless the work is about homophobia, don't expect the characters to encounter any homophobes raining on their parade. Except maybe a stray Straw Loser or two who likely ends up getting their ass kicked by the Badass Gay character. However, don't be surprised if they get suspiciously similarly discriminated against for some unrelated and maybe unearthly reason. Author Appeal or Author Tract may be involved.

May overlap with Manly Gay, Agent Peacock, and Gayngster.



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    Anime and Manga 
  • Air Gear has Yasuyoshi Sano, otherwise known as "Aeon Clock" who fights on par with King-level Storm Riders despite not having any form of Regalia. Shalott and Arthur could also count, in a darker fashion, each being dangerous fighters in their own right aswell as a couple (not to say that their relationship is healthy).
  • Bulat of Akame ga Kill! is known as 100 Man-Slayer Bulat and is not shy about his interest in men. He is one of, if not the, physically strongest characters in the series, and is capable of taking on three of the Empire's strongest soldiers all at once with an armor and halberd. His strength has even been compared to Esdeath's.
  • Ymir from Attack on Titan is established to be a lesbian, and has the combat prowess sufficient to earn a place among the top 10 graduates in her military class. However, she intentionally slacked off to give her Love Interest a shot at a top score, and rarely shows her true skill unless it's to protect Krista. She's also a Titan Shifter, with speed and agility sufficient to make other Shifters wary of her. The second-ranked graduate, Reiner Braun, may be one as well. He has a tendency to make conflicting statements about his sexuality, but the highly-insightful Ymir states they're both "uninterested in the opposite sex" and he agrees with this assessment.
  • Sweden from Axis Powers Hetalia is described by some of Himaruya's old notes as homosexual, "homosexual for Finland" to be a little more specific. In canon, he literally walks across the frozen sea between Sweden and Denmark, and won that particular war because of it.
  • Grelle Sutcliff from Black Butler is an insane and flamboyant reaper who wields a death scythe in the form of a chainsaw and is one-half of Jack The Ripper. She can be at times a ruthless and bloodthirsty character (to the point where her favorite color is red for the sole reason of it being the color of blood) that will kill off her own allies once she loses interest in them, with a crazed grin on her face and feeling no remorse afterwards whatsoever. Though much of fandom continues to insist she's a gay man, Word of God has indicated that she is a trans woman, and her relationship with Madame Red qualifies her as bisexual.
  • Danganronpa 3:
    • Juzo Sakakura. An amazingly capable fighter (considering his talent) and dedicated solely to his beloved Kyousuke Munakata.
    • Also Junko Enoshima herself, with at least one canonical sexual partner of each sex (Mikan and Matsuda) and possible interest in others.
  • Mina Hazuki from Darker Than Black is able to fight the protagonist Hei to a standstill three times and has a distinct preference for women, something that makes the fact that her renumeration for using her powers is to French kiss men annoy her greatly. On one occasion she tries to get "rid of the taste" by rinsing her mouth with vodka and kissing a woman right afterwards.
  • Dragon Ball:
    • General Blue from Dragon Ball is gay and powerful enough to defeat Kuririn and take on Goku, and he can paralyze someone just by glaring at them (literally). He even survived a massive cave-in on the bottom of the ocean with seemingly no injuries. His homosexuality helps in some sense because Bulma tried to sexually distract him, and while he does momentarily lose his focus it's more out of annoyance from thinking she was a guy.
    • Sanka Ku and Vikal from Dragon Ball Super are two of the most powerful women in Universe 2, and episode 102 reveals that they are in a romantic relationship when Vikal saves Sanka Ku from an out of bounds elimination in the Tournament of Power. The two say each other's names and hug while a pink background overlayed with roses appears around them, and Helles says that they are the face of Universe 2: Cooperation through love.
  • Fairy Tail:
    • Fried Justine has been shown to be at least bisexual based on the Volume 33 Extras, which show him smiling and blushing at 3D models of nude men. He can write runes which, although not meant for combat, can set rules for an environment that affect even Makarov, one of the most powerful characters in the series. If the rules aren't followed one's oxygen supply can be cut off. He can also hold his own against Mirajane while she's using Satan Soul.
    • More villainous examples are two female demons from the Tartaros Guild, Kyôka and Seilah, who are heavily implied to be lovers. And both are quite badass, as Kyôka is able to fight Erza blow-for-blow and nearly defeat her, and Seilah utterly trashed Mirajane during their fight (at one point using nothing but books to do it) and used her Macro to nearly kill the entire Fairy Tail Guild.
  • Dee and Ryo from FAKE have always been badass detectives in the series. But it's not until the sequel where they've officially become a couple and Ryo has gotten over his gayngst that the trope finally sticks. Though in Dee's case, he'd be more Badass Bi.
  • Fushigi Yuugi's Nuriko swoons over Hotohori (and later on, Miaka) and is a Wholesome Crossdresser...but has super strength and kicks some major ass. Right up to the end. Tomo may also count as a villainous example.
  • Aru Akise from Future Diary. While he claims he isn't gay, he has definite romantic feelings for Yukiteru going as far as kissing him shortly before dying, and he's a Badass Normal who can outsmart half the major cast, despite most of them being able to see the future.
  • O.D. in Gatchaman Crowds is so incredibly Camp Gay he seems like a comic-relief character, but he's actually the most powerful Gatchaman by far. He rarely, if ever, fights because he'd probably end up destroying the world.
  • "Black" Vilma from Karakuri Circus has this as an Establishing Character Moment when she's introduced: she kills a small group of gun-toting thugs and their employer with nothing but throwing knives (at one point cutting a bullet in half) to avenge her femme girlfriend, who dies in front of her after sharing one last kiss. In a world of wielders of giant killer puppets, semi-immortal android-like warriors and bloodsucking evil automatons she manages to hold her own with nothing but her knife-throwing skills ("Black Vilma's knives are faster than bullets"). Downplayed in the anime, where she's not openly lesbian (though she does flirt with Shirogane, the main female lead).
  • Mio Kusakai from Keijo!!!!!!!! is openly a lesbian, and frequently flirts with and gropes her fellow students. However, she's the top-ranked student in her class, easily overcomes a lot of the harshest training techniques, and is frequently talked up by everyone.
  • According to Word of Gay, Nanoha and Fate from Lyrical Nanoha, who are two of the most badass Magical Girl Warriors in their universe, are also in a committed relationship with each other. If you've seen the show this should come as no surprise. There are plenty of others (Vita, Hayate, Subaru, Teana, Vivio, Einhart, etc...) but Nanoha and Fate are the only ones who have actually had their sexuality confirmed.
  • Bobby Margo from Macross Frontier. Acts extremely Camp Gay outside of combat, but when shit hits the fan, he does a 180 and takes his job as the Macross Quarter's helmsman seriously.
  • Setsuna Sakurazaki from Mahou Sensei Negima! has a very blatant crush on her childhood friend and charge, Konoka (no matter how much she might deny it), and she's one of the front line fighters for Ala Alba.
  • Mai-HiME:
    • Shizuru Fujino spends most of the series lying low and hiding her HiME status, but when she lets loose when her crush Natsuki is in danger she absolutely destroys Nao in their fight and obliterates the First District during her Sanity Slippage Roaring Rampage of Revenge. Also of note is that Natsuki technically never outfights her and Shizuru seems to have the upper hand during most of their battle, only stopping with Natsuki gets her into a Cooldown Hug and has her CHILD kill both of them (they got better). Natsuki herself qualifies as a Badass Biker Dual Wielding small pistols, and the artbooks confirm she gets together with Shizuru after the series.
    • The alternate universe sequel series Mai-Otome is far less ambiguous about Shizuru and Natsuki being a couple, and the two of them combined make up two of the five Columns and some of the strongest Otome in the series.
  • Maken-ki!: Takaki became a lesbian, due to a traumatic incident that left her androphobic, but hasn't allowed it to interfere with her duties Tenbi Academy's student council president. Because it's her responsibility to maintain discipline at the school and protect its students from outside threats, like Kamigari.
  • Tohru from Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid is a dragon powerful enough to bring about the end of the world and is openly in love with Kobayashi. Several other powerful dragons in series are also shown to either be lesbians (Kanna, Elma) or bisexual (Lucoa, Ilulu).
  • Bon Clay, Ivankov, and his followers from One Piece are Okama and very badass. Bon Clay disfigures Magellan in Impel Down, while Ivankov is a commander in the Revolutionary Army and one of the most powerful characters in the series, curb-stomping people with a wink and fighting evenly with Bartholomew Kuma. The Okama in general use Okama Kenpo, a fighting style that uses ballet-like kicks.
  • Puri-Puri Prisoner from One-Punch Man is a hammy superhero who fights for the men of the world that he finds attractive, and his powered-up form increases his muscle mass so much that it shreds his clothes. He's an S-Ranked fighter and can fight one-on-one against villains powerful enough to destroy cities.
  • In Queen's Blade, despite having huge undercurrents of subtext throughout the series, only a few of the characters are actually confirmed to be lesbians. Such as:
    • Menace, the princess of Amara. She loves nothing more than to be doted on by her many female slaves, and should the situation call for it she can kick ass with martial arts and dark magic.
    • Elina Vance, who serves as the Captain of her family's Royal Guard. She's equally proficient with her spear and in unarmed combat. And, in all continuities, she lusts after both her older sisters, but has a stronger attraction to Leina.
    • Irma and Echidna's relationship was confirmed, via flashback, revealing they used to sleep together during the time Echidna was training her in the Assassin's Fang Guild. But their relationship ended the day Echidna walked out on her without a word of explanation, or so much as a goodbye.
  • Release the Spyce is a series about lesbian ninja spies who attend an all-girls high school.
  • Juri Arisugawa from Revolutionary Girl Utena is a closeted lesbian and quite possibly the best duellist in the show. She's the only one whom Utena never truly outfought, as her defeat came about through either divine intervention (first duel) or Juri disqualifying herself (second duel). The same series also has quite a few badass bisexuals, particularly Utena herself.
  • Kamatari Honjo from Rurouni Kenshin. Despite looking like a girl in both face and body frame, he can fight very well with a giant scythe/flail as if it was nothing and shows an extreme and serious devotion to his master, Shishio Makoto.
  • Sailor Moon:
    • The series has a pair of badass lesbians in Sailors Uranus and Neptune. Utterly ruthless in their mission, willing to sacrifice individuals to save the world, and are shown to be entirely refined. It's little wonder that they're always fan favorites.
    • From the first arc of The '90s anime, Kunzite. One of the most competent and dangerous villains of any arc, and the only one who wasn't a Big Bad to go down fighting against the Sailor Senshi instead of accepting redemption or being shot in the back by an ally or superior. His lover Zoisite is far less badass, but still not exactly a weakling.
    • The fifth season/arc introduced the Sailor Starlights. Though they disguise themselves as men, they are women and as tough as Sailor Guardians are expected to be. One of them, Sailor Star Fighter, is also in love with Sailor Moon and it is heavily implied Princess Kakyuu.
  • Miku Kohinata from Senki Zesshou Symphogear after gaining her own Symphogear Shenshou Jing and being brainwashed. The reason she can link with it is her love for Hibiki. Miku then gets her Gear back in an upgraded form in the Grand Finale of XV where she helps the others save the world from Shem-Ha. In the same vein, the person she's in love with, Hibiki, is also revealed to be one in the Grand Finale with her admitting that "[she] wants to take Miku for [herself]" and the two are heavily implied to have confessed to each other in the final scene of the series.
  • Seraph of the End:
    • Mikaela "Mika" Hyakuya is implied to be in love with his childhood friend Yuuichirou (who may be one as well) with his obsession to rescue him and run away alone together with him carrying serious undertones. He's also quite an accomplished fighter as a vampire.
    • Ferid Barthory claims to be in love with Krul even after she cuts his arm off and has a self-professed love for both young girls and boys, like the aforementioned Mika in particular. He's also one of the Progenitors, meaning he's one HELL of a powerful Vampire.
  • While Leeron from Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann may be incredibly Camp Gay and not a direct fighter, he is still the main mechanic for the show's Humongous Mecha and one of the first to embrace Kamina's philosophy.
  • Yes, Head, the main villain of Star Driver, is a Manipulative Bastard who sleeps with Anything That Moves. That said, his bisexuality does not change anything about his incredible combat abilities and skills with a sword. In fact, his hypersexuality might actually be the key to his success, with him being the "warrior with the biggest libido" and all.
  • Tenkuu Shinpan: Nise is head over heels in love with the protagonist Yuri Honjo, and also a cold-blooded killer and one of the most powerful characters in the manga. Yuri herself may return her affections, though it is left ambiguous, with hints like constantly complimenting Nise's looks and possibly stealing a kiss from her, and by the end of the story, she essentially becomes as powerful as god in their dimension.
  • Nathan Seymour aka Fire Emblem (no connection to the video game franchise) from the series Tiger & Bunny appears to be just a Camp Gay character, but is a superhero and a successful CEO who dabbles in various business affairs for fun. He can get very serious when needed, though he rarely ever is. His costume even looks like a cross between Batman's and Gatchaman's.
  • Tokyo Babylon and X/1999 are in the same continuity, and have two charas who fit in here perfectly:
    • Pretty-boy Subaru Sumeragi is canonically in love with his nemesis Seishirou Sakurazuka. He is also one of the strongest mystics and fighters of the whole series. He kicks serious and major ass, whether as a fighter (he's able to fight Fumma and live to tell) or as a psychic (he puts himself at extremely severe risk to bring Kamui back from his nasty Angst Coma and manages to fill his mission).
    • The aforementioned Seishirou Sakurazuka also counts, though whether he is gay or bisexual or simply Subaru-sexual is never clarified. In any way, Seishirou is a Serial Killer and Master of Illusion who's been active ever since his teen years and one of the most deadly members of the Dragon of the Earth, if not the deadliest after Fuuma.
  • Shuu Tsukiyama of Tokyo Ghoul has over-the-top Camp mannerisms and develops an obsession with Ken Kaneki. He's also a very dangerous and infamous Ghoul known as "The Gourmet'' who's skilled in martial arts and very deadly when using his kagune, managing to fight Kaneki, Touka, and Nishiki all by himself.
  • Valkyrie Drive: Mermaid, being the type of series that it is, has a Cast Full of Gay. Special notice goes to Mirei Shikishima, and Lady J and Rain Hasumi considering all the trouble they cause for the Welter. Lady J and Rain, in particular, are feared throughout Mermaid Island because of their strength.
  • Yu Yu Hakusho:
  • Yuri!!! on Ice has Victor Nikiforov (either gay or Yuri-sexual). He's the best male figure skater in the world, often described as a Living Legend. As of Episode 7, he and main character Yuri are the show's Official Couple and in Episode 10, they are happily engaged.
  • Valmet from Jormungand was a former Finnish Rapid Deployment Force officer and now serves a valuable member of Koko's faction, able subdue opponents that her twice her size and is masterful with firearms, despite her injury. On top of that, she has a massive crush on Koko which she makes no effort to hide.

