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"Wait, that worked?! I thought that was the stupid one! Oh well, of course it worked then."
Jacksepticeye, providing a succinct summary of the series in general.

The Henry Stickmin series is a series of Web Games created by Puffballs United, featuring the titular protagonist Henry Stickmin.

The series consists of six games. In each game, the player has to help Henry succeed in an assignment. To do so, they can choose between multiple tools for Henry to use or actions to perform.

Each game is infamous for its "FAIL" system, owing to their Gamebook style. In every path there is one (and occasionally more) set(s) of choices that allow you to progress, and all deviations from it give you different hilarious failure scenes. Actually seeing each unique failure is usually considered more interesting and fun than trying to complete the game perfectly.

The games are:

  • Breaking the Bank: Henry tries to break into a bank to rob its vault.
  • Escaping the Prison: After having been caught while robbing the bank, Henry attempts to escape from jail.
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  • Stealing the Diamond: Henry tries to steal a large diamond from a museum.
  • Infiltrating the Airship: Henry is recruited to infiltrate the airship of a mighty criminal organization, the Toppat Clan.
  • Fleeing the Complex: Henry is taken to The Wall, a highly secured prison complex where the most notorious criminals being held and tries to escape.
  • Completing the Mission: The Grand Finale of the series with multiple storylines which usually connect to the Toppat Clan's plan to launch their space station into the orbit. The player can choose which endings of the previous two games are treated as canon to determine which path they take.

The sixth and final game, Completing the Mission, launched on Steam on August 7, 2020 as part of The Henry Stickmin Collection, alongside remastered versions of the previous games with improved visuals in addition of the first game receiving a remake and marked as a prologue to the whole series.


In the trope list below, please abbreviate each of the above titles as the last word of its name; Escaping the Prison, for example, should be Prison. Likewise, the routes in Mission are based off of various endings from the previous two games. Here's what to abbreviate the ending ranks from Airship and Complex to:

  • Airship
    • Government Supported Private Investigator to Government.
    • Pure-Blooded Thief to Thief.
    • Relentless Bounty Hunter to Bounty.
    • Rapidly Promoted Executive to Executive.
  • Complex
    • Ghost Inmate to Ghost.
    • Convict Allies to Allies.
    • Presumed Dead to Dead.
    • International Rescue Operative to Rescue.
    • The Betrayed to Betrayed.
As an example, the term for the route from where Henry retrieved evidence for the government (rank GSPI) and escaped the Wall alone and unnoticed (rank GI) would be Government/Ghost.

The Henry Stickmin series provides examples of:

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    Tropes A-D 
  • Abnormal Ammo: In Mission, early on in the Bounty/Allies route, a Toppat member uses a Gatling gun that fires swords to fight off Henry and Ellie.
  • Absurdly Sharp Blade: The file Henry uses to wear down the bars of his cell in Prison. It takes four movements to cut through a bar.
  • Achievements in Ignorance: Implied retroactively in Prison, for the events of Bank — Henry’s lawyer argues that Henry couldn’t possibly have tied the money bag shut from inside said bag, making him innocent. In reality, Henry tied off the bag without much difficulty.
  • Action Girl: Ellie in Complex and Mission. She has no trouble whatsoever keeping up with Henry.
  • Adaptational Dye Job: There are two policewomen in Prison named Sally Cue and Jen Bruhn who have red hair in the original version of the game. In the remaster, their hair color is changed to blond and brown respectively, likely to differentiate them from Ellie.
  • Agony of the Feet: One option in Diamond is to throw a bomb from a museum case at the guards. Instead, it just hurts Dave's foot and the other guard shoots Henry.
    FAIL Screen: Why would they keep a live bomb in a museum?
  • Ain't Too Proud to Beg: In the Executive/Ghost route, choosing "Plead" will have Henry try to beg Ellie not to shoot him. She doesn't let him even get a word out.
    Ellie: Uh-di-di! I don't wanna hear it.
  • Air-Vent Passageway:
    • In Airship, Henry can go into an air vent inside the Airship.
    • During the Government/Dead route of Mission, Henry and Charles bypass a broken door by climbing through a nearby air vent.
  • The Alcatraz: The Wall in Complex. They have tons of security even without the guards equipped with laser spears and freaking Freddy Fazbear protecting the place.
  • All There in the Manual: The remastered edition has biographies for almost every character from every game, even characters that only appear for a few seconds in the background and have no impact on the plot. You have to click on them to obtain the bios though.
  • Ambiguous Syntax: Charles accidentally crushes Henry to death with the gravity bubble because he can't figure out whether the "up" button increases the level of gravity, or uses the gravity field to lift someone up into the air. Lampshaded by the FAIL screen.
  • And I Must Scream: Happens quite a lot, mostly in FAILs.
    • One example is in Complex's Ghost route where if you choose the Shadozer, Henry will blend in with it, but when there is a big shadow coming up, he will try to emerge back from the shadows, but get stuck in the floor.
    • Another example is in the Thief/Allies route in Mission, where if you choose to surrender to The Wall, Dmitri freezes Henry and Ellie in a solid block of ice at the complex.
  • And Now for Someone Completely Different:
    • Prison, should you go the Legal route, has you take control of Felix White as he defends Henry in court.
    • In Diamond, Airship, and Mission, during the last turn of the Epic, Thief, and Executive/Dead routes respectively, have you choose an action in place of a Center for Chaos Containment employee.
    • Anytime Charles and Ellie team up with Henry, there will be a few moments where you choose actions for both of them.
  • Anti-Frustration Features:
    • Complex features a path flowchart where you can go back to certain choices rather than playing through to them again, and each choice spot has an x/y count saying how many FAILs you unlocked there. This makes getting every FAIL ending significantly easier. Additionally, a new timer is displayed for time-based events so you know how long you have left.
    • The Henry Stickmin Collection reintroduces the map system and timers from Complex, which are now usable in all previous entries (except Bank, which didn't have any timed choices and doesn't need a map). Additionally, choices that are subjected to a time limit will be labeled on the map with a little clock symbol (in the original Complex, they were just a different color).
    • In Mission, there is a little circle in the top right corner of the screen that provides the cliff notes on the selected endings. If they are a combo that's already been started, it'll have a check mark in it and the word "started" next to it. It really helps with figuring out which routes you have yet to see.
    • The Bios in Mission all have a grayscale image of the character before you unlock it. Keen-eyed players can scope out where in each game that particular image comes from, making it easier to pin down where to get those bios.
  • April Fools' Day: This video, uploaded on April Fool's 2020, claimed to be an update on the progress of Mission. It uses the Subsonic Wave FAIL from the Government/Rescue route to segue into the first several seconds of a Rick Roll, with Henry's smug face from his Mission bio superimposed on Rick's face.
  • Arc Welding: The Tunisian Diamond in Diamond, and the Toppats' rubynote  in Airship, initially seem to be unrelated. In Mission, it's revealed at the start of the Thief/Ghost route that they were part of a set of three, with the third being the Norwegian Emerald. Said Emerald is in the hands of the Toppats, which is what brings Henry to their space station. A bio on Mayor Frederickson in Completing the Mission reveals that the Toppats were planning to steal the Diamond too since the exhibit was really Frederickson's scheme to smuggle it out, but Henry got to it first.
  • Arm Cannon: The Gun Forme option for Henry in Mission has him turn his artificial arm into a laser-firing weapon. However, the Right Hand Man dodges all the shots and blows Henry in half.
  • Art Evolution:
    • In Bank, the stick figures are drawn even more simplistic than in later games, without visible feet or fingers. For the Collection, it was rebuilt from the ground up to bring it in line with the other games.
    • The rest of the games in the Collection have been given remasters. Their backgrounds are much more detailed.
  • Art Initiates Life: In Airship, Henry can use a Magic Pencil, but that makes him draw a Nutshot Crawler which does a Groin Attack on him.
  • Artistic License – Military: In the ending of ''Complete the Mission' ' where Charles dies, Henry salutes with his left hand. It doesn't matter whether you right or left handed. Tradition demands that everyone always salutes with the right. Perhaps justified as Henry has no military experience as far as we know.
  • Artistic License – Physics: Some of the choice outcomes flagrantly violate real-life physics for the sake of the Rule of Funny, which is Lampshaded on a few FAIL screens.
    • For example, the magnet FAIL in Complex (on the "Wait For Transfer-Toppat Clan" route), where Henry manages to pull the Toppat Clan airship with a magnet:
      FAIL Screen: You see, because the entropy of, uh… Alright, I can't BS my way outta this one.
    • In Mission, if you pick the Bounty/Dead path, one of the correct choices is to plow Henry's tank into the train from the side. Somehow, this doesn't cause the entire train to derail despite the high speed it was going at.
    • One correct choice in the Executive/Dead path involves Henry abusing the game's physics engine by jamming a rock into a tight corner, causing it to vibrate and fly upwards with him riding it.
  • Art Shift:
    • In Mission during the Triple Threat route, Henry uses a down-grader tool that turns everything into poorly drawn figures; the Toppats take their frustration at being unable to undo the change out on Henry and Ellie.
    • During the Revenged route of Mission, the Spirit form battle gives the characters defined lips and ups the contrast to further its reference to JoJo's Bizarre Adventure.
  • Ascended to Carnivorism: When Henry shrinks himself in Diamond, he is confronted by an earthworm. Some earthworms can eat microscopic animals, these being nematodes and rotifers, but the earthworm behaved more aggressively than usual for the species, and a shrunken down human like Henry would probably not normally be on the menu.
  • Aspect Ratio Switch: The Henry Stickmin Collection is normally in 16:9, but changes to 2.39:1 for some cutscenes in Mission.
  • A-Team Firing: The guards in Prison suffer from this, but Henry himself suffers from this as well in Diamond. One scenario has him steal a night guard's rifle and try to shoot him down with it from point-blank range, but he still manages to miss. And in Complex, he needs to be electrocuted to avoid missing or teamkilling.
  • Attack Backfire: Multiple examples. In Prison, firing a rocket launcher will result in the rocket getting reflected back at Henry. In Airship, firing a laser cannon at the Right Hand Man will result in Henry getting blown off the ship due to the backdraft.
  • Attack of the 50-Foot Whatever: In Diamond, Henry can use a Mega Mushroom to grow to a massive size.
  • Awesome, but Impractical: Many of the weapons and tools in the games are pretty awesome, but they have a tendency to backfire horribly.
  • Bait-and-Switch:
    • In the Bounty/Allies route of Mission, once Henry hoists the Toppat's money car into the air, Ellie ponders how they're going to get it out of the area. The game stops and offers you three choices— (all of which are meta jokes on the choices you get in these games) but before you can actually select one, the game resumes and the Right-Hand Man lands on the money car to challenge Henry and Ellie. You're then given three totally different options for how to deal with him.
    • On the Executive/Dead route, the Duplicatorange creates a copy of Henry that he sacrifices to get past a sniper tower. And it works! Actually, no, the real Henry was the one that got shot, and the game refuses to follow the clone, resulting in a FAIL screen.
    • On the Executive/Allies route, Henry once again finds himself hanging off the edge of a ledge at the complete mercy of Reginald. This time, however, Henry has earned Reginald's loyalty for putting his own neck on the line for the clan, and he pulls him up to safety.
  • Battle Couple: Henry and Ellie certainly come off as this during the route to the "Convict Allies" ending in Complex, as well as the four routes of Mission that split off from that ending, although they aren't actually a couple beside a few Ship Tease moments here and there.
  • Bavarian Fire Drill: The very first obstacle in the Theif/Dead route is to get past the main gate of the rocket while speeding by on Henry's Scooter. Going under it, over it, or straight through doesn't work. The solution? Simply stop in front of the gate and politely ask the guard to open the gate. The Guard is caught off guard enough to do so without question, only realizing his mistake after Henry got through.
  • Big Bad: Reginald Copperbottom (the Toppat Clan's leader) franchise-wide, especially in Airship. Complex has Dmitri Petrov and Mission has the Right Hand Man depending on the route.
  • Big Bad Ensemble: Depending on the previous endings chosen in Mission, the overall main villain varies, although the Right Hand Man is treated as this for the game as a whole because It's Personal with Henry and he's more powerful then almost anyone else.
    • Most of the time, it's a member of the Toppat Clan. It's mostly Reginald, the Right Hand Man, and/or Sven Svensson. Special mention goes to Mr. Macbeth for being the Big Bad of the Little Nest Egg ending and that ending only.
    • General Galeforce is the Big Bad under most routes that have Henry oppose the Government.
    • Dmitri Petrov for the Thief/Allies route, returning in that route and that route only so he can recapture Henry and Ellie.
    • Ellie Rose is the Big Bad of the Toppat Civil Warfare route, as she caused a rift in the Toppat Clan to oust Henry from it due to him abandoning her back at The Wall, and ultimately becomes the leader.
  • Big First Choice: In every game after Bank, the ending Henry gets is typically determined by the very first choice made. There are a few exceptions, however.
    • In Diamond, the choice after the Sneak In option determines whether Henry gets the Sneaky or Epic ending.
    • In Airship, there's a Last-Second Ending Choice where two different endings are possible from one group of options.
    • In Complex, the Boost Up and Wait for Transfer options each lead to an additional branching option.
    • At the end of the Thief/Allies path in Mission, Henry and Ellie have the choice to side with either the Government or the Toppat clan.
  • Bittersweet Ending: Mission comes with two.
