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"If you live like a villain all your life, sooner or later you will be 60 and still being shot at."
Roger Ebert, reviewing The Limey

Next time Mr. Jenkins next door yells at you to get off his lawn, you might want to listen — he might be hiding a death laser under his rocking chair. Some people grow old gracefully, and sit back to enjoy the last few years of their life. Others want to spend their final days as the supreme ruler of all humanity. Not all senior citizens can be kind, loving grandparents, or old masters. Some are just as evil in their old age as they were in their youth, and still want to destroy everything, conquer the world, or generally be evil.

To qualify for this trope, a character must be old (by their species' standards), and must also be visibly aged. Even if they're Really 700 Years Old, it doesn't count if they look like a ten-year-old child. Just being a cranky old man is not enough to qualify one as evil, either. World domination, death to humans, or anything else that could be pulled off by younger villains are all suitable goals to make one qualify as an Evil Old Folk. If they happen to be really old and remain young by stealing the youth of others, it can count so long as they occasionally look old.


Due to their age and the fact that they are still committing evil, they are never likely to go face on the Sorting Algorithm Of Face Heel Turning chart.

See Liquid Assets for evil old folks who look young by stealing the youth of others. Compare Cool Old Guy, Dirty Old Man, Grumpy Old Man. See also Silly Rabbit, Idealism Is for Kids! and Jade-Colored Glasses. A Wicked Witch is likely (although not guaranteed) to be this, because Beauty Equals Goodness, and (physical) beauty is most commonly associated with youth and innocence, not age and experience or wisdom. For old folks who were evil when they were your age, try Retired Monster. If being evil itself has aged the character, that might be a form of Evil Makes You Ugly.



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    Anime & Manga 
  • JoJo's Bizarre Adventure:
    • Enya Geil from Part 3 is a cunning, nasty old woman who tries to get revenge on the heroes for killing her depraved psychopath of a son.
    • Dario Brando, father of Dio Brando is also an example. He was a wife-beating self-centered drunk who tormented Dio as a child and was the largest contributing factor to Dio's personality. Perhaps everything could have been avoided had Dario just been a little nicer to his son...
    • A few minor Stand Users also fall in here. Professional murderer-thief Gray Fly, former cult leader Kenzo, Yoshikage Kira's father Yoshihiro...
  • Naruto:
    • Danzou (72), who's one of the Hidden Leaf Village's head elders and a ruthless war hawk who's willing to do things the rest of the village considers morally putrid. He overlaps with Well-Intentioned Extremist, as everything he does, he does with the intent of helping the Hidden Leaf Village. He does it through underhanded political manipulation, and lets revenge get the better of him, however, that he becomes pretty unsympathetic.
    • For that matter, Kakuzu (91) and Madara Uchiha (who was least in his 80s before his death and resurrection) are among two of the oldest humans in the entire world. Orochimaru would count too, being in his 50s, but he retains his youth by possessing new bodies.
  • Drosselmeyer from Princess Tutu, an evil old fucker if there ever was one. He torments the characters for no other reason than believing it makes for a better story.
  • Fairy Tail has Master Hades, the Big Bad of the Tenrou Island Arc. He's one of the most vile and formidable opponents Fairy Tail faces in the series, and he is even older - and far stronger - than Makarov is. Fairy Tail ONLY won because the secret to his power, the actual Grimoire Heart, was destroyed. Despite this, he has ways of subverting this trope sometimes.
  • The main antagonist from Fullmetal Alchemist. Father has the appearance of an imposing old man robed in white, and though he can be somewhat goofy at times, his evil is hardly a secret. He's behind nearly every tragedy in the series.
    • Two of Father's henchmen also count. King Bradley/Wrath is in his 60s, and the Gold-Toothed Doctor is even older. Both are very bad dudes.
    • Dante from the 2003 anime version is arguably a little more faithful to the trope. When she's first introduced, she seems like a genuinely nice old woman, and Alphonse in particular seems to take a liking to her. After all, an old bonnet-wearing pharmacist couldn't possibly be the leader of the homunculi, right?
  • In the actual Ranma ½ series, the (small) Old Master Happōsai is often described as the ultimate evil. Trying to think of a good deed for Christmas made him explode with pain, and, in the animated version, he was evil enough to made a suddenly Not So Harmless Evil Oni writhe in pure agony.
  • Zatch Bell! has a Filler Villain named Dr. Ichiro (Dr. Hakase in the dub) who wants to use his demon to get his revenge on the scientific community for mocking his ideas. And from there? Take over the world.
  • Kagemaru from season 1 of Yu-Gi-Oh! GX is so old he has to live in a giant tube with robotic arms. That all changes once he draws life force from other cards thanks to the Sangenma.
  • Dr. Gero from Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball GT.
    • In the earlier Dragon Ball, Piccolo Daimao originally looked ancient and wrinkled like an old prune. This didn't stop him from completely dominating Goku in their first encounter; when he got his youth back thanks to the Dragon Balls, well, it went From Bad to Worse.
  • Szilard Quates of Baccano!!. Evil deeds including but not limited to betraying a shipload of people who trusted him, enslaving a homunculus of his creation on pain of death, and "devouring" people's minds left and right to increase his own knowledge. Possibly lampshaded in that he once rationalizes some of his behavior by noting his distrust of young people. Quates' Battle Butler notes that he is quite likely the oldest person on earth (which means that he distrusts/will do badly by everyone else).
  • For the first three arcs of Umineko: When They Cry, Kinzo isn't portrayed quite so much as evil as he is crazy and desperate. Then comes the fourth arc, and he definitely crosses that boundary. By the end of the arc, though, it's subverted, since Kinzo was dead the entire time.
  • In The Tower of Druaga: The Sword of Uruk, we learn that King Gilgamesh is immortal, as his mortal self was sealed atop the tower. As he grows older, his heart grows colder, until he becomes a cold-blooded tyrant who slaughters his own citizens.
  • Mikado of Hayate the Combat Butler. Nagi's grandfather, targetted the Power of the Gods prior to the story started, and messed with Hayate growing up as Santa! Perverted as well.
  • Tiger & Bunny's Big Bad is Albert Maverick, who seems so nice in the first half of the series...until we learn what he's really like. Eventually picks up the Villain Ball and runs with it.
  • Vamp of Florsheim from Tentai Senshi Sunred looks and acts like a fuzzy old man and has the goal of World Domination, right after he crushes his Arch-Enemy Sunred. Fortunately for the world, he is a fuzzy old man and about as 'evil' as a boot; Sunred won't even fight him directly because he'd look like someone bullying the elderly if he did.
  • R.O.D the TV has a twist on this: the Evil Old Guy, "Mr. Gentleman," actually died of old age. The antagonists want to resurrect him into Junior's body so he can use his Reality Warper powers to complete their Assimilation Plot.
  • Emperor Dornkirk in The Vision of Escaflowne, even more so for being hooked up to a life-support machine.
  • Joejoe, Mokkoi, Chiyo, Zaus, and Kousairou in Toriko.
  • The Area 88 manga and OVA has Guiseppe Farina, an Italian mafia don and arms dealer who collaborates with Kanzaki and Asran's anti-government forces.
    • McCoy, the grandfatherly arms dealer who provides arms and provisions for Area 88, also qualifies. Despite having sympathetic moments, he's still an amoral arms dealer supporting a bloody civil war and acquiring weapons through dubious means.
  • Franken Fran had a functionally-immortal old woman who somehow derived sustenance from making her family miserable. And she's not alone...
  • Piemon in the Japanese version of Digimon Adventure, who talks in a speech pattern distinctive of old people.