    Comic Books 

  • The Kate Kane version of Batwoman is a lesbian who is not only canonically able to match Batman one on one in a fight but has shown herself able to take down everything from mutated animal/human hybrids, ghosts, ancient greek demi-gods and rampaging robots and cyborgs. In the final arc of the JH Williams run she handily defeats even Bane with ease and she's saved all of Gotham from destruction on multiple occasions. She also killed the head of the Religion of Crime despite having been stabbed through the heart. Even before becoming Batwoman, Kate was a highly skilled cadet at West Point, where she earned several difficult badges, won the academy boxing championship, and scored highly in physical fitness.
  • From 2000 AD, we have Devlin Waugh. A flamboyantly camp gay freelance operative for the futuristic Catican who's been through more life and death situations than one can name, who can literally take vampires down with his bare hands. And this's before he becomes one himself.
  • Dolltopia has Candy X, especially when she saves Candy O from the grip of a lobster.
  • Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy, and Catwoman from the Batman franchise are all bisexual and grew popular enough to warrant their own spinoff as the Gotham City Sirens.
  • Wonder Woman
    • Wonder Woman (1987): Io, whose crush on Diana is well known, may come off as a Gentle Giant but she takes her oaths as an Amazon seriously and manages to land a wounding blow on Ares when he comes to take the girl under her protection. Ares himself complements her commitment and martial skill.
    • Wonder Woman (2006): Achilles ditches Zeus' manipulative plan, moves to DC and starts dating his real-estate agent. He still steps in when there's trouble afoot and is an even more effective and strong fighter than he was when he opposed Diana as his power is tied to his conviction and he did not feel comfortable with Zeus' plan to subjugate humanity, while protecting non-combatants and his boyfriend is a cause he can get behind.
    • Her Wonder Woman (2011) adaptation more than qualifies as a demigod recently bumped up to God of War known as something of a heart-breaker on Paradise Island.
    • Wonder Woman (Rebirth): Etta O. Candy is into the ladies as revealed by her crush on Barbara and is a Badass Normal who has been a part of A.R.G.U.S. and is currently in the Navy.
  • The retconned Alan Scott/Green Lantern (formerly straight and married to two different women with two kids in the original universe, now openly gay in the re-imagined parallel universe) for DC's New 52 Earth 2 JSA probably counts. Ironically, by making Alan Scott gay, they had to erase his equally gay and equally badass son from existence, and James Robinson even said he made Alan gay because Obsidian (Alan's son) was retgonned due to the New 52 and he felt bad that a gay character had been lost.
  • Deadpool, according to Word of Gay, is potentially any sexuality at any given moment because of the ever-changing state of his brain cells rather than a stable orientation to which a label can be applied, and a total badass. He's a mercenary with a superhuman Healing Factor who is adept in martial arts, marksmanship, and swordsmanship, and capable of fighting evenly with Wolverine and the Incredible Hulk.
  • Bitchy Butch is one in her daydreams.
  • Rainbow in the Dark has Donna and Raina, although they don't officially become this until the fourth issue. And they spend the rest of the series as a Battle Couple.
  • Iceman is an omega level mutant, and his upcoming series places a lot of focus on his exploring his newfound sexuality.
  • Scott Pilgrim:
    • Wallace Wells, although he doesn't actually fight himself. However, he manages to tank for Ramona during her fight with Envy.
    • Roxie Richter is the ex-girlfriend of Ramona Flowers, and a "Half-Ninja" who has Super Speed.
  • The Authority has Midnighternote , who is gay and quite badass. His husband/love interest Apollonote  is quite badass as well.
    Midnighter: Let me make this situation clear for you. I know what special abilities you have. I can see the enhancements. I can detect the increased electrical activity in your brain. I know what moves you're preparing to make. I've fought our fight already, in my head, in a million different ways. I can hit you without you even seeing me. I'm what soldiers dream of growing into. I'm what children see when they first imagine what death is like. I'm the Midnighter. Your move.
  • Rotor the Walrus from Sonic the Hedgehog is gay. Rather notoriously, Sega ordered the creators to keep his sexuality low-key.
  • Rictor and Shatterstar from X-Factor, both of whom can kick plenty of ass with or without powers. While Shatterstar doesn't seem to think of love in terms of gender, Rictor came out as gay and not bi, as previously assumed (he had been in on-panel relationships with women, but apparently never found them fulfilling).
  • Wiccan and Hulkling from the Young Avengers. Both are undeniably badass with one being a reality-warping mutant and the other a shape-shifter alien hybrid. They also happen to be in a happy relationship with each other and will do unspeakable things to anyone that tries to hurt the other. And from Volume 2 of the series, Miss America Chavez. She punches holes in the universe and is even more of a badass than Hulking and Wiccan.
  • The character Bunker from the Teen Titans. He's a badass Gay teenager from Mexico who can create brick-like structures at will and has a boyfriend.
  • X-Treme X-Men Volume 2, an Exiles-esque book starring X-Men from alternate realities, has Governor-General Howlett and his boyfriend...who happens to be a certain estranged son of Zeus.
  • Before Watchmen, has Silhouette; determined young defender of children and the vulnerable. Captain Metropolis and Hooded Justice also count, the former ex-military who organized the team, the latter a large man who once threw a statue through a window at some armed crooks and charged in after it.
  • The Corinthian, in the creepiest possible way.
  • Doom Patrol has the villain Monsieur Mallah, who is both gay and a badass communist revolutionary gorilla. He's happily committed to The Brain, a Brain in a Jar mastermind behind the Brotherhood, the Patrol's archenemies.
  • The Walking Dead has the creator's favorite, Paul "Jesus" Monroe, who's not too shabby at unarmed combat, being an escape artist, and having a rocking beard.
  • Spider-Man:
    • ''The Ultimate Marvel version of Spider-Woman has come out of the closet as a lesbian with an interest in "natural redheads" and "Jewish girls", which isn't all that surprising considering she is a gender-swapped clone of Peter Parker and has all of his memories.
    • Felicia Hardy/Black Cat, being bisexual in the main universe and married to a black woman in the alternate universe of Spider-Girl.
  • Karolina Dean from Runaways is a lesbian as well as a sentient energy construct made of sunlight.
  • Red Racer from The Multiversity, the Earth-36 counterpart of The Flash who is in a relationship with Flashlight – the Green Lantern analogue of that universe. Especially so during the final chapter when he leads an army of his speedster counterparts to deal a mortal blow against the corrupted Nix Uotan.
  • Saga has its fair share of examples, including Petrichor, a Transgender woman from Wreath who is not to be trifled with; Prince Robot IV, a war veteran whose sexuality is described as "fluid"; and Upsher and Doff, two gay journalists from Jetsam (a planet where homosexuality is outlawed) covering the ongoing war between Landfall and Wreath and managing to escape from many scrapes with their lives.
  • In Scalped, Shunka, Red Crow's brutal enforcer, is eventually revealed to be a closeted homosexual.
  • Circles:
    • Gus is a Butch Lesbian who is big and strong and hits the gym with Ken and his buds. She has a passion for boxing and can beat up any jerk they encounter.
    • Arthur is a big bear with a heart of gold, but when he and Doug encounter a thief, he chases after him and knocks him out with a mighty punch.
  • Shows up in Sin City of all places. One of Wallace's friends helps him against the Mafia, though he dies in the attempt (his boyfriend and Wallace burn his body) while one of the prostitutes goes to Dwight for help against the goons who accidentally killed her girlfriend, killing them all in the end.
  • In Lesbian Zombies from Outer Space, Gwen is a real lesbian fighting to escape her home town overrun with the lesbian zombie creatures spawned from space. Teamed up with the horny and not-too-bright Ace, he tends to get the pair into trouble, while she gets them out of it. Hinted to also be bi-curious, but nothing concrete.
  • Grendel: Several. In the Hunter Rose arc, there's Larry Stohler, who was the only one to independently figure out Hunter's identity as Grendel and rose to become his Information Broker. In the War Child arc, there's Susan Veraghen, who is a Butch Lesbian and quite possibly the only human warrior good enough to go up against the Cyborg Paladin Grendel-Prime. Jupiter Assante may qualify too; he's seen married to a woman in between books, but Word of Gay states he's flexible.
  • John Constantine from Hellblazer, who is bisexual and is explicitly shown having flings with both men and women. He is also the one man the Devil hates the most in the world, and can terrify a roomful of powerful magicians with his presence alone.
  • Clean Room has Killian, Astrid's ex-Mossad personal bodyguard, and Duncan, a veteran of multiple special forces militias.
  • Squirrel Girl has taken down some of the biggest baddies in the Marvel U like Dr. Doom, M.O.D.O.K., and Thanos, singlehandedly. It's also heavily implied in one of her future spots that she's bisexual, showing an attraction to Thor, having a brief relationship with Speedball of the New Warriors after fangirling over him for years, and seeming to be involved romantically with her college roommate Nancy sometime in the future.
  • Moondragon of The Avengers and the Guardians of the Galaxy is one of the universe's more powerful telepaths and houses the power of an ancient dragon of the moon within her. She's also bisexual having a relationship with the first two Quasars (the first being male and the second a female lesbian). On that note, The second Quasar, Phyla-Vel certainly qualifies for this trope as well, while the third might have if she didn't die off so quickly.
  • Virtue, leader of The Movement who are either superheroes or terrorists depending on who you ask, has known she liked girls at least since she was ten.
  • With the IDW Transformers comics being quite willing to include same-gender conjunx endurae (particularly in The Transformers: More Than Meets the Eye, although The Transformers: Windblade and The Transformers: Robots in Disguise have their share too), and Cybertronians being giant robots who have been at war for millions of years, this was inevitable.
    • Cyclonus is an ancient Cybertronian robo-samurai who has been fighting since before anyone even knew what a "Decepticon" was. He forms a romantic relationship with Tailgate, a tiny bot with an innocent soul...who gains super-strength partway through the second season and takes down a Serial Killer by lifting up the Rodpod, a ship large enough to hold a dozen Transformers with room to spare, and bringing it down bluntly on Sunder's head.
    • Cons4eva and Crankcase. Crankcase is one of the more potent members of the Scavengers, at one point using a Cybernought battlesuit to bowl over half the Decepticon Justice Division, and Cons4eva is a Dire Wraith who can punch open the doors to a Cybertronian ship.
    • Arcee is a terrifying war engine of an Action Girl who the Autobots fear a little and the Decepticons fear a lot. She and Aileron, a fellow female robot, are doubtless very happy together.
    • Ratchet, the resident Dr. Jerk, is also the kind of doctor who does things like shooting Decepticon Super Soldiers in the face or crash-tackling Mad Doctors while crumbling from plague. He and Drift, a chirpy, upbeat, deeply religious unstoppable katana wielder, form a very close relationship.
    • While neither Rewind nor Chromedome are unusually gifted combatants (Chromedome is a gifted mnemosurgeon, and Rewind has such a rare altmode that he's not actually allowed to fight), Rewind's now-missing former lover, Dominus Ambus, was The Ace: a philosopher, scientist, reformist crusader, explorer and spy.
  • In the French comic Les Passagers du Vent, set in the late XVII Ith century, Grignoux, the fat and ugly cook on a slaver ship who sneers at the sailors for being uncouth brutes while they jeer at his cowardice and homosexuality. He is indeed homosexual (when his heavy-handed come-ons to one of the ship's boys are rejected with scorn his barely-controlled rage has to be seen) but he is no coward, climbing up a mast in a storm to hack a piece of it before it makes the ship founder and contributing to put down a mutiny with expertly-thrown kitchen knives. As it turns out, he actually is a pirate captain who used this alias to rejoin his ship and crew ( who deem it healthy to obey him without questions. )
  • Nicolo di Genova AKA "Nicky" and Yusuf Al-Kaysani AKA "Joe" in The Old Guard by Greg Rucka are a nearly millennium-old immortal Battle Couple who first met while fighting on opposing sides of The Crusades. After trying (and failing) to kill each other multiple times upon discovering their immortality, they ultimately became lovers and joined the band of similarly-immortal mercenaries run by the ancient Scythian warrior Andromache of Scythia.

    Fan Works 

  • Tracy on Cooties. In the beginning, he's the definition of an anxious gay mess: The one who almost got bitten, the first at having panic attacks, even fading after watching one of his teammates go into one of the kid's brain, he was almost useless for the team in the film. But at the time for battle, he created a homemade flail out of forks and became a really good member when using it to clear the path.
  • The Wild Geese (1978). Despite the fact that he's a rather faaaaaaaaabulous queen, The Medic of the mercenary unit has few qualms with getting stuck into the thick of it, and dies so the others can escape.
    Witty: My, just look at you big bastards! [pulls out knife] What a bloody shame we can't be friends.
  • Played with regarding Jillian Holtzmann of Ghostbusters (2016), who is very much a badass and who according to Word of God is intended to be a lesbian, but whose sexual orientation is not explicitly identified due to Executive Meddling. Kate McKinnon, the actress playing her, is also a lesbian.
  • In the Film/It (2017) and It: Chapter Two films, Richie Tozier attacks the main villain at the age of twelve, murders Henry Bowers to save Mike, and rips off a spider leg out of rage, and is revealed to like boys, and be in love with his male childhood best friend.
  • "Gay" Perry in Kiss Kiss Bang Bang is a very tough Private Detective. In one scene, it turns out he's hidden a gun in his crotch because if he's frisked by a man who knows he's gay it's the best hiding spot. When Perry uses it, Harry experiences a moment of confusion about whether there was a gun in there or it was "a gay thing".
  • The Mad Max series sprinkles gay subtext in both heroes and villains.
    • In Mad Max, the police captain is an enormous mustachioed man named Fifi who wears his police leathers with a particularly "leatherman" look. The villainous biker gang are often shown dancing with each other. Toecutter also has several very homoerotic exchanges with the gang's twink, Johnny the Boy.
    • In The Road Warrior, the Badass Biker Wex wears assless chaps and always rides with a pretty young boy on his bike, whom Lord Humongous refers to as Wex's "loved one." When the boy gets killed, Wex becomes highly emotional and goes on a Roaring Rampage of Revenge.
  • Jean Girard in Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby is an ace racing driver, and when Ricky takes a swing at him in a bar, Girard effortlessly avoids the blow, then slaps Ricky across the face, pins him to a pool table and breaks his arm. Then he introduces everybody to his husband.
  • Hikaru Sulu in the Star Trek reboot movies which began with Star Trek (2009) is confirmed to have a daughter with his same-sex partner, and is also a badass Starfleet officer and fencer.
  • My Fellow Americans,:
    • The ex-presidents Kramer and Douglas are saved from an assassin by a Friendly Sniper. When they meet the man to thank him, he gently reminds them they already met "somewhere over the rainbow." They encountered Flemming dressed as Dorothy in a pride parade.
    • The Dykes On Bikes riders who offer the pair a lift also count. Kramer muses after meeting them that he should have reconsidered banning gays from the military - "the Army could use a few of these gals."
  • In the parody film Stripperland, the badass Tallahassee parodied character, Frisco, is revealed to be gay.
  • Alpa Chino in Tropic Thunder is a very deeply closeted gay rapper who accidentally reveals his sexuality shortly before the climactic scene where the actors, well, act their way into a heroin farm to save Tugg Speedman, and he more than proves himself to be pretty badass despite going to battle with a gun that only fires blanks.
  • In Wagons East, John C. McGinley plays a Camp Gay pioneer who is also revealed to be a gunslinger.
  • In the film version of Watchmen (but not the comic), the lesbian "Silhouette" is among the first generation of superheroes. In both versions, the homophobia against her from other superheroes is used as a narrative tool to portray the superhero subculture as being morally bankrupt.
  • Adele in XXX Return Of Xander Cage is heavily implied to be gay, and is also a badass sharpshooter and type 3 Gunslinger. Bonus points for being played by Ruby Rose, who is gay in Real Life.
  • Hallet and Lope in Alien: Covenant are a gay married couple and both trained soldiers, serving as the muscle for the Covenant team.
  • Lorraine Broughton in Atomic Blonde is essentially a Distaff Counterpart to John Wick, and is also bisexual and has an affair with a French operative played by Sofia Boutella during the film.
  • Noland from Predators appears to be this, if you take his comment about the men on the Riviera seriously. He's survived several seasons alone on the Yautja's hunting planet, though he has gone quite insane and will kill other people for their supplies.
  • Negasonic Teenage Warhead in Deadpool and Deadpool 2 is in a relationship with fellow mutant and X-Men member Yukio. This technically makes them the first gay superheroes in an X-Men movie (or any Marvel movie, for that matter.)
  • Lando Calrissian was established by Word of Gay to be pansexual in Solo, and he displays a notably flirtatious attitude towards Han in addition to Qi'ra, L3 and several aliens throughout the film. He remains the same rakish rogue, gambler, smuggler and crack shot he was in the original trilogy.
  • Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald: Dumbledore. Everyone is sure that he is the only man who could stop Grindelwald, but he's still in love with him.
  • Kingsman: The Golden Circle has Sir Elton John, of all people. During the climactic fight sequence, he proves himself to be an inexplicably competent fighter, taking down several of Poppy's goons (while wearing one of his infamously fabulous costumes, complete with high heels, to boot) and helping Harry destroy one of Poppy's Killer Robot dogs.
  • Birds of Prey has Renee Montoya, a lesbian Gotham PD detective, as well as Harley Quinn, who is confirmed to be bi in the opening animation which shows she dated at least one woman while in college. Both are also badass asskickers who team up to take down Black Mask and his hired guns.

