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Even the Man of Steel is no match for the Palm of Titanium.

"You know, it's funny that even though I'm a god and I can be smashed into buildings without getting hurt, apparently a slap from a mortal can still have my face go in the other direction."
Chester A. Bum from Bum Reviews as the title character of Thor: The Dark World

The hero's friend, girlfriend/boyfriend, parent or younger sibling, or a random civilian (whose pastry shop was destroyed in the Final Battle) is about to explode, and they're at ground zero, often without a bomb kit or a prayer, and The Hero is not helping. So, they slap him/her — and it hurts. Doesn't matter if they're Made of Iron, Nigh-Invulnerable, or even completely invincible, or how weak or powerless the slapper normally is. The victim will feel the pain.

The Armor Piercing Slap is an interesting trope. It can be played in slapstick comedy or take place in a VERY serious moment. The whole essence of it is that a significantly weaker character slaps a stronger character in order to get something through their head that they just won't understand otherwise. This is accurate to real life, where being struck by a loved one can be humiliating, and hurtful.


Maybe they truly did something wrong, like cheating with another girl/guy or lying about taking them out to play, or maybe they just aren't acting like themselves. Maybe the compromising position they have been found in isn't really what it looks like (anything from being assaulted by a Clingy Jealous Girl to suffering an Accidental Pervert moment or even a completely Unprovoked Pervert Payback). No matter what the cause, the slapper is hurt by the (apparent) betrayal and they won't stop until the other feels the pain.

If Played for Laughs, then it's much less serious. Maybe they're in a tussle and they throw one of these at one another to show how badly both of them suck at fighting. Bob and Alice (both only 5'3 and 100lbs) go at it but instead of throwing powerful punches they slap at each other just to show that they both suck (double points if both slap at the same time and hurt each other). Maybe it's the boyfriend being slapped by the girl. If he had no idea why she was angry, or if she were a stranger, or if he were a total jerk, he would defend himself. Which is why this trope almost never happens to anyone but the guy who knows exactly why she's mad (whether or not he's actually at fault), regularly associates with her, and is at least half-way decent. Even if this guy is a master martial artist and she hasn't taken a single karate class in her life, she'll smack him silly because he all but lets her. Although less often, maybe she was with another guy, and that hurt him just that bad, to the point where he slaps her and storms off. (But normally, if it is the boyfriend, he'll settle the score with the other man first...)


Why is the guy so powerless? Because it's a Double Standard. Maybe the 5-year-old is just so angry that even the usually invincible hero doesn't know what's going on. Or perhaps it's just played for not-so-serious and we are supposed to be amused at how such a normal human (even if they are strong for normal) is able to injure someone who can tank a nuke easily.

Even if they doesn't quite understand it themselves, they instinctively know that if the slapper doesn't hurt them now, their wrath will fester into long-lived anger. Their association or relationship will be soured if not broken off altogether. Compared to that, a bit of mind-numbing pain seems the lesser of two evils—if they're allowed to take their pound of flesh, maybe they'll be more inclined to hear apologies or explanations later.

And so, the slap effectively pierces their armor.

What matters is that a weaker person is slapping, scolding, or otherwise humiliating a stronger person... and the stronger person is so stunned—or ashamed—that they can do nothing.

Truth in Television, as anyone who interacts with young children on a regular basis can know.

But be careful now, it doesn't mean they won't hit back.

See also Mundangerous and the Megaton Punch. Not related to Armor-Piercing Attack or Armor-Piercing Question. If someone is slapped while they're having a severe emotional meltdown, see Get a Hold of Yourself, Man!.