    • The Government/Dead ending: Valiant Hero. The Toppat space station has been officially destroyed and the plans of the remaining members are ruined, making them unlikely to rise again. But it came at the cost of Charles' life, who sacrificed himself to make sure that Henry could get away, with the latter obviously being completely crushed by the outcome.
    • The Executive/Ghost ending: Toppat Civil Warfare. The Toppat Clan is locked into a very one-sided civil war. To get her revenge on Henry, Ellie escapes from The Wall and reveals that Henry betrayed her. Due to Reginald and the Toppats being pretty big on loyalty, Henry gets dethroned, and is left with only three allies on his side: Geoffrey Plumb, Thomas Chestershire, and Dave Panpa. Meanwhile, Ellie becomes the leader of the Toppat Clan after Henry is overthrown and Reginald and the Right-Hand Man are inadvertently killed by Henry and the loyalists. However, it is implied that Henry may be able to gain more allies to confront the Toppats again, defeat them and potentially get himself and the loyalists pardoned for their crimes afterwards.
  • Blade Below the Shoulder: Henry makes use of one in the Executive/Betrayed route of Mission to battle the Right-Hand Man. Likewise, the Right-Hand Man has an even larger one that can be used as a blunt weapon.
  • Blade Brake: One FAIL in Mission involves Henry and Ellie jumping out of the Toppat's rocket to escape pursuit, and Ellie using this technique to slow their descent. It works just a little bit too well, and they find themselves stuck halfway up the rocket just as it's about to launch.
  • Blatant Item Placement: No matter where he is, Henry always finds multiple objects he can use. Even objects you would not expect to find in that location. Who would expect to find a crowbar in a museum, for instance?
  • Bling-Bling-BANG!: In the "Cleaned 'em Out" ending of Mission, the Toppat Clan apparently had a few gold-plated AK-47s and M1911s.
    • The Painting Portal fail in Mission has Henry jump into a painting just like in Super Mario 64. Here, he comes face to face with Jaques Kensington, a previous Toppat leader, who then one shots him with a golden Desert Eagle.
  • Bloodless Carnage: No deaths in the series feature gore or blood, and explosions are always off-screen.
  • Boom, Headshot!:
    • A sniper from a helicopter can do this to Henry on Diamond's Aggressive route if he doesn't react quickly enough.
    • And later in the same game, a police officer can do this to Henry if Henry tries to bribe him, or again if Henry doesn't react quickly enough.
    • In Complex, Charles has the option to snipe a Mook blocking Henry's path. He hits Henry instead.
    • Complex also lets Henry do this to Ellie if you give Henry the Sniper Rifle and Ellie the Crossbow.
    • In the Executive/Ghost route of Mission, Ellie does this to Henry if he pleads for his life.
  • Boom in the Hand: In Diamond, Henry can attempt to use a sticky grenade for one segment. However, he ends up being unable to throw it due to being stuck to his hand, resulting in it blowing him up.
  • Boom Stick: Some guards in Complex have these. It turns out they can fire blasts of energy capable of vaporizing a person. In-universe, they're called Spears of Shocks according to the pickpocket option.
  • Boring, but Practical: More often than not, it's the simpler and more mundane tools that get the job done rather than the awesome gadgets. For example:
    • In Prison, the file actually gets Henry out of his prison cell, while the rocket launcher and teleporter do not.
    • The Legal route of Prison is this incarnate: Henry simply calls his lawyer, who gets him acquitted of the charges.
  • Breaking Old Trends: Mission does this a couple of times.
    • The Special BROvert Ops and Cleaned 'em Out routes are only times in the series where Gadget Gabe doesn't get Henry killed, after his gadgets did so in every previous game besides Bank.
    • The Valiant Hero route is the only time where Charles crashing his vehicle into something actually works after failing in the two previous games.
  • Break Out the Museum Piece: In Diamond, several scenarios involve Henry or the guards using museum pieces to fight one another. For example, Henry can use a model airplane, shield and Super Mushroom, while the guards use a cannon against the giant Henry. Sometimes this doesn't work, because the weapons are in a museum and are therefore disarmed.
  • Bribe Backfire:
  • Brick Joke:
    • Potentially occurs in Mission. In the Executive/Ghost route, one of the options at the first choice is to make a Save State. One of the options at the end of the Thief/Ghost route is "Load Save" which, if you've chosen the "Save State" choice before, sends you all the way back to it.note 
    • Can also happen in Airship. In the "Thief" route, the airship's pilot will be forced to deploy some evasive maneuvers to avoid a flock of ducks. In the "Government" route, if you wait too long before grabbing the incriminating evidence, Charles will complain about a duck that flew into his propeller.
  • Bumbling Sidekick: Charles on the Earpiece route in Airship and IRO route in Complex is far more likely to accidentally kill Henry than help him.
  • Butt-Monkey: Henry. Quite a few of the options will result in a humiliating injury happening to him. Then, there's Charles who also goes through many misfortunes and comical deaths just like Henry whenever he's trying to assist him. Not even Ellie safe from this either when she's tagging along with Henry.
  • Caffeine Bullet Time: Upon ingesting the NrG drink in Prison, Henry experiences a state of slowed-down time allowing him to effortlessly bend open the bars of his cell and leisurely walk out of the prison without facing any opposition. And then he has a heart attack and dies.
    FAIL: NrG — Side effects include: Nausea, Headaches, Rapid Heartrate and possibilities of Stroke and/or Heart Attack. Hmm... Well that's good to know.
  • Call-Back:
    • Many of the games make references to previous ones. Airship even opens with a Call-Back to each of the three games that came before it.
    • In Prison, one of Henry's attempts to escape has him land in the middle of the street,, where he immediately gets run over by a van from the bank Henry tried to rob in Bank.
    • The Warp Star option for Presumed Dead route caused Henry to jettison back to prison, similar to how he jets back into his cell with the Jet Pack otpion from Escaping the Prison.
    • A particular room in the Thief/Ghost route in Mission is one to the prototype of the entire series, Crossing the Pit, featuring all eight of the same options. Most of them fail in the exact same way that they did in Pit.
    • The Executive/Betrayed route of Mission has two:
      • At the beginning of the route, Henry crashes into the Toppat airship's cockpit and confronts the Right Hand Man, who tries to protect Reginald. This is precisely what happened at the start of the Executive route of Airship.
      • At the end of the route, one of the options specifically references the Betrayed ending of Complex. It's the "Drop" option, which leads to Henry letting Reginald fall from the airship in the same way Reginald did to him in Complex.
  • Came Back Strong:
    • With the right selection of previous endings in Mission (anything with Airship's Bounty and Executive endings), Right-Hand Man is given a cybernetic upgrade after his defeat.
    • Henry Stickmin himself gets a similar upgrade in the Executive/Betrayed timeline.
  • Captain Ersatz: For copyright reasons, the name Phoenix Wright in Prison was replaced with Felix White in the remaster.
  • Cartoon Cheese: In Diamond, Henry can eat a classic cartoon cheese. For some reasons, it counts as a fail even if nothing bad happens to him.
  • Catch and Return: In Prison, the Badass Bust Out ending ends with the police chief attempting to shoot Henry. While dodging the attack, Henry catches one of the bullets and uses it to either break the chief's gun (original version), or knock it out of his hands (Collection version).
  • Ceiling Cling: Used successfully by Henry in Airship (with the help of glue on his hands) in order to make it past a meeting room filled with Toppat members.
  • Cerebus Syndrome:
    • While Bank, Prison, and Diamond have light and humorous FAILs, their plots continue to develop.
    • Airship features a sad FAIL when a scene involving a Dark Energy Blaster involves a CCC employee crying while looking at a family photo as he meets his fate. The FAIL screen says nothing, as if to show a moment of silence.
    • With Complex, the plots become more dramatic, such as with Betrayed, where Henry is betrayed by Reginald just over wanting his old position and lets Henry die.
    • With Mission, this occurs with Charles through developing him as more than just a Bumbling Sidekick. It is especially evident with the relationship with Henry thereof for the ending of the Government/Dead path as Charles sacrifices himself to save Henry. This is considered to be the saddest moment of the whole Henry Stickmin series. Furthermore, it is arguably the most emotionally resonant in hindsight, as Charles willingly throws Henry into an escape pod so that Henry can be saved.
    • Special mention goes to the Executive/Betrayed route in Mission, where Henry is on a quest for revenge after being cybernetically augmented in order to recover from his wounds.
  • Cerebus Retcon: Minor example. In the Flash version of Diamond the Teleporter seemingly warps him too high Bait-and-Switch only to reveal he's barely a foot above the museum roof, whereas in the remake it teleports him a good distance above it, hurting him on impact. It still works, though.
  • Chainsaw Good: During the Cannonball Route in Airship, in Final Fantasy-style battle with the Right Hand Man, Henry pulls out a chainsaw and a hockey mask if you choose the "tool" option.
  • Cheaters Never Prosper: Using a tool gun in Complex to levitate out of the complex causes the game to 'kick you out' for cheating. The FAIL screen that follows contains these exact words.
  • Chekhov's Gun: In the Bounty/Allies and Bounty/Dead routes of Mission, Henry uses the tank he stole at the end of the Bounty route of Airship. The former even begins with Ellie exclaiming "Wait… you have a tank?!"
  • Chekhov's Gunman: Subverted during the Ghost Inmate route in Complex. The game claims "Ellie will remember that" when Henry abandons her after she helps him out. She never appears again during that route. Double Subverted in the Executive/Ghost route of Mission, where she returns for revenge.
  • Cliffhanger: The ending of the Executive/Ghost route (TCW, Toppat Civil Warfare) is the most open in the whole game, since it ends with Henry escaping the Airship with Geoffrey, Thomas, and Dave in tow and seemingly declaring war on the Ellie-led Toppat Clan. Tellingly, this is the only route to end with the golden text reading "Mission Complete?".
  • Collection Sidequest:
    • The Henry Stickmin Collection offers Character Bios. You obtain a character's bio by right-clicking on them during a game.
    • Prison (doughnuts), Diamond (paintings), Complex (appearances by a G-Man Captain Ersatz) and Mission (Among Us character plushies) have separate collection sidequests of their own.
  • Coincidental Dodge: The tranquilizer dart FAIL in Diamond happens because the guard Henry tries to shoot does a yawing stretch as the dart flies by. This results in the dart bouncing around the ventilation system before hitting Henry.
    FAIL Screen: Whoa! What are the odds of that??
  • Comically Missing the Point: The FAIL screens do this numerous times.
  • Company Cross References: Mission contains several references to Among Us, another game made by Puffballs United and Innersloth.
    • There are collectible plush versions of the crewmates scattered across multiple paths, collecting them all unlocks the "Assemble the Crew" achievement.
    • Henry's purple mask that he wears in most of the Dead routes is taken from the game.
    • A poster inside the space station's bar shows an Imposter with a knife with the phrase "SEE SOMETHING, SAY SOMETHING."
    • One FAIL in the Bounty/Ghost route has Henry ejecting himself out of the space station, with the text "Henry was not The Imposter" appearing as he floats through space.
      FAIL Screen: Hmm… seems there is still an imposter Among Us.
    • The "S.S. Annie" FAIL in the remastered Complex also has one: the sound that plays when Henry kills the captain (and subsequently gets killed himself) is the same sound that plays for a Crewmate when they're murdered by an Imposter.
    • Another one in the remastered version of Complex, one of the bios is for a guard named Polus Petrovich and it's mentioned in his card description that he "won a sweepstakes and got to name a planet after himself." This is referring to Polus, the planet which the Polus Outpost map in Among Us takes place.
  • Compilation Re-release: The Henry Stickmin Collection, which includes remastered versions of all 5 previous games in addition to the new 6th and final game.
  • Continuity Nod: Throughout the games, events from a previous game are frequently mentioned.
    • For example; in the "Legal Ending" of Prison, Henry's lawyer presents a Doctor's Analysis in which it says that Henry survived a lot of cuts and hits the day they found him, referring to the many FAIL-scenarios from Bank.
    • Two of the prison guards from Prison return as museum guards in Diamond (they got fired because Henry escaped). So does the truck driver from Bank (after that incident, he decided that driving a money truck was too dangerous).
    • In the start menu of Airship, you can take a look in Henry's garage and see both the police car he stole in the "Badass Ending" of Prison, and the scooter he used in the "Aggressive ending" of Diamond, while later the military shows Henry footage of his previous adventures to prove they know about his past.
    • In Complex, Henry can call either Charles the Helicopter pilot or the Toppat Clan (both from Airship) for help to get out of prison. Also in Complex, one of the FAIL scenarios takes Henry back to the prison in Prison; this one is given a lampshade:
      "This place seems familiar."
  • Controllable Helplessness: If you pick one of the wrong options in the Undertale-style battle in Mission, you have a chance to move Henry's SOUL around to dodge the attack. There's no chance you'd actually be able to dodge it due to it covering the whole bullet board or being too accurate, and it'll inevitably lead to a FAIL screen once Henry is hit.
  • Conviction by Contradiction: The "Lawyered Up" ending in Prison relies on Felix White being able to claim that Henry couldn't possibly have tied the disguise bag shut while in it (reasonable by real-world standards, though not actually true; Henry did exactly that as the audience knows full well) and therefore he must have been stuffed there by the guard, Winston Davis (an utterly absurd reach). The judge accepts this with no apparent issue.
  • Cool Airship: The Toppat Clan's airship in... erm, Airship.