    Light Novels 
  • Kuroko Shirai in A Certain Magical Index, who is very obsessed with trying to romance her senpai with little to no success and is a highly competent law officer and is master of teleportation.
  • Margot Knight and Malga Naruze in Horizon in the Middle of Nowhere. They are a lesbian Battle Couple capable to take down a God of War which is generally considered impossible by anything other than another God of War or a battleship.
  • No. 6 has Nezumi. He's in a relationship with Shion. That's not hidden, although it isn't often discussed, and rather nicely threaded in with the plot. He also plays a woman on stage, though that's not uncommon for the setting. He's also a total badass. No one doubts his badassery. Meanwhile, Shion himself shows insane amounts of determination and rather harrowing moments of Beware the Nice Ones when it comes to defending Nezumi. He throws coffee in Rikiga's face for even suggesting Nezumi try prostituting himself to earn money; he nearly throttles a man trying to kill Nezumi later on, and shoots a guard dead at near point-blank range for injuring Nezumi. Shion may be stuck in Nezumi's shadow for a lot of the Badass moments of the series, but he's still got more than his fair share — especially in the original novels.

  • A Brother's Price has Cira, who had a relationship with a woman at least once, went undercover, disguising as criminal to find out who murdered her father and elder sisters, and rescues her newlywed husband, who hasn't yet met her. She's quite badass.
  • The God Eaters features two badass gay main characters. Ash is perhaps unconventionally badass, using his wits to save the day, but Keiran?
    Ashleigh: He kills people. In batches, to save time.
  • The Great Library has Christopher Wolfe, who despite lacking formal combat training can still hold his own in a fight. And then there's his lover, Niccolo Santi, a captain in the Library's High Garda and Wolfe's fellow Badass Teacher.
  • The Hellequin Chronicles has Matthew, a former Knight Templar and head of one of the most powerful werewolf packs in Europe, who everyone with more than one brain cell treats with total respect.
  • Hunter from Neil Gaiman's Neverwhere. Everybody in London Below agrees that she's the queen of badassery; just mentioning her name gets her instant respect.
  • In Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, the final book of the Harry Potter, Dumbledore's backstory is revealed. It details how his friendship and rivalry with Gellert Grindelwald made him the Badass Mentor he has been throughout the series. However, it's so subtle most people never thought about it until Word of Gay canonized it. This doesn't change that Dumbledore was the most powerful wizard in the world until his death and that he fought Voldemort to a draw.
  • In The Vampire Chronicles, one of the strongest vampires from all of time, due to his encounters with different prominent vampires, and a total badass is Lestat. Even though he was a total badass gay (or Bi, maybe) before becoming a vampire gaining the title of "wolf killer", it's afterwards that he becomes a rich, respected and well-known vampire.
  • In Nemesis the protagonist is a transgender lesbian who inherits the powers of the most powerful superhero, Dreadnought. While Dreadnought is sort of a Superman Expy their powers resemble more those of Carol Danvers or the Silver Surfer. There are also other queer superheroes who show up or are mentioned.
  • In Prinsessan Kristalla, the titular Princess Crystallia and her girlfriend have several badass moments, like when they save the dragon from all the Knight Templar "heroes".
  • In the final novel of the Slave World series, two female protagonists have to go on a daring rescue mission behind enemy lines - infiltrating the timeline they once belonged to, as England is on the edge of getting psychopaths as their new rulers and the cold war between the timelines threatens to erupt into a full-scale war between the worlds. The queen trust these women with this mission not only because of their well-known intelligence and skill, but also because of the one thing that make her certain that they will never betray England at this crucial point in history: Their undying devotion to Lady Isobel and Lady Abigail respectively.
  • Augustus of the Tour of the Merrimack series. A Patterner cyborg, he possesses both incredible physical strength and Awesomeness by Analysis abilities.
  • J. R. Ward loves this trope- in her Black Dagger Brotherhood series, Blaylock is the prime example, but there are several other gay/bi characters that are still dagger-wielding vampire warriors capable of kicking all kinds of ass.
  • Mercedes Lackey's Heralds of Valdemar series has some gay, lesbian, and bi Herald characters, and as Heralds they're required to be badass, psychic soldier-rangers. Herald-Mage Vanyel was especially badass, being one of very, very few people to achieve the huge power of a mage adept, and almost single-handedly holding off an entire army that attacked his country. He was also pyrokinetic, telepathic, empathic, telekinetic, and clairvoyant, a skilled swordsman, an important advisor to the king, and able to predict the future.
  • The Steel Remains by Richard Morgan has a number of Badass Gay characters, but the standouts are definitely Ringil and Seethlaw.
  • Dekka from Gone is a lesbian example, and, as of Fear, Edilio qualifies as well.
  • Second Apocalypse: Cnaiür urs Skiötha, most violent of all men, is the most feared Scylvendi warrior and general around. He's also an Armoured Closet Gay due to the extreme stigma against homosexuality in the Skylvendi culture. In spite of being the most dangerous man in the nation, Cnaiur is treated as an embarrassment and a joke by his fellow countrymen, to his shame and eternal rage. His true sexuality is a bit of s mystery, since he's objectively attracted to women and was seduced by Anasurimbor Moenghus, a superhuman manipulator. Had he never met Moenghus, it's unclear if he ever would have become attracted to a man.
  • The Mortal Instruments:
    • Straight Gay Alec Lightwood, demon-hunting Shadowhunter, skilled archer, and protective older brother.
    • Camp Gay (technically bisexual) Magnus Bane, an immortal warlock and one of the most powerful characters in the series.
    • Aline Penhallow, who is a lesbian, and her bisexual girlfriend Helen Blackthorn are both notable Shadowhunters.
    • Mark Blackthorn is a bisexual Shadowhunter and a member of the Wild Hunt.
  • The Infernal Devices:
    • Woolsley Scott, eccentric leader of the werewolf pack.
    • Head vampire DeQuincey is also hinted at as being bi.
  • Michael Flynn's In the Country of the Blind has Jeremy Collingwood. Starting out as an ineffectual Camp Gay, he Takes a Level in Badass as the story progresses and successfully holds his own against the Ancient Conspiracy (more than one) shaping the course of history.
  • The Parasol Protectorate. Bisexual werewolf Professor Lyall is sleek and foxlike in wolf form, but still a good enough fighter to fend off much larger opponents and hold the title of Woolsey Pack Beta for centuries. His packmate and lover Biffy adapts to being a werewolf with surprising speed, even managing the Anubis form exclusive to Alphas by accident. Madame LeFoux is a crossdressing lesbian example capable of building Humongous Mecha, and Lord Akeldama can pull this off when necessary. Alessandro Tarabotti also counts, posthumously. (In the sequel series, The Custard Protocol, he is revealed to have been openly bisexual.)
  • Rafael from Gives Light.
  • Tess and Lydia AND Mason and Nev from the NightshadeTrilogy, though everyone in that trilogy is badass.
  • Troopers Grifen and Magot from the Ciaphas Cain novels. Being a Battle Couple is a great part of what got them out of a Necron tomb alive.
  • A Song of Ice and Fire:
    • Ser Loras Tyrell, the Knight of Flowers. He's one of the best fighters in the kingdom, having bested both Ser Jaime "Kingslayer" Lannister and Ser Gregor "The Mountain That Rides" Clegane in jousts. While he isn't the best fighter in the Seven Kingdoms, he's probably in the top ten.
    • It's also rumored that Oberyn "The Red Viper" Martell, one of the most badass characters in the series, was bisexual.
    • There's also Jon Connington, commander of the Golden Company, who was in love with Prince Rhaegar and in ADWD leads the taking of a castle with almost no casualties. This is extremely rare in the setting.
  • In Andrei Belyanin's novel The Redheaded Knight, a Medieval knight is sent by a witch's curse to modern-day Russia, where he meets a teenage girl and her Camp Gay best friend. When told from the perspective of the Big Bad, she references a prophecy that the knight, his lady, and a "fearless warrior" will bring ruin to her evil kingdom. She's not sure how the gay guy is supposed to be this "fearless warrior". Then the trio starts time traveling. One of the places they end up is a World War II battlefield, where an artillery crew is attacked by the witch's black riders (her sons). The gay friend suddenly jumps into a patriotic fervor and commands the crew to open fire on the black riders. His inspiring words allow them to drive off the immortal foe.
  • Alec and Seregil from the Nightrunner series are both bi, and both incredibly badass.
  • Richard St. Vier in Swordspoint. He's universally acknowledged as the greatest swordsman in the city, and his exploits are enough to have made him a living legend.
  • Robert B. Parker's sons were both gay, and he included several characters like this in his novels. Teddy Sapp from the Spenser series is an ex-Airborne weightlifter and nightclub bouncer with a black belt in karate, and on par with both Spenser and Hawk for sheer badass potential, backing them up in fights a few times. Similarly, Lee Farrell is a member of the Boston Police Department who helps Spenser out and can hold his own in a fight. Spike from the Sunny Randall series is similarly badass and capable of scaring the crap out of anyone who might want to try something simply by standing quietly in the corner. Gino Fish is another character, this time an antagonist, and is a Gayngster who appears across multiple series and is an undisputed leader in the Boston underworld.
  • In The Heroes of Olympus, Nico di Angelo is one of the most powerful demigods in the world. In The House of Hades it is revealed that he is (or was, at least) in love with Percy Jackson, who is very much in love with his girlfriend.
  • Felix Harrowgate, from The Doctrine of Labyrinths, is the most powerful wizard in the country of Marathat and possibly on the entire continent. He stays pretty busy: not only does he spend a lot of time seducing men, calling everyone "darling," and fussing about his clothes, but he also kills the then Big Bad and burns out an insane Magitek robot just by thinking really hard about destroying them. Even after a council of wizards binds his magic, he still saves the country of Corambis from an ancient engine of destruction that might have killed everyone within hundreds of miles.
  • Glory in the Thunder as a consequence of Cast Full of Gay, particularly Ismyrn and Solornel.
  • Louis and Angel from John Connolly's Charlie Parker Series of supernatural detective novels. Having semi-retired from their former careers as assassin and burglar, respectively, they usually appear as the Big Damn Heroes whenever Parker is in need of back-up, and are occasionally shown to have a nice sideline in scaring the hell out of any homophobic types who attempt to cause them trouble.
  • Stew, Novak's right-hand man in Undead on Arrival, is gay, married, kills zombies by the boatload with a machete, and is probably the person most capable of leading Devon.
  • Cut and Run an M/M crime romance series by Madeleine Urban and Abigail Roux has FBI Special Agents Ty Grady and Zane Garrett, who are both bi and both undeniable badasses. This later extends to several major supporting characters as well.
  • Marian Alston in Island in the Sea of Time is a katana-wielding lesbian Coast Guard officer. And she is fucking awesome. Her lover Swindapa might also qualify.
  • Falyse in Marcus Pitcaithly's The Realm Of Albion has become the King's main bodyguard by being pretty much unbeatable. And is gay.
  • In The Volstovic Cycle, we have Royston, who is quite capable of blowing shit up at will and is a war veteran. Luvander, one of the airmen, has been pointed out by the authors to be gay, in a job which entailed flying a damn metal dragon and fucking shit up, and while nowadays content with running a hat shop, has no qualms about storming a heavily guarded underground prison to get an old comrade out.
  • Carmilla
    • Not so much in the book, but in the Carmilla web series, the titular character tends to be pretty badass if killing the most powerful character up until that point, i.e. the Dean and her adoptive mother, is anything to go by. She also has a thing for Laura that becomes far more apparent as the series progresses.
    • Laura and Danny. The former managed to temporarily slow a strong vampire with one hit and has powered through pretty much every situation thrown at her while harboring a growing crush for Danny and, later, Carmilla. The latter is a member and in the running for president of the campus' sorority, which is made up of women who are not only carrying bows, swords, axes, etc, but are also capable of going toe-to-toe with the campus' fraternity. All this while dealing with her feelings for Laura, which seem to have subsided a bit with the second season.
  • The Lythande stories have at least two, in the titular character, who is an immortal mage waiting to fight against Chaos at the end of time and also happens to be homosexual, and Lythande's unnamed "companion" in the backstory who was tortured to death rather than give up Lythande's Dark Secret.
  • Alinadar from The Red Vixen Adventures. Professional bodyguard/Ex-Space Pirate and four and a half feet of Cute Bruiser.
  • The Rules of Supervillainy has a number of gay and bisexual superhero and supervillain characters. These include the protagonist's wife, his henchwoman, his wife's ex-girlfriend (one of the strongest supervillains alive), and a Fragile Speedster who is married to an even more famous and powerful Speedster.
  • In the Red Room series, Derek's sister Penny is a Black Magician Girl who is capable of kicking a lot of ass with her magic. While her girlfriend is merely a supporting character, series co-star Shannon is also a badass Action Girl.
  • Chronicles Of Osota has the lead characters Alina and Senri who prove to be capable of kicking ass and have no interest in the opposite sex.
  • The Shadow Campaigns features two Badass Gays, Ranker (later Sergeant, then Lieutenant, then Captain, then Colonel) Winter Ihernglass of the First Colonials, and "Mad Jane," the de facto leader of the all-women's street gang The Leatherbacks. Winter's badass qualities first become evident when the Miles Gloriosus lieutenant commanding her company leads the troop straight into a painfully obvious ambush and promptly buys a plot, leaving Winter to bodge together just enough of a fighting retreat to save everyone's asses and inflict a few enemy casualties for good measure. Mad Jane, on the other hand, earned her chops breaking a hundred-odd orphan girls out of their Orphanage of Fear by staging a Prison Riot among said orphans, and then building a working social services front (providing food, shelter, clothing, honest work and education to down-trodden girls and women) out of a literal Army of Thieves and Whores. Both wind up in a Relationship Upgrade by the middle of the second book.
    • Fitz Warus, the Colonials' logistics officer, and Cytomandiclea, Winter's staff captain also count.
  • In The Golgotha Series, Mayor Harry Pratt is a Mormon struggling to reconcile his sexuality with his religion. He is also the keeper of protector of a large collection of powerful mystic artifacts, including an angelic sword and armor which he uses to battle Lovecraftian abominations.
  • Wolves of the Calla, the fifth book in the Dark Tower series, reintroduces Father Callahan from 'Salem's Lot, where we learn that he fled to New York City and ended up working at a homeless shelter, where he fell in love with another man named Lupe Delgado despite otherwise not identifying as gay. When Lupe is killed by a vampire he dedicates his life to becoming a vampire hunter, and manages to kick some serious ass before going out in a blaze of glory.
  • The Crush has Amber Sorrel, a professional soldier with Elemental Powers who specializes in being an ace gunslinger. She also doubles as Team Mom.
  • Urban Dragon:
    • Rosario is a lesbian who routinely fights monsters
    • Arkay is bisexual who is a monster
    • Though she's not in on the monster-hunting, Rosario's girlfriend Kindra is fiercely protective of Rosario in her own right
    • Nadia's whole book is about her coping with the end of a past relationship with another woman... while going into combat against a dragon
    • The Contessa mixes her love for pretty people with her love of torture to the point of Depraved Bisexual territory.
  • The Girl from the Miracles District has its protagonist, Nikita, who's a lesbian and a professional killer with an exceptionally high success-to-failures rate.
  • In The Traitor Son Cycle, the youngest of Muriens brothers, Aneas, is a gay man who, in his first on-page battle, slays half a dozen monsters with a single spell. His fighting skills match his magical prowess, too.
  • Vivia of The Witchlands has a serious crush on her Threadsister, which doesn't stop her from rooting out conspiracies and hunting down assassins.
  • Star Wars Expanded Universe
    • The Legends canon has Goran Beviin, gay Mandalorian mercenary in the Star Wars Legacy of the Force novels. So tough that he can teach Jaina Solo, a Jedi Knight, a thing or two about fighting.
    • Sinjir Rath Velus in the Star Wars: Aftermath trilogy is an ex-Imperial officer who can easily wipe the floor with a squad of stormtroopers, even while totally hammered. He's also revealed to be gay and even gets a boyfriend in Aftermath: Life Debt.
  • Kel Cheris of The Machineries of Empire is a brilliant military captain whose only known relationship was with a fellow woman.
  • Romeo and especially Dagger gain this status over the course of Wander.
  • In Old Man's War, when a Drill Sergeant Nasty tries to find reasons to dislike his latest batch of recruits (which includes the protagonist), one of his pet peeves is homosexuals. He admits that there have been plenty of great gay warriors throughout history, including Alexander the Great and the Sacred Band of Thebes (made up exclusively of gay lovers, which he mistakenly attributes to the Spartans). However, in his personal combat experience, there have been no less than three times that his gay comrades-in-arms chose the worst possible moments to admit their affection for him, just when he needs to focus on the battle. Alan, the protagonist's friend, is gay and is a pretty good soldier.
  • Tonker of Monstrous Regiment will gut you if you lay one finger on Lofty. Lofty's no slouch herself.
  • In Super Powereds and Corpies, Hershel/Roy's father Owen was once known as Titan, the (physically) strongest Hero in the world. He also happens to be pretty tall and built like a tank (and able to lift said tank without a problem). However, he retired from heroism after being publicly outed as gay, also forcing him to divorce his wife and leave her and his son(s). After 10 years in self-imposed exile, he decides to return to active duty. The spin-off Corpies is focused on him. It helps that, in modern times, LGBTQ Heroes are a lot more accepted than previously. Notably, no one has an issue with Owen being gay, it's him abandoning his family that drives a wedge between him and his son(s). The "badass" part of the trope is, no doubt, justified, especially when Titan beats a professional Super Team which was trying to show him who's boss.
  • In Renegades, two of the most famous and accomplished superheroes are the Nigh Invulnerable Captain Chromium and invisible Dread Warden, who, apart from being the founding members of the Renegades, are also a couple.
  • The One Who Eats Monsters: Ryn is an immortal elder goddess from the Long Ago, who falls for the mortal Naomi because she's pretty and her soul smells nice.
  • James Toranaga of Touch is stuck somewhere between this and Badass Adorable, what with also being twelve years old. He spends his time flying around New York, fighting crime with his powerful aerokinetic abilities, and trying to come to terms with his crush on a male school friend.
  • Heloise Factor (the surname is because her father is a factor) of The Sacred Throne trilogy of novellas. She is declared a saint when she kills a demon with a War Engine that she desperately climbs into. Her victory is declared a miracle as she's normally too small to be able to use the machine but the demon's initial attack crushed it down enough for her to barely fit. In a new battlesuit fitted to her, she leads a rebellion against the Order, the organization that's supposed to stop wizards and the hell portals that they eventually manifest but have long since grown corrupt and tyrannical. She's established to be in love with her childhood best friend, who dies in the demon attack.
  • Captive Prince: In a setting with tons of sword fights and intrigue, and where most characters are gay or bisexual, you get lots of this. Best exemplified by the Badass Bookworm Magnificent Bastard Pretty Boy, Prince Laurent.
  • In the Wings of Fire series, Sundew is a dragon with an encyclopedic knowledge of plants, the ability to talk to them and make them grow rapidly, a satchelful of stinging insects, and a vicious streak... and she and her girlfriend, Willow, have been together since they were both children.
  • Gideon and Harrow of The Locked Tomb series definitely qualify, as a buff, zweihander-wielding cavalier, and one of the most powerful necromancers of the generation, respectively. Even aside from their complicated relationship with each other, both of them show clear interest in other women.

