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I’m a fucking Black Beatle
Cream seats in the Regal
Rocking John Lennon lenses
Like to see em spread eagle
Rae Sremmurd, “Black Beatles”

Lennon Specs is a type of sunglasses with perfectly round lenses, preferably black or red, made famous by John Lennon. They are more commonly worn by beatniks, hippies and - since they are uncommon and noticeable - unconventional but notable characters. Thanks to John Lone in The Last Emperor, they're known as 'Pu Yi' glasses in Chinese-speaking countries. note 

A subtrope of Cool Shades. See also Triangle Shades. Furthermore, please note that perfectly round but clear glasses, despite also having been worn by John Lennon, do not fall under this trope (those would be Potter Specs). Neither do oval sunglasses, square-ish sunglasses with rounded edges, or any other type of sunglasses with less than perfectly round lenses. note 



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    Anime & Manga 

    Comic Books 
  • In one X-Men storyline (X-Men: Divided We Stand). the X-Men are tracking down a group of hippies who have used Lady Mastermind's mind control powers to turn the Haight-Ashbury area back to the way it was in the sixties. Emma Frost mentally alters their clothing to fit in, and Cyclops's visor turns into ruby-quartz Lennon specs.
  • Black leather 90s Superboy (Kon-El) wore these. He's picked up a new pair with a silvered reflective surface as of DC Rebirth as can be seen in Young Justice (2019), and he's back to wearing leather jackets as well.
  • Kid Colt wore a pair of these during the Blaze Of Glory miniseries, apparently trying to evade detection from the authorities.
  • King Mob in The Invisibles wears them.
  • I-Ching, Wonder Woman's mentor during her depowered phase wore sunglasses with perfectly round lenses.
  • Batman villain Hugo Strange is fond of wearing these. This isn't a trait exclusive to the comic, either, as his Batman: The Animated Series, Batman: Arkham City, and Gotham incarnations also sport them.

    Eastern European Animation 
  • My Love: Serafima, one of the two women that young Anton is in love with, is never seen without her blue-tinted Lennon Specs. They seem to reinforce the impression that she is dark and seductive and mysterious (after all, in Tsarist Russia, it's a unique look). However, in The Reveal we find out that she wears them for a completely different reason.

  • Father Alvadeo from Sister Floriana is almost always rocking a pair, unless they've been stolen by Sister Pacifica.

  • John Lone in The Last Emperor, see the article.
  • Mary Swanson in Dumb and Dumber wears a blue pair of these.
  • Django Freeman in Django Unchained. It's noteworthy that tinted glasses were very rare during this era, only really seen on doctors.
  • Sarah Connor in Terminator 2: Judgment Day wears a pair of these with side shields.
  • Mickey, one of the leads in Natural Born Killers wears these, and they're an integral aspect of one of the film's posters.
  • The hitman protagonist of The Professional, Léon, wears these.
  • As does Il Duce, a.k.a. Noah MacManus of The Boondock Saints.
  • Camille Claudel in the 1988 Camille Claudel wears John Lennon specs in one scene.
  • In The Matrix sequels, Seraph wears a pair of these.
  • Mr.Orange briefly wears a blue pair in Reservoir Dogs.
  • Rex Kramer's second pair of sunglasses in Airplane!
  • The Arrangement (1969): If Gwen being the only girl in the office didn't make her stand out enough, her hip Lennon Specs further mark her as stylish and modern, in contrast to all the crusty old male executives at the firm.
    Eddie: Why do you always wear those?
    Gwen: They make things happen.
  • Prisoner of the Mountains: Somehow Sasha still has an impressively large set of Lennon Specs on his person, despite having been taken prisoner after his squad was attacked by Chechen guerillas. (They must have been in his coat pocket.) He gives the sunglasses away to Hasan, their mute guard.

    Live-Action TV 
  • In the pilot episode of Firefly, Simon first appears wearing a red pair.
  • On Daredevil (2015), Matt Murdock wears these as part of his appearance as a normal blind man.
  • The flashback to The '60s in Good Omens (2019) has Crowley don a set, as part of his general "evil John Lennon" aesthetic during that flashback.

    Professional Wrestling 
  • The one true villain Marty Scurll wears these when not wrestling.
  • During the early-to-mid '90s, Shawn Michaels would often wear a pair of these to the ring, along with a vest and long, dangly fake earrings.


    Video Games 

    Visual Novels 
  • Ban from Spirit Hunter: NG has a pair of black spherical sunglasses that mark him as an unconventional, shady person.

    Web Animation 
  • A red-lensed pair of these have been the trademark of Madness Combat's Hank from Depredation onward.
    • In addition, Sanford also sports a pair that he obtains in Episode 6.5.


    Western Animation 

Alternative Title(s): Lennon Shades, Round Sunglasses


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