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"Wait, that worked?! I thought that was the stupid one! Oh, well, of course it worked, then."
Jacksepticeye, providing a succinct summary of the series in general.

The Henry Stickmin series is a series of Web Games created by Puffballs United, featuring the titular protagonist Henry Stickmin.

The series consists of six games. In each game, the player has to help Henry succeed in an assignment. To do so, they can choose between multiple tools for Henry to use or actions to perform.

Each game is infamous for its "FAIL" system, owing to their Gamebook style. In every path there is one (and occasionally more) set(s) of choices that allow you to progress, and all deviations from it give you different hilarious failure scenes. Actually seeing each unique failure is usually considered more interesting and fun than trying to complete the game perfectly.

The games are:

  • Breaking the Bank: Henry tries to break into a bank to rob its vault.
  • Escaping the Prison: After having been caught while robbing the bank, Henry attempts to escape from jail.
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  • Stealing the Diamond: Henry tries to steal a large diamond from a museum.
  • Infiltrating the Airship: Henry is recruited to infiltrate the airship of a mighty criminal organization, the Toppat Clan.
  • Fleeing the Complex: Henry is taken to The Wall, a highly secured prison complex where the most notorious criminals being held and tries to escape.
  • Completing the Mission: The Grand Finale of the series with multiple storylines which usually connect to the Toppat Clan's plan to launch their space station into orbit. The player can choose which endings of the previous two games are treated as canon to determine which path they take.

The sixth and final game, Completing the Mission, launched on Steam on August 7, 2020 as part of The Henry Stickmin Collection, alongside remastered versions of the previous games with improved visuals in addition of the first game receiving a remake and marked as a prologue to the whole series.


In the trope example pages listed below, please abbreviate each of the above titles as the last word of its name; Escaping the Prison, for example, should be Prison. Likewise, the routes in Mission are based off of various endings from the previous two games. Here's what to abbreviate the ending ranks from Airship and Complex to:

  • Airship
    • Government Supported Private Investigator to Government.
    • Pure-Blooded Thief to Thief.
    • Relentless Bounty Hunter to Bounty.
    • Rapidly Promoted Executive to Executive.
  • Complex
    • Ghost Inmate to Ghost.
    • Convict Allies to Allies.
    • Presumed Dead to Dead.
    • International Rescue Operative to Rescue.
    • The Betrayed to Betrayed.
As an example, the term for the route from where Henry retrieved evidence for the government (rank GSPI) and escaped the Wall alone and unnoticed (rank GI) would be Government/Ghost.

The Henry Stickmin series provides examples of:

General examples

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Alternative Title(s): Henry Stickmin, Breaking The Bank, Escaping The Prison, Stealing The Diamond, Infiltrating The Airship, Fleeing The Complex, Completing The Mission, The Henry Stickmin Collection, Henry Stickmin Collection


A Federal Offence

When escaping the cops, Henry runs into a dead end. In a bid to get out of his predicament, he tries bribing the cops with the Tunisian Diamond he stole. Unfortunately, the cops are a little more by-the-book than that, resulting in James Lancelot shooting him dead for committing a federal offence.

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