    Live-Action TV 
  • Commander Lexa from The 100 fits this trope to a T, having become the Commander of the 12 clans through her own sheer strength. Clarke is definitely a Badass Bisexual, having had both male and female love interests and being a natural leader as well as very much capable of fighting and killing to ensure her people's safety. Another example from the show is Miller, who is a capable soldier and even commands a battalion later in the series.
  • In the Arrowverse:
    • Sara "The Canary" Lance from Arrow (and later Legends of Tomorrow) is bisexual and undeniably badass, being a former Professional Killer who trained under the League of Assassins and dangerous with her staff and martial arts prowess. Her ex-lover Nyssa, who's downright deadly with her bow and arrows and a sword, is also one.
    • Curtis Holt, the television version of Mister Terrific, is an Olympic-level athlete despite being hesitant about engaging in combat (and being afraid of bees).
    • Harley Rathaway, a brilliant expert in acoustics and early opponent (and later ally) of the Flash.
    • Barry and Joe's boss Captain Singh is a Straight Gay married cop who goes toe-to-toe with supervillains when he has to.
    • Maggie Sawyer is a very tough cop who can hold her own in a fight against aliens, and she's a lesbian.
    • As an expertly trained D.E.O. agent, Alex Danvers can go toe to toe with aliens and metahumans, and in season 2 she falls for Maggie Sawyer while also discovering her own sexuality.
    • Leo Snart and his boyfriend Ray Terrill are both part of the resistance against the Nazi's on Earth-X. Ray has light-based powers while Leo fights with a cold gun.
    • Time Bureau Agent/Director Ava Sharpe. Her fighting skills are on par with Sara's, and they later become lovers, despite Ava learning that she's a clone.
    • John Constantine is an Occult Detective, accomplished sorcerer, and expert exorcist. While his bisexuality doesn't come up in his own show, it's ultimately confirmed in the Legends of Tomorrow episode Daddy Darhkest, where he flirts with Leo Snart and hooks up with Sara Lance.
    • Barry and Iris's daughter Nora, who is a powerful speedster like her father, turns out to be either gay or bisexual, as revealed in The Flash episode News Flash where she flirts with Monster of the Week Spencer Young.
    • Kate Kane, the eponymous hero from Batwoman, is gay and a Badass Normal vigilante.
  • Battlestar Galactica (2003)'s Felix Gaeta (gay or bi depending on who you ask), not to most people's eyes a physical badass but at various points in his career: saves the entire fleet through computing genius; foils a ballot-fixing plot; basically runs an entire colony; saves said colony by staying in his government position after the Cylons occupy it and putting his life on the line to ferry information and codes to the Resistance; stares down a murder committee, including a batshit Starbuck intent on airlocking him, and refuses to beg for his life; gets shot and endures a transtibial amputation without (general) anaesthetic; commits full-blown armed mutiny; stonewalls the Adama Death Glare like a pro; and faces his execution with his chin up and a smile on his face. Now that's badass.
  • Black Lightning: Jefferson's older daughter Anissa, who later becomes the superstrong Thunder. At the start of the series, she's in a happy relationship with another woman. Then the writers decide to derail the relationship so that Anissa is free to spend her nights fighting crime instead of with her Love Interest.
  • Captain James Flint, the lead character of Black Sails, is revealed to swing both ways, and in no way does that detract from his status as a badass pirate captain. In fact, his origin story as a pirate is wrapped up in a gay romance gone wrong.
  • Brooklyn Nine-Nine:
    • Captain Raymond Holt is a tough, badass NYPD captain who caught numerous notorious serial killers in The '80s and earned a Medal of Valour. As well as that he's a black man who's been openly gay almost his entire career and managed to toughen out the discrimination to rise up the ranks.
    • Detective Rosa Diaz can terrify anyone with just a look, easily takes down perps twice her size, and owns a large arsenal of weapons, including a collection of swords she keeps stashed in her desk. She is also bisexual.
  • In season five of Buffy the Vampire Slayer:
    • Willow grows past the slayer herself in badassery, powered by her relationship with Tara.
    • Then there's Kennedy. A Slayer. They bench 400 pounds, they have to so they can fight vampires and demons, and Kennedy is quite openly gay. So's fellow Slayer Satsu. It leads to a Girls' Night Out Episode, gays night out if you will: Vampi Cats and the Arctic Flare mission from Rogue Spear.
    • The newly introduced Lake Stevens from the comics establishes her badass cred by being the Mission Control for the Department of Defense/US Army arm of the fight against the supernatural, had an ex-girlfriend leave her because of how involved her work is and looks like she's getting with Willow even quicker than the forceful Kennedy and sweet Tara did.
  • Caprica: Sam Adama is a tall, muscular mob enforcer/hitman. At one point he infiltrates a government minister's mansion, while shirtless, poses dramatically showing off his muscled, tattooed torso and then proceeds to slash the guy's throat. Also fond of beating people up, inflicting property damage and anything involving firearms. His long-suffering husband is mostly okay with all of this but still has limits...
    Sam: Larry hates it when I come home bloody.
  • Oka from Deep Love and nobody expected it because he also doubles as Camp Gay, but when he rescues somebody from three tough men, wow.
    Oka: Don't underestimate fags or else you'll pay for it!
  • Doctor Who:
    • Before Captain Jack Harkness was a member of Torchwood, he was introduced in "The Empty Child"/"The Doctor Dances", where we see him hit on an RAF fighter pilot (all of whom were male at the time) and not long afterwards come within seconds of destruction in the course of intercepting and diverting a German bomb, and this was before he gained his immortality.
    • In "The Impossible Astronaut"/"Day of the Moon", Canton Everett Delaware III is shown to be a badass government agent who helps the Doctor defeat the Silence after getting kicked out of the FBI for "wanting to get married" in 1969. Right at the end of the arc, Nixon asks him if the person he wants to marry is black because he would be willing to push to overturn that law. "Yes," says Delaware, "he is."
    • "Praxeus": Married couple Adam and Jake. Adam is an astronaut and The Ace, although he spends most of his screen time sick with Praxeus. Jake is an ex-Cowboy Cop (no, he's on a sabbatical) with a penchant for kicking down doors who nearly makes a Heroic Sacrifice before being rescued.
  • Victor Strand, the Crazy-Prepared and very wealthy captain of the Abigail, who takes the entire group of survivors to Mexico on Fear the Walking Dead.
  • Game of Thrones:
    • Ser Loras Tyrell is a tourney champion who has beaten notable knights such as Ser Jaime Lannister and Ser Gregor Clegane. He is also a hero of the Battle of Blackwater, where he led the cavalry charge which defeated Stannis Baratheon's forces. The Knight of Flowers commanded the vanguard disguised as the "ghost" of his recently deceased lover, Renly Baratheon. While Loras' orientation gets him showered with pity, scorn and/or disgust, nobody doubts his skills as a fighter, even those who make fun of his homosexuality. Lord Tywin Lannister, Lady Olenna Tyrell, and others have openly expressed amusement, disapproval or abhorrence at his tendencies, yet all have stated that he is a brave and capable warrior.
    • Oberyn Martell is a Badass Bisexual. His tendency to bed men as well as women doesn't stop Tyrion from worrying about The Red Viper leaving a trail of dead Lannisters in his wake when he shows up in King's Landing.
    • Yara Greyjoy, Pirate Girl extraordinaire of the Iron Islands, also gets in on the action when she's revealed to have a fondness for men and women alike in season 6.
  • Glee:
    • Kurt Hummel of fame has certainly come to count as a musical theatre Badass Gay. Especially after his actions in 4x13, in which he calmly, coolly and glorious calls out Rachel Berry on her appalling egotism and horrendous behaviour, cracks the foundations of her overconfidence with one perfectly-delivered (and three-years-overdue) revelation, challenges her to a diva-off rematch, and wipes her off the map with a flawless rendition of 'Bring Him Home' when it matters - the first time anyone in four seasons' worth of Glee has challenged Rachel Berry and come out of it with an entirely unqualified win. The perfect set-down he gives to her former sycophants in the wake of his win is just the icing on top of his badass cake.
    • Blaine Anderson. He wears bowties, sings Katy Perry, and boxes.
    • Santana Lopez. She's openly a lesbian (after Season 3 at least) and can tear anyone a new one with her words. Piss her off too much and she goes Lima Heights Adjacent on you.
  • On The Good Wife, Kalinda Sharma, who smashes car windows and beats mean with baseball bats and saves the day once an episode. More badass bisexual, though; she doesn't seem to subscribe to labels much.
  • Oswald Cobblepot of Gotham is a Magnificent Bastard who schemed and stabbed his way to the top of Gotham City's organized crime operations...and he's revealed to be head-over-umbrella in love with Edward Nygma.
  • Hannibal:
    • In the penultimate episode, it's confirmed that Hannibal (yes, THAT Hannibal) is in love with Will Graham and has wanted a relationship with him since the show's inception. Alongside being a devastating melee combatant who is willing to kill his foes with anything at hand and able to take down armed victims without need of a firearm of his own, creator Bryan Fuller has confirmed that Hannibal is bisexual.
    • Although he rarely shows off this attribute, FBI agent and ex-cop Will Graham is more than capable of holding his own in a fight. He beat Randall Tier to death, and kills Dolarhyde with Hannibal despite being severely injured and bleeding out before embracing Hannibal and declaring that the murder they committed together was beautiful.
    • Badass FBI profiler Alana Bloom is eventually revealed to be bisexual when she enters a relationship with Margot Verger.
  • Leonard Pine in Hap and Leonard is a black, gay Vietnam War veteran and private investigator who serves as one of the series' two protagonists. Bonus points for being played by Michael K. Williams, who portrayed The Wire's Omar Little.
  • How to Get Away with Murder has two examples:
    • Connor, a ruthless lawyer in the making and a very gay man.
    • Annalise herself, one of the most badass lawyers in television, is revealed to be bisexual in season 2.
  • Tom Hackett on The In Between is a Seattle PD detective who often solves homicides and other serious crimes.
  • Rick from In the Flesh is a soldier who goes off the way and is awarded a medal for his actions, however he's less of a man when his father is around.
  • In Season 1, episode 9 of Modern Family, Cameron, who is pretty camp, dresses as Fisbo the Clown to the annoyance of his partner, Mitchell. Yet, when Mitchell gets accosted by a leather-clad biker, Cameron in clown costume steps in without any hesitation, and scares the man away with nothing more than his physique, costume and a pretty cool case of Throwing Down the Gauntlet:
    Cameron: I'm the ass-kicking clown that will twist you like a balloon animal!
    • Similarly, he was ready with a bat when he thought there was an intruder in his daughter's bedroom.
  • Motherland: Fort Salem: Raelle's lesbian. As a cadet at Fort Salem, she also grows into a badass quickly. On the other hand her girlfriend Scylla was actually already badass before coming to Fort Salem (though no one else knows that) and shows her stuff.
  • Jeff Bloovman, the winner of the incredibly hardcore Discovery Channel reality show One Man Army, in which contestants do a number of tough and dangerous tasks, including breaking down reinforced concrete walls, having to break locks while being submerged in water for a long period of time, and so on, revealed he was gay after the host asked why Jeff had never joined the military.
  • Person of Interest: Badass hacker Root qualifies now that it's explicitly clear that her blatant flirting with Shaw comes from genuine interest, not one of her games. Shaw herself counts as well.
  • On Seinfeld there is a couple of gay men, Bob and Cedric (credited as Ray in one episode), who are both clearly gay (fussing over an antique armoire, flamboyant hand gestures, and soft voices) and very hostile. In their first appearance, they steal an armoire that Kramer was supposed to guard, easily scaring him off, and later him and Jerry (Kramer only refers to them as 'street toughs'), and later they lead a crowd in beating Kramer for refusing to wear an AIDS ribbon and in their final appearance threaten Kramer-again-because he accidentally burned a Puerto Rican flag.
  • Since everyone in a sensate cluster shares skills, every member of the main cluster in Sense8 qualifies as a badass when they call upon the skills of Will Gorski or Sun Bak, including transgender lesbian Nomi (who is also a world-class hacker) and closeted gay Telenovela star Lito.
  • Shadowhunters:
    • Magnus Bane is a borderline Camp Bisexual. He's also one of the most skilled warlocks in the country.
    • Alec is Straight Gay and is a demon fighter.
  • In the U.S. version of Shameless we have Ian Gallagher and Mickey Milkovich, the latter of whom gets extra points for being a Satisfied Street Rat. Ian is tough, Mickey is an outright thug who does not hesitate to beat people up. Love at First Punch is definitely a part of the relationship here. Not many people react to being woken up by someone threatening them with a tire iron and having a brawl, only to end up having passionate sex with them.
  • Spartacus: Blood and Sand has this in spades. The first season has Barca and Gnaeus, the prequel season has Barca and Auctus, and the third season has Agron. Aversions are Pietros and (in early season two) Nasir. Due to the differences in Roman times, homosexuality is not seen as an affront to their testosterone poisoned culture.
  • Star Trek: Deep Space Nine:
    • In one episode, Jadzia Dax gets a girlfriend named Lenara Khan. When the mandatory technological disaster happens, Jadzia gets to be the Knight in Shining Armor and heroically save her beloved Damsel in Distress Lenara. And neither the lovers themselves, their friends nor even their enemies even notice that Jadzia and Lenara are of the same gender, in spite of both of them being very feminine. They are, instead, persecuted because the symbionts whose memories they each carry were already married in previous hosts. "Reassociation", as it is known, with a past host's spouse is strictly forbidden and highly taboo in their culture. As a result, the episode is full of Does This Remind You of Anything? conversations as the two first try to deny their feelings for each other (until Jadzia saves the day and wins the girl) then try to hide it from Lenara's well-meaning but judgmental brother in order to avoid persecution and exile (which would be an eventual death sentence for their symbionts).
    • Elim Garak, the pansexual semi-retired spy and mostly-retired Torture Technician who can outdraw Jem-Hadar, look a man into breaking down in tears, and kick his own crippling claustrophobia in the metaphorical ass to get the job done.
    • Ezri Dax's Mirror Universe counterpart is a mercenary who is not to be trifled with, in addition to being an open lesbian, shooting down advances from Ferengi left and right while also having had a relationship with her universe's version of Kira and later marrying the mirror universe version of Leeta (Rom's wife in the main universe).
  • Star Trek: Discovery:
    • Lieutenant Paul Stamets is about as badass as a technically non-action Science Hero can be, saving the crew of the Discovery and the entire frickin' multiverse several times with his mastery of spore drive technology. He is also happily partnered to Dr. Hugh Culber, the ship's chief medical officer.
    • Culber is no slouch himself, managing to survive for weeks in an Everything Trying to Kill You Alternate Dimension all by himself.
    • Mirror!Phillipa turns out to be bi and is also an exceptional and very ruthless warrior. You'd kind of have to be the Emperor of the Terran Empire.
  • Charlie Bradbury, who appears in Supernatural helps to defeat the leviathans in "The Girl With The Dungeons And Dragons Tattoo" and frees a fairy in "LARP And The Real Girl".
  • Survivor:
    • Richard Hatch, the very first winner. He did so by being a Magnificent Bastard.
    • Todd, the winner of the China season, could also qualify as a longtime fan of Survivor who schemed and smooth-talked his way to the top.
  • Danny Mahealani, from Teen Wolf, is quite simply, freaking amazing. He is one of the only two characters who can control Jackson; is extremely sassy; plays goalie on the lacrosse team and, by the age of 13, he was an experienced computer hacker. And he's still got it.
  • In Torchwood, everyone is bisexual and a badass at their job. For example, Captain Jack successfully asks his male co-worker Ianto out on a date while they are in the middle of saving the world together. Jack is of course the most notable exemplar of the trope, especially since being immortal lets him take risks (and their inevitable consequences) none of the others would dare consider.
  • Troy: Fall of a City: Achilles is bisexual, plus by far the most skilled and fearsome warrior in the series.
  • Hooded Justice, AKA Will Reeves, in Watchmen (2019) who, as in the original comic miniseries, is portrayed as having had a relationship with fellow costumed vigilante Captain Metropolis, which is also portrayed in the In-Universe television show American Hero Story. He's shown in both the show and in flashbacks to be an extremely qualified badass who brutally dispatches entire squads of muggers and white supremacists.

