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Badass Grandpa

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It may refer to one of these tropes about elderly figures who can still hold their own. However as you can see we can get pretty granular about what that means for a story or a character. Please direct appropriate wicks to the following tropes:

  • Cool Old Guy — Someone who is exactly as spry and tough and awesome as when they were in their prime.
  • Cool Old Lady — The Distaff Counterpart to the above.
  • Eccentric Mentor — His eccentricities are often a combined sign of age and incomprehensible skill, so listen wisely, young one.
  • Evil Old Folks — The tendency for villains to be much older than the heroes, and to have inflicted their harm over many, many years.
  • Had to Be Sharp — A person who lived through a difficult time, or just long enough in general, that it's honed their resourcefulness.
  • Handicapped Badass — A person who overcomes a handicap to stand on equal footing with their peers. In this case especially if its a physical or mental disability brought on or exacerbated by age.
  • Mentor Archetype — An older figure who trains and guides the younger people around them, particularly The Hero.
  • Never Mess with Granny — When an elderly character, often a grandma to further the innocent and harmless imagery, is unexpectedly revealed to be packing ninjutsu and a bazooka.
  • Old Master — They have spent so many years mastering their art form that nobody can beat them, and they often teach others.
  • Old Retainer — A member of a team who has been around so long that they are an inherent part of what makes the team.
  • Old Soldier — An older member of the armed forces who is still effective and indeed revered for his position.
  • Old Superhero — A '60s superhero, now, in his 60s, who may still be tough and cool, tough or cool, or a parody of such traits.
  • Older and Wiser — A character older than the heroes whose function is to impart wisdom on how they solved situations similar to what the heroes now face.
  • Older Is Better — If past times were cooler than the present, then the people who lived there must be equally cool, right?
  • The Patriarch — An older male figure who rules over a clan, often unscrupulously. And the distaff counterparts Apron Matron and Evil Matriarch.
  • Perilous Old Fool — An aged person who was a great fighter in their youth, still believes they are and tries to continue, to mixed results.
  • Retired Badass — He may be an outlaw, gunfighter, some kind of super villain, or something else but whatever position made the character badass has been retired from... but the traits remain, usually making them a quiet secret badass or someone who is asked to return to their position because of their amazing skills.
  • Ring Oldies — Underneath that mat is a ring of wood and steel. And he'll continue to rise no matter how many times you drop him on it.
  • Stronger with Age — Someone/thing whose power or skills grow, naturally or mystically but rarely through practice, over many years.
  • When Elders Attack — An older character has been provoked, often delivering a humorous ass-whooping with improvised weapons.

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