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    Anime & Manga 
  • Miyabi nails Kaoru with this in the second episode of Ai Yori Aoshi, due to Kaoru's Accidental Pervert moment with Aoi and Miyabi's Mama Bear reaction.
  • Assassination Classroom: The entire 3-E Class gets a big one from Koro-sensei, after the students got too cocky and try out their new free-running skills in a civilian area, which they are told not to, and end up injuring a bystander in the process. Koro-sensei does ask if this will be counted as "harming the students" (which he is forbidden to do), but Karasuma says he'll overlook it.
  • A rare serious use and discussion of this trope appears in Baki the Grappler, when the title character is facing a character, Yanagi, who is a renowned master of the open-hand slap. Baki remembers his father, the world's greatest martial artist, describing the slap as the one move that is effective anywhere on the body (as opposed to, say, a closed-fist punch which can break the attacker's hand if not aimed precisely). He further adds that his father said this technique was reserved solely for the self-defense of women and children. He then challenges Yanagi to a slap fight anyway, which leads to Baki ending up in the hospital. It should be noted that said slaps were so fast and brutal as to flay the skin right off the recipient.
  • Berserk has a few good ones:
    • Guts would get a few good smacks from his soon to be lover, Casca, early in the series, for some serious moments like when she was forced to sleep naked on Guts to keep him warm or when Guts tries to interrupt Griffith's meeting. A more heartfelt example is when Guts has been knocked out by Wyald; it's her slap that makes him regain consciousness, just in time to save her from being raped by Wyald. Other times, Casca will just smack Guts when he's being a asshole.
    • Little village girl Jill tried to give Guts one after he informed her how awful her parents were, but Guts caught her hand, having learned quick from his time with Casca.
    • But by far the best and most satisfying slap in the series comes from Rickert to Griffith. When invited to join his former leader in his ivory castle, Rickert, remembering what Guts told him about what Griffith did in the Eclipse (sacrificing all of his men to become a demon god, and then raping Casca to insanity in front of a restrained Guts), Rickert slaps him despite Griffith being no less than a god at this point. Griffith acts like it's a simple rejection to his followers; however, several assassins are sent after Rickert in retaliation. It's unknown whether Griffith was more angry about Rickert's rejection than he let on, or whether his followers took offense.
  • Bleach plays the trope straight when Ichigo Kurosaki, depressed and guilt-ridden, lets himself be beaten by an angry Tatsuki Arisawa who feels that he has betrayed their friendship. It's slightly subverted by the fact that Tatsuki is probably the strongest Badass Normal around, but Ichigo is much stronger than her and could have stopped her if he wanted to.
    • Also subverted when Rukia Kuchiki, not above using force to get her way, decides to kick Tessai in the backside to get his attention, only to find out the hard way just how Made of Iron he really is. Not only does he not feel it, he only notices her when he turns to see her cradling her injured foot.
      • The same happens in the flashback arc when Sarugaki Hiyori decides to kick Urahara in the nuts — and learns that Urahara is always prepared for everything. Painful lesson, indeed.
      • Again subverted when Orihime Inoue bitchslaps her jailer, Ulquiorra in the Arrancar arc. His skin is like iron, she just ended up hurting her hand.
  • Female on female example from Bokurano: Anko repeatedly slaps Youko while screaming "What the Hell, Hero?!" at her, after she's revealed as The Mole from another Earth and Koyemshi's younger sister.
  • A male-to-female example occurs in Captain Tsubasa. During the half-time of the Nankatsu vs Musashi match, Jun Misugi delivers one to his Cute Sports Club Manager Yayoi Aoba, for telling Tsubasa about his heart condition. He's upset because with that knowledge Tsubasa will hold back and won't play at his best out of fear for him.
  • Code Geass:
    • An angry Euphemia steps in and gives a big one to one of the Brittanians for complaining about how Suzaku didn't kill Tamaki and the other Japanese.
    • Kallen does this to Lelouch for acting coldly about the fate of Japanese that work for Britannia. She later does this again, when a depressed Lelouch who is Not Himself tries to kiss her.
    • Later on, she tries it on Suzaku when he tells her he's going to drug her for information, but it doesn't work. He backs down of his own accord, but that doesn't stop her from breaking out a 7 hit combo to voice her disapproval (and do what a good part of the fandom had been waiting for), in a dress, no less. In truth, Suzaku lets her beat him up because he's trying to apologize, though when you consider what he's trying to apologize for, it comes off as almost insulting and stupid (she might have outright killed him were it not for her position), especially considering Kallen's mother became addicted to that same drug.
  • In Delicious in Dungeon, Shuro receives one from Laios of all people, when he suggests killing the newly monster-fied Falin.
  • Allen Walker gets slapped hard by Linali in the earlier chapters (the Rewinding town) of D.Gray-Man. He yells back though, but that's only being enraged point-blank, given it's Allen we're talking about.
  • Dragon Ball:
    • It was played straight earlier in Dragon Ball, though, and Master Roshi is usually on the receiving end after trying to sexually harass Bulma. Despite being basically indestructible by normal human standards and fast enough to catch bullets, Roshi always ends up with Amusing Injuries once Bulma's ire is triggered.
    • Subverted in Dragon Ball Z. Chi-Chi, Gohan's mother and the main Tsundere of the series, walks up to Majin Buu (who just destroyed almost the entire population of Earth) and slaps him, berating him for destroying everything. His response? He calmly turns her into an egg, and steps on it.
    • In Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods and Dragon Ball Super, Bulma tries this on Beerus, to no effect. He slaps her right back and knocks her to the ground, that her head was even still attached to her shoulders is a sign of how much he was holding back.
    • Bulma later slaps Goku towards the end of the BoG movie and it's played straight.
      Vegeta: Bulma, I believe Kakarot deserves some more of your signature slaps!
      Bulma: Sure does!
    • In Super, Bulma does it again when Beerus calls her old, but she manages to get away with it. In a later arc, one of the signs that Goku is unusually nervous is that he dodges one of Bulma's slaps instead of letting her hit him.
  • Eureka Seven has an example. When Eureka is incapacitated by an alien scub, Holland sets out on a mission to both earn the team more money and cure her. Their mark is a priest from the Vodrac Religion and he planned to rescue the priest so he could cure Eureka. Unfortunately he never tells Renton any of this. Instead, he insults Renton and beats him up before heading off on the mission. When its revealed that Holland is in mortal danger, Renton says that he cursed himself by only caring about the money instead of Eureka and that it serves him right. Talhoe responds by slapping him in the face and explaining Holland's motives at which point, Renton rushes out to help.
  • Iwata got the taste slapped out of him by Misaki Matsuya in Excel Saga when he suggested that getting changed in the locker room would give him an opportunity to see her naked body. He got slapped into a vending machine so hard he demolished it.
  • In Fate/kaleid liner PRISMA☆ILLYA, after Gilgamesh has withstood all of the heroes' attacks and then curb-stomped everyone, Illya, without her powers, gets close enough to slap him across the face, and it actually stuns him.
  • A somewhat disturbing variation occurs in Fruits Basket. When Akito suspects that Kyo is falling in love with Tohru, he delivers a Breaking Speech and slaps Kyo in the face. Once he's utterly defeated, Akito embraces him and assures Kyo that he will always be there for him.
  • In Fullmetal Alchemist, despite being one of the most powerful alchemists in the world and practically a martial arts master, Edward is victimized by Winry any time he visits. Her skillful wrench-tosses are the stuff of legend. Bonus points for her being able to do this with Alphonse, who is walking armor.
  • In Full Metal Panic!, Sousuke has been beaten up often enough by Kaname to break out in a cold sweat as soon as he realizes she's angry about something. Even though Sousuke is a ridiculously skilled mercenary and Kaname is just a very athletic high school girl. And, as the second season clearly demonstrated, the only thing Sousuke apparently needs to keep kicking ass is being reminded what real pain is by Kaname. And damn, she's good at that.
    • Likewise, Kurz Weber takes a lot of well-earned abuse from Melissa Mao for his antics. In this case, however, it's much more sensible, given that Mao is a former Marine and Kurz's hand-to-hand combat skills are comparatively a bit lacking.
  • Gankutsuou: A male on male example occurs in episode 2. When Albert tries to make light of almost having been killed, Franz slaps him.
  • Jun to Tetsuya from Great Mazinger. Given that Tetsuya Took a Level in Jerkass when he was angry or upset, and Jun had little patience for stupidity, it is not surprising. A good example happens in the last episodes: Tetsuya is jealousy from Kouji, thinking Kouji will replace him and then everybody will forget about him. When Jun tried to reassure him it would not happen, he accused her of wanting to replace him with Kouji, too. She slapped him hard. Given that Jun had spent the whole series chasing after him while Tetsuya remained oblivious, it is entirely understandable.
  • Great Teacher Onizuka: Julia smacks some sense into her son Kunio after him spouting that Onizuka is nothing but a pervert. Which is paired with one of the greatest lines in the series:
    Julia: Kunio, whatever poisoned your mind to start thinking like a loser?
  • This is actually an accepted form of military discipline in the Universal Century Gundam works, where it is referred to as "correction." Zeta Gundam is probably the most slap-happy.
  • Haruhi Suzumiya: Variant. When Haruhi gets Mikuru drunk in order to "improve her acting" for a love scene for their student film, Kyon gets pissed and tries to slap her. Koizumi stops him, since slapping a Reality Warper is a horrible idea, but the mere fact that Kyon was honestly trying to slap her makes Haruhi realize how much she screwed up, and she tones down.
  • Nishizawa from Hayate the Combat Butler has a nuclear slap. Hayate find this out the hard way.
  • In Higurashi: When They Cry, Rena Ryuugu packs quite a punch. She usually does it playfully but still...
  • Subverted in Hunter × Hunter: Killua once got himself and Gon beat up by the lady operating the elevator at the Tower of Heaven. Later, Killua decides that, since he learned to use Nen, he's free to insult her with impunity. Turns out she can use Nen too and gives him another beating.
    Killua: I think she's stronger than Hisoka.
    Gon: How come I got hit?
  • In Imadoki!, Tanpopo is so angry that student council president Ogata mocked her friend, Arisa, over her pregnancy that she quickly asks Kouki if he minds that her actions will mean their request to exchange all fake plants with real ones gets denied, and then smacks Ogata in full-page glory.
  • A rare male-to-male example: In Initial D Second Stage, Seiji of Team Emperor, after his defeat at the hands of Takumi, gets slapped by Kyouichi, who follows it up with a "The Reason You Suck" Speech.
  • Inuyasha:
    • Action Girl Sango slaps her Handsome Lech of a fiance Miroku, when he goes too far with his groping of her (or some other woman):
      • The Running Gag of 'Miroku gropes Sango, Sango smacks him' is performed often enough over the course of the series that at one point it helps bring Sango out of temporary possession by a flea youkai.
      • This little routine also shows up as a special combo move in the video game, where Miroku gropes Sango and ducks as she furiously swings her boomerang at him, which nails the enemy instead.
      • Another notable instance was when Sango was unconscious and Miroku needed to rouse her via CPR. However, she recovers just as he is about to apply lip service. The result was the scene pans out a good distance and a slap is heard, and the camera then returns to the two — Miroku's face is bright red from the impacting slap. Ouch.
    • Kagome deals out some slaps to characters who aren't even human, for example InuYasha himself. She might be a powerful Miko, but she's not really physically strong or fast enough to slap youkai, like when she slapped Kouga, a youkai, without using any spiritual power.
  • Subverted in Irresponsible Captain Tylor when, in the midst of being held hostage, Tylor tells Yuriko that she can hit him if she wants, offers her a briefcase to do it with, and then ducks when she swings. The briefcase hits the bomb-wielding terrorist, ending the crisis. He gets slapped at other times as well but doesn't have any armor to pierce. She never seems able to actually hurt the Captain, and he seems to like getting slapped by her to begin with.
  • Carrera Marker, mother of Karin Maaka, does this with a slipper whenever Karin does something very un-vampire-like and in every scene her husband Henry says something.
  • In the sequel to Kotetsu Jeeg, this is used as an actual (serious) attack by the titular mecha in the form of the Hell Slap which involves the Jeeg deploying spiles on its palm and igniting a jet on the back of its hand to deliver a powerful slap to the enemy. A variant of this involves the hand detaching and striking the enemies around it.
  • In Kyo Kara Maoh!, Wolfram takes the time to verbally bash Yuuri's mother, calling her a Cheap Hussy. Completely pissed, Yuuri delivers a vicious slap to his face that sent the room into silence. Yuuri then learns to never do this again, because slapping someone's left cheek is a marriage proposal. So, he then became engaged to the very person who insulted his mother. Way to go.
  • In The Love And Creed Of Sae Maki, Misao is forced to lay this on Sae to stop her Attempted Rape during her "sleepyhead" Super Mode, being the only thing that will wake her up. Finally she does it again after Sae's Villainous Breakdown, causing Blood from the Mouth as Sae is dying because of her rejection.
  • Love Live! has a female-on-female when Umi slaps Honoka after the latter decides to give up being an idol in the second to last episode of the first season.