    Role-Playing Games 

    Tabletop Games 
  • More than a few Exalted have homosexual or bisexual leanings, including:
  • Aberrant has the Queer Nova Alliance, a group of LGBT Novas. While a good chunk of them are entertainers, there are a few active combat Novas amongst the group, including founders "Ironskin" Andy Vance and Jake "The Dragon" Korelli (who are husbands, to boot). And then there's the big antagonist of the line, Divis Mal, a Magneto figure who preaches that Novas have transcended humanity and all its moral constraints... and who is utterly devoted to his lover, Jeremiah Scripture.
  • Pathfinder has a plethora of powerful LGBTQ characters. Special note to the three iconics that fit this trope: human cleric Kyra Sief al Kiraan and elven rogue Merisiel Sillvari (also qualifying for Interspecies Romance and forming their own Battle Couple when they adventure together) and the transgender dwarf shaman Shardra Gelti.
  • Countess Thesia Jadvige of Ilmenstein in The Dark Eye is an Amazonian Beauty (with a side order of Boisterous Bruiser), one of the most renowned warriors on the continent and generally regarded as a one-woman army whether on the battlefield or in a drunken brawl. She's also in a happy long-term relationship with another woman, something that isn't generally accepted in her rather conservative homeland. It's a testament to her Badass status (and her status as Creator's Pet) that nobody would ever dare to comment negatively on her relationship if there's any chance she could hear about it.
  • In Crooks!, one of the few sourcebooks released for Mutants & Masterminds before they officially adopted Freedom City as their official setting, one of the presented villains is the Toreador, an openly gay man... and also a Badass Normal Agent Peacock who serves as a superhuman-killing assassin for The Illuminati wielding only a cape made of Unobtainium as his weapon of choice.
  • Bleak World has this for every male werewolf, one of the physically strongest classes in the game (beaten only by Giants and Egyptian mummies) and of course the Society of Lesbian vampires is The Dreaded for vampires who have gone public in this setting.
  • Magic: The Gathering has a couple of examples:
    • The Therosian kings Kynaios and Tiro established the polity of Meletis and were lovers.
    • Planeswalker Ral Zarek is revealed in the War of the Spark novelization to have a lover: Orzhov advokist Tomik Vrona (himself an example of this trope, being the second-in-command of the Orzhov guild-leader). They are forced to keep their relationship secret, as the populace of Ravnica frowns on inter-guild relationships.