    Comic Books 
  • Spider-Man has several in his Rogues Gallery. The most famous is probably the Vulture, who briefly possessed the ability to steal the youth of others, but the webhead has also had trouble from The Tinkerer and elderly crimeboss Silvermane.
  • Fables:
    • Frau Totenkinder. She may look like a frail old woman though she could easily undo her aging if she wished, but she is every unnamed witch in fairy tales; meaning she is one of the most powerful Fables alive. While she is firmly aligned with Fabletown, even a cursory glance into her past will reveal that she was(is?) not a good person. She even fought Baba Yaga at one point and, in a rather Eviler Than Thou manner, defeated her.
    • The series' original main villain, The Adversery a.k.a. Geppetto also qualifies. He's a genocidal conqueror who just handwaves away all the atrocities his troops have committed, and shows absolutely no remorse for any of it.
  • Captain Marvel, Jr. fought a villain named Greybeard a couple of times. Sentenced to 99 years in prison when he was a young man, Greybeard served his entire sentence. On his release, he became a supervillain, basing his crimes around the theme of age, to take revenge on a world that had passed him by.
    • Doctor Sivana, while not quite as extreme an example, also fit the bill, seemingly at least in his late fifties.
    • Aunt Minerva is another example, an elderly widow who became a criminal after the death of her husband. (Her Post-Crisis counterpart Lady M doesn't exactly fit the trope, since she's usually under a Latex Perfection beauty aid called Neoderm, and uses her regular elderly appearance as a Secret Identity.)
  • DC Comics villains Granny Goodness and DeSaad, New Gods and minions of Darkseid. Interestingly, both are actually younger than their master, who doesn't quite fit the trope himself; it may have something to do with his personal power being far greater than theirs. Also, they look vaguely human while he might have been carved out of granite.
  • Sin City has the Roarke brothers who are powerful politicians who run crime in the city and harbor Serial Killers. Both of them are easily in their sixties or older. There is also the short story entitled Rats about a retired Nazi war criminal.
  • In All Fall Down, IQ lives in a squalid retirement home and has not lost an inch of his hate for the good guys.
  • The Disney Ducks Comic Universe has Blackheart Beagle The Beagle Boys' grandfather, founder and occasional leader who is about one hundred years.
  • Garth Ennis opened his run on The Punisher MAX by having Frank Castle take out a mob boss who had clocked at a hundred (he's basically a vegetable at this point but mobsters dont get that old by being nice). He took out a whole bunch of other mobsters as well, but the old guy was who he was there for. His widow makes an appearance in one of the final arcs, and she's a real nasty piece of work as well.
    • And then there was the elderly leader of the human trafficking ring in the "Slavers" arc, a veteran of the Yugoslavian wars who carved a swathe of atrocities across eastern europe even before he went into human slavery as a business (unfortunately, he's better at atrocities than at business, causing a rift with his son).
    • Nesbitt, the elderly Irish gangster from the "Kitchen Irish" arc, who is dead by the time the story takes place but plays a signifiant role in the flashbacks. He's incredibly old and nasty, even for this trope. Nesbitt had been one of the original Irish gangsters that once ran Hells Kitchen before the Italian mob took over, and still terrorized the neighborhood even as an old man. He made life a living hell for the titular Kitchen Irish when they were kids, and it's revealed that he apparently molested one of the girls. No one dared to retaliate because rumor had it he still had a lot of his connections from the old days. After Nesbitt finally died, he left a set of numbers to the leaders of each faction of the Kitchen Irish that led to a hidden stash of 10 million $, knowing that they'd kill eachother rather than work together and split the money. On the off-chance that they ever actually did put aside hostilities, which they end up doing, the treasure was a trap; it's just a block of C-4 with his Catch-Phrase "CUNTS" carved into it, wired to a trigger mechanism.
  • Howard the Duck had a foe called the Kidney Lady who was obsessed with the notion that there was some widespread conspiracy threatening people's kidneys. (Maybe illegal organ trafficking, maybe purposely marketing food that was high in cholesterol, anything that might involve them) and was also obsessed with the notion that Howard was involved in said conspiracy. It may have been easy to write her off as some nutty Conspiracy Theorist, but she wasn't harmless, being a witch of some sort who could teleport herself and animate objects, in one story creating a monster called the Chair-Thing.
  • Black Moon Chronicles: Big Bad Haazheel Thorn, leader of the Black Moon and the forces of evil opposed to the Empire of Lynn, looks downright ancient.
  • The Dark Horse imprint Conan the Barbarian had the Bone Woman, an evil magical crone who put her pupil through a truly abhorrent Training from Hell to turn her into the perfect weapon. Her goal was to unleash an Eldritch Abomination upon the earthly plane.
  • Issus in Warlord of Mars is the megalomaniacal tyrant that ruled as a living goddess over Barsoom for ages, instituting a oppressive system of slavery and rape among its people. While most Martians age very slowly and often are centuries old, Issus looks like a hag as a result being being hundreds of thousands of years.
  • Star Wars Legacy: Darth Krayt is almost two hundred years old, looks visibly aged under his mask, and is suffering from a parasitic infection that is slowly killing him. He’s also the genocidal Emperor of the Galactic Empire and the Dark Lord of the Sith, so his advanced age and deteriorating health do not prevent him from trouncing the much younger Cade Skywalker in lightsaber combat.
  • The Transformers: Robots in Disguise has Galvatron, who takes over the Decepticons after Megatron's Heel–Face Turn in The Transformers: Dark Cybertron- in this continuity they're two completely separate characters instead of Galvatron being a more powerful upgraded version of Megatron. He's extremely old even by Cybertronian standards and his appearance is more outwardly savage and barbaric to fit with his ancient and uncivilized personality.