  • Lupin III: Princess of the Breeze:
    • Lupin gets slapped for touching the breasts of the female pirate in the opening.
    • Lupin gets slapped again when he lights up a cigarette in front of the baby. Same thing had happened to the head pirate off-camera, earlier.
  • Possibly the most literal example comes from Macross Frontier, when Klan Klan, a Zentradi giant, get upset with Mikeal, slaps his mech so hard that it knocks him off balance.
  • Les Yay variant in Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS: Teana Lanster frequently manhandles her Shorttank partner Subaru Nakajima whenever she does or says something that ticks her off (Which is, well, often). Pretty amazing, since Teana's just a smart girl gunslinger while Subaru's a Lightning Bruiser Type-Zero Cyborg.
  • The Mazinger series had a good amount of slapping going around:
    • Sayaka to Kouji from Mazinger Z. Given that Kouji was the poster boy for tactless, Idiot Hero, and Sayaka a Tsundere, he found himself in the receiving end of these rather often.
  • In Neon Genesis Evangelion, there is quite a lot of slapping done.
    • Rei slaps Shinji when he belittles Gendo.
    • Misato slaps Ritsuko when she says that Shinji (the pilot's life) isn't NERV's priority after he is swallowed by the angel.
    • Misato slaps Ritsuko again when she continues to beat around the bush on the Eva's nature.
    • Asuka slaps Shinji and his two friends after they accidentally saw her panties during their first meeting... and then she slapped Toji again when he pulls his pants down in retaliation.
    • Asuka slaps Rei when her confidence continues to spiral downwards and Rei confirms her obedience towards Gendo to the point of not fearing death and reminding Asuka of her disgust towards dolls.
    • Although Shinji has no armor when slapped things are awesomely- inverted in Super Robot Wars games: when Bright Noa slaps Shinji, Shinji starts to get his act together, gain a spine and a thicker skin, and gradually evolves into a badass. There's a reason that such slaps were originally known as Bright Slaps.
  • There's a variant in Negima! Magister Negi Magi, where Cheerleader Madoka slaps her unknown-to-her magically-aged teacher on behalf of her classmate, whom Negi had just walked in on while she was changing. She tries to do the same to Negi's also-aged rival Kotaro, whom she happens to have a small crush on, but he casually blocks it. So she punches him in the face instead.
    • Also done by the usually very calm Chizuru to Noble Demon Wilhelm when he was about to petrify her newly adopted room mate Kotaro. Also, his petrification power is virtually impossible to heal, so she saved Kotaro's life.
    • Flashbacks reveal that the lead's father Nagi got this often from love interest and later wife Princess Arika.
    • Asuna does this to Evangeline (and Negi) a lot. It's also a literal armor piercing slap, as her Anti-Magic lets her punch right through magic barriers. Eva repeatedly complains about how Asuna is able to do that.
    • Negi himself doesn't always let girls slap him. At one point, he actually blocks Anya's punch.
    • Chisame does this to Negi when [[spoiler:he is possessed by his Superpowered Evil Side during his meeting with Godel. It fully snaps him out of it despite the fact that the transformation was triggered by Godel taking credit for massacring Negi's entire village as a child. Seeing as this is the entire reason for Negi's dark-natured mindset, this is quite the feat.
  • Despite Luffy of One Piece's complete invulnerability to any blunt force damage, Nami's slaps often cause his entire face to become swollen and bruised. The Word of God explains this by saying that "she beats up his spirit".
    • There was also that one time where he actually was wearing armor, taking the trope literally.
    • A much more dramatic example happens when Vivi attacks Luffy when he said her plan for no innocents to die in Alabasta was doomed to fail. Despite Luffy being made out of rubber, Vivi actually manages to make Luffy bleed.
    • Luffy's grandfather is also able to hurt Luffy. He says something to the effect that no defense can stand up to his fist of love.
    • Sanji also does this to Luffy and Usopp twice during the Skypiea arc for dumb imitations and general idiocy.
      • Serious example would be in Water 7 where, Sanji kicked Luffy across the room when his captain was on the verge of telling Usopp to leave the crew during their argument.
    • Nami gave Zoro a smack in the face during the aftermath of Thriller Bark, when he said the crew didn't need to be thanked by their efforts being the greedy person that she is Nami took issue with this and slapped him so hard he crashed into some stone rubble.
    • Subverted with Princess Otohime when she slaps a thief for stealing. While the slap did quite some damage to the thief, it also broke her hand in the process.
    • Koala seems to have this power over Sabo, as she manhandles and berates him for needlessly taking on Admiral Fujitora.
    • Played beautifully and tragically straight with Sanji and Nami during Whole Cake Island arc with when Sanji is forced to act evil and beat down his best friend and captain Luffy since his psycho family the Vinsmokes have his father figure hostage, Nami fooled by Sanji's cruel act slaps him hard on the face sarcastically and tearfully saying goodbye to him, it's worth noting Sanji has been beaten by Nami before in comedic scenarios but this time it actually hurts him.
  • In Only the Ring Finger Knows, Wataru shows that he is no doormat when Yuichi kisses him without Wataru's permission—or, really, he thinks Yuichi is making fun of him and his feelings, and he does not appreciate it. Yuichi is stunned he'd get slapped.
  • Panzer World Galient: Chururu gave one of these to Jordy in episode 3 when she asked him if he liked Hilmuka and to tease her, he replied "What if I do?"
  • Pokémon: The Series:
    • Ash's Butterfree becomes the victim of a wing slap, coming from a female Butterfree that he was trying to court.
    • Ash also got slapped twice by Misty very early in the series for his immature behavior (both cut from the dub).
  • In Popotan, Ai slaps Keith after she realizes that he's been lying to her about their relationship, which is enough to make him stop seemingly trying to murder Daichi. What she says afterwards is probably more effective than the slap itself, but it helped get the point across.
  • In The Prince of Tennis:
    • In the Rikkaidai team, Arrogant Kung-Fu Guy sub-captain Gennichirou Sanada applies slaps to his teammates whenever they step out of line or lose their matches. Subverted because this is seen not as abuse of authority, but as a standard form of punishment, just as much as Tezuka assigning laps in Seigaku for various misdemeanours: in fact, at least two players have specifically asked to be slapped if they lose. In the manga Sanada asks his teammates to slap him before the Finals, apparently as an apology for all the times he hit them.
    • During the American arc, when Ryoma acts selfish and rude by forgetting the team's needs, Tezuka straightens him up via a slap delivered in public. Later, his rival Kevin also is slapped by his American coach.
    • An Tachibana is a more straight example, trying to slap males twice to call them out on their behavior. The first time, Atobe catches her arm and tells her she's gorgeous when angry. The second, Kirihara tries to duck and falls down the stairs they were standing next to.
    • Let's not forget that, in Rokkaku, Bane slaps Dabide in public if he slacks in the courts. Or, if they're not playing, he kicks him in the head.
  • In Princess Jellyfish, we see Shuu get truly angry exactly once - when another character, who happened to be blackmailing him, pretended she was going to commit suicide as a joke. His response is to rush over to her place, and upon finding her completely okay, hits her several times. When she realizes he was genuinely worried for her safety, she starts to fall for him.
  • Sae and Momo have slapped each other many times in Peach Girl.
  • The Quintessential Quintuplets:
    • The Seven Goodbyes arc is kicked off by Itsuki slapping Nino, when the latter refuses to take the practice exams that Fuutarou wrote for them (all by hand, no less). Itsuki demands that Nino apologizes to Fuutarou, but Nino instead slaps Itsuki too and both of them end up storming off of the house.
    • Much later, towards the end of the story, Nino gives one to Yotsuba, partly out of frustration for Yotsuba being chosen by Fuutarou despite not doing (from Nino's perspective) anything to win his affection, and for Yotsuba apologizing to her for accepting Fuutarou's Love Confession despite allegedly not having any feelings for him.
  • Ranma ½:
    • Akane gives Ranma plenty beatings... but when she is seriously angry or upset with him, all that she does is slap him. Likewise, her slaps get Ranma more affected than any of her beat-him-to-the-ground-or-slam-him-in-orbit moments. Partially justified as Akane Tendō comes from a family of martial artists who lives in a dojo, and is probably quite skilled, but only partially because the title character Ranma is one of the best martial artists around, who can easily beat her in a fight. And Ranma is a Jerk with a Heart of Gold who often goes jerkass on her because of his raising and his macho behavior. He does care for Akane and is the first one to go help her if she needs it, but outside of these tight situations he just won't spit it out or stop denying his attraction to her, and often he will go out of his way to tease her or mock her, therefore unleashing her violent side.
    • An Armor-Piercing Curb Stomp Beatdown variety applies to the Old Master Happōosai. He may be one of the (if not the) top martial artists in the series, able to move so fast as to be invisible, strong as an ox and unbelievably powerful, but if Akane or the mob of girls whose underwear he stole catches up with him....
  • The sheer number of times someone gets slapped (particularly Anthy) in Revolutionary Girl Utena is staggering.
  • Himura Kenshin, the second most powerful swordsman in Japan in Rurouni Kenshin, can still be beaten into a daze by Kaoru... although it could be argued he's not bothering to fight back. (During a Clip Show, Yahiko notes this and decides that this must mean Kaoru is actually the best swordsman in the country... for some reason, Kaoru doesn't like the implication.)
  • Early on in The Sacred Blacksmith, Luke Ainsworth gets a glimpse of Cecily Cambell's assets after the monster they were fighting had shattered her BREASTplate and the undershirt underneath. The ensuing embarrassment, egged on by Luke's Nosebleed reaction, prompts her to beat his face in savagely.
  • Subverted in Saikano, where an emotionally agitated Akemi gives Shuji a whack across the face. Shuji quickly regains composure and hits her right back, causing her to break down in tears.
  • A non-comedic example occurs in the first episode of Sakura Wars (TV). Sumire slaps Sakura for wrecking the Kobu kais before kicking her out of Flower Division.
  • In Soul Eater, whenever Spirit Albarn gets too weepy over his daughter, Shinigami will knock some sense into him with his "Shinigami Chop." Notably, unlike most uses of this trope the Shinigami Chop actually gets used seriously as a weapon, once, and it does an absolutely crazy amount of damage when Shinigami isn't messing around.
    • Maka's book serves a similar purpose for keeping Soul in line. Considering she calls it a 'Maka Chop' she most likely got the idea from Shinigami and her father.
    • Subverted more dramatically when Maka and Black Star get in an argument over who's holding back the team. When Black Star calls Maka weak, she tries to hit him and he blocks. When Maka tries again, Black Stars lets her hit him right in the face, takes it without even flinching, then tells her if she keeps it up he'll consider it an actual spar and feel free to beat the crap out of her. Tsubaki hits Black Star for that, and he agrees he deserved it, but it clearly didn't hurt either. Maka later admits trying to hit him in the first place was an overreaction, so they need to make things even between the two.
  • Kotetsu in episode 19 of Tiger & Bunny does this on an impulse as reaction to emotionally unstable Barnaby's harsh words toward him, which were in turn a reaction to Kotetsu hiding the real reason behind his decision of retirement. Kotetsu would do it again in episode 23 with the intention to make Barnaby remember the above incident. An action rather lacking in foresight.
  • A bit more realistically with Fuu on Samurai Champloo. Once or twice, she's given Mugen a good whack across the head with her wooden sandal. This however, like several of the series aspects, is completely distorted within the proceeding manga adaptation. One bonus chapter featured her beating Jin (of all people) to such a bloody pulp that pixellation had to be applied to what was left of him.
  • Done a few times in School Days. Sometimes enhanced by knives.
  • Anna Kyouyama from Shaman King is famous for slapping several characters around. Even villain Hao. Who actually likes it.
    • Probably because his own mother has her own Armor Piercing Slap
    • Anna's first meeting with Hao is actually a Double Subversion. She unleashes a slap on Hao, only for him to grab her wrist before she can do it, shocking everyone (including her.) Then she catches him off-guard with a Legendary Left.
  • Sword Art Online has Kirito on the receiving end twice; once in ALfheim Online, and once in Gun Gale Online. The textures of both blows seem to indicate HP damage.
    • ALO: Leafa is expressing panic after some epic illusion magic, and Kirito bites down on her hand as a joke.
    • GGO: Sinon finds out that Kirito is male... in a GGO dressing room.
  • In The Testament of Sister New Devil, Mio does this to Basara shortly after they first meet. He accidentally walks in on her in a restroom, and puts his hand over her mouth to prevent her from screaming and making things worse. After she calms down, he takes his hand off, and she slaps him.
  • Souichi of The Tyrant Falls in Love, despite being male, can get away with this because his love interest (but don't ever tell that to him) Morinaga is also male. His more serious punches and kicks have left Morinaga bleeding and nearly unconscious, or with bruises that persist for several panels, though they're usually reserved for times when Souichi feels especially provoked or spurned by Morinaga; most of the other time, his physical violence is presented as harmless slapstick caused by his cranky disposition.
  • In Vinland Saga, Canute flips out, after Ragnar's death and Askeladd gives him one of these. It shuts him right up.
  • YuYu Hakusho: Yukimura Keiko's slaps.