  • Cool Bike: Henry's motorized kick scooter from Diamond. It gets even cooler in the Jewel Baron pathway of Mission, where it can now go into space.
  • Crazy Enough to Work: Sometimes the option that lets you progress is the most ridiculous one.
  • Critical Failure: Trying to use Wizard Magic to open a door in Airship makes Henry freeze himself. The FAIL screen mentions that he rolled a 1.
  • Crouching Moron, Hidden Badass: Henry may be clumsy and sometimes even dumb, but this is also the same thief who managed to escape from a prison just with some gadgets in his arsenal, steal the Tunisian Diamond unscathed, have a group of soldiers kidnap him to successfully infiltrate an airship of a gang leader because of his skills, and finally manage to escape The Wall, a maximum security prison that holds the worst criminals and has never lost a single inmate until Henry showed up. Mission features his most impressive repertoire to date, whether it's fending off the military, destroying the Toppat Clan's space station KillSat, making off with the Toppat Clan's absurd amount of money and artifacts, or even stealing their entire space station.
  • Cryo-Prison: If Henry and Ellie choose to surrender to Dmitri during the "Pure Blooded Thief/Convict Allies" route, they will be taken to a special section of The Wall compound in which they are cryogenically frozen and encased in blocks of ice, never to see the light of day ever again.
  • Curse Cut Short: In Prison, when Henry uses a belt of grenades and throws a grenade at the guards, only for it to bounce into the room he's in as he closes the door. The grenade blows up on him shortly after he realizes his mistake.
    Henry Stickmin: What the f— *explosion*
  • Cut Lex Luthor a Check: Henry either has the superpowers, or the gadgets, of dozens of fictional characters. With Zero Point Energy alone, he could probably make a fortune in legitimate money.
    • Eventually Subverted in the SSR ending in Mission: The Stickmin Space Resort ending, from the Thief/Dead route. After stealing the Toppat Clan's satellite base, Henry opens it up as a space resort staffed by reformed members of the Toppat Clan.
  • Cutting Off the Branches: Zig-zagged.
    • Prison establishes that Henry used the bag to get into the bank in Bank, as that's the only ending where he ends up getting arrested.
    • In Airship, Captain Galeforce lists Henry's past crimes when explaining why he was recruited in the opening cutscene. The files can show photos and information from any of the previous games' endings. Breaking the Bank can even have a photo of Henry Tele Fragged in the wall instead of being arrested in the vault. In The Henry Stickmin Collection, which files are shown can be affected by which ending you got most recently.
    • Even though every game since Prison has multiple endings, the games that follow afterwards hardly make any attempts to firmly establish one of the endings of their predecessors as canon and discard the others. A good example of this can be found in Complex, in which your choice of path after the "Wait for Transfer" can determine whether Henry sided with the Toppat Clan or the Government.
    • Mission allows the player to determine which endings from Airship and Complex the game should treat as canon. However, some combinations are not compatible; Henry is unable to be rescued by Charles if he didn't help the government, and cannot pick "The Betrayed" as an ending unless he has become the leader of the Toppat Clan.
  • Darker and Edgier:
    • Fleeing the Complex as a whole. The whole place is filled with a near lack of colors, the fails aren't as funny, only the Ghost and Operative endings are funny if done while skipping the fails, it introduces Dmitri Johannes Petrov and, to top it all of, The Betrayed ending ends with Henry literally dying.
    • The Executive/Betrayed path of Mission is much darker, while still retaining the humor element of the games. Most of it is basically one long brawl against the Right Hand Man with the finale being Henry coming face-to-face with Reginald, but the game uses a thinner aspect ratio to increase the drama, and it ends with Henry dying in the end, this time for good.
  • Dark Reprise: A sad piano rendition of the Toppats' theme plays in the Revenged ending.
  • Deadly Force Field: The Deflector Shield around the Toppats' orbital station in Mission counts. If Charles chooses to shoot a hole in the space station so Henry can climb through, Burt Curtis will raise the shields and Henry will be cut in half.
  • Death by Irony: In the Executive/Betrayed route, Henry can attempt to kill Reginald Copperbottom by dropping him off the airship, which is how Reginald originally killed Henry. It doesn't stick, as Reginald had a parachute built into his hat.
  • Death from Above: The final correct choice of the Undetected route in Diamond is to simply drop the heavy, huge diamond on the guard from above.
  • Defeat Equals Friendship: The Executive ending in Airship has the leader of the Toppat Clan admitting defeat and telling Henry that he's now the new leader. Depending on the choices he'll either just turn them in to the authorities anyway or fly off and start a new life as a supervillain. This is subverted in the sequels where Reginald clearly resents Henry's leadership and will stab Henry in the back to take the Clan back. Depending on the route, he can succeed or Henry can earn his true respect by saving the Clan.
  • Developers' Foresight:
    • Diamond has a unique FAIL screen if, instead of picking any of the options after sneaking in through the wall, you just sit there and listen to the guards' conversation. Downplayed in the remake when the timer display now portrays it as a very extended quick-time event.
    • Captain G has several different notes on Henry in the intro to Airship, depending on the endings last played in Prison and Diamond.
    • Some of the endings of Airship and the endings of Complex are incompatible with each other. In Mission, it's impossible to pick such a pair of endings. Furthermore, in the collection version of Complex, Henry can only call the Toppat Clan or Charles if he got an ending where he allied with them at least once, preventing an impossible Mission combination. If neither ending has been achieved by that point, the player can't progress in that route.
    • In Mission, there's a Load Save option in Thief/Ghost route which will just replay the scene and force you to pick another option. However, if you select the Save State option in Executive/Ghost route and then select Load Save, then it will send you back to the Save State FAIL, where Ellie shoots Henry in the leg.
  • Didn't Think This Through:
    • In Bank, one of Henry's attempts at breaking the wall has him using a Lazer Drill that would have succeeded if he realized that the wall would fall onto his position.
    • A FAIL in Diamond involves Henry ditching his motorcycle to escape the cops, only to realize that he left the diamond behind on the motorcycle. The FAIL screen lampshades it.
    • A FAIL in Complex involves Henry and Ellie getting on a truck full of prisoners to escape… but there's no one driving the truck, and it's implied that the back door is now locked.
  • The Disease That Shall Not Be Named: Averted, Ray Rudolpho (the guy in quarantine) in Complex has leprosy as explained in the bio, which causes his skin to look bad and his hand to fall off.
  • Disembodied Eyebrows: All characters' eyebrows float above their heads.
  • Dodge the Bullet: Henry does this at the climax of one of the routes in Prison.
  • Dog Pile of Doom: On the Bounty/Rescue Route in Completing The Mission, one of options for getting past the Right Hand Man is a dogpile. If chosen, Henry and his team will dogpile on the Right Hand Man and then the Right Hand Man's own men become ecstatic and join in on the dogpile in excitement. The choice ends up being a fail though, as the Right Hand Man blows everybody off of him.
    Fail Screen: Everyone! Pile on!
  • Donut Mess with a Cop: In Prison, several guards can be seen eating donuts. Clicking on all the donuts in the game gets you a medal.
    • Also invoked in one of the bios in the same chapter. The bio for Kev Portly mentions that he joined the police force specifically because he loves donuts and knows that cops eat donuts.
  • Downer Beginning:
    • Escaping the Prison starts with Henry still imprisoned at the West Mesa Penitentiary after his attempted robbery.
    • Stealing the Diamond starts with Henry living an awful life, barely any money, and his house just looks depressing.
    • Fleeing Complex starts with Henry having been captured and imprisoned in The Wall, a prison from which nobody has ever escaped.
  • Downer Ending:
    • Bank ends with Henry getting arrested.
    • The "Lightning Quick Larcenist" ending in Airship arguably qualifies, although the game acknowledges it as a FAIL.
    • The Betrayed ending of Complex is a clear one. Reginald murders Henry to be the leader of the Toppats. Henry gets better, which leads to...
    • The Executive/Betrayed ending: Revenged. Henry officially gets Reginald back for trying to kill him by putting an end to the Right Hand Man, killing Reginald, his killer and plowing the Airship into the Toppat launch site, leaving the Toppat Clan leaderless, ruining their plans, and destroying a good chunk, if not all, of their assets, making recovery unlikely. But thanks to a cheap shot from Reginald before the ship crashes and he bleeds out, it doesn't take long until Henry dies too. This is a downer for two additional reasons: one, it is implied that the newest Toppat members who haven't committed any crimes yet as well as Dave Panpa perished in the crash as well, and two, since Henry never met and worked with Ellie and Charles, no one will remember him for his heroic action of taking down the Toppat Clan. He dies exactly how he started: alone.
  • The Dragon:
    • Reginald Copperbottom has the Right Hand Man (the Toppat member with the red mustache).
    • Grigori Olyat acts as Dmitri's right hand man, though he doesn't really do much.
    • Ellie Rose is this to Henry after the two team up. It's also a heroic version if Henry sides with the Government.
  • Dread Zeppelin: The Toppat Clan's airship classifies.
  • Dropped a Bridge on Him:
    • Played for laughs in Mission's Toppat Civil War ending, with Henry's escape pod smashing into Reginald and Right-Hand Man by accident, killing them instantly.
    • Played straight in the Bounty/Rescue route with Right-Hand Man obliterating Henry's strike team.
  • The Dying Walk: At the end of the Executive/Betrayed route of Mission, Henry, having been hit by a cheap shot from Reginald that's shorting his cybernetics, limps away from the impact site using a branch as a crutch, sits against a rock and quietly passes away.

    Tropes E-H 
  • Early Installment Weirdness:
    • The series started with this very simple prequel.
    • Bank can also be considered this. Compared to the other games, it's relatively simple and straight-forward; the player can only make a choice in the very beginning, and every choice results in failure. The stick figures are drawn even more simplistic than in later games, without visible feet or fingers (although this was corrected in the remastered version).
    • Prison and Diamond also count, as their endings aren't given unique names compared to the later installments. And just like Bank, this is also corrected in the remastered version.
  • Easily Forgiven: The Thief/Allies route in Mission involves Henry and Ellie trying to join the Toppat clan so they'll be safe from both the government and Dmitri, but in the "Thief" ending of Airship, we saw Henry stole their ruby and crashed their airship. However, Reginald acknowledges Henry's skills and agrees to let him and Ellie join on the condition that he give the ruby back. (For Henry's part, he's surprisingly quick to agree to that condition.)
  • Energy Weapon: The point-defense weapons on the Toppat Clan's station in Mission are a trio of laser cannons that fire green bolts.
  • Enraged by Idiocy: It's implied that Henry gets shot by Rupert Price in the LQL ending in Airship for bringing back a teddy bear in a safe.
  • Epic Fail: Some of Henry's choices end in absolutely humiliating things happening. For example, trying to snap the final guard's neck in Diamond's Undetected ending path results in Henry falling down the small flight of stairs that's right beside him.
    • In Mission, one of the mooks has a clear shot at Henry with a sniper rifle. It takes him four shots to hit his mark, turning the normally quick-time-event into a moderate-time-event.
  • Equal-Opportunity Evil: Both the Toppat Clan and the Wall employ men and women from all over the world.
  • Even Evil Has Standards: The Toppat Clan may be evil, but at least they let their members go to visit their families. Additionally, the Clan is bound to a code of honor which apparently includes not selling out or leaving behind people that help them out just because, which Henry learns the hard way in the Executive/Ghost route of Mission.
  • Everything Trying to Kill You: Guards, Henry's own tools, worms
  • Evil vs. Evil: Henry versus the Toppat Clan in Airship. Subverted if he joins them in one of the endings or if he becomes a better person by working with the government. Played straight in terms of The Wall.
  • Exact Eavesdropping: Happens in several pathways of Mission that use the Presumed Dead ending from the previous game as a starting point; Henry is hiding out in a bar, and overhears something important (be it from a Toppat member talking out loud on his phone, or two drunk soldiers talking to each other) that prompts him to go on his mission for that pathway.
  • Exactly What I Aimed At: Early on in the Bounty/Allies route in Mission, Henry and Ellie are driving a tank in an assault on the Toppats' train, and a gun turret from the nearby caravan is shooting back. Henry fires a shell from the tank, seemingly missing… but hitting the mountain above an oncoming tunnel, causing a rockslide and blocking the train tracks, thereby crashing the train.
  • Exactly What It Says on the Tin: The various games are all named after what Henry will be doing.
    • Breaking the Bank has Henry breaking into a bank.
    • Escaping the Prison chronicles Henry's escape from prison. (Becomes Exact Words when done through the Lawyered Up route.)
    • Stealing the Diamond features Henry's theft of the Tunisian Diamond.
    • Infiltrating the Airship has Henry infiltrating the Toppat Clan's airship.
    • Fleeing the Complex has Henry fleeing from the complex known as The Wall.
    • Played with for Completing the Mission, as what the titular mission is varies wildly from route to route, from official government operations to heists and to an epic battle for revenge.
      • Subverted in the Executive/Ghost route aka Toppat Civil War, as the story ends with Henry, his loyalists, and Dave the security guard escaping the airship, but their mission of taking back control of the clan from Ellie not currently possible. The game lampshades it by adding a question mark on the Mission Complete text.
  • Explosive Stupidity: Whenever Henry have an option to use an explosive, it never goes well to him. For example, in Prison, during the Sneaky route, Henry can at one point use a belt of grenades to dispose of some guards, but the one grenade he throws bounces right back into the storage room he's hiding in. He realizes his mistake mere seconds before the grenade goes off.