    Fan Works 
  • A running gag in Ranma ½: The Abridged Chronicles is the old folks living in the town who seek world domination. At first it was just Ranma's suspicions that one old lady was up to no good, but later several senior citizens gathered outside were plotting to "strike at midnight," and another attempted to kill Ryōga after he found her a good spot from which to plot world domination.
  • In the canon of Dragon Ball Z Abridged, Grand Elder Guru is made to be this. Whilst a lot of what he does seems like simple jerkassery (declaring that he wishes to be known as Super Kami Guru, being callous and rude to virtually everyone in his presence, stopping his heart whilst Gohan, Krillin and Dende are using the Namekian Dragon Balls), what pushes him into this is The Reveal that he caused the Great Drought on Namek by drinking all the water, and blamed it on the albino Namekians, which were then all slaughtered per his orders. It is also revealed that he and Lord Slug split from the same being, and Guru is the evil half.

    Films — Animation 
  • Yubaba from Spirited Away is the wicked owner of the bath house, and has the nasty habit of stealing people's names once they begin working for her. The fact that she enslaves nature spirits doesn't help her case either. Turning hapless human intruders into pigs or pieces of coal, used for food and fuel respectively.

    Films — Live-Action 
  • Star Wars has several:
    • Emperor Palpatine, who in his first appearance in The Empire Strikes Back looks like a white raisin left too long in water. A raisin with sleep problems. It's revealed in Revenge of the Sith that his appearance isn't just because of his old age, but actually scarring from Mace Windu deflecting force lightning back into his face.
    • Jabba the Hutt, being 600 years old. He is an example, but not an extreme one. Hutts typically live ten times longer than humans.
    • Count Dooku from the prequels, who looks more like a dignified elderly statesman than a terrible Sith Lord. In fact, most of Christopher Lee's roles from the past few decades likely count.
  • Iron Man: Obadiah Stane is relatively old, having been in charge of Stark Industries when Tony was a teenager, and is certainly not a nice guy. At least, if selling weapons to terrorists then attempting to kill Tony and go on a rampage with his own giant suit is any indication.
  • Hot Fuzz: Every character past middle age, except, strangely, Bill Nighy — and the look he gives Angel after he says "Yes I can, I'm the Chief Inspector" looks like he's really enjoying transferring Angel out.
  • Prisoners: Countless children are abducted and murdered by Mr. and Mrs. Jones.
  • Most of the Satanists seen in Rosemary's Baby are old. For this reason, Rosemary holds a party for young adults only.
  • Wilson, Terry Valentine, and Avery in The Limey.
  • R.J. Fletcher from UHF.
  • Brick Top from Snatch..
  • Momma from Throw Momma from the Train
    Larry Donner: She's not a woman— she's the Terminator!
  • Judge Smails from Caddyshack
  • Noah Cross in Chinatown.
  • Son of the Mask: Odin, Ruler of Asgard and Valhalla. His wrathful arrogance and his tyrannical all-mighty stature are physically dead giveaways. He's grown more impatient as his son Loki fails time and time again to find and recover the lost God-Mask.
  • Parodied with Old Man McGinty in Mystery Team. Despite being clearly comatose, the trio still suspects him of murder.
  • The MacCreadys from the 1984 thriller Cloak & Dagger.
  • The Duke brothers from Trading Places decide to completely upend the lives of two men for the sake of a dollar.
  • Henry Potter from It's a Wonderful Life.
  • In Hook, Captain Hook has become an old man while Peter grew up in the outside world. His trademark fear of ticking clocks isn't due to the crocodile (which he killed) anymore. He's afraid of time slipping away from him. His entire scheme is merely a means to have one final decisive fight with Peter Pan before time claims him.
  • The eponymous Bill, Pai Mai and Esteban Vihaio from Kill Bill.
  • Grandma Lois, as well as her fellow coven members from Paranormal Activity 3.
  • Tatie Danielle is far away from your sweet old auntie, that's for sure. After her caretaker's death — for which she was pretty responsible — she gets to live with her grandnephew's family. Woe to them...
  • Ichirō Yashida from The Wolverine. His old age and impending death is what makes him so desperate to gain Wolverine's power.
  • Both of the grandparents in The Visit both have something very deeply wrong with them. Grandpa gets... a little too intimate with his shotgun while he's cleaning it, and Grandma practically turns into a werewolf at night, scratching at the door frantically while stark naked. Turns out there's nothing supernatural going on. They're just crazy, in fact they're not even the kid's real grandparents; they're mental asylum inmates who escaped, murdered them and took their place.
  • Immortan Joe in Mad Max: Fury Road. His real age is unknown, but he is clearly not young. He is also probably the darkest villain in the entire series, holding women as cattle and Sex Slaves, and ruling his corner of the Wasteland with an iron fist.
  • Arthur, the elderly leader of Kingsman: The Secret Service, after he's swayed into Valentine's plan and proceeds to try to poison Eggsy.
  • Nothing but Trouble: The J.P. is friggin' ancient, being a 106-year old Hanging Judge. He's almost completely immobile and depends on his grandchildren for muscle.
  • Brimstone: By the end the Reverend is an old, grey-haired man, but he's only become more psychotic over the years.