    Comic Books 
  • Fantastic Four comics: following Ben Grimm's return from Battleworld of Secret Wars, he discovered that his old girlfriend, Alicia Masters, had taken up with the Human Torch in his absence. He and the Torch fought, only to have the battle end when Alicia slapped Ben. In later flashbacks, Ben comments that even though he could barely feel the blow, it was the most painful one he had ever taken. (A later retcon made this "Alicia" into Lyja, a Skrull replacement.)
  • The Spanish comic series Mortadelo y Filemón consists almost entirely of this trope with every character (including mooks) being both on the dealing and receiving end regularly. Usually it takes the form of a severe pummeling, occasionally involving weapons, and sometimes the panel shows the would-be recipient running or hiding from his pursuer.
  • The Sandman: Dream receives a well-deserved one after he suggests to an ex-lover that imprisoning her in hell for ten thousand years for leaving him might have been a little harsh.
  • Superman:
    • In Red Daughter of Krypton, Red Lantern Bleez slapped Supergirl when the latter's impulsiveness and recklessness almost destroyed the very city that they were trying to save. Kara barely could feel the slap since she is invulnerable, but she got hurt because Bleez was one of her few friends.
    • Superman receives this in Superman: Grounded. While talking to reporters, a woman comes up and gives him one because her husband died of a brain tumor while Superman was off-planet, and she thinks Superman could have saved him. She even tells Superman that she knew it wouldn't hurt him, she just wanted him to know how it felt. Doesn't explain the fact that she blames him for something he had no way of knowing about. The crowd of reporters mentions that after she leaves, but by then Supes already started having his breakdown.
    • Superman receives one in Krypton No More when Supergirl tries to get his help to stop an Alien Invasion and he tells her has too many issues to contend with on Earth to deal with an intergalactic war. Kara gets angry, calls him a coward and slaps him before storming off.
    • In A Mind Switch In Time, Superboy becomes time-displaced and body-swapped with his adult self. At some point, he tries to romance adult Lana Lang, unaware that adult Superman had told Lana off years ago. Lana gives him one withering glare before slapping him and calling him out.
    • World Of Krypton 2021: Lara slaps General Zod when he hits Jor-El after a heated argument. Zod, who is bigger and has just knocked Lara's husband off his feet easily, does not even try to defend himself.
  • Batman can't walk around for getting slapped/punched by ladies: e.g Catwoman or Stephanie Brown Batman doesn't return the favor unless they are criminals.
    • Poor Dick Grayson has received a couple from dear old Bat-dad here's the most famous one which has long become meme bait in context it was because Robin refused to help him bring down Superman which set Batman off. In most other comics (outside the silver age) Bruce doesn't lay a hand on Dick and is actually very protective of him.
    • By far one of the most powerful Alfred moments is in Scott Snyder's run where a young Bruce roughly handles his butler and antagonizes him by saying he's a coward at which Mr Pennyworth doesn't hesitate for a second to smack his master in the face. The utter shock is enough to snap Bruce out his aggression; Alfred simply straightens his tie and excuses himself to go back to the manor.
  • Sonic the Hedgehog (Archie Comics):
    • Princess Sally delivers one to the titular hero after he decides that stopping Eggman is much more important than settling down with her.
    • Fiona Fox delivers an even more extreme one to Tails in issue 172 after the former's betrayal.
  • In the Forgotten Realms comics after one misunderstanding Ishi enthusiastically "explained" to Jasmine that Agrivar is not her lover and Vartan Hai Sylvar had to heal both ladies. He's way nicer than a typical Gold Elf, but rarely gets a clue to shut up, so...
    Vartan: (to Jas) speaking of affairs, I was just wondering if you and Agrivar — <Ssslap>
    Ishi: (talking to Agrivar about her outburst) ...which means that I still find affairs of the heart a mystery.
    Vartan: (to Ishi) You know, I was just talking to Jasmine about affairs — <Ssslap>
  • Wonder Woman (1987): When Diana returned to her old friend Julia Kapatelis, to tell her her missing daughter has been abducted Mind Raped and forcibly modified into a new super-villain by Diana's villains Julia slaps Diana across the cheek in grief and fury.
  • A gender-flipped variant was seen in an old X-Men tale when Rogue confessed to one Michael Rossi that she had essentially devoured the soul of his old girlfriend Carol Danvers and in the next breath confessing her love for him. He (an essentially normal secret agent barely on his feet after a severe beating) promptly backhands her (at this point a Flying Brick that can walk off most things short of anti-tank weapons) to the ground and stalks off, openly wishing for the power to kill her as she weeps in the dirt.
    Rogue (distinctly in Carol's accent): "So do I, my love. So do I."
  • In New X-Men: Academy X Wallflower is shot by a sniper. When her mother comes to the X-Mansion to grieve, Prodigy tells her he doesn't know what to say. She promptly slaps him.