  • Extremely Short Timespan: The Omega Ending reveals that the package in Prison was sent to Henry about one year ago, implying that the entire series takes place over as such.
  • Eye Scream:
    • A couple of FAILs involve this.
      • In Prison, there's an option to pull a rocket launcher out of the cake. The rocket misses the bars, goes through a duct, and flies back at Henry, drilling into his eye before exploding.
      • In the hallway standoff, Henry can choose to throw a grenade while Ellie shoots it with a crossbow, sticking in a guard's eye. The result? The guard runs at Henry in order to kill him.
    • In the Executive/Betrayed route of Mission, the Right-Hand Man ends up with Henry's blade arm embedded in his cybernetic eye. It doesn't seem to affect him much; he just yanks it out and keeps fighting.
  • Face Death with Dignity: In Airship, a chaos containment officer has the option to activate a dark energy blaster (or, in the Collection, a dark energy bomb) that disintegrates everyone in the vicinity. He takes one last look at a picture of his family before he closes his eyes as the screen fades to white.
  • Face–Heel Turn: Winston Davis, the policeman who put the disguise bag in the bank trunk without realizing Henry was inside it and was later fired (and possibly arrested in the Lawyered Up route), is shown as a member of the Toppat Clan in Airship.
  • Facepalm: Henry facepalms when he tries to shoot the train and fails in the Bounty/Dead route of Mission.
  • Failed a Spot Check: There are numerous times when characters fail to notice something that should definitely be in their field of vision. To wit:
    • Diamond:
      • During the Burglar path, Henry teleports to the Museum's roof and then hides from a guard... who was already looking in Henry's direction and somehow didn't notice.
      • Also during the same path, Henry catapults himself to the exit next to two guards and neither of them notice, even though at least one of them should have the door in their field of vision.
    • Complex:
      • Henry uses the raccoon powerup to fly over to the other side of the dock. The two people guarding the dock fail to notice this, despite Henry flying at best 10 meters above their heads towards the spot they are directly looking at.
      • Somehow nobody notices when the entire Toppat airship is hovering next to the Wall.
  • Failure Is the Only Option:
    • The prototype to the entire series, Crossing the Pit, has every option lead to the stickman failing to get across.
    • In Bank, every choice the player makes will eventually lead to failure. The other games avert the trope, though; there are still plenty of ways you can fail, but they also have multiple ways of succeeding.
  • Faking the Dead:
    • One of the options in Complex. It gets Henry pushed out the trash disposal.
    • Also appears in the PD (Presumed Dead) ending in Complex.
  • Fartillery: In Airship, while chasing the Big Bad down a hallway, Henry can eat a can of beans and use the resulting farts to gain the extra speed needed to make it past the closing Slow Doors.
  • Fission Mailed:
    • Subverted in Prison. Using the jetpack on the roof causes it to sputter out and the FAIL screen comes up, then it starts to work and propels Henry upward… but it's so uncontrollable that Henry crashes back into the prison, bringing up the real FAIL screen.
    • In Mission with the CorrupTick option, which, in sequence: causes graphical glitches, fake crashes the game to the title screen, then loads back before the choice but now none of the characters have animations, before it glitches out one more time and then the real FAIL screen shows up.
      • Additionally, in this FAIL screen, 'FISSION MAILED' appears instead of the usual 'MISSION FAILED'.
  • Fixed Forward-Facing Weapon: The turret on Henry's tank in the Bounty/Dead pathway of Mission proves to have this; Henry tries to use it to shoot at the Toppats' train, but the tank, which doesn't swivel its gun, winds up missing and shoots a plateau well away from the train, resulting in a FAIL.
  • Flashback Cut: Mission always begins by flashing back to events of the two routes it's based on. It only does a few shots lasting less than a second each, though.
  • Flat "What":
    • Sometimes the actions Henry chooses will baffle the Have a Nice Death screen. A good example would be the "Distract" option in Complex; Henry starts dancing, followed shortly after by the guards and Ellie joining in.
      FAIL Screen: I... Wh... I just... Whaat.
    • Also in Complex, one of the guards will be utterly confused if Henry uses "Flash" to escape the Cafeteria, resulting in this.
  • Flash Step:
    • An option in Complex.
    • If Henry chooses "Gun Forme" in Mission, the Right Hand Man will dodge all his attacks this way, then blow Henry in half.
  • For Want of a Nail: In Complex, the initial parts of the "Ghost" and "Allies" routes are the same, only differing in whether Ellie is with Henry or not. The routes diverge when Henry gets past a door in the main prison wing; on "Ghost", he continues unimpeded and slips out undetected, while on "Allies" he is forced to open the door to let Ellie through and accidentally opens the entire prison, triggering a riot.
  • Four Is Death: When Henry is on top of the Toppats' rocket in the "Thief/Dead" pathway of Mission, the Toppats' sniper fires on him. Three shots over the course of a timed event will miss, but if Henry does not choose an option, the fourth will hit true.
  • From Nobody to Nightmare:
    • Over the course of the games, Henry goes from a guy who got caught robbing a bank to a thief whose exploits include breaking out of jail, stealing a giant rare diamond, taking down or taking over a massive criminal organization, and escaping one of the most well-guarded prisons in the world.
    • Ellie turned into this in Toppat Civil Warfare route as she followed Henry to the Toppats' airship and rallied the clan against him for abandoning her. All that ended with her becoming the new leader to fight against the remaining members of Henry's faction of the clan.
  • Funny Background Event: For the FAIL in Prison where Henry falls in the middle of a meeting, the cop in the right-hand corner is visibly fumbling his gun.
  • Fusion Dance: In Mission's Triple Threat route, Henry combines with Ellie Dragon Ball Z style and challenges the Toppats, though they promptly get blown out the base and land in a crater… just like Yamcha.
  • Game-Breaking Bug: Invoked on three separate occasions:
    • In Diamond, if you choose the Pokéball/Goodball while on the "Epic" route, the ball releases Missingno and causes the game to "crash".
    • In Airship, if you choose the scratched-out disc on the "Thief" route, Wilson will activate G.A.B.E.N, a mountain sized construct which begins to open up, while accompanied by ominous music… only to then freeze the game, and crash it into a FAIL, due to a missing file.
      FAIL Screen: error: stack overflow
      System.IO.FileNotFoundException: Could not find file C:\Program Files\HL3\G.A.B.E.N..dll
      Dump cache;
    • In Mission, choosing the CorrupTick in the Thief/Allies route causes the game to go haywire and reset. The game throws up an error message once it finishes starting up and sends you back to the point where you left off, only for the game to start going bonkers again a few seconds in and cut to a broken FAIL screen.
      Fission Mailed
      I...uh...I think something went wrong.
    • Truer to the trope, the Collection series has an issue with crashing every so often if played in fullscreen mode. The developers were actually aware of this, as the game starts in windowed mode by default and you'll get a warning about potential crashes if you try to switch to fullscreen mode. The way the game is structured, however, the worst case is if it crashes in the middle of a longer cutscene after a selection, forcing you back to the previous choice. (God help you if it crashes after you've picked "Walkthrough" in the Executive/Dead route of Mission.)
  • Gang of Hats: The Toppat Clan, who appear in Airship onwards, are a literal example.
  • Gatling Good:
    • One of the options when trying to get past the vault doors in Airship is for Charles to use the helicopter's, well, Gatling gun. The result is Henry and a Mook lying dead on the floor — and the door is intact.
    • Also from Airship, The Right Hand Man uses a Gatling gun when Henry fights him.
    • At the end of the "Pardoned Pals" ending of Mission, Henry and Ellie use the miniguns on Charles' helicopter to shoot out the support beams for the rocket, causing it to crash onto its launchpad.
    • One of the Toppat Clan's train cars in Mission is a train-mounted Gatling gun.
    • One of the Toppat Clan's escort trucks (also from Mission) is armed with a Gatling gun that fires swords.
  • Genre Shift: The series by and large is a light-hearted set of heist and prison break stories, but the Executive/Betrayed route becomes a pastiche of Shōnen anime with a super powered cyborg Henry getting his revenge on the Toppat Clan that betrayed him and clashing with the similarly upgraded Right Hand Man.
  • Giant Equals Invincible: Diamond, growing to huge proportions using a Mega Mushroom also renders Henry bulletproof. Downplayed since a cannonball does manage to take him down.
  • Golden Ending: Some endings in Mission end better than others for Henry. Toppat King sees Henry assume the role as leader of the Toppats with no fuss from Reginald or Right Hand Man, who are suitably impressed by Henry's resourcefulness, loyalty, and capabilities. Ellie becomes Henry's Right Hand Lady, while Reginald and Right Hand Man step down from leadership roles and become top operators for the clan, making everyone happy. Special BROvert Ops sees Henry turn into a full-time soldier for Galeforce, teaming up with Charles and becoming a highly-trained agent. Stickmin Space Resort has Henry take over the Toppat space station and turn it into a resort. Not only do all the remaining Toppats defect to Henry's side, but the resort is highly successful, finally allowing Henry to stop his life of crime and be fabulously rich legally.
  • Gone Horribly Right: Chances are if a FAIL goes wrong, it's going to be successful… but not in the way that's best for Henry.
    • In Complex:
      • Making Henry distract the guards causes them to dance — including Ellie, who decides to join in the dancing.
    • In Mission:
      • Making Charles use a subsonic wave to stun the Toppats in the shuttle flattens the Toppats in the shuttle — including Henry.
      • Making Charles use a giant TV to distract the Toppats in the shuttle distracts them with a funny show — that Henry stops to watch.
      • Choosing the Right-Hand-Man to plow through the military blockade on the ramp makes the Right-Hand-Man plow through the guard — and the shuttle.
  • Good Guns, Bad Guns: Zigzagged.
    • The prison guards in Prison, police and museum watchmen in Diamond, and military in Airship and Mission, who are mostly Hero Antagonists unless Henry chooses to join up with them, use what look like Remington-type shotguns, Glock pistols (except for Kurt Dietrich who uses a Webley), and AR-type rifles. Charles is shown carrying a Glock pistol when he meets Henry again at the beginning of the Government/Dead route of Mission. Tellingly, when Henry does the "Wololo" on Kayn West, his AK-47 becomes an M16.
    • The Toppat Clan mainly uses AK-47 assault rifles; the zigzag comes in since they use Colt M1911 pistols.
    • The Wall, the main organization that Henry doesn't align with, uses AK-104 rifles and Makarov pistols.
  • Government Agency of Fiction: The Center for Chaos Containment, which appears in Diamond (when you go for the Epic Ending), Airship (when you start by entering the ship with the grappling hook), and Mission (in the Executive/Dead route).
  • Gratuitous Japanese: To reenact the reference it's based on, the Spirit Forme choice in Mission's Revenged route has both Right-Hand Man & Reference (Henry's "Spirit") talking in Japanese during their battle. You can tell that it's gratuitous because sometimes the writers gave up and left some English words peppered throughout the script.
    Right Hand Man (dub): 本当に fist が stop me?
  • Grenade Launcher: A FAIL in the Bounty/Ghost route for Mission has Henry attempt to use an Underbarrel Grenade Launcher mounted on an AK-47, but he winds up blowing a hole in the hull and gets sucked into space.
  • Groin Attack:
    • Played with in Prison, the shooting range after using the teleporter shows that there is a lot of points if aiming for the groin in comparison to other parts (excluding the head).
    • Attempting to use the magic pencil in Airship will result in Henry creating a "Nutshot Crawler" that proceeds to make good on its name by hitting him in the nuts and then crawling away.
    • In Complex, picking the sandwich option causes Henry to turn into a hulking beast and then he knocks out two guards. He turns back to normal while trying to knock out a third guard who then pulls this on Henry.
  • Half the Man He Used to Be:
    • In Stealing the Diamond, selecting the Laser Cutter causes the laser to slice Henry in half when he tries to steal the Diamond.
    • In Fleeing the Complex, selecting the Shadozer option will turn Henry into a shadow. However, when clouds begin blocking the moon, Henry hastily tries to return to form but the cloud covered his shadow halfway through.
    • In Completing the Mission, when Charles tries to use the Super Accurate Laser Shot to shoot at the hull of the space station to let Henry in, it causes Burt Curtis to activate the shields, which cut Henry in two.
  • Hammerspace: Except for moments where he uses his surroundings, no explanation is given to how Henry carries around the items he's using. Not that it matters, though.
  • Have a Nice Death/It's a Wonderful Failure: Every game is full of these kind of scenarios. Each subsequent game has more "FAILs" than the last, leading up to 164 FAILs in Mission.
  • Hero Antagonist:
    • Dmitri in Complex… though the "hero" part is questionable, considering his treatment of prisoners in general.
    • This trope also applies to pretty much all the police officers, security guards, and museum guards that oppose Henry during the games, since all of them are just people doing their job, namely preventing Henry from committing crimes.
  • Heroic Mime: Henry rarely speaks, aside from screams of pain or fright as something horrible happens to him. This is especially evident whenever Henry is paired with a more talkative partner, such as Ellie or Charles.
  • History Repeats: Inspecting the bios of Terrence Suave (the Toppat leader before Reginald) in the Collection reveals that the Executive/Ghost route of Mission isn't the first time Reginald toppled a leader for their indignant behavior, which may partially be why he's genuinely furious at Henry in the intro.
  • Hoist by His Own Petard: Henry, too many times to count.