  • Baba Yaga. A powerful and immortal old witch of Russian folklore. Sometimes an enemy, sometimes a guide—but always, always dangerous.
  • From Russian folklore, Koschei the Deathless.
  • Actually, many witches in fairy tales and folklore are old.

  • Felix Jongleur in Tad Williams' Otherland is the oldest living human being by quite a few decades, and the Corrupt Corporate Executive of the local Mega-Corp. He keeps his crippled body clinging to life in a support capsule lined with machinery while he spends his time in the 'Net. All of his considerable resources are dedicated to one task: learning how to cheat the inevitable death of his body, and he's willing to go to any lengths to accomplish it.
  • Fistandantilus of Dragonlance is so old that it's tough to find an artifact or ancient manuscript that can honestly be said to predate him- he uses a variety of unpleasant means to keep himself going. Because he always wears a Black Cloak with the hood up, the only part of him anyone ever sees are his hands, which are little more than withered, age-spotted talons. A few characters speculate as to what his face looks like, but come to the conclusion it's something best left unknown.
  • In House of the Scorpion, El Patron is the ancient ruler of Opium, a nation built out of the US-Mexican border and based on enslaving illegal immigrants(from both sides) by turning them into what amounts to zombies, and the international drug trade. And he maintains his long life through harvesting the organs of clones.
  • Ctuchik from The Belgariad is an Evil Sorcerer and Sinister Minister who serves as The Dragon to God of Evil Torak. Appearing as an ancient old man with a long, yellow, filthy Wizard Beard, and a face ravaged by centuries of depravity and excess, he's a Type A Elderly Immortal, and a Deceptive Disciple to his god, plotting to Take Over the World himself. His colleague and Co Dragon, Zedar, is another, far more sympathetic example, being a former good guy who was drafted into serving Torak.
  • The Gentleman fits this well in the Sinister Six Trilogy. Well into his nineties, he decides to spend his golden years on a plot to crash the world economy.
  • A sweeping description of many of the villainous characters (Evil Matriarch, Dirty Old Man) in V. C. Andrews books.
  • Played with in the last Nursery Crimes book by Eric Weiner, There Was An Old Woman, where a girl going to college in Manhattan learns that there've been a string of missing students from her school, and all of them lived in the same boarding house. When the evidence points to the perpetrator possibly being an older woman, the girl and her friends go on the lookout for a suspicious looking woman. They encounter at least two women who are frightening, until it's narrowed down to the owner of the house, the main character's psych professor, and her own mother.
  • Judge Fulgence, in Wash This Blood Clean From My Hand, by Fred Vargas, definitely qualified before his fake death. He stabbed nine people with a trident between 1949 and 1987 and three more between 1987 and 2003, always leaving a convenient culprit for the police to find (drunk or knocked-out people, preferably homeless, with the supposed crime weapon in their hands). One of those culprits was the protagonist's brother, who has spent more than thirty years not knowing whether or not he had really killed his girlfriend.
  • Reigner One of Hexwood seems a kindly old man. He isn't.
  • Coriolanus Snow, President of Panem in The Hunger Games. Oppressive tyrant, murderer, pimp of Victors, grandfather.
  • In The First Law, Bayaz seems to be just an old wizard and Eccentric Mentor at first, but he's actually a Manipulative Bastard who's behind most of the reasons why the world is so messed up. Granted, his enemy Khalul (another evil old person) isn't any better, but he is right about Bayaz. Black and Gray Morality is very much in play here.
  • Viv Ivins, the Evil Mentor of Marilena Carpathia in the Left Behind book series who convinced her to have her only son Nicolae and then had the mother disposed of so that she and her organization could raise him for the purpose of becoming the Anti Christ. She also was the implementer of the Mark of the Beast loyalty system during the latter half of the Tribulation.
  • In the sequel to Those That Wake, the Old Man is centuries old and is barely able to move on his own.
  • Kurt Dussander in Stephen King's Apt Pupil is at first a Retired Monster, but through Todd's forced recollections of Nazi atrocities, he gradually turns into this.
  • While not evil per se, Shapoklyak in Cheburashka is a petty and nasty old lady who believes infamy is the shortest path to fame.
  • Emperor Henrick in The Witchlands is going to some shady lengths to force Safi to marry him, and he's easily three times her age.

