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Video Game / The New Order: Last Days of Europe

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The New Order has arisen, and Europe may not live to see the daybreak.

The New Order: Last Days of Europe is a Hearts of Iron IV Game Mod that is set in an alternate timeline where Nazi Germany utterly wins World War II but quickly loses the peace. The New Order is a narrative-driven mod that focuses on the fallout of an Axis victory and its disastrous effects on the world, and it leading to a three-way Cold War in the 60s. The mod is known for being incredibly ambitious and features many new mechanics and large amounts of events, paths, and characters. It can be downloaded here.

The year is 1962. World War II ended with a Greater Germanic Reich dominating all of Europe. France and England are under control of Nazi puppets. The Soviet Union has shattered into several dozen warring splinter states. America was humiliated under a combined assault from Imperial Japan and a nuclear-equipped Germany. Germany was at the top of the world. Such is their power that they've fully embraced Atlantropa and reshaped the Eurasian continent at their will. The Reich ought to be invincible and unbreakable.


In reality, these are dire times for the thousand-year Reich. Over the first thirty years of a golden age that Hitler promised would last a millennium, the Reich has gone from being the world's preeminent superpower to teetering on the brink of collapse. Germany's economy experienced a disastrous crash in the 1950's from which it has yet to recover. The Reich struggles to reassert control over its unruly eastern colonies and a massively powerful SS, which had effectively gone rogue under the leadership of Heinrich Himmler and now plots to reshape the Reich under fundamentalist National Socialism from their bastion in Ordensstaat Burgundy. The internal politics of the Nazi Party grow increasingly bitter and adversarial as Hitler's death looms, with a deep factionalism reflecting the broader rifts in German society. The kindling is in place for a fire to burn down the whole Reich... and perhaps the rest of the world along with it.


Outside of Germany, things are bad in the international scene and they're rapidly getting worse. The Axis alliance has collapsed amid mounting tensions and resenment. Iberia, Italy, and Turkey, the former allies of Germany in the Mediterranean, formed the Triumvirate to counteract Germany in response to their increasing hostility and the failure of Atlantropa. The other superpowers, America and Japan, have developed their own nuclear weapons, creating a three-way Cold War between the German-led Unity-Pakt, the America-led Organization of Free Nations, and Imperial Japan's Co-Prosperity Sphere. The world now hangs on a thin line that could break at any moment, with the result being nuclear war, and the death of millions. What will happen in these dark times?

The mod is loosely based on a Facepunch Alternate History RP called A New Order.The mod's community can be found on Reddit, on Discord, and on Twitter.

Compare with Thousand-Week Reich, another HOI4 mod that offers a more grounded take about a German victory in WWII.

The lead developer for The New Order, ThePinkPanzer, is also the head of another game mod, Godherja: The Dying World, for Crusader Kings III.

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