  • Hollywood Heart Attack: The NrG drink from Prison eventually has this as a side effect, leading to a FAIL just when it seems that Henry successfully escaped.
  • Hollywood Magnetism: Played for laughs in a route in Complex, where Henry uses a magnet to launch him towards the Toppat airship, but instead he ends up pulling the entire airship towards him, crashing into the complex building. The FAIL message tries to justify this result before straight-up giving up halfway through.
  • Hot Blade: The spacesuit that Henry uses in the Government/Dead route of Mission has a knife that's so hot that it can cut through anything. Unfortunately, Henry isn't able to grab it when he deploys it and it floats away into space.
  • Human Cannonball:
    • A FAIL in Diamond involves Henry trying to use a cannon to launch himself past a pair of guards. He falls out, tries to get back in, and winds up crashing into the door when it fires.
    • Henry can also try this in the Thief/Ghost route of Mission, to cross a gap. The cannon instead just blows him up.
    • In the Government/Allies route of Mission, Charles's helicopter has a cannon designed to fire humans, which Henry and Ellie use to get inside the rocket, being shot through the rocket cafeteria's window.
  • Hurricane of Puns:
    • One of the FAILs in Airship gives you four of them:
      "WATT are you doing?"
      "Why, I'd say that's quite SHOCKING!"
      "I'd rather not be in your CURRENT situation."
      "I bet you can't wait to go OHM."
      • And if you mouse over them...
    • Another set of four pops up in one of the FAILs in the Bounty/Allies route of Mission:
      "What was the POINT of that?"
      "...Not the SHARPest idea."
      "Gonna PIN the blame on you for that one."
      "Did you really NEEDLE that money?"
  • Hyperspace Is a Scary Place: In Airship, when Henry uses 'warp' while chasing Reginald down a hallway, the experience of traveling through warp space shatters Henry's mind. Upon emerging from it, he falls to the ground frozen.

    Tropes I-R 
  • Idiosyncratic Episode Naming: Verbing the Noun.
  • I Just Shot Marvin in the Face: In Prison, using the teleporter takes Henry to the middle of a live firing range, with predictably disastrous results.
  • Improperly Placed Firearms: While The Wall is inspired by Russia, it's actually in Canada. The guards' standard rifle is not the usual AK-74M but the IWI Galil ACE in 7.62x39mm, which is neither used by Canadian or Russian police or military. However, they do use Browning M2HBs and Makarovs.
  • Inconvenient Darkroom Illumination: In Airship, when Henry asks Charles to help him get past an electric trap by remotely rerouting the power, Charles reroutes the power to a darkroom, where a Toppat member is developing photos. The sudden increase in power causes the one lightbulb to go Up to Eleven, ruining the photos. The man can be heard screaming in agony and frustration.
  • Incredible Shrinking Man:
    • Henry can do this in Diamond; however, choosing this option results in him getting eaten by a worm.
    • In the "GSPI/Inmate" pathway of Mission, Henry has to be shrunken by a computer to fit atop the Toppat's train as it goes through a tunnel, then is regrown after it reaches the launch site.
  • Informed Ability: Parodied in Undercover Agent (Wait For Transfer-Cafeteria [Toppat Clan]) FAIL in Complex. The FAIL screen claims that the undercover agent of the Toppat Clan has been working for three years, even though it's incredibly obvious in the previous scene that the agent clearly has no clue how to even act like one, considering that he publicly declares himself as an agent in front of many police officers.
  • Instant Awesome: Just Add Mecha!: In Diamond, sending a mecha after the enlarged Henry is one of the four things the Center for Chaos Containment can do. It's this choice that allows the player to reach the "epic ending" of the game.
  • Intangibility: Prison features a device that makes Henry intangible. Unfortunately, it malfunctions — and by "malfunctions", we mean "works exactly as advertised" — and causes Henry to fall to the center of the earth.
  • Interdimensional Travel Device: Parodied with the Transdimensionalizer in Airship. When Henry flips the switch, it transports him to the 1st Dimension (aka a single straight horizontal line in mathematics). And he can't return either since the switch flips up and down.
  • Interface Spoiler: An attentive eye will be able to make out a quick-time event choice by how the scenario reacts when the options appear. Normal events have everything go slightly darker and pause; QTE's have the colour remain and animations continue.
  • Invisibility: In Diamond, Henry takes a pill that turns him invisible, which makes him lose sight and fall off the building, in the collection version, he simply disappears.
  • Irony: In the Executive/Ghost route, Henry, ousted from the Toppat clan because he betrayed a fellow prisoner, only ends up surviving by working together with his own prisoner, Dave the security Guard.
  • It Only Works Once: At the start of the Government/Ghost route of Mission, you can try the same trick from Bank to infiltrate the Toppats' cargo train (namely, hiding inside a fake storage box). Everything proceeds just as it did in Bank… until the Toppats who find Henry just shrug and walk away. Cue FAIL screen.
  • Jail Bake: At the start of Prison, Henry receives a cake that contains no less than six items, including a huge drill and a rocket launcher. Even better, one of the guards was supposed to check the cake, but forgot — and when he realizes that he didn't, he lies to his fellow guard that he did. (Diamond reveals that said guard got fired over the incident.)
  • "Just Joking" Justification: Discussed in Diamond, where the FAIL screen suggests to do this after Henry's failed attempt to use one of the guns in the museum on the guards.
    FAIL Screen: Quick! Pretend you were joking!
  • Kaizo Trap:
    • In one of the possible endings of Airship, Henry manages to sneak on-board, retrieve a large safe, and bring it back to the helicopter. He earns the title of "Lightning Quick Larcenist"… only for the safe to be opened to reveal nothing but a teddy bear. Cue FAIL screen.
    • In Complex (the Boost Up — Solo route), Henry can ride the S.S. Annie to escape. It seems you've won, the victory music starts to play… then suddenly a shipmate comes by and stabs Henry from behind. Cue FAIL screen.
    • In Mission, Thief/Dead route: Henry activates the full thrust of the Toppat rocket, breaking it free from the Right Hand Man's harpoon. The word "Mission" appears… then the rocket runs out of fuel.
  • Karma Houdini Warranty: Henry ends up on the wrong end of this in the Executive/Ghost path of Mission. Of the Ghost paths, this is the only one where Henry's choice to leave Ellie behind comes back to bite him; as she follows him to the airship, discredits him in front of the Toppat Clan and gets him dethroned, and is implied to take over once Henry kills Reginald and the Right Hand Man in the process of escaping.
  • Killer Yo-Yo: Subverted. You can try bashing the Right Hand Man with the yo-yo in the EarthBound-style battle in Airship, but that results in him taking little damage and beating Henry down.
  • Kill Sat:
    • The Center for Chaos Containment in Diamond has one of these at its disposal.
    • The Thief/Ghost route of Mission reveals that the Toppat's space station doubles as one, as it's equipped with a giant laser cannon named "Supreme Dominance".
  • Klatchian Coffee: The NrG drink in Prison. Grants Henry Caffeine Bullet Time, allowing him to just waltz through the place. Too bad it also gives him a heart attack as he exits through the front door…
  • Klingon Promotion: The Rapidly Promoted Executive ending in Airship features Henry becoming the new leader of the Toppat Clan, after he has disposed of the Right Hand Man and taken Reginald hostage.
  • Knife Nut: Blade "Knifeman" McGee is the prisoner next door to Henry at the West Mesa Penitentiary in Prison, shown brandishing a knife in the NrG drink option. He's currently serving multiple life sentences for murder.
  • Lampshade Hanging:
    • The FAIL screens do this a lot.
    • The loading screen in Airship says that Henry «may be considered extremely lucky».
  • Last-Second Ending Choice:
    • Usually inverted — which ending you get usually depends on what route you pick at the very first choice.
    • Played straight in the "Cannon Ball" route of Airship, where Henry is offered the choice between bringing the captured Reginald to the government agents as he was originally tasked to; or, accept his offer to become the leader of the Clan and turn on said government agents.
    • Happens again in the Thief/Allies route of Mission. After struggling through the Wall's guards, the Government, and the Toppat Clan, Henry and Ellie are caught in the middle of a standoff between all three. At this point, they have to choose a side. Even not picking any side is an option.
  • Laugh Track: Played with in the "Epic" route of Diamond in the Collection. An Incredibly Lame Pun from Corporal Bill Bullet is met with canned laughter that turns out to be coming from a TV someone's watching in the background.
    Bill Bullet: Hey, who's watching TV?! Get back to work!
  • Lawyer-Friendly Cameo:
    • Involving an actual lawyer, no less. The "Legal" ending of Prison is a clear parody of the Ace Attorney series, and in the original version Henry is represented by Phoenix Wright himself. Presumably due to copyright reasons, the remaster changes the name of Henry's lawyer to Felix White.
    • Every Shout-Out in the original game was able to get away with directly namedropping the items or characters in the franchise they were from due to the original nature of the series as Flash games. But in the remaster, which is available for purchase on Steam, many, many references had their sound affects altered or their names changed to avoid copyright, ranging from renaming Metroids in Diamond to "Aliens", to a direct voiceline of the Sniper being dubbed over by Puffballs in his own voice (which was originally a mobile-exclusive change).
  • Leaning on the Fourth Wall: In the Executive/Ghost route of Mission, after Ellie spills in front of the Toppat Clan that Henry abandoned her after she helped him escape, Reginald reacts with shock and calls Henry out for his lack of honor and dignity. However, when he does this, the camera is positioned such that it lookes like he's talking to you; which, considering you're the one that clicked the option, makes perfect sense.
  • Leitmotif: The series utilizes a few of these, especially in Mission.
  • Left Stuck After Attack: Mission has a FAIL where Henry tries to use a "Big Boy" sword; he cuts down The Bookie, but the sword gets stuck in the floor.
  • Letting the Air Out of the Band:
    • Near the end of the "Undetected" route in Diamond, you're given a choice to jump with the diamond. What follows is slow-motion and dramatic music... only for Henry to fall down and the music falls flat.
    • Getting the "Lightning Quick Larcenist" ending in Airship has a triumphant, upbeat song… which slows to a halt once the contents of the safe are revealed: one teddy bear.
  • Literal Cliffhanger: Near the end of one route in Complex, the truck Henry is in comes to a stop at the edge of a ravine, just barely balancing on the edge. Dmitri threatens to push it over if Henry does not surrender. Letting him do so is actually the correct choice, and gets you the "Presumed Dead" ending.
  • The Load: Asking Charles the helicopter pilot directly for help usually results in him crashing his helicopter into Henry's enemy (and Henry himself).
  • Magic Misfire: In Airship, one of the options for opening a door is for Henry to use wizard magic. However, the spell fails and causes Henry to freeze instead.
    FAIL Screen: ...Rolled a 1...
  • The Many Deaths of You: Too many to count.
  • Matchlight Danger Revelation: In the remastered version of Bank, the shovel FAIL involves Henry digging into something hard, then pulling out a lighter to reveal that he dug into a gas main. Cue explosion.
  • Mayor Pain: Mayor Fredrickson, who opened the Tunisian exhibit in Diamond, is revealed to have been an Evil All Along member of the Toppat Clan in Mission who was planning to steal the very diamond he presented.
  • Mêlée à Trois: The Thief/Allies path in Mission results in this. Dmitri is trying to recapture Henry and Ellie (and is willing to fight through the government and Toppats to do so), the government is trying to take down the Toppat Clan, and the Toppats are trying to escape with their ill-gotten gains. The player is actually forced to choose a faction at one point. The government and Toppat clan have actual endings: Dmitri just locks Henry and Ellie back up in the Wall, and choosing none of them results in them dying after a poorly thought-out plan.
  • Me's a Crowd: The Duplicatorange in the Executive/Dead route of Mission does what it's supposed to when eaten — it duplicates Henry, which he uses to pass by a guard. Unfortunately, the original Henry gets shot, and the game decides it's not going to follow a copy.
  • Morton's Fork: In the last set of options in the Executive/Betrayed route in Mission, none of them end well for Henry. "Airship" has Henry hold Reginald in place on the rocket as the Airship crashes into them (FAIL). "Drop" has Henry drop Reginald to his death the same way as in the "Betrayed" ending of Complex, but Reginald has a parachute in his hat and is able to call for backup, resulting in Henry getting gunned down (FAIL). "Staple" has Henry affix Reginald to the wall and attempt to escape, but Reginald shoots Henry with a gun hidden in his hat, ensuring that both of them die when the Airship crashes ("Revenged" Ending).
  • Mother Russia Makes You Strong: Complex has loads of Russian imagery, but actually takes place in Canada. It's safe to assume that Dmitri, Grigori, and some of the guards are Russian immigrants or are from Russian families living in Canada.
  • Motorcycle Jousting: In Diamond, during the Aggressive scenario, Henry can try this when rushing through the museum on his scooter. It fails because Henry loses his balance, so the lance strikes the ground and Henry is catapulted off his scooter. The FAIL screen even comments on this.
    Jousting. It's harder than it looks.
  • Multiple-Choice Past:
    • At the beginning of Airship, Henry is shown a file of his past crimes. The file is randomized, and it can show the events of different routes for his escape from prison (in Prison) and his museum heist (in Diamond).
    • Taken to the next and literal level in Mission where the Big First Choice is what endings Henry got in the previous two games. You can't select two Faction-Specific Endings that contradict each other, but otherwise, any combination goes.