    Comic Strips 
  • Alice from Dilbert has a slap that's not just armor piercing, it's powered by Chucktanium. She once slapped Asok so hard that his face changed into a Dolphin's.

    Fan Works 
  • A Crown of Stars: In chapter 74 Shinji tried to convince Asuka to stay behind as he fought to keep her safe. Her slap was louder than a thunder.
  • The Child of Love:
    • Ritsuko gives Gendo one of these after finding out his plans for Asuka's child.
    • Asuka gives a well-deserved one to Shinji when he begins having doubts about himself and breaks up with Asuka because he thinks he is not fit to her boyfriend and Teri's father since he thinks he cannot protect them:
    He didn't realize how fast Asuka could run to the other side of a bed. She looked furious...even more than usual, if it could be possible. She looks him right in the eyes and slaps him, the sound of which resonates throughout the room like a gunshot. It was the second time in his life that Asuka had slapped Shinji. The first time was on the aircraft carrier. He looks up at her seconds later, and sees that she has tears in her eyes
  • In Doctor Who fanfic Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf," Rose does this to Mickey when he suggests that the Doctor has abandoned them. (Technically, he has, but through no fault of his own.)
  • Doing It Right This Time: After returning to the past with a full understanding of how much he had screwed up her life as well as Shinji and Asuka's lives, Rei - of all people - delivers one of these to Gendo in the first chapter. It was strong enough to send him sprawling and knock his glasses off his face.
  • Evangelion 303:
    • Deconstructed. In chapter 2 Asuka gives one to Shinji after their dog fight. She got a very severe reprimand of Misato, who warned her that behavior was unacceptable and would not be tolerated.
    • Shortly after being punched by Asuka, Shinji got slapped by Rei for almost blowing her Eva up as performing an incredibly risky and dumb stunt.
  • Last Child of Krypton: In chapter 12 Asuka is so angry at Shinji for risking his life only to save her she slaps him before performing a tackle-kiss double combo.
    He stood there for a minute, looking at her. She was inscrutable, her arms crossed beneath her chest. He was stunned by her speed when she slapped him. It actually stung. He touched his cheek in surprise.
  • The One I Love Is...:
    • In episode 4 Asuka delivered a well-deserved one to Shinji when he admitted - after asking her out, spending the day with her and even kissing her - that he had kissed Rei and shouted it was none of her business.
    • In episode 11 Shinji has just killed Kaoru and he is feeling borderline suicidal. When he mutters he should just die Misato slaps him, remembering him that Kaoru sacrificed herself so he could live.
  • The Second Try: Being Happily Married to Asuka doesn't prevent Shinji from finding himself on the receiving end of several of those:
    • Once after accusing Asuka of lying about her love for him to break her out of the hunger strike she started after discovering her pregnancy. Given how those words were hurtful for both of them, he felt he totally deserved it.
    • Asuka gives him "the first one in years that had been anything but playful" when he blocks her from entering Aki's room while she's sick with measles to prevent her from getting contaminated. For once however, he doesn't back off and even tells her he's ready to take more.
    • In the post-time travel chapters, Shinji gets slapped by Asuka twice as he's waking up in the hospital for having her worried. The first time after the fight with the 12th, the second after his month-long stay in Unit-01. Each time is immediately followed by a kiss.
    • Another well-deserved (and expected) one Shinji gets occurs after he gets back to Asuka after leaving her worrying for several hours before the JSSDF attack, breaking curfew to go back to their apartment to pick up the engagement ring he intended to give her before their last battle.
  • At one point during the Tamers Forever Series, Rumiko Nonaka slaps Takeru Takaishi in the face when he reveals that he plans to allow Takato to die so that Daemon won't be able to acquire the power of Chaos.
  • A Growing Affection starts with one, Hinata to Naruto, after she catches him mocking her (or so she thinks). She later gives one to Hanabi for badmouthing Naruto.
  • In one charged scene from Children of Time, the young, Hot-Blooded Beth Lestrade slaps Sherlock Holmes one good when he insults her very seriously. He stares at her in shock for a moment before recovering, and he's not at all happy about it.
  • These fly all over the place in For His Own Sake, with varying levels of justification. In some cases, the slapper is in the wrong and upset over their target saying something they don't want to hear, such as Mokoto slapping Shinobu shortly before she and Naru try to beat the hell out of the younger girl. Played straighter when Kitsune delivers one to Kaolla Suu to stop her rampage at the Kuromitsu Inn, where she unleashes her robots on innocent bystanders just to 'liven things up'.
  • In Origins, a Mass Effect/Star Wars/Borderlands/Halo Massive Multiplayer Crossover, one character's very fast, effective therapy to deal with her past has gone unnoticed by the wider cast. Thus, when one of the heroes starts giving this person a verbal beatdown, her adopted mom doesn't take this very well. Slappage ensues.
  • A Piece of Rebellion: Wyldstyle slaps Bad Cop so hard for insulting the Master Builders that his face spins all the way round to Good Cop.
  • Megami no Hanabira: Sara earns one from Mai when she reveals she ran out into the demon-infested city to 'train'.
  • In Hope for the Heartless (set after the events of The Black Cauldron), we get a played with version of this trope. The Horned King gets a chance to have revenge on Taran for killing him and ruining his plans, but his Morality Pet and prisoner Avalina convinces him to stop at the last minute. They later end up in an argument, with the lich being angry for his revenge being ruined and the girl being angry that the Horned King is holding on to his hatred and denying his ability to do good. When he reminds of her being his prisoner and is about to threaten about hurting her family, Avalina suddenly slaps his face. While the slap doesn't hurt him physically (she can't hit hard), he's shocked that anyone slaps him at all, and that it's her of all people. Unfortunately, all it manages to do is for the Horned King to seethe at Avalina for weeks (making her frightened, sad and physically weaker) before they reconcile.
  • In Hotspring Souls!, a Soulsborne (Demon's Souls, Dark Souls, Dark Souls II and Bloodborne) AU fic, the Doll gives one to the Hunter to snap him out of his Heroic BSoD during the climax.
  • In Bring Me to Life, a Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel crossover, Kennedy goes off on a massive rant against Buffy after finding out about Angel's Dark and Troubled Past, which Buffy had withheld from the others, going so far as to accuse her of deliberately sending Annabelle and Chloe to their deaths and being in league with the First; she's cut off when Buffy punches her in the face.
  • Guardian shows one of Lulu's offscreen moments from the game: hitting Luzzu for convincing Chappu to join the Crusaders (and die). She hits him so hard she hurts her own hand.
  • Rei delivers one to Kaworu in chapter 24 of Advice and Trust after he (playfully) threatens to interfere with Shinji and Asuka's relationship.
  • In Fate/Parallel Fantasia, Shinji attempts one on Rider when he gets angry, but he just hurts his hand on her nigh invulnerable face.
  • Fate/Harem Antics: Zouken attempts one on Assassin/Hassan of Serenity for getting snippity with him. Not only is she unaffected, her poisons quickly kill him. And since Iri had given Zouken Serenity specifically so he'd get himself killed, she had already disabled his failsafe in Sakura, and he dies for good.
  • Total Drama: Cody's Redemption Bridgette slaps Cody right across the cheek after he revealed Bridgette his dark secret of his attempted suicide.
  • In Dial, Audrey Nathan delivers one to Phil Coulson when she finds out he's alive and had been alive for 5 months without contacting her.
  • The Many Dates of Danny Fenton: Jen Masterson from 6teen slaps Dash for harassing her and Danny during their date. He did not take that well.
  • In A Prize for Three Empires, Carol Danvers slaps Thor when he, still unaware that Carol was raped, tries to commiserate with her for Marcus's death.
    Thor laid a surprisingly gentle hand on her bare shoulder, his palm callused from the use of his hammer. "Be not ashamed of thy womanly tears, Carol," he said. "Thou hast lost the one thou didst love."
    "NO!" she shouted, and whirled and slapped the god of thunder on his cheek. He gaped, uncomprehending.
  • In the Avengers: Endgame Fix Fic Backwards, Sharon Carter delivers one hard enough to knock a normal man's teeth out onto Steve Rogers' face as well as delivering a vicious What the Hell, Hero? calling-out to him after he admits that he had tried to use Stark's time machine to go back in time and live out the rest of his life with her aunt Peggy, who, by that point, had already moved on with her own life and convinced him to return to the future, all the while essentially abandoning Sharon and leaving her hanging dry.
  • The Night Unfurls:
    • Lily, a normally soft-spoken nun, does this to Alicia, the Knight of Iris, for surrendering her entire fort to the Black Dogs rather than resisting, hoping that the Black Dogs would keep their word to release the hostage nuns, Lily included. Considering how the nuns ended up, it goes on to show what a terrible decision-maker Alicia is.
    • In Chapter 31 of the original, Kyril bluntly states to Olga that there's nothing she can do to help her shadow Chloe, a wreck both physically and emotionally, due to the torture inflicted during her capture by Mandeville. Angered, she slaps him, and he doesn't react for a few moments. Tension builds up as Kyril raises an arm... to give her a Cooldown Hug.
  • In Chapter 16 of No Such Luck, No Such Love, Lynn tells Lincoln that the team that she lost against cheated and she tries to apologize for it. He doesn't take this very well and slaps her hard enough to leave a hand mark on her face.
  • In Imitation Steamrollers, Beatrice gives George the steamroller several after he causes both Emily and Gina to derail.
  • During the prologue of the third story of Adventures Of The Gems, Steven calls out Connie for thinking more about wanting to get home than his twin sister Nora's wellbeing, resulting in a heated argument. And during that moment, Steven compared his actions on wanting to surrender to Connie’s even not caring about Nora, resulting in Connie slapping him across his face without before wishing she had never met him to both her own regret and Steven’s shock.

