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Overprotective Dad

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Dads who protect their children very much is not a trope on its own. "Overprotective Dad" may refer to one of the following:

  • Anti-Smother Love Talk: An overprotective or overbearing parent is persuaded to allow their child greater freedom and risk.
  • Boyfriend-Blocking Dad: A father who strictly keeps boys from dating his daughter. Previously called "Overprotective Dad".
  • Control Freak: When the parent (tries to) micromanage their children's lives, ostensibly to "protect" them from disappointment, failure, etc.
  • Doting Parent: A father who is excessively proud of and affectionate towards their children, especially their daughter.
  • Fantasy-Forbidding Father: A father who disapproves of his child's dreams, often out of overprotectiveness.
  • Helicopter Parents: Parents who hover over their children and get excessively involved in their personal lives, ostensibly for their own good.
  • If You Ever Do Anything to Hurt Her...: A parent (often a father) who threatens their child's lover to keep them unharmed and happy, else there will be repercussions.
  • Knight Templar Parent: A parent who does questionable things to ensure their child's safety.
  • Let Her Grow Up, Dear: A wife tells her husband to stop being such a Boyfriend-Blocking Dad and/or Helicopter Parents to their daughter.
  • Love-Obstructing Parents: Parents (usually fathers) who interfere with their children's (usually daughters') love life.
  • Mama Bear: A mom who responds to threats to her children with active force.
  • Papa Wolf: An Action Dad who tries to get revenge against people who mess with his kids.
  • Parental Fashion Veto: When the parent disapproves of their children's clothing choices, especially daughters who wear too-revealing clothes, out of fear that they might attract harm.
  • Parents as People: A well-meaning but flawed parent who tries to raise their children in less than ideal methods, such as by coddling them, or restricting their activities to protect them from unhappiness and harm.
  • Parent-Induced Extended Childhood: Parents imposing Never Grew Up on their children to keep them young, controllable, etc.
  • Safety Worst: A parent becomes so intent on keeping their child as safe as possible that they try to remove all possibility of risk (and fun) from their life.
  • Twerp Sweating: A father intimidates his daughter's boyfriend to not mess with her.

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