  • Multiple Endings: Naturally, considering that it's a choose-your-own-adventure style game series. There are three in Prison, three in Diamond, four in Airship note , five in Complex, and sixteen in Mission.
  • The Multiverse: The setting exists in one. In order to unlock the Multiverse Correction ending, you must find ALL the FAILs and other endings across all six games, so the multiverse will reach full capacity.
  • Mundane Solution: Sometimes the option that works is the least flashy one.
  • Musical Pastiche: The original Flash games outright used snippets of music and sound effects from their source material. The remastered versions available with Mission substitutes them with stuff that sounds similar, given that Mission is a paid downloadable game, thus necessicating removing any copyrighted material.
  • Mythology Gag:
    • In the Thief/Ghost route of Mission, Henry has to cross a gap. The choices available are the exact same ones from the series' predecessor, Crossing the Pit.note 
    • Among the Among Us crewmates that the player can collect in Mission, there is also a tan colored crewmate that doesn't count toward the collection. This is a reference to the tan color in Among Us that was removed from the game.
  • Nebulous Evil Organisation: The Toppat Clan from Airship onwards.
  • Neck Lift: The "Airship" option for Mission has the cybernetic Henry fly Reginald to the rocket and hold him by his throat so that the crashing Airship will smash into the rocket, killing them both.
  • New Powers as the Plot Demands: Deconstructed, as the various deaths demonstrate. Just because Henry can use new powers, items, and abilities at a whim doesn't mean they're appropriate for certain occasions.
  • Nobody Poops: Averted in Airship. During the battle between the Toppat gang, the military, and the Center for Chaos Containment, one of the CCC employees takes off his power armor so he can pee. Henry uses this opportunity to steal the armor and escape from the scene.
  • No Canon for the Wicked: Averted throughout the series.
    • Insofar as Henry is a Villain Protagonist, every game after Bank is a canon wicked ending.
    • In the more traditional sense of the term, Henry can join the Toppat Clan in Airship and Abandon Ellie in Complex with Mission treating both outcomes as equal likelihoods. Though Henry is more likely to get a bad ending with the Toppat clan, he can still come out ahead depending on the exact combination.
  • No Fair Cheating: Played for laughs in Complex. If you pick the Tool Gun in the Charge Tackle route, Henry activates server cheats, followed by noclip, and flies through the roof. And then…
    Message Box: Connection Terminated. You have been kicked from Fleeing the Complex for cheating.
    FAIL Screen: Cheaters never prosper.
  • "No. Just... No" Reaction: The Dance Battle option in Mission. Every time it's selected, Henry gets immediately shot in the face or his face caved in. The FAIL screen just states "No" or "Stop."
  • Non-Indicative Name: A new conversation added to Bank has the guards talk about how the titular location is more of a vault than a bank. (Likely Lampshading and Handwaving of there being a bank in the middle of the desert.)
  • Noodle Incident:
    • The contents of the file that Henry stole in the "Government-Supported Private Investigator" ending of Airship. All that can be gleaned is that it’s enough to put the Toppat Clan away.
    • How and why did Dave Panpa end up in a cell of the Top Hat Clan's Airship?
    • Why was Ellie locked up in The Wall?
    • Also, whatever events caused The Wall to house Frosty the Snowman, if the Costume fail in the PD route of Complex is of any indication.
    • According to the FAIL Screen for the Infini³, it was pre-owned and filled by the previous owner despite the object containing multiple pocket dimensions, one of the objects is a cruise ship for some reason.
    • Holey Cap has a hole in his top hat, caused by the "laser incident". What the laser incident was is never explained.
  • No One Could Survive That!: Henry pulls one in the "Presumed Dead" ending in Complex by climbing out of his truck and clinging to the cliff face before Dmitri pushes the truck off the cliff.
  • Nostalgia Level: One section of Mission is basically a remastered version of Crossing the Pit, the animation that effectively served as a prototype to the entire series.
  • Not What It Looks Like: In Prison, Henry's lawyer spins the random assorted evidence and the footage of Henry emerging from the money bag from Bank as this, claiming that he was the victim of an attempted murder by the money transporter, who stuffed his body in a money bag and disposed of it in the vault, only for Henry to "wake up" and trigger the alarm by accident.
  • Nuke 'em: In Diamond, this is one of the ways the Center for Chaos Containment can try to deal with the enlarged Henry. They can also deploy a nuke in Mission to stop the Big Boy, and the resultant FAIL screen lampshades how the CCC seem to have an impressive stockpile of nukes.
  • Obligatory Earpiece Touch: In Airship, this trope naturally shows up when you select the "earpiece" at the start of the game.
  • Off with His Head!: A FAIL in Mission consists of Henry pretending to be a mannequin; one of the Toppat members starts pretending he's a coat rack and sticks him out the window only for Henry to be decapitated by a low-hanging branch.
  • Old Save Bonus: In the Henry Stickmin Collection, endings unlocked in Airship and Complex allow for more selections in Mission.
  • Omega Ending: In Mission after getting every FAIL and unlocking every ending, and then going to the Executive/Dead route, the Multiverse Correction ending will be unlocked. In it, the Center for Chaos Containment notices that the multiverse is at max capacity, and "defragments" it; in the process, they discover an anomaly. To fix it, the CCC sends the package at the beginning of Prison right in front of Dave, setting the whole game in motion.
  • Once an Episode: Every chapter in the game has one usage of the Teleporter. It works out for Henry in Diamond and Mission; in every other chapter it gets him killed.
  • Only Bad Guys Call Their Lawyers: One of the options in Prison is calling Henry's lawyer, named Felix White.
  • Overly Long Gag: Selecting the Walkthrough option in Mission makes you watch a guy who makes a walkthrough of the game, then picks the Walkthrough option resulting in him picking another Walkthrough option, and it keeps going, with him occasionally plugging social media or warning about spoilers. The game points out how long you've watched that scene, which will never actually end until you click out of it.
  • Paper-Thin Disguise:
    • The "disguise" that Henry can use in Airship consists solely of a hat, yet the criminals fall for it anyway. Similarly, wearing guards' hats is enough to fool guard and convict alike in Complexnote .
    • Choosing "Disguise Kit" in the Thief/Allies route in Mission has him put on the Spy's paper mask disguise. It doesn't work.
  • Paper Tiger: The Toppat Clan's airship looks intimidating, but it can be brought down with simple things like a magnet (though even the FAIL description admits that that particular instance was BS).
  • Pet the Dog: If he chooses to free Dave, the trapped guard in Airship. It's particularly noteworthy since Henry doesn't benefit in any noticeable way from helping him escape. There's also the more obvious example of helping Ellie escape in Complex, instead of leaving her behind.
  • Pink Girl, Blue Boy: If Henry uses the downgrader in Mission, he will become blue while Ellie will become pink.
  • Playing Sick: In Complex, Henry can try this to get the guards to open his cell. However, they instead tranquilize him and put him in quarantine with actually sick inmates. There's one guy whose arm falls off in front of Henry.
  • Point-and-Click Game: Playable entirely with your mouse, with two exceptions:
    • In Diamond, the aggressive route begins with three options: K to kick, R to ram, and spacebar to jump. This was changed to a more ubiquitous click-based choice in the remaster.
    • One FAIL screen in Mission that reads "Press F to pay respects". If you actually press F on your keyboard, you get an achievement; though clicking the F will get you the same result.
  • Politeness Judo: The correct answer to the first choice in the Thief/Dead route in Mission is to just stop and nicely ask the Toppat guard to raise the barrier. He complies, and by the time he realizes what happened, Henry's long gone.
  • Poor Communication Kills: One FAIL in Complex involves Henry jumping off the building so Charles can catch him with the helicopter. Henry instead falls to his death because he forgot to tell Charles about his plan, so Charles isn't ready.
    Charles: Wait, was that the plan? Man, we really should have coordinated that better.
  • Powered Armor: Two examples in Airship. Henry can use one of these suits to escape the airship after stealing the Ruby, and later the troops of the Center for Chaos Containment use Powered Armour suits to fight both the Toppat gang and the organization that hired Henry. Specifically, the suit that Henry uses is the T-45d Power Armor of Fallout.
  • Power Trio: In the Government/Allies route of Mission, Henry forms this dynamic alongside Charles and Ellie by the ending.
  • Power-Up Food: Appears frequently as an option and the effectiveness is played with. For an example of each:
    • Straight: The Beans on the Bounty/Executive route of Airship propel Henry at super speed with his own flatulence.
    • Subverted: The Eat Me cookie in Complex causes Henry to grow, but the concrete around him doesn't give way, crushing him to death.
    • Averted: The Cheese in Diamond. It's just an ordinary piece of cheese that does nothing when eaten. The game doesn't know what to make of it.
    • The Sandwich from Castle Crashers in Complex turns Henry into a hulking brute. He was able to beat up the guards but the power-up expires before he could beat up the third, resulting in him kicking Henry in the groins.
  • Precision F-Strike: If you wait too long in Diamond and allow the police sniper to headshot Henry, he quips, "Wave goodbye to your head, wanker!"
  • Press X to Die: In both Complex and Mission, Henry is at one point given the option to surrender to Dmitri and return to the complex. Naturally, doing so leads to a FAIL screen.
  • Press X to Not Die: At some points, you have to choose quickly or you fail. Complex introduces a timer system that shows how much time you have to choose.
    • Any route involving the high-speed scooter is filled with these, since Henry's charging in guns blazing and doesn't have much time to ponder before getting hit.
    • Subverted in the Cliffside Wreck scenario: all the options result in failures; you have to wait until the timer runs out to get the "Presumed Dead" ending.
  • Prison Riot: Henry and Ellie start one when they release multiple, if not all, prisoners during their escape by pure accident, leading to total chaos.
  • Private Profit Prison: The Wall is implied to be one, as it appears not to be under any government jurisdiction, along with it having a security staff with the size and equipment of a military. In the Thief/Allies route of Mission, the Government doesn't recognize the Wall's forces and even initially mistake them as working with the Toppats.
  • Pun: The Game Over messages are filled with them.
  • Punny Name: Some of the names (though many are only revealed in the bios), like Cuppa Joe, HazMatt, and Madd Ladd.
  • Reality-Breaking Paradox: In Diamond, one of the ways the Center for Chaos Containment tries to deal with the enlarged Henry involves sending him a pocket calculator that automatically calculates the equation "1337 / 0". Cue the universe destroying itself.
  • Reality Ensues: has its own page.
  • Reality Is Unrealistic: An In-Universe example: Henry’s lawyer in Prison argues that Henry couldn’t possibly have tied the moneybag he was hiding in without someone else. We see in Bank that he does just that without much fanfare.
  • Recruiting the Criminal:
    • The government hires Henry to take the Toppat Clan down in Airship. In exchange, they promise to pardon him of his crimes if he is successful.
    • In the Government/Allies route of Mission, Ellie is recruited alongside Henry to help Charles with the Toppats again, as repayment for Charles picking them up after they escaped from the Wall.
    • One potential ending of the Thief/Allies route is for Charles to recruit Henry and Ellie on the fly to finish off the Toppats. The General pardons them both as thanks.
  • Recurring Character: Dave Panpa, a police officer who made a cameo in the credits of Bank and during the intro of Prison in which he forgot to inspect Henry's package; this results in him getting fired and becoming a security guard at the museum in Diamond. He returns once again in Airship as a prisoner Henry must free to complete a sidequest. As the sidequest is not officially acknowledged as an ending in Mission note , he is still in that prison if you choose the Executive/Ghost route, and Henry crashes into his cell and uses his help to free the two Toppat clan members who remained loyal to Henry in that story branch.
  • Reduced to Dust: The Spiny Shell in the Thief/Dead route of Mission turns Henry into dust when it explodes on top of him.
  • Remaster: The Henry Stickmin Collection contains remastered versions of Prison, Diamond, Airship, and Complex, with updated backgrounds, character bios, and the Anti-Frustration Features from Complex. Bank, meanwhile, received a complete remake.
  • Repeating So the Audience Can Hear: Often done by whomever Henry is talking to on a phone, what with Henry being a Heroic Mime and all.
  • Reports of My Death Were Greatly Exaggerated: In Mission, every pathway that picks up from the "Presumed Dead" ending of Complex has at least one character express surprise at Henry still being alive.
  • Retcon: In the original version of Complex, the "Presumed Dead" ending shows an airplane taking off, presumably with Henry inside and leaving the country. The remaster instead has Henry stay in the snowy wasteland to serve as a setup for the routes in Mission following up on that specific ending.
  • Ret-Gone: A non-lethal example in Mission; in the Thief/Allies route, Henry goes back in time and gets two brothers kicked out of the army so they can't apprehend him and Ellie in the present.
  • Roaring Rampage of Revenge: The Executive/Betrayed route of Mission is this; as a cyborg, Henry takes revenge on the Toppat Clan for betraying him in Complex. By the time he's through with them, Reginald and the Right-Hand Man are both dead, and their rocket and airship are both destroyed.
  • Running Gag: The teleportation device appears in all games, but hardly ever works properly. The only time it works is in Diamond. By Mission, Henry is so frustrated with it that he throws it on the ground and breaks it, only for it to actually work again.
    • All inventions that were reviewed by Gadget Gabe.
      • The Opacitator in Prison
      • The Liquidificator in Diamond
      • The Transdimentionalizer in Airship
        Gadget Gabe: It's super easy to use and gives awesome results!
