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I Am Alone is a Found Footage Zombie movie by Michael A. Weiss and Robert A. Palmer.

Jacob Fitts is the host of a wilderness survival show called "I Am Alone", in which he is left alone in the wilderness for a week with his crew, Adam Levine the Producer, and Mason Riley the cameraman. Their most recent episode, number 413, has Jacob spending his week in the Colorado Rockies while his crew goes into town to shoot footage and interview people. While this is happening, a viral outbreak occurs that starts zombifying a large number of people rather quickly. So now Adam and Mason have to fight for survival against the infected.

As he was in the wilderness when this occurred, Jacob is completely unaware of what's happening. As a result, he's taken by surprise when a zombie wanders into the mountains and, one night, breaks into his tent and bites him.

Meanwhile, Mason is taken by the CDC, along with his and Jacob's footage. Apparently, the virus zombifies its host within 32 seconds to a minute. Jacob didn't turn for days. So, together, Mason and the CDC start going over Jacob's footage in hopes they might find something they can use to develop a cure.

The film was funded on Kickstarter on May 28th, 2013, and released in 2015.

I Am Alone contains examples of:

  • Blood from the Mouth: Late in the film, after Jacob's been infected for over two days, one of his teeth comes out (quite likely as a result of the infection), followed by a bit of blood.
    • Blood is seen coming out of the professor's mouth at the end when he returns to Mason after zombies break into the building.
  • Found Footage: For the most part, the film is viewed from the view of various in-universe video cameras. Only rarely it will show from another perspective.
  • Framing Device: Mason and the professor watching the recovered footage serves this purpose.
  • In the Hood: Jacob wears a hoodie on his second night after getting bitten.
  • Locked Out of the Loop: Jacob. He was in the wilderness when the virus hit, so he had no idea a zombie outbreak was occurring.
  • Meaningful Background Event: At the beginning, while Mason and Adam are interviewing people for the show, things like a man puking and groups of people running and screaming can be seen, showing that the Zombie Apocalypse is getting started.
  • P.O.V. Cam: Late in the movie, we briefly see things from Jacob's own perspective. It's become green as a result of being infected for so long.
  • The Virus: The virus in the movie zombifies its host within 32 seconds to a minute once they're infected.
  • Zombie Apocalypse: Naturally, this trope is in play.