    Films — Live-Action 
  • In Batman Begins, after the trial in which Joe Chill, his parents' murderer, is killed by someone hired by Falcone, Bruce reveals to Rachel that he was carrying a gun and planned on murdering Chill himself, but was beaten to the punch. She slaps him twice, and he does nothing to stop her, despite the fact that he's still holding the gun. Granted, this was prior to him gaining extensive martial arts training, but his complete acceptance of her punishment made the scene very effective.
  • Chinatown. An epic one given to Jake by the REAL Mrs. Mulwray.
  • Groundhog Day has a montage of these, since Phil continues to make different moves on Rita, and is continually shot down.
  • A slight and rather justified variation appears in I Love You Phillip Morris as a fairly effeminate Phillip slaps Steven after Steven faked his own death to get out of prison (again) and he comes back posing as Phillip's lawyer (again). Phillip was never supposed to find out about the fake death and Steven couldn't risk telling him the truth either.
  • Indiana Jones receives one from his father in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. Henry insists on going to Berlin to retrieve his Grail Diary — vital to safely recovering the grail — rather than head to the Middle East to rescue Marcus, and when Indy tries to call him out on it, Henry insists Marcus would agree with him. Exasperated, the younger Jones takes Christ's name in vain when Henry slaps him, shutting him up long enough to explain why getting to the Grail first is so important.
    Indy: Two selfless martyrs. Jesus Christ...
    (Henry Jones slaps his son lightly on the cheek and responds with a stern, murderous look)
    Henry: That's for blasphemy. The quest for the grail is not archaeology, it's a race against evil! If it is captured by the Nazis the armies of darkness will march all over the face of the earth. Do you understand me?
  • In Jaws, a woman is killed by the shark and Chief Brody intends to close the beach, but is pressured into keeping it open by his superiors, who answer to the Mayor, who is obsessed with tourism. After a child is killed by the shark, Chief Brody receives a slap from the mother when she finds out that he knew about the first death, kept the beach open, and helped to keep the first death a secret. Since his decision was forced on him by his superiors, one of those superiors remarks, "She's wrong." Brody realizes that he should have stood up to his superiors, though, evidenced by his reply: "No, she's not."
  • Subverted in Knight and Day. When June tries to punch Secret Agent Roy Miller for inappropriate behavior, he dodges and catches her arm.
    Roy Miller: Sorry, reflex. I deserved that. Hit me again; I won't stop you.
  • The Master of Disguise: The Disguisey family used this as a style of martial arts:(consisting of slaps and blocks to humiliate your opponent). Pistachio took this form of combat to heart, Especially when his arch nemesis Devlin Bowman kidnaps Jennifer, & Pistachio's Mamma & Pappa. In the alternate ending, however, Pistachio decides to forego the slaps and simply punches Bowman out.
  • In the 2013 adaptation of Much Ado About Nothing, directed by Joss Whedon, Benedick slaps Claudio after he accuses Hero of infidelity.
  • Parodied in The Naked Gun 2 1/2, where Frank catches both of Jane's hands when she tries to slap him, only to have a third hand come up and smack him anyway.
  • Attempted in the climax of Open Range, when Sue slaps the town's corrupt marshal, who's currently holding an injured fifteen year old boy at gunpoint. Unfortunately, he just brushes it off.
    "You're a disgrace, Marshal Poole! [smack] You always have been!"
    "I know it. That's just the way it is..."
  • Power Rangers: Jason, the future Red Ranger, catches a bully cruelly taunting Billy (future Blue Ranger) and gets his attention. After dodging two punches, Jason responds with an almighty bitch-slap before warning him not to mess with Billy again. Becomes a Brick Joke in the climax when Jason commands the Megazord to slap Rita into space.
  • Subverted in The Quiet Man. When Maureen O'Hara's character tries to slap John Wayne, Wayne (playing a former boxer) instinctively blocks it. Even more heavily subverted in real life, in that O'Hara actually broke her hand against Wayne's.
  • In Rocky II, Rocky Balboa's trainer Mickey refuses to coach the boxer for his rematch against the heavyweight champ. After an annoyed Rocky insults the old man, Mickey slaps him hard. Crucially, Mickey uses the slap to show why he won't train him: Balboa's vision is too weak.
    Mickey: You didn't even see that [hit] coming, did ya? And that was from a broken-down old pug like me. Whaddaya think the champ's gonna do to ya?
    Rocky (conceding): Hurt me bad.
  • In Some Kind of Wonderful, Amanda Jones smacks Hardy Jenns after he's tried to humiliate her and have Keith beaten up at his party. He stands there, flabbergasted, and she smacks him again.
  • In Spider-Man 2, a drunk Harry Osborn hits Peter Parker with not one, but two of these at the celebration party for John Jameson, letting loose a barrage of venom on Peter for protecting Spider-Man from him in seeking vengeance for his father's death, the slaps stunning Peter speechless, the hurt, betrayal, and remorse apparent in his eyes as he watches Harry storm off.
    Harry: It pisses me off, your loyalty to Spider-Man and not your best friend. I find him with my father's body and you defend him 'cause he's your bread and butter.
    Peter: Hey, take it easy-
    Harry: Hey, don't push me! Don't act like you're my friend. You stole MJ from me. You stole my father's love. And you let him die, 'cause you didn't turn in the freak. Isn't that right? *slaps Peter* Huh?! Isn't that right? Huh, brother?! *slaps him again before storming off*
  • In Star Trek Into Darkness Carol Marcus delivers one to her father after he beams her off the Enterprise before going forward with his plan to sacrifice Kirk and crew to instigate a war with the Klingons.
  • Star Wars: In The Last Jedi, General Leia Organa does this to Poe Dameron and tells him he's demoted after his reckless attack plan disobeyed her orders to retreat and wasted lives in their endangered Resistance movement. The slap took 27 takes, as revealed by a behind-the-scenes compilation.
  • Yves Saint Laurent: Yves's has been mistreating his muse and friend Victoire after discovering her involvement with his boyfriend, and she slaps him hard across the face when she's finally had enough.

  • In Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrugged, there are two incidents:
    • In a flashback, Dagny, as a teenager, mentions to (also teenager) Francisco d'Anconia that she never studies but still gets straight A grades, and asks him if she should get D's just to be popular. Francisco is so disgusted he slaps her face hard enough to cause her to bleed out of the corner of her mouth.
    • Hank Rearden discovers Francisco in Dagny's apartment, but it's not because he's trying to seduce her, and offers him his word that he was not. Hank quotes Francisco's Oath ("I swear in the name of the woman I love that what I say is true,") after Francisco wouldn't help him when he desperately needed copper to make Rearden Metal, how, if Francisco gave his word in the name of the woman he loves, would he expect Rearden to believe it? Hank then realizes, that Dagny is the woman Francisco loves, asks him - despite Dagny's plea not to - and he admits it. Hank then slaps Francisco across the face in anger. Francisco, who cares deeply about Rearden, almost breaks the bones in his hands holding onto a table to keep from hitting or killing Rearden until his own moment of anger passes, realizing that Hank doesn't know what is going on.
  • Chronicles of the Kencyrath: When Torisen is posed by their dead father and starting to go on a misogynistic, Fantastic Racist rant, Jame is shocked and without thinking, slaps him as hard as she can. It breaks the being-posed trance for the time being.
  • Ellen and Otis: In one chapter of Ellen Tebbits, Austine has been annoying Ellen all day by untying the sash of her dress, and when Ellen feels her sash get untied again, she decides it's The Last Straw, whirls around and slaps Austine across the face. Only it isn't Austine who untied the sash this time... it's Otis.
  • Harry Potter:
    • Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban has Hermione getting fed up of Malfoy's mocking Hagrid (though her temper is amplified by lack of sleep) so she smacks him right across the face. Malfoy is so stunned that he runs away. The film changes it to her threatening him with her wand, and then punching him on the nose.
    • In Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Ron gets this from Hermione. Sort of an interesting subversion; if Ron had chosen to defend himself, Hermione could have bested him with magic. Thankfully she didn't have her wand, and Harry wisely refused to give it back to her.
  • The Reynard Cycle: Hirsent lands a good one on Isengrim during their reunion in Reynard the Fox. He takes it in stride. In The Baron of Maleperduys she aims another one at him for endangering himself. He catches her wrist before it can land.
  • Happens all the time in A Song of Ice and Fire. Cersei in particular is fond of it; subverted nicely once when Tyrion decides he's tired of taking it quietly.
  • Near the end of Oblivion, one of the Spaceforce novels, Jay's commander Salthar slaps him so hard that he falls to his knees. And it cuts his lip. Salthar is furious that Jay eloped with a respectable Taysan girl while he was supposed to be pursuing the killer of the woman that Salthar loved, but could never have. Jay just takes it.
  • In The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, Dorothy Gale slaps the Cowardly Lion on the nose for attacking her friends. It hurt so much he started crying and apologizing immediately, despite him being a Bruiser with a Soft Center.
  • Small Gods has a subversion. Brutha, angry at Vorbis for everything he's done, still doing and is going to do, goes up to him while he's in public, winds up for a slap... and then doesn't. This actually manages to outrage Vorbis more than actually doing it would've.
  • Landslide by Desmond Bagley. The protagonist Bob Boyd gets his face slapped by a Rich Bitch and has no qualms about slapping her right back, to her surprise.