      • The Shadozer in Complex
      • Mission gives you a choice of three in the Government/Ghost route: the Infini³, the Leafmöde, and the SuccPak. For once, one of themthe SuccPak — actually works.
    • Every game from Prison onwards features at least one ending in which, if you click on the sun or the moon, it will turn into the "shoop da woop" face and fire its lazor at Henry, netting you an achievement (by Complex, the face simply coughs in exhaustion). It also appears in Diamond as one of the CCC's options for dealing with the situation.
    • Starting in Diamond, Henry getting the option to use one of Captain Falcon's memetic moves. He gets better each time.
      • The Falcon Punch in Diamond which barely makes a fire that goes out before the punch lands,
      • The Falcon Kick in Airship that gets a good fire going; perhaps too good, as Henry incinerates himself before he can do the kick.
      • The KNEE in Complex that Henry does successfully connect with, but not without team killing Ellie in the process.
      • Finally, the WOMBO COMBO (with Ellie's help) in Mission that goes off without a hitch, ending in his own variation with the Stickmin Punch.
    • Starting in Airship, Charles. This is a method you can choose to have Charles help Henry. It involves him ramming his helicopter into where Henry happens to be. It actually works in the Government/Dead route of Mission.
      Charles: I always wanted to do that…
    • Henry getting the option to Fortnite dance at every choice in the Bounty/Rescue route in Mission. He is immediately killed off every time, if not by annoyed bystanders, then by divine intervention.

    Tropes S-Z 
  • Schrödinger's Gun: Who Henry chooses to call at the "Phone a Friend" point in Complex determines who he sided with in Airship: the Toppat Clan or the government (Charles, at least). In the Remastered version, who he can call outright depends on which endings he got in Airship; you're not gonna be able to call the Toppats if you didn't get the Executive ending before moving on, for example.
  • "Scooby-Doo" Hoax: A bio for one of the prisoners in Complex states that he was jailed for pulling this scheme. True to the Trope Codifier, he was stopped by some meddling kids and their dog.
  • Screw This, I'm Outta Here!: Near the end of the "Epic" route in Diamond, Henry decides that the museum has gotten way too dangerous, and runs away while leaving the diamond behind. By pure chance, once he's out of danger, the Diamond is blasted out of the museum and right next to him.
  • Seesaw Catapult: In the "Undetected" route of Diamond, Henry uses a plank halfway stuck in a box to silently launch himself past two guards.
  • Serial Escalation: Each game in the series is bigger than the last. This is most readily apparent in the number of endings (1 in Bank, 3 in Prison and Diamond, 4 in Airship, 5 in Complex, and 16 in Mission) and FAILs (5 in Bank, 18 in Prison, 40 in Diamond, 60 in Airship and Complex, and 164 in Mission).
  • Sequel Snark: One of the FAIL screens in the Thief/Allies route when Ellie fails to catch Henry states how he won't be in Henry 7.
  • Shout-Out: Oh, so many
  • Showdown at High Noon:
    • Henry can get into one with Chief of Police Ed Robberts in Prison, where they have to shoot after a certain time, complete with typical western music.
    • Henry will attempt to initiate one in the Toppat King route with a bunch of Government soldiers if he opts to pick the Revolver, but the guards are still moving in normal speed and thus quicker to the draw then Henry this time.
      FAIL Screen: Were you waiting til High Noon-Thirty to shoot?
  • Side Quest: In all the games, you can earn medals for doing extra tasks, like finding all the donuts in Prison or clicking on all of the paintings in Diamond. Airship has a more detailed side quest in which you find Biggoron's Sword. Here's how you do it: when using the Grapple Gun to enter the ship, you can pick up a key found next to the computer to free Dave, who you run into later. This in turn allows you to pick up a flash drive he drops, which reveals a code if you select it once you get to the last choice of that route. Then, when playing through the Earpiece route, you can use this code to open a door, which you can enter while playing through the Cannonball route, leading to Henry finding the sword.
  • Sidetracked by the Gold Saucer: In-Universe. In Airship, one of the ways to fail is by clicking on a computer. Henry will go and try to download secret incriminating documents, but will get sidetracked by Civilization V, and play it for so long that he ends up getting caught.
    FAIL Screen: Just one more turn?
  • Slow Doors: Downplayed in Airship. When Reginald is chased by Henry down a hallway, he tries to close the blast doors to escape. The trope is played straight in that the doors close one after the other rather than all at the same time, but averted in the speed with which they close; if Henry does not do something to speed up, he will not make it past them.
  • Smurfette Principle: Ellie is the only significant female character in the whole series, and prior to Mission, she was the only female character with any lines at all.
  • So Much for Stealth: Stealth options can be counted on to go pear-shaped.
    • In Complex, Henry can use a spring from Sonic the Hedgehog to reach a higher platform, but it makes so much noise that it instantly alerts a guard to Henry's presence, leading to a FAIL:
      FAIL screen: Come to think of it those boingers are kinda loud.
    • In Mission, Henry attempts to sneak past the guard, but is foiled when the guard notices Henry's sneaking UI.
  • Spanner in the Works: Henry frequently disrupts larger schemes with his larceny.
    • Bios reveal that the Tunisian exhibit was all a prelude to Mayor Fredrickson's own plans to steal the diamond, which was foiled by Henry stealing it first.
    • Several routes of Mission involve Henry robbing the Toppats blind, with not a care for their space-station plans.
  • Squashed Flat: The assault-rifle wielding guard at the end of the "International Rescue Operative" ending for Complex is flattened by Charles when he lands on the helipad.
  • Stable Time Loop: In Completing the Mission, after unlocking the endings and FAILs, there is the Multiverse Correction ending. Choosing this secret causes the Center for Chaos Control to detect an "anomaly" from all the failures the player has encountered across all the games, and while correcting this, it causes a mysterious package, addressed to Henry, to appear in Escaping the Prison, which will become the spark that instigates all the events across the series.
  • Standard Snippet: In the remastered version of Complex, one of the FAILs in the Ghost route has Henry take an elevator, where the music is the overture to La Gazza Ladra.
  • Starts Stealthily, Ends Loudly:
    • The Epic route of Diamond starts with Henry sneaking into the museum, but then he gets his hands on a Mega Mushroom and goes on a giant rampage.
    • The Thief route of Airship starts with a stealthy infiltration of the airship's vault, but then Henry sets off an alarm, the government launches an all-out attack on the airship, and chaos ensues.
    • The Allies route of Complex starts with Henry and Ellie stealthily sneaking out through the storage room... and then Henry accidentally opens all the cells and causes a prisonwide riot.
  • The Starscream: Picking the Toppat Clan route in Complex leads Henry to stage a daring escape on his scooter to the Toppat's Airship. Just when it looks like he's going to make it to safety, Reginald catches him and announces he'd rather have his old job as the leader of the Clan back before dropping Henry into the ocean below.
  • Stealth Expert: FAILs aside, every game does have a route in which stealth is what carries the day for Henry. Prison has Sneaky Ending/Sneaky Escapist, Diamond has Undetected/Unseen Burglar, Airship has Government Supported Private Investigator, Complex has Ghost Inmate, and finally, Mission has Cleaned 'em Out (which fittingly, is the ending of the Government/Ghost route).
  • Stick Figure Animation: The series' trademark art style is stick figures with defined hands and feet.
  • Stock Scream: One of the night guards in Diamond utters the Wilhelm Scream when he is attacked by a Pterodactyl that Henry accidentally caused to hatch from an egg.
  • Story Arc: Across 15 routes in Mission, there are 5 different arcs in total and what arc you get is depending on the endings you choose from the previous two games.
    • Government: Henry sides with the government and helps them stop the launching of the Toppats' space station.
    • Toppat Clan: Joining the Toppat Clan, Henry must defend the launch of their space station from the government.
    • Heist: Without any alliances, Henry simply does what he does best; steal things, this time from the Toppat Clan.
    • The rise of the Toppat clan: The Toppat Clan has successfully launched their orbital space station, and Henry has multiple scenarios to deal with this.
    • Revenge: The only arc that has little to nothing to do with the Toppats' space station plan. Following the aftermath of Complex, either Henry or Ellie manages to swing back and attempts to fight back against whoever betrayed them: Henry vs. Reginald and Ellie vs. Henry himself.
  • Story Branching: Multiple times during the game the player is offered several choices, mostly about what kind of action Henry should take or what object he should use. Mission uses a interesting variation of this trope as it allows you to pick two endings from both Airship and Complex to combine with before you launch the mission.
  • Straight for the Commander: The idea behind the "Cannonball" route of Airship is to take Reginald Copperbottom (the Toppats' leader) alive. Whether Henry takes him alive and hands him over to the Government or joins the Toppat Clan is entirely up to the last choice.
  • Stylistic Suck:
    • The Downgrader from the Government/Allies route of Mission. When used, it severely reduces the animation and art quality of the entire world. Guns are unusable since they're turned to squiggly lines, and of course, since the Downgrader also gets downgraded into "just a dot", the process cannot be reversed, causing a Fail.
    • Some of the FAILs are errors typically seen in 3D games like the infamous black and neon pink missing textures and Henry outright glitching out of the map with it visible behind him, all in a completely 2D hand-drawn artstyle.
  • Tactical Withdrawal: The end result of the "Toppat Civil War" ending. With only Henry, two loyalists, and a freed security guard, there's no way they can face the rest of the clan on their own turf, so they pile into an escape pod to escape and regroup. As a bonus, they manage to kill Reginald and the Right Hand Man on the way down by accident, greatly leveling the playing field.
  • Taking You with Me:
    • In Complex, if you choose to arm Henry with a grenade and Ellie with a crossbow, the crossbow bolt pins the grenade to a guards face to which the guard responds with a small, "Ow." Then, realizing what just happened, the guard says, "Uh oh!" This is followed by the guard charging at Henry while shouting, "Never!"
      FAIL Screen: If he goes down he's taking you with him!
    • At the climax of the "Revenged" route, Henry staples Reginald to the wall of the Toppat airship, which is about to crash. When Henry turns round to leave, Reginald produces a gun from under his top hat and shoots Henry, gloating that they'll be going down together. While both survive the crash, Reginald dies shortly after, and it's heavily implied that Henry does too.
    • In that same choice option, Henry can fly Reginald to the rocket, then hold him in place as the Airship crashes into them.
  • Take That!:
    • In Mission's Bounty/Rescue route, every time you get to choose something, the fourth option is always "Dance Off", which has Henry perform the default dance from Fortnite. However, this never, ever works, and it'll end with Henry getting shot, punched, or having a tank dropped on him. If that was too subtle, the FAIL screen gets progressively angrier whenever you pick the option, culminating in a caps lock demand for you to stop, making its dislike of your choice quite clear.
      First FAIL Screen: Do not.
      Second FAIL Screen: Cease.
      Third FAIL Screen: No.
      Fourth FAIL Screen: STOP IT!!!!!
    • The Walkthrough FAIL in Mission is one towards Youtubers that spend all the time plugging their social media pages instead of actually playing the game.
  • Take That, Audience!: One of the fake options in Mission is called "Your Suggestions", and features a picture of a trash can with a smiley face.
  • Take a Third Option: In the final choice of the Thief/Allies route, Henry and Ellie can join the Toppat clan as they originally intended (though Henry will have to give up the Ruby to do so), throw their lot in with the government who Henry had previously went rogue against to obtain the Ruby, surrender to the Wall (obvious bad choice), or to join none of them. Subverted, with the "None" choice leading to the duo making a defiant leap down the rocket which ultimately leads to their demise when Ellie's knife gets them stuck too far up the rocket to drop safely.
  • Take Your Time: Zigzagged. Most of the time, the player doesn't have to hurry with his choices and can carefully examine them. However, there are also situations in which not making a choice within a matter of seconds will automatically result in failure. Complex introduces a timer in the top of the screen which indicates how long you have to make up your mind in these cases. Then there's one segment (in Complex) that slowly adds options as the timer ticks slowly to 0. However, the answer is to allow the timer to run out; all other options end in failure.
  • Talking Is a Free Action: An aversion forms the basis of a Failure in Mission. Because Charles spends so much time discussing his plan with Ellie and Henry, the rocket they're on is outside Charles' reach by the time they agree.
  • Tally Marks on the Prison Wall: In Prison, the wall in Henry's cell has these. He's been in prison for 33 days at this point.
  • Teleporter Accident: The Teleporter's reliability is finicky, only working as intended two times out of six usages of the device.
  • Tertiary Sexual Characteristics: Ellie (see Smurfette Principle above) is differentiated from the boys by her eyelashes and lipstick.
  • Then Let Me Be Evil: One of the background characters in Mission is Henry Stickman, who, after constantly getting mistaken for our criminal protagonist Henry Stickmin, decided to go ahead and become a criminal by joining The Toppat Clan.
  • Third Time's the Charm:
    • The infamous teleporter, which only works properly in Diamond; the third game it appears in. It then fails in each of the next two games before working again in Mission.
    • Asking Charles to help Henry in Airship and Complex leads to failure, but in the Government/Dead route of Mission, it actually works.
  • Throwing the Distraction: One of Henry's few tricks that consistently works (probably because it's so mundane).
    • He distracts a guard by throwing a penny in Diamond and runs past the guard when he looks at it.
    • In Complex, he throws a guard's hat past some guards, which causes them to go investigate and arrest the hiding other inmates in the process, allowing him and Ellie to use the elevator they were in.
