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Inside Out is a Young Adult book written by Maria V. Snyder.

Trella is a scrub of Inside, a low-class citizen whose sole expected duty is to scrub pipes in service to the Uppers of the society. And, for the most part, she does her job as all scrubs do.

But she's different in that she has a friend, Cog, and that she uses the pipes to sneak around and spy on Upper levels. And when Trella hears that the fabled Gateway to Outside may exist, she's enlisted to find evidence...and ends up kickstarting a revolution.


Its sequel is Outside In, which takes place sometime after the events of the first book. The sequel deals with the ramifications of what Outside properly means...and that things aren't quite as they seem out there.

Not to be confused with the Pixar film of the same name. Though oddly enough both feature a character named Riley.

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