    Video Games 
  • Undertale:
    • While Undyne is a bit Wrong Genre Savvy, thinking herself a Shōnen anime protagonist in a Widget Series, she's openly stated to be the biggest badass in the entire underground by everyone. She also happens to have a thing for the very socially-awkward, nerdy girl named Alphys. The feeling is mutual, but Alphys is too much of a Shrinking Violet to act on her feelings.
    • There are also a pair of fearsome-looking male royal guards whom you have to fight at one point. You can spare them by polishing the armor of one of them until he takes it off which causes the other guard to become flustered at the sight of his muscular chest and then encourage the other guard to confess his feelings.
  • Hades:
  • Dragon Age has a large number of these.
    • Leliana, who is bisexual. We really ought to invent a Badass French Person trope just for her.
    • Zevran, as well, though he is a bit depraved, he's still pretty badass.
    • And a female Warden romancing Leliana, or a male Warden romancing Zevran.
    • Dragon Age II went above and beyond with this. Anders and Merril are both very powerful mages. Fenris is a strong warrior who's lyrium tattoos let him phase through things, including his enemies. Isabella just likes duels. And of course they're all outdone by an appropriate gender Hawke romancing any of them.
    • Dragon Age: Inquisition has Tevinter mage Dorian and elven archer Sera, who are both options for the appropriate gender Inquisitor, who also counts if played as such. They are joined by the Iron Bull, who can be romanced by male and female Inquisitors. Josephine Montilyet doesn't fight, but routinely executes massive feats of diplomatic and espionage badass and can be romanced by any Inquisitor. Finally, Krem of the Bull's Chargers is a trans man who rose to lieutenant on sheer skill.
  • Mass Effect has many of these, a lot of whom are asari.
    • All women, all omnisexual, all powerful biotics. Even the dancers can kill people with their brains and their commandos are acknowledged as the deadliest opponents in the galaxy in a one-on-one fight. Liara, barely a hundred years old but already a more powerful biotic than most Matriarchs. If you mess with Shepard, you will die. Your friends will die. Your allies will die. Everything you ever built will be torn down. And nobody will ever remember your name. Also, if you don't pay her back she will flay you alive. With her mind.
    • Samara. She manages to pull off her red catsuit at nine hundred years old, uses biotics to crush cars, and she's a Justicar to boot.
    • Aria T'Loak. A thousand year old crime boss who runs the galaxy's most notorious Wretched Hive. Omnisexual like all asari, but a certain scene near the end of her Day in the Limelight makes it clear she prefers other women. Her ex is no slouch either. Nyreen is the first female turian seen in the games, a skilled soldier, and a biotic to boot.
    • Preitor Gavorn, a minor NPC who serves as an enforcer in Aria's crime syndicate, is implied to be gay by certain video files in the Lair of the Shadow Broker DLC for Mass Effect 2. His day job involves "handling" the vorcha problem on Omega, naturally.
    • And of course, FemShep romancing Liara, Kelly or Samantha qualifies as well.
    • Also, as of Mass Effect 3, a Male Shepard romancing Kaidan Alenko or Steve Cortez.
    • Kaidan Alenko is a marine with over a decade of experience and over a dozen special commendations, and is one of the strongest human biotics. He actually became more badass, to the point of outranking Shepard and becoming the second human Spectre, alongside the confirmation of his bisexuality.
    • Steve Cortez is an exceptional pilot who can give Joker a run for his money, and in Leviathan and Citadel he picks up an assault rifle and fights alongside Shepard's squad. He's introduced grieving over his lost husband.
    • In Mass Effect: Andromeda, a male Ryder romancing Jaal, Gil or Reyes, or a female Ryder romancing Peebee, Vetra or Suvi.
    • Companions Peebee, Vetra and Jaal are likewise groundside companions who are romanceable by male and female Ryders alike.
    • Reyes Vidal is a human smuggler and criminal on Kadara who doesn't hesitate to get in a scrap and fights alongside Ryder at several points, and is also revealed to be the Charlatan, the criminal mastermind behind the Collective. He's also bisexual and a romance option for both Ryders.
    • The turian Pathfinder, Macen, and his Number Two Avitus, himself a former Spectre, are revealed to be in a relationship. Or rather, they were, since Macen has been long dead, potentially leaving his partner to take up the mantle of Pathfinder.
  • And the first case BioWare put out of the closet: Juhani. Jedi Guardian (built for fighting). So hand a Cat Girl a lightsaber and enough Force Powers to knock you across a room with a temper that's kept in check mostly by the Jedi Code. Sweet lady, but don't piss her off.
  • All of the canonically non-heterosexual characters in Metal Gear qualify to great degree.
    • Revolver Ocelot, a spymaster who was in love with Big Boss. He's been taking on professional soldiers since the 1960s, and still able to take on Solid Snake while in his 60's.
    • Vamp, a immortal Depraved Bisexual who's so good with his knives he can use them to deflect bullets.
    • Colonel Yevgeny Borisovitch Volgin aka "Thunderbolt", a very powerful fighter with electricity powers who's also a Depraved Bisexual.
  • In Fallout: New Vegas, the "Confirmed Bachelor" and "Cherchez La Femme" perks are Gay Option equivalents to the "Lady Killer" and "Black Widow" perks introduced in Fallout 3. In addition to unlocking new dialogue options when speaking to certain characters, these perks give a 10% damage bonus against human enemies of whatever sex the perk makes you attracted to. Since the vast majority of human enemies in the game are male, anyone playing as a male character is enouraged to make him gay for Min-Maxing purposes. Of course, you can always take both perks and be a Badass Bisexual.
    • Veronica is a Lipstick Lesbian who will be forever grateful to you if you find her a fancy dress to wear. She's also a Brotherhood of Steel member and will obliterate anything you point her at by punching it.
    • Christine from the Dead Money expansion is all but stated to be Veronica's ex-girlfriend, and like her is a Brotherhood member. If you ask her what kind of weapons she's good with, she'll list them off one by one. Turns out she's good with all of them.
    • Arcade Gannon is also homosexual and is proficient in Energy Weapons. If playing as a gay man yourself, you can get him to join your party right away essentially by seducing him, rather than having to go do some sidequests or pass a high Speech check. Depending on how you complete his quest, he may even suit up in his father's old Power Armor to join in on the battle of Hoover Dam.
  • In Fallout 4, most of the Sole Survivor's companions are romanceable, regardless of sex. Which makes the Commonwealth a World of Badass Bisexuals. The Sole Survivor is also Badass Bi if in a same-sex relationship, since s/he had a canon heterosexual marriage and a child pre-War.
  • Makoto in Enchanted Arms. At the beginning he is pretty camp gay. But when he reappears as the mysterious man he has changed... A lot. He still crushes on Toya though.
  • Fire Emblem:
    • Heather in Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn is a confident, competent rogue who joins the party only because she has eyes for Nephenee. She also thinks her Queen, Elincia of Crimea, is rather cute-looking.
    • In Fire Emblem Fates, the Anti-Hero Niles (from Nohr) and the Dark Magical Girl Rhajat (from Hoshido) are both bisexual and romantic options for an Avatar of the same gender. Niles is a borderline Game-Breaker since he's one of the very few archers in the Nohr side, Rhajat is a Lady of Black Magic in training (and even more so if she's given a mother capable of drawing out her potential).
    • By extension, Fire Emblem Fates's Avatar counts as Badass Bi. With his/her appearance in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U as Corrin, they are also the first LGBT combatants in that series.
    • Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia has Leon, a purple-haired Camp Gay archer who is both in love with his sworn brother Valbar and a deadly shot with his bow and arrows. His fellow archer Python is all but stated to be bisexual: he isn't opposed to dating women (unlike Leon, who does shoot down the idea when asked), but is very close to his friend Forsyth and calls both Lukas and Alm "studs".
    • Fire Emblem: Three Houses has a number of potential romantic partners for Byleth of either gender. Among those who can become romantic partners with a same-gender Byleth are Edelgard, the axe-swinging heir to the Adrestian Empire; Jeritza, an intimidating fellow professor and the Death Knight; Lindhart, a Brilliant, but Lazy mage; Yuri, the leader of the Ashen Wolves; Dorothea, a magic-inclined opera star; Mercedes, a kind-hearted yet exceptionally powerful cleric; and Rhea, the archbishop of the Church of Seiros and no slouch in combat, herself.
  • Venom from Guilty Gear has been confirmed gay, in love with his mentor Zato-1, and is very capable of kicking ass with his billiards cue.
  • Makoto Nanaya of BlazBlue was an established badass before Toshimichi Mori confirmed she wasn't hetero. note  She is technically a case of badass bisexual as she is affected by the Spectacle of Eros on Ragna, is a shotacon and is implied to have had a one night stand with Kagura, while also having super tight and extremely easy-to-see as romantic friendships with both Noel and Tsubaki.
  • Persona 2 features a number of them; The Hero Tatsuya Suou and Persona 1 veteran Yukino Mayuzumi are both bisexual, with the latter being replaced by the Bishōnen Improbable Weapon User Jun Kurosu, who is gay. From non-playable characters, there is the lesbian Anna Yoshizaka, who depending on player choices is either a boss or teams up with Yukino to fend off the invading Nazis.
  • Kanji Tatsumi's sexuality in Persona 4 was left deliberately ambiguous (despite what his voice actor says) making him badass Ambiguously Gay. At very least he's attracted to Naoto Shirogane and this remains after finding out she's a bifauxnen, meaning that he'd be sexually and romantically drawn to Naoto no matter what.
  • Joachim Valentine of Shadow Hearts: Covenant is very much Macho Camp along with being a vampire, a pro-wrestler, and a super hero. He is the party's heaviest hitter by a wide margin outside of Yuri's endgame fusions, and even then he's not far behind. He's at his most powerful when wearing a rather flamboyant butterfly mask.
  • Coming back to BioWare, Jade Empire has Sky, a dashing rogue with impressive sword skills on a mission to avenge his daughter's death, and Silk Fox, a mysterious ninja-like woman (and Rebellious Princess) who attacks the player upon their first meeting. Both are romanceable by either gender. Particularly of note are the Closed Fist endings: Sky and the male player co-rule the empire with an iron fist; Silk Fox/Sun Lian and the female player do the same (as well as in the Open Palm ending, but in a more benevolent fashion), and it's implied that they take turns donning the Silk Fox costume to terrorize their enemies.
  • The Last of Us:
    • Bill, though his male lover died before the events of the game began.
    • The Left Behind DLC shows that Ellie and Riley are gay too. Ellie, in a moment where her desire to kiss Riley overshadowed her desire to not risk their friendship, kissed Riley and then apologised. Riley's answer was to smile and ask "For what?" Shown in detail in the 2018 E3 trailer for The Last of Us Part II. It starts with Ellie making oogly eyes with a girl at a dance, the girl draging her on to the dancefloor, them sharing some intimate talk and a kiss. Cut to 10 minutes of gameplay footage showing Ellie killing about 15 enemies in about 10 different ways.
  • Divinity: Dragon Commander: Scarlet is a lesbian and one of your greatest military assets. Show her a homophobic serial killer in power and she'll siege a castle by herself to behead him. Literally–she can do this at the end of her quest line.
  • Mortal Kombat X introduces the series first gay character, Kung Jin, an Archer Archetype who's badass enough to defeat Kotal Kahn in single combat, and has quite the angst at times about his sexuality.
  • Assassin's Creed:
    • Assassin's Creed II and Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood both featured Leonardo da Vinci, who is (probably) accurately portrayed as having a male lover in the form of his pupil Salai, and also operates as an important Assassin ally in Renaissance Italy. Although not a fighter, he is certainly a genius inventor and can switch into Action Survivor mode when needed.
    • The modern day storyline features a minor recurring Assassin named Harlan Cunningham, who fled to Europe after he was outed as gay in high school, and ended up joining the Florence Brotherhood while adrift in Italy. He ends up being the Sole Survivor of the Florence Brotherhood, and later recruits a former MMA fighter named Arend Schut who becomes his lover and disciple. Audio files in Assassin's Creed: Rogue reveal that they're making a lot of trouble for Berg and Sigma Team, and as of Assassin's Creed: Syndicate they're married.
    • Assassin's Creed: Syndicate has Maxwell Roth, a ruthless London Gayngster who helps the Templars run the Blighters street gang, and whom had truckloads of Ambiguously Gay Foe Yay with the game's male protagonist Jacob Frye. Word of Gay confirms it was intentional, and that Roth was in love with Jacob, and his "Take That!" Kiss was more than just a way of screwing with his head. The writer also confirms Jacob himself as at least bi-curious, and his relationship with Roth was written as being a form of sexual self-discovery, even if they end up hating each other and Jacob kills Roth.
    • Player Characters Alexios and Kassandra in Assassin's Creed: Odyssey can pursue same-sex Romance Sidequests, and are both badass mercenaries and Assassins fighting their way through Ancient Greece.
  • In Batman: Arkham Knight, the Arkham Knight's militia soldiers can be heard talking about their significant others and one of them mentions being committed to a male lawyer, who thinks he's away on business.
  • In Dreamfall Chapters, according to your choices Kian Alvane can reveal that he is gay. He can further learn that Likho is bisexual.
  • Xenoblade Chronicles X has several examples within BLADE, notably Lara Mara and Lara Nara. They tick off the boxes for being visibly camp, they both have boyfriends mentioned, and being badass is a requirement of the job.
  • In The Caligula Effect: Overdose, the new female partymember Ayana Amamoto makes it abundantly clear that she's a lesbian if the player chooses to complete her character episode as the female protagonist. Ayana bluntly tells the female protagonist that people of the same sex can get married, and then asks them what her preferred type of person is. She also managed to weaponize her Does Not Like Men attitude into awakening her Catharsis Effect without the help of Aria, and has made Stork scared just by hearing her name.
  • Ciri in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is definitely bisexual, and there's dialogue options available when playing as her that say she prefers the company of women, making her sexuality somewhat ambiguous, but she's definitely queer to some extent. Regardless, she's also an incredibly badass witcheress who can end up embracing her monster-hunting training and becoming a professional witcher or accept her claim to the throne and rule the Nilfgaardian Empire. Either way, don't fuck with Ciri.
    • Mislav, a minor NPC encountered during the prologue in White Orchard, is a hunter who was ousted from his village after being caught in a love affair with his lord's son, who later hanged himself. He now lives in White Orchard, and works to defend the village from the various threats that have arisen in the midst of the Northern Wars.
  • Jim Miller in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, an ex-Australian SAS operative and current director of Task Force 29 in Central Europe. His emails reveal he has an ex-husband, but otherwise you'd never have guessed.
  • Angelica Rogner in The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel usually fawns over women and would hug a cute girl in sight, much to the annoyance of her friend Crow. She's also known for hand-to-hand combat in a game where everyone uses weapons.
  • There's a number of badass queer characters in Dishonored 2, all of whom happen to be women:
    • Meagan Foster, the captain of the Dreadful Wale, mentions primarily being interested in women (though she's been with a few men too). It's later revealed she's also Billie Lurk, a former assassin who used to run with Daud during the events of the original Dishonored.
    • Breanna Ashworth is a villainous example, having become infatuated with the game's Big Bad, Delilah, and is also very powerful witch and combatant.
    • Mindy Blanchard is a trans example, being one of Paolo's underbosses who helps run the Howlers gang, and is perfectly capable of throwing down when push comes to shove.
    • To some extent, Player Character Emily Kaldwin is as well. It's mentioned she has a lover named Wyman prior to the events of the game, and all references are deliberately gender neutral so the player can draw their own conclusions about whether Wyman is male or female. Word of God confirms it was intended to portray Emily as bisexual.
  • Blizzard Entertainment has revealed several of the playable heroes in Overwatch are LGBTQ:
    • The comic Reflections reveals that Series Mascot Lena "Tracer" Oxton is a lesbian (clarified by Word of God) by having her buy a gift for her girlfriend Emily, then showing both women share cute moments.
    • The short story "Bastet" revealed that Soldier 76 was previously in a relationship with a man named Vincent, but had to break it off due to his commitments to Overwatch. Lead writer Michael Chu later confirmed on Twitter that Soldier 76 is gay.
  • In Nights of Azure, the protagonist Arnice is this. She's capable of fighting against fiends and demons that are either bigger or stronger than her and come out as the victor. She's also in love with her long-time friend Lilysse.
  • From the NieR: Automata story YoRHa Stage Play, it is revealed that A2 was in a relationship with her fellow YoRHa unit A4 before the latter perishes in the ill-fated Pearl Harbor mission that made A2 defect from YoRHa Command. For context, the unit that A2 was in was all-female. A2 is also capable of beating up 2B and 9S, both of whom belong in model lines that are more advanced than hers.
  • RuneScape has Armadyl, the god of justice, who defeated and killed Bandos to stop him from acquiring the Stone of Jas. He has also been married twice, to a male Aviantese and another of unknown gender. There is an element of Truth in Television to this as the homosexuality rate in some bird species is much higher than in humans.
  • Valkyrie Drive -Bhikkhuni-, due to being a yuri hack-n-slash game, features a Cast Full of Gay. However, standout examples include Rinka, Momo, and Koharu. Points go especially to Koharu considering she's the strongest fighter on Bhikkhuni Island and she's fully capable of defeating even the Four Pillar Gods with Rinka being the only one capable of matching her.
    • The backstory reveals that Gundari is one for the sole purpose that she made the World Government resort to starving Bhikkhuni Island just to beat her.
  • The female version of Morgan Yu in Prey has an ex-girlfriend (like her male counterpart) and is the game's Player Character, managing to pretty much single-handedly fight off an Alien Invasion.
  • Javier Garcia, the protagonist of The Walking Dead season 3, is a badass fighter who has survived the Zombie Apocalypse for years at the start of the game's story and is also revealed to be bisexual, thanks to his potentially flirtatious interactions with another Badass Gay character, Paul "Jesus" Monroe.
  • Greggory Lee of Night in the Woods definitely qualifies. He's dating and living with another man, Angus, and is also the biggest risk-taker of the group, is skilled at picking locks, and at the climax, shoots a cultist with a crossbow for trying to hurt his friend.
  • Sakura Dungeon. When you consider the fact that most of the characters are combat-capable (either because you can use them in combat, or mentioned via. dialogue to be combat capable), every character is female and most of them are involved in at least one sex scene, you'd be hard pressed to find a character in the game that doesn't fit this trope.
  • Destiny:
    • Devrim Kay in Destiny 2 is a posh gentleman sniper and scout who can drill a Fallen from a couple hundred meters away. He also has a partner named Marc who he offhandedly mentions in some dialogue.
    • Suraya Hawthorne, a wanderer and scout who lives outside the City and the leader of the survivor enclave known as the Farm in the aftermath of the Cabal invasion, is revealed to be gay/bi in the lore for the Glad Tidings ship, which mentions a City resident attempting to set her up with her daughter. Incidentally she was also revealed during 2019's Dawning event to be the adopted daughter of Devrim and Marc.
    • The Warmind expansion to Destiny 2 introduced Ana Bray, legendary hero of Twilight Gap and accomplished Hunter, who is shown in the accompanying comic to be in a relationship with female Owl Sector agent Camrin Dumuzi.
    • Wei Ning and Eriana-3, two Guardians who feature prominently in the game's historical lore, were in a relationship. Wei Ning's death at the hands of Crota and Eriana's subsequent desire for vengeance were the primary motivation for her failed raid of the Moon that forms Eris Morn's backstory.
  • Masqerada: Songs and Shadows has Kalden Azrus, the teams Big Guy. Part of his character arc is that he's afraid he will disgrace his family if they find out their only heir is gay (his deceased older brother was too, but only Kalden knew that), fortunately he has friends in high places who prevent his enemies from using the information against him.
  • Fear Effect gives us Hana and her girlfriend Rain who are a pair of badass mercenaries that fight the supernatural and mortal forces through Retro Helix, Inferno and Sedna.
  • Shovel Knight optionally allows this through body swap mode, letting the player make Shovel Knight and Shield Knight two men or two women respectively.
  • Valkyria Chronicles: Jann is a Camp Gay who wears make up and lipstick and has the Largo Lover trait. He's also the third best Lancer in the game (behind Largo and Audrey), built like a brick outhouse and a very competent tank killer.
  • Cyberpunk 2077: V is a badass Cyborg hired gun and can romance and have sex with male and female characters regardless of whether V is a man or a woman.
  • Athena is revealed to be this in Tales from the Borderlands, being in a relationship with Janey Springs. And since she's a Vault Hunter, she's more than capable of handling whatever comes her way.
  • Enderal: Jespar Dal'Verak and Calia Sakaresh are companion characters and bonafide badasses in their own right (Jespar is a mercenary in employ of the Order and Calia is a Keeper) and both can be romanced by male and female Player Characters. Unlike some other examples of romanceable NPCs, both also display attraction to men and women regardless of whether or not the player shows interest in them.
  • Apex Legends: Gibraltar, a tank character and former search and rescue volunteer, is casually mentioned to have had a boyfriend in his youth in his character bio.
  • League of Legends has Loads and Loads of Characters, so no surprises in there being several openly gay ones:
  • The Borderlands series is filled with these.

    Visual Novels 
  • Rider from Fate/Zero. One of the most badass servants in the 4th Holy Grail War, he usually tramples enemies while riding on a chariot, but can fight against three Assassins simultaneously. Hell, his Reality Marble has him summon an entire Badass Army to lead. He's also bisexual, which isn't surprising considering what his True Name is: Alexander the Great.
  • Shall We Date?: Ninja Shadow:
    • Ukyo, the redheaded Fair Cop who is a police commisioner by day and a vigilante by night, states that personality of someone's significant other is more important than his/her gender, and in his route openly declares that he doesn't care about the gender of anyone he falls in love with when he reveals a dangerous Batman Gambit that he developed on his own to bring down the Big Bad.
    • Ukyo's friend and fellow vigilante Yuzuki Hirano is eventually revealed to fit into this when his route is played and he goes through Character Development. The fact that he's as skilled a ninja as Ukyo doesn't hurt either.
    • If the True Feelings of Zeyo Sakamoto are to be believed, he fits in here too. He basically repeats what Ukyo said about love and personality being more important than gender, and he's an extremely skilled fighter who, in his route, fights against the local Master Swordsman and his Badass Bookworm best friend alongside the Action Survivor Player Character and gets them to surrender and desist from killing the Shogun.
  • Bernkastel and Lambdadelta of Umineko: When They Cry are extremely powerful witches capable of effortlessly creating and destroying universes, and they're clearly romantically involved.