    Live-Action TV 
  • Babylon 5: Justin, the "man in the middle" and human emissary of the Shadows, comes across as a fairly harmless and polite elderly gentleman while explaining the Shadow philosophy of strength through conflict and how some must be killed "for the dream". In the book ''The Shadow Within'' we see that he was the one on the Icarus who most readily embraced the Shadows when the crew "woke" them— even Morden only decided to serve them in return for a merciful ending for his loved ones trapped consciously in a bubble of hyperspace after a transport explosion a few years ago. Justin just seemed intrigued or intoxicated by the sheer power they possessed, regardless of the evils it would be put to use for.
  • The Colbert Report: In the January 21 2010 episode, lists "Old People" on the Threat Down, due to all the old folks who go on airplanes with swords and knives hidden in their canes.
  • Criminal Minds: A few UnSubs fall into this category, but Anita and Roger Roycewood from "Mosley Lane" stand out the most.
  • Cutey Honey The Live: The nice old lady who owns a fish shop is one of Panther Claw's highest ranking generals. Get in her way and she will bludgeon you to death, cut you up with frozen food, or just use the missile launchers built into her stomach. But however she kills you, she'll do it without losing her kind, motherly demeanor for a second.
  • Doctor Who:
    • Tilda and Tabby from the story "Paradise Towers" cook and eat their guests. It is also implied that everyone of their generation does.
    • "Amy's Choice" has a retirement home full of evil pensioners taken over by a race of aliens. However, that was a dream.
  • Game of Thrones:
    • Craster has reached his elder years, and also rapes his daughters and sacrifices his sons.
    • Walder Frey is the second-oldest character seen in the show (after Aemon Targaryen - though possibly excepting Old Nan, while she was still alive), and certainly one of the most evil.
  • Heroes: Daniel Linderman and Arthur Petrelli, the Big Bads of Volumes One and Three, are both in their sixties. In fact, they were Army buddies during the Vietnam War before becoming Fallen Heroes.
  • The League of Gentlemen: Tubbs and Edward, who torture and sometimes kill any non-locals who intrude on their shop.
  • Leverage: Nate's dad Jimmy is an aging member of The Irish Mob who, having lost his former position of influence in the Boston underworld during a long prison term, is scheming to get it back.
  • Revolution: Tom Neville, despite his age never being stated, is older than a lot of characters, and he'll betray and murder people in cold blood to get what he wants. The actor playing the character, Giancarlo Esposito, is 55 years old.
  • Smallville: Granny Goodness combines this with Straight Edge Evil and Bitch in Sheep's Clothing for genuinely frightening results.
  • The Sopranos:
    • Possibly the most evil person the show (which, for the record, is about Mafiosi) is Livia Soprano, Tony's aged mother. Extraordinarily manipulative, and not above putting a hit on her own son if it gets her what she wants.
    • Uncle Junior, Tony's uncle, and of Livia's generation. In the first episode, he is plotting to kill a rival at his favorite restaurant. He becomes boss of the North Jersey Mob shortly thereafter, and conspires with Livia to kill Tony.
  • TeenWolf: Gerard Argent, patriarch of the Argent family and the Big Bad of Season 2. Initially plays up the persona of the doddering old grandpa until he takes control of the Kanima and reveals himself to be a sociopathic, manipulative monster willing to kill anybody and everybody to ensure his own survival, including his own family. Not to mention his contradictory hatred of werewolves when he was perfectly willing to become a werewolf himself to cure his cancer. After he told his son to help his wife commit suicide when she was turning into a werewolf to preserve the family's honor.
  • Todd and the Book of Pure Evil: It is revealed that virtually all of the residents of the Crowley Heights retirement home are Satanists. Considering they were keeping a man captive and drugged, it qualifies for this trope.
  • Angel Cyvus Vail is a demon sorcerer whose goals include ensuring the smooth progression of the apocalypse and seems like he's at risk of dropping dead any moment. Although he's not as frail as he acts.
  • Goosebumps: In the "Haunted House Game", one of the spots the two kids land on takes them to a house where two old women are playing a game. They're supposed to ask them for something, which turns out to be an amulet that saps the life out of the girl's arm.

  • The Magnus Archives episode "Piecemeal" features Angela, who looks like a harmless little old lady but talks casually about having someone horribly killed. The narrator, himself a hardened, violent criminal, recognises in her eyes the look of someone extremely nasty.

    Print Media 
  • This is the only way to describe T. Herman Zweibel, the "Editor" of The Onion since taking it from his father at the age of 20. According to this timeline he has opposed social change of any sorts (he went into a coma upon hearing of the Civil Rights Movement), is indirectly responsible for several historical acts such as the sinking of the Lusitania, the assassination of JFK and Archduke Franz Ferdinand (thus indirectly starting World War I) and has put a bounty on the heads of Upton Sinclair and Ring Lardner. Despite being diagnosed with countless diseases and suffering from (to put it generously) crippling senility is still somehow alive and still writing at the age of 140. (Specifically, writing uplifting prose such as his "Huzzah for the Death of a Child!" in which he gloats that a recently deceased eight-year-old was on the organ donor list and thanks to her grisly demise, Zweibel will be able to get drunk again for as much as three weeks before he kills his transplant liver, too...)

    Pro Wrestling 
  • Played with in Ring Warriors with Kevin Sullivan, who attacked grand champion Bruce Santee for no reason other than to prove he was still scary but on the other hand did give some pointers to La Rosa Negra when one of her managers, Rico Casanova, turned on her.