    Live-Action TV 
  • In 24, Jack is on the receiving end of one these when Agent Walker questions his humanity. She also brings Jack's dead wife into it, and Jack, seeing how pissed off she is, manages to control himself.
  • The Adventures of Superman: At the end of "The Human Bomb", Lois Lane marches up to Bet-a-Million Butler, declares, "Now it's my turn to blow up!" and slaps him hard enough to jolt his head backwards.
  • Agent Carter. Jarvis and Peggy have to question Howard Stark's ex-girlfriends, who don't hold back at expressing their outrage over The Casanova who loved and left them. Cue Jarvis getting repeatedly slapped in the face as a handy surrogate for his boss. When Peggy intercepts one slap, he gets kicked in the shin instead. Averted when Peggy herself gets angry at Howard — she punches him in the jaw.
  • All in the Family: Edith, otherwise a kind and patient woman, does this when Archie lies about the fact that he was sinking back into his gambling addiction, which nearly destroyed the Bunkers' marriage twenty years ago.
  • Erica Kane of All My Children dishes these out to great effect on both men and women alike. Her daughters get in on the fun as well.
  • Babylon 5 In the episode "In the Shadow of Z'Ha'Dum", Sheridan tricks Talia into walking down the same hallway as Mr. Morden, which causes Talia a great deal of mental trauma, putting her in Medlab. When Sheridan comes in to apologize, she slaps him in the face and storms out of Medlab. Bonus points for being an actual slap that actor Bruce Boxleitner wasn't expecting.
  • Willow does this to Angel in Season 9 of Buffy the Vampire Slayer.
  • A Running Gag in El Chavo del ocho, Doña Florinda always gives Don Ramón a good slap, even for things that aren't his fault.
  • Doctor Who:
    • Happens to the Doctor a lot, actually:
      • Nine and Ten both complain about how they're always slapped by the mothers (though, if it's for something like accidentally returning her daughter 12 months later instead of 12 hours...).
      • Donna Noble's willingness to slap him so hard he nearly falls on his ass (twice!) when he starts acting high-handed with her just makes the Tenth Doctor even more impressed and charmed by her. No, not like that...
      • Gets one from Martha when she loses her temper at his human alter ego, for not believing her when she tells him that he really is the Doctor.
      • "The Impossible Astronaut": River Song does this to the Doctor after seeing him die in his future, but her and the viewer's past, assuming the death she just saw was some sort of cruel joke.
      • River does this to the Doctor again in "The Angels Take Manhattan", when the Doctor gives up some of his own regeneration energy to heal her broken wrist.
      • Twelve gets this from Clara in "Into the Dalek" because of his cold-hearted actions towards the other humans.
    • A ridiculously exaggerated example is Mavic Chen slapping a Dalek for criticizing him in "The Daleks' Master Plan". The Dalek is one of the cruelest aliens in the universe, it is covered with almost impenetrable armour, it feels no respect for Chen and is plotting his extermination, and yet the Dalek still reacts with confusion and pain (and an Aside Glance) before meekly following Chen out of the room.
    • "Asylum of the Daleks": Rory gets two, courtesy of Amy. The first is played for laughs ("Amy it's me. Do you remember me?" slap) and the second is played for drama during their argument ("Give me your arm. AMY!" slap) when he flat-out says that he loved her more than she loved him.
  • Drake & Josh has hilarious levels of these occasions. The most overt is the episode where the two titular characters constantly start slapping each other.
  • Well to be honest, it would be hard to list all the times it has happened on EastEnders though it is worth mentioning that Peggy Mitchel is quite fond of it, as is Pat Butcher. People quite enjoyed it when they turned it on each other.
  • Empire: A non-romantic example happens between Anika and Rhonda. Before their presumed final showdown, Rhonda confronts Anika by slapping her in the face.
  • Game of Thrones:
    • Tyrion's slaps are the only things that seem to be able to make Joffrey behave and shut up. Contrast with his mother Cersei's slap which merely angers Joffrey.
    • A rare Gender Flipped example comes when Robert finally has enough of Cersei's scheming. He smacks her in the face in a departure from his Boisterous Bruiser tendencies. It's also the first time her haughty mask falters.
      Cersei: I shall wear this [bruise] like a badge of honour.
      Robert: Wear it in silence, or I'll honour you again.
    • When Viserys gets violent with Daenerys in "Cripples, Bastards, and Broken Things", she slaps him across the face with a medallion belt, which leaves him speechless, his sister being an Extreme Doormat for his schemes up to that point.
    • Balon's response to his son's Ironic Echo is a backhand that sends him halfway across the room.
  • Say what you want about Glee as a show, but the slap that Santana gives Finn after he outs her is one of the best examples of this trope. It silences all the other "gleeks" into stunned silence and brings a character who usually fights with words, insults and threats down to a level where she is so injured and exposed by his actions she finally stands up and puts him in his place, while all the while you see her breaking inside. Powerful stuff.
    • Played with during an argument between Quinn and Santana in Season 4. When Quinn slaps Santana, Santana comments that Quinn was always a brilliant slapper.
  • Played for Laughs in the episode "Fowl Play Date" of Happy Endings, while Penny and Brad are in panic mode because they killed Alex's racist parrot, Penny slaps Brad three times for being stupid/overly dramatic. He has this to say.
    Brad: You know, the first two slaps I get, no notes on the those. But the third, like our ideas were pretty similar. If anything I got us in the area.
    Penny: [Sarcastic slow clap] Congratulations Brad. You pitched an area. [She feints a slap and he flinches in fear.]
  • On Haven, Nathan, while under the influence of a Trouble that induces paranoia, becomes a Crazy Jealous Guy and (wrongfully) accuses Audrey of being attracted to new guy William. When he takes it a step too far and asks how long it will be before she's sleeping with him, Audrey slaps him. Given Nathan's Trouble means he can't feel anything except Audrey's touch, it's a particularly pointed use of the trope.
  • Hawkeye: Played for Laughs. When Kate is trying to stop Yelena from killing Clint, Kate—in the heat of the moment—slaps Yelena across the face. Yelena is more offended by the slap than anything else. It does give Kate an opening to mess with the elevator, though, slowing Yelena down.
    Yelena: [stunned silence] ...What was that?
    Kate: I don't know.
  • Kamen Rider Ryuki: Kamen Rider Odin commonly uses this as an attack. He even knocks over a truck with it at one point.
  • Love and Destiny: Qing Yao slaps Yun Feng after learning that he has concealed his return from her for months. Played with since he and everyone else in the room is obviously expecting it.
  • Subverted, surprisingly, in Moonlighting: Maddie is mad at David because he tried to defend a man who had beaten his wife in the heat of the moment after seeing her with someone else. When David starts complaining, she slaps him... and immediately realizes the Double Standard in the situation.
  • Noah's Arc: Chance gives one to Eddie during a heated post-cheating argument.
  • Played for drama in Rome. Julius Caesar has to break up with his mistress Servilia when their affair becomes public knowledge. When she calls him out on his motives and starts slapping his face, he knocks her to the floor with a couple of hard, deliberate slaps. Perhaps he thought he was being Cruel to Be Kind, but this works a bit too well as Servilia turns against Caesar in hate, engineering the events that lead to his assassination.
  • Poldark: Demelza is so infuriated by Ross's tryst with Elizabeth that she slaps him hard enough to knock him to the ground.
  • A Series of Unfortunate Events (2017): A single slap is minor compared to orchestrating guardianship to steal everything the Baudelaires have. But when Count Olaf slaps Klaus, it is not played for laughs, and even his henchmen look shocked.
  • In Smallville, Clark gets slapped around a lot, despite being, you know, Superman.
  • In SOS: The Titanic Inquiry, a widow of a sailor of the RMS Titanic gives one of the officers of the Californian a furious slap for his obvious dereliction of duty at the sinking.
  • Played with in season four of Supernatural. When he finds out that Heaven wanted the Apocalypse to happen all along, and Castiel won't help stop it, Dean punches Castiel in fury. Which does little more than make Castiel turn his head, while Dean grabs his hand in agony. However, it's clear that the punch causes a significant emotional hurt, and Castiel decides to help Dean soon after.
  • Subverted at one point on That '70s Show, where Jackie attempts this on Fez, who simply catches her hand before it can reach his face and berates her for trying it. It's okay though, because it's a joke about how effeminate Fez is.