    Web Video 

    Web Animation 
  • Volume 4 of RWBY introduced the character Ilia Amatoa (though her status as a lesbian would not be revealed until Volume 5), a spy/assassin working for the White Fang terrorist group. She's an incredibly skilled fighter who can hold her own against Blake note  and Sun. She eventually makes a Heel–Face Turn, along the way making an Anguished Declaration of Love for Blake. Though they don't end up together, Ilia and Blake remain friends.
  • HazbinHotel" features a few. Angel Dust is the most standout, being a flamboyant drag queen with an attraction to men on top of being a a highly dangerous criminal who is no stranger to violence. Charlie is bisexual and the nicest character in the series, but she can be scare other demons if she wants and is more then capable of holding her own in a fight. Charlie's girlfriend Vaggie is also counts.

  • City of Trees features Ophidian, a gay dragon who's first scene involved him fighting off several werewolves in a club. Other characters belonging to this trope include Jasper Bennet, who is pansexual and make his first appreance by running on a bar with a sword drawn.
  • Long Exposure has Mitch. The delinquent and scary looking Knife Nut that is head over heels in love with the Lovable Nerd Jonas.
  • The Green Eyed Sniper has only lesbian characters (even the robot called Assistant appears to be a lesbian), and most of them are badass. The main characters, Shanti and Sekhmet, are powerful combatants. Shanti is a sniper assassin who targets only untouchable criminals and hates war and the military with a passion, whereas Sekhmet is a conflicted war criminal who can and will snap people in two, if sufficiently enraged.
  • Smoke Fur And Stone: Chuck and various werewolf warriors prove that being into men doesn't make you less of a man.
  • Homestuck has a lot of queer characters and a lot of badassery, so of course this trope comes up.
    • Kanaya Maryam by way of Word of Gay. (All trolls are bisexual by default, but Kanaya isn't.) She wields a lipstick chainsaw. Her brightest moment: Taking out two enemies who had killed two people each (herself among the victims) - one by (non-fatally) Groin Attacking him off a cliff, and the other by sawing him in half.
    • There's also Dirk, aka the B2 counterpart of Bro Strider, one of the most gifted warriors in the entire comic. Both sides of this trope are probably best encapsulated in the autoresponder's description of how he would confess to Jake:
      TT: If it's me going through with this, hypothetically,
      TT: I'm not dropping some limp wristed shucks buster on his ass, and praying to the horse gods of irony for reciprocation.
      TT: There will be no rocking back and forth on pigeon-toed feet, while my face flushes with the blood of a thousand timid bishies.
      TT: I will not hold one tentative hand behind my head like a flustered asshole from an Asian cartoon, nor will an oversized bead of sweat overlap ludicrously with my visage.
      TT: If it's me, I'm going all out.
      TT: Oceans will rise. Cities will fall. Volcanoes will erupt.
      TG: uuh
      TT: What I'm saying is, it's going to be a scene, and bystanders need to brace themselves.
    • Kanaya's girlfriend Rose Lalonde may identify as lesbian or as bisexual but she is very, very badass either way. Maybe it runs in the family, since her genetic father through weird cloning, time and universe shenanigans is the aforementioned Dirk.
    • And the family just gets gayer and more badass. Post-retcon, Rose's asskicking timetraveler brother Dave is confirmed to be bisexual.
  • El Goonish Shive:
  • The Noordegraaf Files being a World of Badass, and having plenty of gay characters, this is in full effect.
    • Andromeda and Edythe are both Lesbians, or at least have an interest in other women.
    • Ezra, George and Orion all are confirmed to be gay.
    • Davis and Akila are confirmed to be Bisexual, and Kat is implied to be one as well.
    • Seriously, half the characters (at least) are LGBTQ. And all of them could probably kick your ass.
  • Cwynhild of Cwynhild's Loom is a cyborg Super Soldier who is openly lesbian. She typically dresses more like the male characters in the comic, and she has a bad habit of letting pretty girls talk her into doing things she probably shouldn't.
  • Manly Guys Doing Manly Things: This comic page includes an entire barbecue of these. The main character is an openly bisexual former space marine, the barbecue has as guests Wonder Woman, Hercules, Deadpool, Naked Snake, Commander Shepard, Iron Bull, etc.
  • Gabry and Liam both from This Is the Worst Idea You've Ever Had!. Keeping the streets clean from asshole vampires by night, running an antique bookstore (that sells coffee!) by day...
  • Adharia Kuvoe of Last Res0rt and her consort, Sedja. We should note that they already have a running body count on the show.
  • Oglaf:
    • Greir, a bounty hunter with a penchant for violence.
    • There's also Kronar, son of man.
  • Count Tethik from The Challenges of Zona
  • Szark Sturtz from Dominic Deegan is well known for getting a good Double Entendre or two when he pulls off badass moves.
  • It's Walky!: Beef smashes through several agents, and shrugs off gunfire, Daisy steps up, and unloads her entire clip directly into his forehead, piercing his thick skin and killing him. Though the trauma of killing her teammate makes her useless for the rest of the fight.
  • Åland from Scandinavia and the World is one of only two people (or three if you count sister Finland) who can put Finland in his place and who terrifies Russia.
  • Niels:
    • Agent 250 is a battle-scarred vet in his late-forties who complains about being reassigned to a desk job after a shrapnel bomb shredded his knee. This just about sums up his badass.
    • 250's coworker and boyfriend, Agent 300. He is a bisexual (but refuses to admit it) Agent Peacock who specializes in social interaction and infiltration. He is also an aggressive footballer, proficient in the caber toss, and went on a Roaring Rampage of Revenge after Niels shot 250 in the stomach, putting Niels, Duncan, and several other mooks in the hospital. 300 came out of it relatively unscathed, while Niels was down one eye by the end of it. Niels himself also qualifies, being a borderline-sociopathic Depraved Bisexual mob boss who poses enough of a threat to be a top priority target for the U.S. government.
  • Guilded Age has Harky, the troll chieftain who goes toe-to-toe with the entire party of heroes at once early in the story and who also has an Interspecies Romance going on with another of the World's Rebellion generals.
  • Bob the Angry Flower: One comic's point is that homosexuality is most definitely NOT a detriment to badass police enforcement.
  • Terinu from the webcomic of the same name. Last of Their Kind alien with energy projection powers and deeply in love with his childhood friend Matt.
  • In The Less Than Epic Adventures of TJ and Amal, TJ punches a man in the face for ruining the ambiance in a waffle house. He survived a pretty rough time before he meets Amal, so despite being outwardly a very chill person, he can definitely be a badass.
  • Cody in Paranatural. At the beginning of the hitballnote  game in chapter 5, he blushes happily at the thought of another male student crushing on him. Then, with his eyes still closed and the blush still on his cheeks, he casually sidesteps a ball that zooms past his head and delivers a serve that manages to knock a student twice his size off his feet. He then goes on to be a ridiculously, almost sarcastically good hitball player who nonchalantly dodges multiple shots at a time.
    Cody: I think he likes me. [does the above] Well, I have to go carry the team now.
  • Val and Isaac: Val, Garla and Space Dread are all lesbians, and are also space mercenaries with successful careers (Val is, for example, the only person Space Dread has failed to kill). Minnow (who's bi) can also be a deadly enemy, although she's the least experienced at space-mercenarying on Val's ship.
  • Kill Six Billion Demons: Cio, the self-proclaimed "fanfiction writer", is The Atoner after her former existence as a master thief, and spent much of the comic with a strongly implied interest in Allison, the heir to the throne of God, meaning that given her past relationships she's most likely a Badass Bisexual. While lacking in physical power due to being a mere imp, Cio uses skill and cunning to compensate. Following The Big Damn Kiss in "Seeker of Thrones", Allison - who's capable of incredible power when she gets past her inferiority complex and awful decision-making skills - may also be Badass Bisexual. Rounding out the Power Trio, 82 White Chain is essentially trans - a female, or at least feminine-identifying, member of an ostensibly gender neutral species, namely angels - and has enough Heroic Willpower to just walk into this trope.

    Web Original 
  • Captain Falcon from There Will Be Brawl.
  • Hero House: In a departure from the usual canon, Red Hood and Winter Soldier
  • Mille Chanteau of Ilivais X is incredibly strong-willed, consistently enthusiastic (unless X is screwing with her temperament), superbly hammy, and head-over-heels for Iriana. While she is interested in men as well, the story undeniably is focused on their relationship. Similarly, Iriana, while nowhere near as tough and optimistic, at least TRIES to make people think she's a cold-blooded badass, and while she tends to fail, she does have her moments.
  • Shadowhunter Peril might as well be called a World of Badass Gay. There are so many characters who can kick some serious ass and yet are attracted to the same sex. Etzel, Umbra, Nicholas, Kyle, Valentine, the Architect, Ethan, Veronica, Kitty, Jack, Oblivion.
  • Cale Tomlik from Tails of the Bounty Hunter is a bounty hunter and former mercenary who is capable of surviving massive gunfights and brawls all on his own using the skills he learned in the past. He's also openly homosexual, and used to date his former partner Drake Keevonu.
  • Diamanda Hagan: "Doctor Doom is a pussy".
  • This lady on Not Always Right, who completely destroys a homophobic customer by turning her religious hypocrisy back on her.
  • This Cracked video is a fake trailer for a Quentin Tarantino revenge fantasy about a gay man who goes on a homicidal rampage a la Kill Bill to avenge his dead husband, who was killed by a Heteronormative Crusader on their wedding day. It also contains one of the best Pre-Mortem One-Liners ever:
    [protagonist pulls up beside anti-gay protesters in his car]
    Protester: What're you lookin' at? Are ya queer or something?
    [protagonist looks to passenger seat, where he has a flamethrower]
    Protagonist: [aims flamethrower at protesters] Flaming. [burns them]
  • Rob the badger from The Pirates Covered in Fur. It helps that he's a war veteran who recently returned home right when Lyle's army attacked the city.
  • Todd from Where the Bears Are.
  • Epic Rap Battles of History has Albus Dumbledore, Freddy Mercury, Frederick the Great, and Ellen DeGeneres dropping awesome rhymes and even using their sexual orientations in their lyrics as attacks.
  • Gilmore, from Critical Role is often implied to be much more powerful than his flamboyant personality would suggest. This is confirmed when he takes on an ancient red dragon by himself, and survives.
    • Lady Kima and Archanist Allura Vysoren — very respected fighters in their own right, and when it became clear the two seemed to be more than friends Tiberius decided to back off his advances with Allura. The two get married during the one-year time skip.
    • Vax is a pretty badass rogue and later becomes a paladdin of the Raven Queen. Oh, he's also bisexual.
    • The way his sexuality was revealed may be very divided among Critters, but Taryon Darrington definitely proves himself in-story. He also won the third battle royale.
    • Beauregard is a badass monk who fans have dubbed "disaster lesbian", for being a disaster lesbian.
      • She hooks up with two different bisexual lady guest stars, Keg and Reani.
    • Yasha is a badass aasimar barbarian who previously had a wife back home before she ran away.
    • Bloodhunter Mollymauk Tealeaf can hold his own with a sword. Was revealed to be Bi when he had a threeway with a human man and woman. Was also confirmed by Matt Mercer to be gender-fluid.
  • Whateley Universe: There is a whole dorm for LGBTQI students; out that hundred or so teens, is it any surprise that some are serious fighters looking to be Superheroes or Supervillains? That's not even counting those who ended up in other dorms because they weren't out when they enrolled...
    • Chou Lee (Bladedancer) is bisexual, who is in a relationship with Gateway, another girl, and Chain Lightning, a guy, and is a superbly-skilled martial artist who wields a magical sword and several other mystical artefacts, that boost her well beyond normal human abilities.
    • Fey, who is in a relationship with Bugs, another girl, and Stalwart, a guy, and is one of the most powerful Wizard-type mutants on earth, and she has the spirit of an ancient Faerie Queen to teach her spells.
    • In the 2007 school year, the leader of the Future Superheroes of America is Saladin, who came out the previous Spring after someone tried to blackmail him. While he didn't push for it initially himself, under his watch the Capes have taken a stand against the frequent gay-bashing seen on campus.
    • Another member of the FSA is Hippolyta, who is one of strongest students on campus, and an outspoken Butch Lesbian.
    • While it has only been hinted at in the stories, Word of God says that Mule, of the JROTC training team The Grunts, is bisexual.
    • The New Olympians. Feral (Artemis) is a lesbian; Cytherea (Aphrodite) views casual sex, regardless of the sex or gender of those involved, as the equivalent of a light snack; Imperious (Zeus) was even more eager to pursue apparently-female Phase when he learned that Ayla is actually intersex; and Counterpoint (Ares) sees rape as merely the spoils for victory, no matter who the victim is - even if it turns out to be himself, if some comments by Judicator (Athena) are to be believed. The name 'New Olympians' is no idle boast, and you don't get much more Bad Ass than a team of twelve PhysicalGods.
  • The Kindness of Devils has Emma West, her lover Dani, and Grete Ravenhallow who are all proud lesbians. They're also total badasses who are capable of fending off the various monsters and foes Hardestadt and his allies have to face.
  • Kadu'av gives us Eden and Tasaria. Eden is a mercenary and swords woman, while Tasaria is skilled in Shadow Magic. Both have recent started a relationship.
  • Agents Miller from Camp Camp, a pair of badass, married FBI agents who their daughter Ered refers to as her "cool gay dads." Being voiced by Memetic Badass Ryan Haywood certainly helps.
  • RWBY: Ilia Amitola, a spy and ninja for the White Fang who also harbors a long time crush on Blake.
  • The Adventure Zone
    • The Balance campaign is full to the brim with these, being both a World of Badass and having a Cast Full of Gay.
      • We'll start with the Tres Horny Boys' own Camp Gay wizard Taako. Taako is flamboyant, fashionable, and one of the most powerful wizards in the entire setting.
      • Right alongside Taako is his equally fashionable if far more reserved boyfriend Kravitz, who just so happens to be the literal Grim Reaper, with all the powers and responsibilities that entails.
      • Frequently backing up Tres Horny Boys is Team Sweet Flips, a trio of badass ladies that counts Battle Couple Killian and Carey Fangbattle among their number. Killian is an orc who is a crack shot with a crossbow, while Carey is a super acrobatic dragonborn rogue. Oh, and the Distant Epilogue is set at their wedding.
      • The Arc Villain of the Petals To The Metal arc, Sloane, is one of these, delivering a Curb-Stomp Battle to Tres Horny Boys in their first direct confrontation that would've been the end of them if not for the timely intervention of her girlfriend Hurley, a halfling cop, martial artist, and battlewagon racer. Hurley then enlisted THB in freeing Sloane from the malevolent influence of the Gaia Sash, ultimately pulling a Heroic Sacrifice to save Sloane from the Sash's parting shot of incurable silverpoint poisoning after the final battle. They came Back for the Finale.
    • The Amnesty campaign has Aubrey Little, a flaming bisexual spell-slinger, whose first intentional use of magic happened when she was flustered because a cute girl was watching.
  • The narrator in Alice Isn't Dead is driving a semi-truck while being stalked by a Humanoid Abomination (which eats a live person in front of her as a "demonstration" in episode 1!) in order to find her wife, Alice. In the first season finale she kills him with nothing but her bare hands and sheer adrenaline.
  • James Toranaga of Touch is stuck somewhere between this and Badass Adorable, what with also being twelve years old. He spends his time flying around New York, fighting crime with his powerful aerokinetic abilities, and trying to come to terms with his crush on a male school friend.