    Tabletop Games 
  • Mutants & Masterminds has Dr. Sin, an immortal Chinese criminal who appears to be in his seventies or eighties, and elder statesman of supervillainy August Tiberius Roman, who is in his nineties now and only semiretired. Roman in particular is a fixture of the Freedom City setting in some ways, having survived from its Golden Age through the Modern Age, transitioning from Mafia boss, to Diabolical Mastermind, becoming the "Emperor of Crime" of Freedom City, and after losing most of his empire, becoming the owner of an illegal underground series of Gladiator Games.
  • Warhammer 40K: Adsrubael Vect, the leader of Commorragh and the Dark Eldar, is one of the most ancient, cunning and vicious creatures in the galaxy, being one of the few who was around during the Fall of the Eldar some 10,000 Earth years prior.

    Theme Parks 
  • Two of the "Icons" from Universal's Halloween Horror Nights:
    • The Caretaker, who is a super Creepy Mortician and surgeon that kidnaps innocents and subjects to them to horrifically painful deaths, as a way of discovering more about how the average human reacts to pain and death. His age has never been explicitly stated, though with his long white hair and visibly wrinkled skin, he appears to at least be in his late '50s or '60s.
    • The Storyteller, an evil grandmother-like lady that is able to bring people into her own twisted books; along with having a tendency to rip out the tongues of her victims.

    Video Games 
  • Father Comstock from Bioshock Infinite
    • Not that he's actually that old...
  • Mr. and Mrs. Cutter from Ōkami. Even the weather above their house carries a foreboding feeling.
  • Most Sinister Minister type villains in Fire Emblem are visibly ancient.
  • Porky Minch in MOTHER 3. From a troubled boy to a 10,000 to 100,000 year old psychotic immature Evil Overlord hellbent on destroying the world and recreating it as his own playground just for the adrenaline rush and his amusement.
  • Super Mario Bros. also loves this trope:
  • Riven, the sequel to Myst, replaces the earlier antagonists with their grandfather Gehn. A member of the D'ni race of worldbuilders, he became power-mad and was opposed by his son, who imprisoned him. Years of exile haven't helped Gehn's sanity any, and though he claims to be reformed, he'll gladly and promptly kill you and Atrus the moment he gets within sight of either.
  • Sun Li the Glorious Tactician in Jade Empire.
  • What about Flemeth from Dragon Age: Origins? Old and evil and very powerful, and only seemingly retired.
  • Kreia from Knights of the Old Republic 2 is a morally ambiguous version of this since she sees herself Above Good and Evil .
  • Master Xehanort from Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep: the original incarnation of the franchise-long overall Big Bad, and the one who set most of the wheels in motion. While his impending mortality is a factor in his plans, age hasn't actually slowed him down much - he's more than a match for heroes decades younger than him.
  • Charon from Pokémon Platinum. Doesn't help matters any that he's the oldest Galactic member by at least thirty years.
  • Aunas' true form from Romancing SaGa 3.
  • Primarch Galenth Dysley from Final Fantasy XIII. He's really old too, being an immortal robot god.
  • Pictured on the page is Final Fantasy IX's Garland, who, as described, has an Evil Plan that basically intends to suck the life off of Gaia (the world the game takes place in). He is visibly old, as the artwork and game model makes him seem.
  • Some of the Templars in Assassin's Creed II. The first game had Al-Mualim.
  • Ozwell Spencer of the Resident Evil series fulfills this trope when he finally makes an appearance in Resident Evil 5.
  • Mr. James Wong of Stranglehold.
  • Black Hole commander Von Bolt in Advance Wars: Dual Strike keeps himself alive by stealing the energy of Omega Land via his wheelchair, turning it into a wasteland. He shows no regard for any other lifeform in the pursuit of this goal. Unlike some other Immortality Seekers, his appearance actually reflects his age: He is a fat, feeble old man who labors under each breath he draws.
  • There is a particularly suspicious one in Mardek Chapter 3. He is defined as Chaotic Evil in the game helper and looks evil. He's the adviser of the king (who joins you) of the lizard village beneath the Sun Temple, leading to the Evil Black Temple, which gets you plot sooner or later.
  • Tenpenny from Fallout 3 is a wealthy, amiable old man who wants you to nuke a nearby village because it's an eyesore.
  • Fallout: New Vegas: The core game has Caesar, and arguably Mr. House. The Old World Blues DLC has the Think Tanks, who are former scientists who have outlived their bodies by transporting their brains into robots (though they're arguably more insane than truly evil). Finally, the Dead Money DLC has Father Elijah, who is very evil.
  • The Hag from Thief: Deadly Shadows: a centuries-old Serial Killer who skins and murders people including children to extend her own life.
  • The classic Evil Old Guy of video games would have to be Dr. Albert Wily, an elderly Mad Scientist bent on world domination, with an army of robots at his command.
  • Warcraft has Archbishop Benedictus. Old man, looks weak and decrepit, is a non-fighting priest of the Holy Light. That doesn't sound evil at all, right? Well, in Cataclysm, he allies with the evil Aspect of Death, becomes the Twilight Prophet dedicated to wiping out all life, enslaves a blue dragon princess, creates a monster so awful that not even the four dragonflights can take it out without help from Thrall, and eventually faces down Thrall himself and the players to try and recapture the Dragon Soul for his master, Deathwing.
    • Warcraft also has Magatha Grimtotem. She is obviously evil from the very beginning and doesn't even TRY to hide it. By her race's standards, she's an old woman/cowlady. She's fairly harmless, until Cataclysm, where she kills tauren leader Cairne Bloodhoof in a rigged fight, threatens the players (who have fought gods and dragons and come out on top), and steals a Twilight's Hammer artifact.
    • Kil'jaeden, maybe. He's over 20,000 years old and is the leader of a race of evil monsters bent on bending the universe to their will and corrupting everything. I would say he doesn't qualify, due to his race being immortal, but his good counterpart, Velen, definitely looks old, so Kil'jaeden is probably still considered old by Eredar standards, but not Burning Legion standards.
  • The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim:
    • Riften's Honorhall Orphanage is run by Grelod the Kind, who is anything but what her name would suggest. She is utterly horrible to the children of the orphanage in question, and disobeying her will earn the unfortunate kid an extra beating. In the start of the Dark Brotherhood storyline, you get to kill her, and unlike your other major targets, you won't receive any bounty for doing so. She is that hated.
    • The Dark Brotherhood has Festus Crex, an elderly sorcerer who loves to blow his enemies up point blank instead of relying on stealth like most assassins.
    • According to her biography "The Wolf Queen", Potema Septim the most dangerous necromancer to live during her lifetime, was in her seventies by the time of her death. By then, she had amassed a great undead army of draugrs, zombies and vampires and used them to wage war on her siblings in an attempt to take the Imperial throne for herself, or rather her son which she would manipulate.
  • Dark Souls, its sequels and Bloodborne are all occasionally called by the nickname "Killing Old Folks to Sad Piano Music: The Game", as many boss battles (including quite a few final bosses) are set against old men who helped set the games' story into motion. Somewhat subverted in that many of these, such as Lord Gwyn, King Vendrick and Gherman have dubious morals, but aren't necessarily evil.
  • TinkerQuarry has Stella. Aside from her pale, shriveled appearance, she also has some of the mannerisms of a Granny Classic, such as calling people "dearie". In reality, she's anything but sweet.
  • Aloysius Dawson in Vampyr is an very old and corrupt businessman that have worked as an ally for the Ascalon Club in exchange for immortality. As Dawson nears the end of his life, the main protagonist Jonathan Reid is charged by the Club with turning him into a vampire and be welcomed into their group. Should Jonathan do just that, Dawson will become much, much worse than he was in life: He declares he will arrange his entire family's death so that no one inherits his fortune and that he will begin plotting for Britain to take over Europe and the USA, and then install a vampire king on the throne.
  • "Kindly" Cheng (nickname very much ironic) and "Strangler" Bao (very much not) from Shadowrun Returns: Hong Kong. Both are in their fifties at the youngest (Kindly talking about living through the VITAS plague 45 years earlier) and are deep in with the Yellow Lotus Triad in Hong Kong. While they never really do much bad to you (being Kindly Cheng's employee), neither of them are Friendly Neighborhood Gangsters by any stretch of the imagination and gleefully indulge in torture, executions, drug dealing, arms smuggling, and stealing medical supplies from a relief effort among others.