    • Henry uses a similar trick in a different route in Complex, where he throws a whoopie cushion tied to a rock. The sound makes each guard think that the other farted, which leads to them fighting each other and allowing Henry to pass unnoticed.
  • Time Master: In Mission's Revenged story, both Henry and Right Hand Man have "Spirits" that affects time. Right Hand Man's "Bottled Time" can slow down time once enough sand has filled up the bottle and can stop it completely if it's full. Henry's Reference can toss a person into a alternate timeline and changes them into their alternative self.
  • Time Stands Still: One of the options chosen by a guy in Chaos Containment in Mission lets him do the ultimate freeze, which freezes time and shows the game is paused in the top right corner. It ultimately doesn't lead to anything but a FAIL, though.
  • Title Drop: At the beginning of the Government/Allies route in Mission, Charles says, "With the three of us, we'll have no problems… Completing the Mission."
  • Too Fast to Stop: In Complex, Henry can put on Speed Shoes, but that makes him run so fast he crashes into a wall.
  • Totem Pole Trench: In Complex, Henry and Ellie try this to get past a group of guards. It doesn’t work.
  • Treasure Is Bigger in Fiction:
    • The eponymous diamond from Diamond is colossal; just as big as Henry himself. In the Undetected route, he can exploit this by dropping the diamond on the head of an unsuspecting guard.
    • In Airship, one of the scenarios involves Henry finding and stealing a ruby of identical proportions to the diamond.
    • The Thief/Ghost route of Mission has Henry complete the set by stealing an emerald that's just as large as the other two gems. Throwing it like the diamond at the Right-Hand Man doesn't work at all due to both being on the same level.
  • Train Job: The Bounty/Allies route in Mission has Henry and Ellie team up to raid the Toppat's train convoy and steal their money car, while the Bounty/Dead route has Henry pull off the job himself. Subverted in the Government/Ghost route, where Henry instead uses the train to infiltrate the Toppat launch site and pull off a job there. Averted entirely in the other routes, where the train is visible at the launch site, very much intact.
  • Trial-and-Error Gameplay: While there's a tendency for more mundane objects to be the correct option, there's no guarantee that a certain type of item will always be the right choice, either due to outside interference or Henry himself messing it up. There are also occasions where the crazier or more outlandish options are actually successful due to sheer luck or Toon Physics suddenly coming into play. What keeps this acceptable is the game instantly puts you back at your last choice and many of the failures are hilarious.
  • Trojan Horse:
    • In Bank, the only choice that comes close to succeeding is hiding inside a money bag and having the guards take Henry into the vault. It still fails, however, because upon leaving the bag, Henry sets off an alarm.
    • You can try this in the Government/Ghost route of Mission, in an obvious Call-Back to Bank, but this time it fails simply because the guards can't be bothered to actually load Henry onto the train, and just leave him there.
  • [Trope Name]: Taking a jab at how the dub of Jojo's Bizarre Adventure changes Stand names that refer to copyrighted bands and songs, Henry's one is simply called Reference.
  • Tyop on the Cover: Inverted with a typo that was present in a conspicuous place at the very end, rather than the beginning; one of the endings in Completing the Mission had the title "Valliant Hero" before being fixed later to read "Valiant Hero".
  • Unfriendly Fire:
    • In Airship, Charles tries to use a gatling gun to blast open a door. It results in Henry and a Toppat Clan mook getting mowed down... and the door is completely undamaged.
    • In Complex, in a standoff with some guards, Henry can choose the sniper rifle; if Ellie chooses the crossbow, Henry will attempt a 360 no-scope and accidentally shoot Ellie, who is standing next to him.
    • Another in Complex, where Henry can tell Charles to shoot the guard in front of him. Charles mistakes Henry for the guard and shoots him.
  • Unspoken Plan Guarantee: In the Government/Allies path of Mission, Henry's plan to stop the Toppat's space station before it reaches orbit is the one we get no details on, and it's the only one that succeeds.
  • Unusually Uninteresting Sight: During the "Betrayed" route in Complex, apparently none of the guards in the Wall notice the Toppat Airship just outside the Cafeteria until the Toppats attack them.
  • Unwinnable Joke Game:
    • Breaking the Bank was one as no matter what option is taken, Henry would never succeed. The Henry Stickmin Collection treats it as a prologue to Escaping the Prison, with the one FAIL that gets him arrested being treated as canon.
    • The Undertale styled fight in Mission against Mr. Macbeth the train driver will allow Henry's SOUL to move during the attack phase, but Mr. Macbeth's attacks will either cover the entire screen or have perfect accuracy, making it pointless.
  • Updated Re-release: The Henry Stickmin Collection features all five previous entries with updated graphics and a new, final sixth entry.
  • Victory Fakeout:
    • If you choose the Thief/Allies route of Mission, Henry and Ellie can team up with the Toppats to defeat the government forces and Dmitri. The Toppats welcome Henry and Ellie aboard, their rocket takes off, and the "MISSION COMPLETE" text starts to appear — but gets no further than "MISSION" before Dmitri attacks Henry from behind. Once he's dealt with once and for all, the "MISSION COMPLETE" screen appears for real and the credits start to roll.
    • In the Thief/Dead route, Henry can choose to accelerate the rocket to full speed in order to escape the Right Hand Man's tether. It seems to work, and the "MISSION COMPLETE" text appears on screen… and then the rocket's engines stop and it falls to earth.
      FAIL Screen: Outta gas.
  • Video Game Caring Potential: Choosing to help Ellie in Complex after she helped Henry escape will give you a partner that can help Henry escape and ultimately leads to one of the most heartwarming endings in the entire series when they finally escape together. On the other hand...
  • Video Game Cruelty Potential: You can also choose to leave Ellie behind instead right after she helped Henry escape, complete with an "Ellie will remember that." message from the game itself to really drive it home.
  • Video Game Cruelty Punishment: Abandoning Ellie bites Henry hard in Mission if you take the Executive/Ghost path; Ellie sneaks onto Henry's transport back to the Toppat airship, calls Henry out for his selfishness in front of the clan, and usurps his position as leader.
  • Violation of Common Sense: A large number of correct choices. Often, the FAIL screen for these choices will either point out the obvious flaw in your logic, or flat-out ask you what on earth you were hoping to achieve.
  • Villain Protagonist:
    • In the first few games, Henry Stickmin is a burglar, willing to take out pretty much anyone who gets in his way, be they evil goons, police officers or museum night guards. But starting with Airship, his morality becomes more dependent on the choices made by the player.
    • Ellie Rose also counts as she is a criminal like Henry. And just like him, her morality is dependent on the choices made by the player if she is tagging along with him.
  • Visual Pun: When Henry dies in "Build" option in Mission, one of the few items he drops is a stick, makes sense since he's a stick figure.
  • Waiting Puzzle:
    • Timed choices normally lead to automatic FAILs if Henry doesn't do anything in time, but to get the "Presumed Dead" ending in Complex, he has to wait until time runs out on the last choice and ignore the options that pop up as the timer slowly depletes.
    • The Thief/Dead route in Mission has a similar puzzle, where the correct option is to let time run out and allow Henry to plow into a pair of Toppat guards.
    • While not a winning ending per se, the most difficult part of getting the achievement in Diamond for seeing all unique FAILs is realizing that one of these FAILs requires waiting several minutes at the start of the Epic route for the security guards to finish a lengthy conversation. The remastered version of the game significantly cuts down the length of the conversation, and also adds a countdown.
  • Walk the Plank: The Toppats and Ellie makes Henry do this in the first choice screen of the Executive/Ghost route in Mission for his denouncement as leader. Remember that they're on an airship.
  • Was It Really Worth It?: Reginald asks Henry this at the end of the Executive/Betrayed route of Mission, just before he dies from his injuries. Henry doesn't respond.
  • Watch Out for That Tree!: Err, pillar.
    • Early in Diamond's Epic route, Henry throws an airplane and knocks one of two guards down. The other one attempts to run and find help, only to meet a pillar face-first and KO himself.
    • Similarly, in Prison, if Henry dodges the wrong way during a chase scene, he runs face-first into a pillar.
    • The vehicular shootout in Complex can end in Henry crashing into a tree because he's too busy returning fire to steer the truck.
  • Weapons That Suck:
    • In the "Earpiece" route of Airship, Henry can use a vacuum to suck up the hatch and the Toppat member guarding it to enter.
    • In Mission, Henry reaches the "Cleaned 'Em Out" ending by using a SuccPac to suck up all the Toppats' valuables and equipment, minus a car which he uses to escape.
  • We Can Rebuild Him:
    • In the routes of Mission that follow the Executive and Bounty endings, it turns out Right Hand Man has been brought back to life after his battle with Henry thanks to cybernetic surgery.
    • Henry himself is resurrected this way in the Executive/Betrayed route.
  • We Need a Distraction:
    • In the Allies route of Complex, one of the options to get past the two guards is an impromptu dance routine. The distraction works a little too well, leading Ellie to get distracted as well.
    • In the Government/Allies route of Mission, Henry and Ellie get through a room full of Toppat members by distracting them with a wicked dance routine.
    • In the Government/Rescue route, Charles distracts another room full of Toppat members by hacking into a dancing robot named "Topbot" that, presumably, the Toppat Clan themselves have been using for this exact purpose. You also have the option of distracting them by playing a TV show on a wide-screen monitor outside the window, but that fails when Henry also gets distracted by it.
      Topbot: Look at me! I'm a dancing robot! Do not get distracted by other things!
  • What the Hell, Player?: Choosing to have Charles help Henry in Complex will have the flavor text on the FAIL screen tell you "Not again! You should know better!"
  • Wheel o' Feet: In Complex, Henry can use a pair of Speed Shoes to get away from a guard. It just slams him into a wall when he finds himself unable to stop.
  • When All You Have Is a Hammer...: Comes up in the Thief/Dead route of Mission, where all three options are "Hammer".
  • Whoopee Cushion: In Complex during the "ghost" route, Henry can distract two guards by throwing a whoopee cushion tied to a rock into the room. The two guards will think the other farted and fight each other, giving Henry an opportunity to sneak past them.
  • Wingding Eyes: Henry gets these during the introductory cutscene of Diamond, when he hears about the value of the titular diamond.
    • Dmitri gets one in Complex after being whacked in the face by Ellie with a stop sign. He's missing a few teeth and one eye is and X and the other is an @ all with a goofy, open smile.
  • A Winner Is You: The Worthless Treasure Twist mentioned below has this as the FAIL text.
  • Wins by Doing Absolutely Nothing:
    • The final solution to the Presumed Dead ending in Complex has Henry sit there and let Dmitri push him off a cliff. This allows him to fake his own demise and escape.
    • In the Thief/Dead route in Mission, Henry is charging towards the rocket on his scooter and must risk busting through a crate or making a jump off a ramp to progress, since Icepick and Sal Malone are in the way. Choosing the crate causes Henry to be stuck with at least a dozen proximity mines and explode, while choosing the ramp subjects him to the rules of Mario Kart and gets him nailed by a Blue Shell. The correct answer is to do nothing, which gets Sal run over while Icepick is too self-absorbed in changing his signature hat to do anything about it.
  • Worth It: One of the FAILs in the Government/Rescue path in Mission allows Henry to ignore Charles getting shot by a SAM turret to eat a cupcake.
    FAIL Screen: Worth.
  • Worthless Treasure Twist: One of the scenarios in Airship ends with Henry stealing a vault from the airship, which turns out to contain nothing but a teddy bear.
  • Worthy Opponent: Dmitri in Complex sees Henry as one.
  • Wrench Whack: Subverted in the Government/Operative route in Mission. Henry tries to break the engine to the Toppats' rocket by whacking at it with a wrench, only for the engine to suddenly get an upgrade.
    Sven Svensson: [over PA] It seems like we'll be leaving sooner than we thought we'd be. Let's get out of here!
  • Wrong Parachute Gag: Used in Prison.
  • You Can't Thwart Stage One: Zig-zagged in Mission; in most routes, stopping the Toppat Clan from launching their orbital station is Henry's primary goal, while in Bounty/Ghost, Thief/Ghost, and Government/Dead, the launch has already succeeded and Henry has to bring it down from orbit. Then there are routes where Henry's goal is to ensure the launch succeeds, routes where Henry's goal is only tangentially related to the station's launch, and finally, there's the Executive/Ghost route, where the launch isn't mentioned at all.
  • You Have Outlived Your Usefulness: In Complex:
    • In the Ghost route, Henry convinces Ellie to give him a lift into the vents, and then abandons her to escape on his own. The game warns you that "Ellie will remember that", and it royally bites Henry in the ass if he chooses the Executive/Ghost route in Mission.
    • Subverted on the Allies route; Ellie rides away on Henry's bike once he's been tackled… to grab a stop sign and knock out Dmitri so Henry can also escape.
  • Your Head A-Splode: Happens to Henry in Complex when trying to use the Sonic Pulse.
  • You Keep Using That Word: In Prison, the creator points out their own misuse of the word "opaque" (claiming it means "see-through") — clicking the erroneous text unlocks an achievement pointing out that it is a deliberate joke.
  • Your Other Left: In the Government/Allies route in Mission, choosing Ellie's plan will have Charles be required to wait outside the forward left booster of the rocket with his helicopter, so Henry and Ellie can jump in before the engine explodes. This leads to a FAIL, since Charles assumed that Ellie meant his left.
  • You Shall Not Pass!: Should the player choose the cannonball route in Airship, the Right Hand Man tries this twice with Henry in order to help Reginald escape.


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