    Western Animation 

  • Greg and Terry from American Dad! have their moments. Terry even punches out Stan after Stan kidnaps his and Greg's surrogate daughter, despite being notably more feminine than Greg.
    • Greg kills a man while only having one leg during the events of "200".
  • Ray Gillette is a pretty badass gay dude from the Archer series. There also minor characters that are examples of this, like Charles and Rudy in the episode "Honeypot", a pair of camp gay hitmen.
  • The Dragon Prince:
    • Aanya's mothers were a couple of warrior queens that ran in the frontline of a battle to save their country from famine.
    • Runaan, the leader of the elven assassins and Rayla's mentor, is Happily Married to his husband Ethari and is shown to be an excellent fighter.
  • The Legend of Korra:
  • Mission Hill has Gus. Ex-navy man, very large, openly gay and not one to be messed with. Best shown when he returns home after an off-screen mugging with a knife in his head. Which he doesn't even feel. He also threw said mugger off a bridge.
  • OK K.O.! Let's Be Heroes has Enid, a badass bisexual witch, Red Action, a lesbian from a future fighting team, Lord Boxman, the pansexual evil leader of Boxmore, and Professor Venemous, the bisexual former hero Laserblast.
  • Rick and Morty has Rick Sanchez, who not only is a pansexualnote  but is also a major badass with degrees in talking shit, detonating entire alien colonies and kicking ass (including the ass of Satan himself).
  • Steven Universe:
    • Gems don't have sex as humans understand it, but they do have fusion, which is treated similarly in some ways. Fusion between gems of the same stype is "normal", and just produces a larger gem of the same type. Fusion between different types of gems (which produces a new type of gem, distinct from the components) is treated as unusual/inappropriate/perverse. The pairings below are "gay" both in the human sense (all gems are, or at least appear, female) and in the gem sense (because they're heterofusions).
    • Pearl is an expert fencer and tactician, helps defend the Earth from alien attacks on a constant basis, and had feelings for Rose Quartz that were romantic. Also a discount lesbian, given that she's a female-presenting alien.
    • Garnet is a weird example, since she's a stable fusion of two Gems who are deeply in love with each other, meaning that she's literally the physical embodiment of a discount lesbian romance and is very badass.
  • Jean and Paul from Superjail! are both gay, but are among Superjail's most badass inmates. Not only do they survive the regular chaos around the living murder facility they inhabit, they were both leaders of the most dangerous gangs in Superjail before they retired and became a couple.
  • She-Ra and the Princesses of Power:
    • As the series goes on, more and more hints are dropped about Adora being only attracted to women, all while being the most badass character in the show. Adora is a highly capable fighter even without the power of She-Ra, and her appearance frequently turns the tides of a fight. She never shows romantic interest in any male characters, and her interactions with Catra (especially at the Princess Prom) have unsubtle romantic overtones. She also goes utterly star-struck and tongue-tied when she meets Huntara for the first time, and only ever develops a Crush Blush around women. It also seems like Adora Has a Type in women who can kick ass. Adora and Catra end the series as a couple after an entire series worth of teasing.
    • Much like Adora, Catra only ever shows attraction to women, especially in her Ship Tease with Adora. Several episodes also examine how betrayed and hurt Catra feels about Adora leaving the Horde. Even after trying to kill Adora, Catra is still a mess of mixed emotions about it. By Season 5, after pulling a Heel–Face Turn, Catra finally admits to herself that she's in love with Adora, giving an Anguished Declaration of Love in the series finale. Adora returns the affection, culminating in a Big Damn Kiss that revives her.
    • George, one of Bow's gay dads, is a Retired Badass who fought the horde during the first alliance of the princesses.
    • Spinnerella and Netossa are in a same-sex relationship (later same-sex marriage), and start out as the only two active princesses fighting for the Rebellion apart from Glimmer. Even in Season 5, where Spinnerella ends up Brainwashed and Crazy due to a mind control chip from Horde Prime, both of them are still independently capable of kicking ass. Netossa in particular is able to subdue people several leagues above her power class with her nets.
    • Rogelio is heavily implied to be in a relationship with Kyle, to the point where a look inside Rogelio's locker reveals "R <3 K" graffiti and a doodle of what appears to be Rogelio's idea of what their kid would be like. Rogelio is a six, maybe seven foot lizard man who can knock princesses flying with a tail swipe. (Averted with Kyle, though; Kyle is a tiny Minion with an F in Evil And Also Everything Else.)
    • Huntara. She's big, she's muscular, and she's interrupted in the middle of flirting with a waitress by an extremely starry-eyed Adora.
  • Shore-Leave from The Venture Bros.. So very gay and so very awesome. Colonel Gentleman definitely qualifies as well.
    Shore-Leave: No, this is my gun. That is from how excited I am to be doing this.
  • In Voltron: Legendary Defender, the Black Paladin, Shiro, had a relationship with a man named Adam, which came to an abrupt end due to Shiro deciding to go on the trip to Kerberos that kicks off the events of the series. He is one of the most competent and possibly the strongest member of Team Voltron.
  • Young Justice has a number of LGBT superheroes, though Executive Meddling has prevented this from being obvious in its running time on Cartoon Network. As of season 3 these include Aqualad (later the second Aquaman), Impulse, Halo and El Dorado. Note that with the exception of the first they're all cases of Adaptational Sexuality.
  • Wonder Woman Blood Lines: Etta Candy is a capable female field agent who has a love for female bodybuilders like the Amazons.

    Real Life 
  • One by-product of the pre-DADT repeal debate in the U.S. of allowing gays and lesbians to serve in the military is to raise awareness of how many already are serving with distinction, and have served throughout history.
  • Dan Choi, an openly gay American infantry officer (you know, the most dangerous and frontline job in the armed forces) and activist who campaigned to repeal DADT, is one such example of the plethora of badass LGBT people who have served in the American military.
  • A less-than-awesome example of this trope in Real Life is the rise of "gay self-defense" classes in Russia, which has seen a deplorable uptick in violence against LGBT people since Vladimir Putin allowed an "anti-gay propaganda" bill to be passed. The classes teach gays, lesbians, bisexuals, and transgender people how to defend themselves against homophobic attackers with martial arts, knives, and guns.
  • A totally awesome example of this in real life is the story of this gay couple, Danny and Larry Lennox-Choate, both graduates from West Point Military Academy and one of whom is a veteran of Iraq and Afghanistan, who beat the shit out of a homophobic thug while out shopping. Said thug is now behind bars, charged with committing a hate crime.
  • King Richard I the Lionhearted, if you believe that he was bisexual (this is still rather debated among historians). Apparently the Church made him publically confess the 'sin' of sodomy and swear not to do it again - twice. But he, like most knights and nobles at the time, also was known to rape random peasant women during the Crusades, so...
  • Homosexuality was very common among the armies of the Spartans, who specifically advocated the soldiers get into relationships with each other (presumably Sitch Sexuality for the ones who weren't already attracted to men) as they would fight harder to protect their lovers than normal.
  • Hyper-machismo is one of the standard coping strategies of closeted male-to-female transgender people: "making oneself a man even against one's will". Naturally, the usual result is failure. Conversely, many female to male trans people opt for military or police career after their transitions, to "confirm" their new identity.
  • Alexander the Great, though debatable since he was after all Greek, some historians suspect his sudden death was brought on by heart break after his lover and man at arms had died, but before that in a stint of just 12 years he conquered his way through the entire Mediterranean, Egypt, Persia and only stopped at India because of monsoon season and his men's homesickness.
  • The Sacred Band of Thebes, 150 same-sex Battle Couples, so mighty that they handed Sparta its ass a few times.
  • Phillip of Macedon (himself known to have been bisexual), father of Alexander the Great, considered the Sacred Band to be very worthy opponents indeed, and has been quoted as saying as such.
    "Perish any man who suspects that these men either did or suffered anything unseemly."
  • Phillipe le Ier, duc d'Orléans was homosexual, and considered very effeminate even by the standards of the time, when make-up, wigs, and frilly clothing was the norm for noblemen. He was also very good on the battlefield and very good tactician, so much that his brother the king removed him from office in fear he would overthrow him, or overshadow him through his prowess in battle. He was also a dutiful royal of the House of Bourbon, and as such gritted his teeth and made sure to produce as many children as possible. He married twice and ended up having four surviving legitimate children and many more legitimate grandchildren—far more than his straight older brother.
  • Friedrich Wilhelm von Steuben was a Prussian military officer who joined the Continental Army to fight in the American Revolution. He was key in training American soldiers military drills, tactics and discipline. Von Steuben obtained the ranks of Inspector General and Major General. While it isn't known with certainty, he was a lifelong bachelor, never had children and his only intimate relationships were with men, making him widely thought to be gay.
  • Willem Arondeous, member of the Dutch La Résistance during World War II. His Famous Last Words, right before being executed, were the following:
    "Let it be known that homosexuals are not cowards."
  • The Pink Pistols, a controversial LGBT self-defense/gun-rights organization that advocates LGBT ownership of firearms explicitly for the purpose of self-defense.
  • Siegfried Sassoon, the World War I poet. When he wasn't writing (justifiably) angsty and horrific war poetry or protesting the war's improper prolongation, he was crawling out into No Man's Land on regular German-hunting patrols. Robert Graves, in his autobiography, describes him as flipping between happy warrior and bitter pacifist, and describes his battlefield activities with the words "wholesale slaughter". Consider that Graves himself was an active combat officer in one of the most Godawful wars in history, and it gives you some idea of what Sassoon was like.
  • Comedian and talk show host Graham Norton was stabbed in the heart, and is absolutely fine, and this fact is hardly ever brought up.
  • Sally Ride, badass enough to be a physics professor, a successful entrepeneur, a presidential advisor AND the first American woman to go into space, had been with her partner Tam O'Shaughnessy for 27 years at the time of her death in July 2012.
  • Homosexuality was as common among the samurai of feudal Japan as it was among the Ancient Greeks. At the time, a man could wear a furisode (a long sleeved kimono typically worn by young ladies) to advertise that he was the lover of a warrior. Oda Nobunaga, a warlord who helped to unify Japan during the Sengoku Period, had one such lover in his page, Mori Ranmaru.
  • Winston Churchill once cited 'rum, sodomy, and the lash' as the three great traditions of the British Navy. The story was that sodomy was considered legal after thirty days at sea. In a bit of irony, rum rations and punishment by the lash have been abolished by the Royal Navy. However, the U.K. later allowed homosexuals to openly serve in their armed forces, as well as legalizing same-sex marriage. The running joke being that the Navy now runs on sodomy alone.
  • Frederick the Great was widely considered homosexual by his contemporaries and today by many historians. His court was distinguished by frequent homoerotic jokes and poetry, he refused to meet his wife more than once a year and prefered being buried with his dogs rather than with her, and his association early in life with Prussian nobleman Hans Herman von Katte is often thought of as romantic, though the truth will be never known (and later on possibly also Voltaire, although their relationship was more of the Slap-Slap-Kiss variety). However, he was focused on war and governing the state more than on sex and romance, never had any "favourites" like other gay/bisexual kings (but no mistresses either), and held open admiration for Maria Theresia, so whether he was gay, straight, bi, or asexual is still an open question. This, mind you, is a man who simultaneously held off France, Austria, and Russia (the three most powerful land armies of the day) and laid the groundwork for the formation of a unified German nation. Napoleon said of Frederick (after defeating Prussia) "If this man were still alive, we would not be here." After losing one battle, Frederick himself wrote "Fortune has it in for me; she is a woman, and I am not that way inclined."
  • Freddie Mercury deserves a mention, not just because the awesome musician he was, but the fact he was still composing and recording even to the verge of death. note  He also once got into a fist fight with Sid Vicious. And won.
  • Gaahl, notorious Norwegian Black Metal musician and former member of Gorgoroth. Also a vegetarian, averting Real Men Eat Meat.
  • In the same vain, Rob Halford of Judas Priest, the Trope Namer of Hell-Bent for Leather, has been playing and touring with the band for some thirty years, and even went on with a show despite crashing a motorcycle on stage and breaking his nose. His bandmates knew of his preferences long before he officially came out in 1998, and they simply didn't care.
  • Julius Caesar was very likely bisexual. Suetonius reports that he was called "every woman's husband and every man's wife".
  • Leonardo da Vinci, a truly awe-inspiring example of Badass Bookworm, had several male lovers and was put on trial for sodomy in the 1480s. And the allegations only temporarily inconvenienced him because the people in a position to hire him cared more about the Badass than the Gay.
  • Julie d'Aubigny, also known as Mademoiselle Maupin, was a 17th century swordswoman/opera singer whose favorite activities were drinking, dueling, and seducing every attractive man and woman she could get her hands on, frequently in that order. Her long list of exploits is rightfully accounted by Badass of the Week, including accepting a duel from three different men after they saw her kissing a girl they liked at the bar and beating all three of them at once, and on another occasion then when she roundly kicked the asses of another trio of men so badly that one of them sent her an apology letter, she felt sorry, went over to his house and seduced him. When her latest conquest, the daughter of rich nobles, was sent to a convent to keep her away from D'Aubigny, she responded by breaking into the convent, rescuing her girlfriend, and setting the place on fire to cover their escape.
  • Congresswoman Sharice Davids (D-KS) is a lesbian who competed in professional mixed martial arts before she finished law school.
  • Billy Herrington. Learning karate from his father, a sensei. He had interests in boxing, wrestling and martial arts, but did not start bodybuilding until he was 24 years old, after moving to New York City.
  • Anderson Cooper is a Peabody Award-winning journalist who's covered war zones like Sarajevo and Sudan, and international disasters like the Hurricane Katrina fallout and 9/11. The fact that he is gay is a mere detail compared to the fact that he is one of America's most respected reporters and once even found himself a news story when he helped save a young boy in Haiti from further injury after the boy was injured during looting after the devastating earthquake in 2010.
  • According to some sources and interpretations, T.E. Lawrence. As with many early or pre-modern historical figures, it is hard to say definitively. In particular it is believed his relationship with his young assistant Selim Ahmed or "Dahoum" may have been romantic. On the other hand, Lawrence always maintained that he never (voluntarily) had sex with anyone in his lifenote , and his friends considered him to be asexual. What is known is that Lawrence was also a badass military officer and leader who proved invaluable to the Allied effort against the Ottoman Empire throughout World War One.
  • Emperor Hadrian, who you might know of best by Hadrian's Wall which was constructed during his reign, of the Roman Empire is one of the very few historical figures that historians have very little doubt about regarding his sexuality thanks to his very open and well-recorded relationship with his younger lover Antinous, whom he went so far as to found an entire cult and city for after his untimely death. He is also regarded as one of the "Five Good Emperors" of the Romans and was an extremely effective military commander.
  • Sir Elton John, one of the best-selling and most enduring pop stars of all time, has been in a relationship with Canadian filmmaker David Furnish since 1993, with the two finally being wed in 2014.
  • The Queer Insurrection and Liberation Army (TQILA) is a queer anarchist subunit of IRPGF militia currently fighting against ISIL in Syria. They were founded in 2017 by LGBT members of the IRPGF to fight the systemic persecution and genocide of LGBT people by ISIL after taking a picture of their fighters holding a banner which says "these faggots kill fascists", which is also a brilliant Stealth Pun on the other definition of the and pro origin of the phrase “fascism”.

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