    Visual Novels 
  • Fate/stay night has Zouken Matou, a twisted, vile piece of work hideous in both body and mind.
  • Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney:
    • Manfred Von Karma, the Amoral Attorney and a murderer, is around 60 years old.
    • Ambassador Quercus Alba from the same series is another very nasty example.
    • Damon Gant, murderer and blackmailer, is 65 years old, believe it or not.
    • Though he's probably not nearly as evil as the above three, Blaise Debeste corrupt chief prosecutor, murderer, and Abusive Dad also counts at around Von Karma's age. He was also the Chief Prosecutor who gave Von Karma his first and only penalty, not because he forged evidence but because he got caught. Were it not for a literal meddling kid, he probably would have escaped the law.
    • Aristotle Means from the fifth game, though Younger Than They Look (unless you consider 45 to be old), definitely at least looks the part. Means also combines this with Sadist Teacher when their true personality is revealed.
  • Umineko: When They Cry has Ushiromiya Kinzo, who apparently set a twisted ritual to sacrifice his family in order to revive his deceased lover, Beatrice. It is later revealed this was not his doing, but he's still responsible for a lot of fucked up stuff, like keeping his daughter Beatrice II isolated from the outside world in a secret mansion and making her believe she was a reincarnated witch, raping said daughter and getting her pregnant, and constantly abusing his other children to the point of traumatizing them for life.
  • The very existence of this trope in regards to the work is something of a spoiler, but Fleuret Blanc contains an example: The FOIL judges, who murder former members to collect their prized possessions.
  • The Big Bad of Zero Time Dilemma, Zero II/Brother/Q/Delta is 124 years old.

    Web Comics 
  • Sarda from 8-Bit Theater. Though in his case, it's not "Evil" as much as it is "Jackass".
  • Baron Klaus Wulfenbach of Girl Genius may have gray hair, but he rules his empire with an iron fist and isn't afraid to subject people to unethical experiments or lay waste to entire cities if he finds it necessary. He's only evil from a very superficial standpoint, though; he's more about efficiency and doing it right, and is, in fact, a Well-Intentioned Extremistnote . His ruling style (and official mission statement) is "Don't make me come over there", and the local lords and mad scientists are largely left alone provided they don't break any rules; he's also very supportive of the arts and the sciences, and sponsors many young geniuses from noble families (even if his sponsorship does double as the taking of a hostage to keep said families in line). So far, his plan seems to be working too, even providing the page quote for The Extremist Was Right.
  • Xykon from The Order of the Stick wasn't always a lich. Before he transformed, he was already 80 years old, yet he was still a strong enough sorcerer to wipe out a squad of paladins without any of them touching him.
  • Director Deena Daniels of B.E.N.T. from Hexenringe definitely fits the bill of an evil old person. Her design is based on Mama Fratelli from The Goonies.
  • Slightly Damned: Dakos is a fire demon war veteran and is probably one of the nastier demons thus far, he has no real sense of loyalty or camaraderie and blames Talus's death on Lazuli for not following orders, terrorizes a captive angel child in front of its helpless family for kicks and and throws Kieri off a wagon to distract the semi-berserk Buwaro not knowing he doesn't actually intend to kill her.
  • In The Inexplicable Adventures of Bob! Fructose Riboflavin is an almost 2000-year old semi-humanoid moth creature, and he looks his age. He's also a revenge-crazed s.o.b.

