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SungWon (left) and his cat Effie.

SungWon Cho (known online as ProZD, born December 9, 1990) is an American voice actor known for taking requests and dubbing comics, but also for creating his own works, mostly short sketches, which are often based around video game and anime clichés, to the point where several arching stories are going on at once and a few of them have even crossed over. He has been known in the past for doing song covers in a Goofy voice. He also had a gaming channel, Press Buttons 'n Talk, with his friend Alex, which has been retired, and a new gaming channel ProZD Plays Games where he plays with his friend Jay.

He can be found on YouTube, Tumblr, Twitter, and Instagram, among other places. He was also on Vine, but has uploaded most of his vine clips to YouTube even before the former service went down, and has since done professional voice acting for various non-web-related works.


His stories include:

  • The King Dragon Canon: A fantasy epic and Fictional Video Game starring Dennis, a brave hero tasked with saving Prince Horace from the evil King Dragon.
  • The Tomoko Chairem Anime Canon: A fictional anime-like live-action series about a girl named Tomoko and her harem of sentient male appliances and furniture.
  • The Commander Fistfight vs. Doctor Mean Canon: A superhero series chronicling the battles between superhero Commander Fistfight and the incompetent supervillain Doctor Mean.
  • An unnamed series about a misunderstood mobster.
  • An unnamed series about a Magic: The Gathering-like game themed around cows and cheese.
  • Videos about his Real Life persona.
  • And more!


His characters include:

His other acting roles include:

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