    Pro Wrestling 
  • Several women, mainly non-wrestlers such as Miss Elizabeth or Stephanie McMahon, slap as their primary means of attack. With very few exceptions — the slap will result in either punking a jobber or a Punch! Punch! Punch! Uh Oh... moment.
  • Justified when MsChif slapped the Gateway Heavyweight Champion Nikki Strychnine, as he had fallen in love with her and was rocked when this was the response she gave him (though she was trying to be helpful, the first time anyway). Her slaps were less devastating once he got over his feelings... but that took awhile.
  • Ric Flair famously delivered one to Shawn Michaels during the final episode of Raw before their match at Wrestlemania XXIV after Michaels derisively compared Flair to Old Yeller. note 
    Michaels: "Remember the story of Old Yeller? They loved that dog, but when it was time, they had to take that dog out back and finish him... Come Sunday, the Showstopper is gonna take YOU, Old Yeller, behind the woodshed... and put you out of your misery."
  • Trish Stratus, seemingly emerging to support Chris Jericho against Christian, who had been undermining their relationship and even physically assaulted Stratus, instead slapped Jericho at WrestleMania XX, leading to an abrupt Face–Heel Turn.
  • While making an appearance for Oz Academy in 2008, fight legend and legendary jerk Minoru Suzuki got one from AKINO, though this was mock anger which he purposefully milked.
  • In the epic WrestleMania XXVI match between The Undertaker and Shawn Michaels, Michaels had just kicked out of a Tombstone Piledriver. He tries to claw himself back to his feet, to the disbelief of The Undertaker, who tells him to stay down. Michaels then mimicks Taker's signature taunt, and then slaps him in the face, causing the Deadman (regularly known for not selling) to stagger, before delivering a jumping Tombstone.
  • Aksana - slapping Goldust on their wedding, which she got him to agree to avoid deportation.
  • Escalating with the breakup of "Chick Busters" capped off by AJ Lee, easily the smallest wrestler on the roster, slapping supposed best friend and much larger power lifter Kaitlyn. Down the road AJ would team up another power level far above Kaitlyn's weight class in Big E Langston for the purpose of tormenting her former friend, yet Big E still reeled with Kaitlyn slapped him.
  • Stephanie McMahon gave Daniel Bryan an ultimatum - relinquish the WWE title or his wife Brie Bella would be fired. Brie took a third option and quit - and delivered a massive smack to Stephanie's face (and got a massive pop from the crowd). The slap was so impactful, Stephanie fled backstage immediately.
  • WALTER. Just, WALTER. He's best known for his chops that are both very loud and very painful. His chops will almost literally turn you inside-out.

    Video Games 
  • in Equin: The Lantern, glove items have a Slap move that drains some of the enemy's stamina while not costing any from you. Unfortunately, the stamina damage is too low for it to matter most of the time and the stronger enemies and bosses always have unending pools of it anyway.
  • Eternal Sonata gender flipped this trope by having Jazz (male) use an armor-piercing slap on Falsetto (female) in one cutscene. And then he hugs her. This scene also subverts the Double Standard which is closely tied to this trope.
  • EXTRAPOWER: Giant Fist: When Zophy's team has settled on traveling to Magarda Volcano next, David muses that Zophy and Professor Ace, who already wear next to nothing, can't exactly wear less clothes to combat the heat... but Marian totally should. Thus prompting a retaliatory strike from Marian that immediately silences David.
  • Final Fantasy:
    • In Final Fantasy V, having Lenna choose to kill the last wind drake to cure her mother results in King Tycoon giving her a slap that knocks her down, since Queen Tycoon has already refused to let her life be saved that way.
    • Toward the beginning of Final Fantasy XII, Ashe delivers a rather undeserved armor-piercing slap to Basch. Granted, it's the first time she's seen him in two years, and as far as she knows he was executed for murdering her father in cold blood.
  • In Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance, the White Magician Girl Mist does this to the warrior Boyd after he insults her weight, knocking him back four squares. (Normal "shoving" knocks characters back one or two squares at most.)
  • In Fire Emblem Awakening, Sumia tries this on Chrom to make him get a hold of himself. However, Sumia being Sumia, she ends up accidentally punching him in the face instead. It works though, snapping Chrom out of his funk and refocusing him after an apology and a short conversation on how a slap works.
  • Several of the female enemies in God Hand have Armor-Piercing Slaps as attacks. Gene himself has a few moves (such as Pimp Smack) that might qualify as well.
  • In the Nyakuza Metro DLC of A Hat in Time, if you attack the Empress in her shop, she'll retaliate with a slap that instantly kills Hat Kid.
  • Chitoge Kirisaki's support attack in J-Stars Victory VS is a slap to the face of an enemy which knocks them down. Hilariously enough, this also works on Goku, Vegetanote , Luffynote , and other supernatural beings.
  • In Lunar: The Silver Star, Nash abandons the party and later prepares to fight them in a silly-looking suit of armor, now titled "Magical Weapon Nash." So Mia slaps him in the face, which makes him see light again. It helps that the armor doesn't exactly protect his face to begin with.
  • Villainous example: MapleStory has Female Boss/Anego, a rather old-looking woman who can deal ridiculously heavy damage with a slap.
  • In Mario Party 3, Daisy slapped Bowser so hard that he was sent flying and became a Twinkle in the Sky. And it presumably give Bowser a long-lasting trauma on Daisy too, as he never attempts to kidnap Daisy until Super Mario Run.
  • While escorting Meryl in Metal Gear Solid, if you decide to smack her in the face, she responds with a slap that, while only about as damaging as your punch to her (that is, not very) knocks Snake flat on his ass.
  • In Mitsumete Knight, the main heroine, Sophia, delivers one to the Asian, the main protagonist, if he doesn't take upon himself after being insulted by Sophia's drunken father. She may be aware that her father is a pathetic wreck, but do not slander him in front of her (unless you're, CG-wise, going for 100% Completion).
  • In Overlord, your mistress or any female slaves administer one if you try to hit her.
  • Ms. Mowz in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door has a literal version: her Love Slap attack ignores Defense.
  • In Radiata Stories, the protagonist's older sister delivers these to him every once and a while.
  • Rule of Rose: In a major turning point for her character, Jennifer gets to deliver one to The Princess of the Rose/Wendy after several hours (our perspective)/months (her perspective) of abuse, implicit threats on her life and general nastiness when she discovers Wendy killed Brown. No-Holds-Barred Beatdown ensues.
  • In RuneScape, at the end of the "Garden of Tranquility" quest, when the King starts deriding all your efforts, the player is left thinking "Well, excuse me Your Highness!" Then, the Queen, who up until that point has been quite a bitch, steps up and requests to speak to the King privately. She delivers him an armor piercing slap (that delivers 10 LP damage), and tells him to be grateful.
  • Red of Solatorobo ends up on the receiving end of these from Elh twice. Once after a Shower of Awkward, and once for ignoring Elh in favor of his fangirl posse in the Prairie Kingdom Cup DLC quest.
  • In Tekken 6, Christie administers one to Eddy when she finds he's been working with the Tekkenshu in an attempt to get the Mishima Zaibatsu to give her grandfather (i.e. Eddy's mentor) the treatment he needed. Suffice to say that Jin never followed through...
  • Virginia, from Wild ARMs 3, gets this treatment twice : first by her uncle, who slaps her because she tried to be a Hero and could easily got herself killed (well, rushing in a dungeon, all alone at level 1, filled with gobelins smugglers isn't the brightest idea), and the second time by Maya, a Drifter like her (but way more experienced), who gives her a What the Hell, Hero? speech after Virginia tried to pursue the antagonists and nearly got herself killed, save for the intervention of her comrade Jet, who she completely ignored while he just saved her life, which prompted Maya's slap. She quickly realised how naive and stupid she acted this time, thanks to Maya's speech.
  • In various WWE Video Games, a Finishing Move appears called 'Women's Special Slap'. As the title suggests, it has a smack to the face that has the same impact as a powerbomb or DDT.

    Visual Novels 
  • In Double Homework, Johanna gives one to the protagonist when he confronts her to clear the air about his love triangle with her and Tamara.
  • Though we never directly see one, Pearl Fey in the Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney series is said to have a thoroughly powerful slap (she knocks Phoenix out at one point).
  • Sayori gets two Armor Piercing Slap moments in Yo-Jin-Bo. If you follow Yo or Mon-Mon's paths, Mon-Mon will try to garner sympathy (and thus, attention) by feigning a lethal injury. Upon discovering he's just fine, she slaps him. Or, if you follow Bo or Ittosai's path, Ittosai will make several comments about death and the uselessness of life, which angers her. Unlike Mon-Mon, it's surprising that Ittosai's only reaction is to protest that he's been slapped.
  • In the Tokimeki Memorial series, Kotoko of Tokimeki Memorial 2, being the Type A Tsundere she is, was the master at this, even going as far as slapping her own teacher, Kasumi (albeit for different reasons than love, unlike with the protagonist). And Suzune of Tokimeki Memorial Drama Series 2 : Irodori no Love Song delivered a powerful one to the Main Protagonist too.
  • Akane delivers one to Junpei in Zero Time Dilemma after he's more than happy to hear that everyone except their team and Phi is dead since it means that if one more person dies they're free.

    Web Animation 
  • Subverted in Bad Days. Lois Lane slaps Superman for getting her injured the whole day, only to hurt her hand on his Nigh-Invulnerable face.
  • In Dead Fantasy: Part V, Hayate defeats Tifa in an unfair fight by siccing an army of ninjas on her and then knocking her out once she's greatly weakened. Hitomi confronts him outside, looks down at the bloodied Tifa in his arms, and belts him. It's unclear whether she was outraged by him getting involved and using a cheap way to dispose of a Worthy Opponent, or was appalled by the extent of the wounds they inflicted, but it is certainly a silent and understated Moment of Awesome that for many Tifa fans really redeems her character.
  • Something About: Any time Bowser shows up, someone is going to slap him, usually deforming his face in the process.


    Web Original 

    Western Animation 


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