    Western Animation 
  • Old Man Jenkinsbot from The Bagel and Becky Show is one of these as a robot.
  • Mom from Futurama is a prime example. Despite presenting herself as a loving, motherly figure, she hates everyone and everything, and has actually sent every robot in the world on a revolution against humans so that they could conquer the world for her.
  • And along that vein, we also have Mr. Burns from The Simpsons, who could qualify as the Trope Codifier for the comedic version. He's done every evil deed imaginable, from blotting out the sun to stealing candy from a baby, and that was just in one episode.
  • Several Disney villains would qualify for this trope, with one of the standouts being Baroness Tremaine, Cinderella's Wicked Stepmother.
  • Grampa Marsh once rallied the elderly residents of South Park to conquer the town.
  • Señor Senior, Sr., of Kim Possible is not so much evil as he is bored, taking up supervillainy as a hobby to keep him occupied during his retired years, and to have something to piss away his practically infinite amount of money on. For this reason he employs Contractual Genre Blindness, and doesn't even care whether he wins or loses, since he's just doing it for the sport.
    • Nanny Nane.
  • Mumm-Ra of Thunder Cats and ThunderCats (2011) appears both elderly and undead when he's powered down.
  • Codename: Kids Next Door
    • The Senior Citizen Squad, a trio of old people that from time to time fight the main group.
    • There's also Grandfather and his senior citizombies in Operation: Z.E.R.O..
  • An episode of The Powerpuff Girls involved "The Ministry of Pain", a supervillain team that used to terrorize Townsville but are now mostly harmless because they've become old and feeble. They're still as evil as ever, though, and Blossom tells her sisters that they won't fight them because they're old. The Girls are forced to recruit the two retired superheroes Captain Justice and Lefty who fought the Ministry back during WW2, with the entire group of old people ending up hospitalized from minor injuries because their elderly bodies couldnt handle the strain.
    • The prequel movie also had one of the monkeys exposed to Chemical X by Mojo Jojo being an elderly primate who introduces himself as Pappy Wappy while weakly attempting to slap a human senior citizen.
  • Female example- Nerissa, Big Bad from season 2 of W.I.T.C.H. is very old and looks even older due to her hard life and the rigors of her magic, and she's also a Knight Templar out to take over the universe as she thinks it's the only way to end all war and suffering. In the last third of the season she manages to get her youth back and becomes more another trope.
  • Mad Mod from Teen Titans.
  • Ed Bighead from Rocko's Modern Life, In the Episode: "Zanzibar" Rocko and the populace of O-Town had the courage to convince Conglom-O to turn against Ed Bighead and the evil he's done to the environment.
  • Invader Zim: Ms. Bitters. True to her namesake, she's completely devoid of any compassionate emotion and possesses demonic hatred for all life on planet Earth.
  • Avatar: The Last Airbender: Fire Lord Azulon was canonically 95 years old when he ordered Ozai to kill Zuko. He never made it to 96.
    • Firelord Sozin died at the age of 102 after many years of prosecuting a war against the other nations. He was already this trope when he started said war.
    • Old Lady Hama is a Water Bender who was captured and imprisoned by the Fire Nation and, along with dozens of others, kept locked in terrible conditions and away from water. She escaped when she realised that blood is water and she could manipulate it at the peak of her powers during a full moon, allowing her to seize control of a living person's body, which she used on the guards to escape. But she was still stuck in the Fire Nation so she set up shop as a kindly old innkeeper... and at the full moon used her new technique, which she called Bloodbending, on the ordinary and innocent Fire Nation neighbours in revenge for her treatment.
  • The Terror from The Tick, a 100+ year old supervillain who used to be buddies with Joseph Stalin. Played for Laughs as he's, putting it mildly, gone a little bit senile with age (until his reappearance in the show, his last public appearance was in the 70's when he tried to get his revenge on his arch-enemy Theodore Roosevelt by punching out Mount Rushmore).
    Arthur: Oh, come on. The guy's got to be, what, a hundred and fifteen?
    The Tick: Evil, chum, is ever-green...
  • Granny May from WordGirl is a devious thief and conwoman and on the very short list of WordGirl's genuinely competent enemies. She favors playing up her age and perceived helplessness as a way of gaining sympathy and manipulating others, going so far as to feign deafness to add to it.
  • Colonel H. Stinkmeaner from The Boondocks is well known for being a hateful and spiteful old man who, despite his age and blindness, keeps on going by The Power of Hate, living only for violence and generally making other people as miserable as humanly possible. He also employs the word 'nyukkah' in the same way most people might use the word 'you.' His Hateocracy also counts, as they are basically a gang comprised of extremely violent senior citizens armed with ludicrous weapons. Stinkmeaner is so evil, in fact, that when Granddad Freeman accidentally kills him, he goes to hell and enjoys himself down there with the constant violence, blasphemy, and all things terrible. He goes so far as to call Satan a "bitch-ass nigga" to his face, which only impresses and pleases the embodiment of evil. He considers Hell substantially better than jail.
  • Courage the Cowardly Dog: Eustace is usually the epitome of an excessively unpleasant Grumpy Old Man, but sometimes he can be even worse than a grumpy Jerkass and comes really close to this trope with his cruel treatment of Courage. This is especially notable in "Ball of Revenge" where he is flat-out evil.
  • Family Guy:
    • Carter Pewterschmidt. Despite being old, this has not stopped him from retiring or harassing Peter Griffin, and is often gleefully sadistic.
    • In one episode an old puppet maker Chris befriended turned out to be a Nazi Grandpa hiding in America under a fake name.
    • Recurring character Herbert the Pervert would qualify due to him being a pedophile, but he's Played for Laughs due to his affable personality and him being far too old and decrepit to be of any real danger.