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Relationship Voice Actor

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A form of Typecasting, linked with Pigeonholed Voice Actor. More notable in Japanese (because of the larger pool of voice actors available), two or more voice actors are often put together in one anime series, sometimes as characters with a special relationship. Just like Pigeonholed Voice Actor, although they're not typecast into one type of character, but if one voice actor shows up, there's a good chance that a certain voice actor will show up too, sometimes as characters with a unique relationship with the first voice actor's characters. And their role relationship will also occasionally be pigeonholed. Many Japanese examples can be explained by the fact that their voice actors are generally managed by talent agencies and it is convenient for production to cast all parts from the same agency. Take note that the examples below may or may not list all the shows in which two actors have worked in together.


Across the seas, this trope can occur as well. This happens when there's one actor from Country A (mostly Japan) and another actor from Country B (commonly American/English). Two or more shows aired where Actor A played a character, and when the shows were imported to Country B, Actor B plays the same characters played by Actor A. Therefore, it's more akin to a relation of sharing characters.

See also Those Two Actors for the live-action version.



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