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Ever wonder why you feel the way you do? Well, get to know your emotions!

When everything in your life is going your way, that's when Joy takes control! This is joy. With an unstoppable spirit and unbeatable energy, Joy brings a smile to your face, and... oh who cares, let's party!

When things go wrong, Anger is there. This is Anger. He will make sure the world knows Anger is in control, but what you really need to watch out for is when he's... out of control.

Sometimes, life gets a little dirty. That's when Disgust takes over. This is Disgust. Whether advicing on your social life or life's little messes, Disgust is there to... well... (gags) Hold on...

When the unexpected is staring you in the face, Fear is there to keep you safe. With speed and wisdom, Fear assesses the situation and settles your nerves... in his own special way. He's got this. Thank you, Fear!

When life gets you down, Sadness takes over! This is Sadness. With a caring touch and a kind heart, Sadness leaps into action to let you... I said, Sadness leaps into action... Sadness?
(Sadness is busy literally crying over spilled milk)
Oh, Sadness...

Get to know all your emotions with Disney / Pixar's Inside Out, rated PG.

Get to know your emotions promo series

I'm Phyllis Smith and I play Sadness in Disney/Pixar's Inside Out. Feeling down? Things just not going your way? You'll feel better about things after a solid, sad session. Sadness doesn't judge, she's right there with you, so pull out your hanky and enjoy a good cry. It's a tough job, but somebody's gotta do it... me. If there's one thing these different emotions have in common, it's that they're all about taking care of you.

I'm Bill Hader and I play Fear in Disney/Pixar's Inside Out. I now what you thinking: who wants to be afraid all the time? Fear isn't just about screaming so hard you pass out from sheer terror, it's also about keeping you safe. Without Fear, you wouldn't avoid spooky caves, bears! Don't get me started on bears. Plus, you all love being afraid sometimes, like when you're watching a scary movie! But if there's one thing these different emotions have in common, it's that they're all taking care of you, so relax.

I'm Mindy Kaling and I play Disgust in Disney/Pixar's Inside Out. Life is full of little mistakes, wrong turns, and poor judgements. Disgust's job is to make sure non of them happen to you. Disgust has impeccable taste, which means making the right calls so you don't have to. Stripes and spots? Ugh, blech! Broccoli? Uck, don't even go there! The other emotions might think it's okay to let things slide, but disgust knows better. So pay attention to that voice inside your head. It might just save your social life one day.

I'm Lewis Black and I play Anger in Disney/Pixar's Inside Out. Who's Anger? He's that feeling in the back of your head when you stub you toe, or you end up stuck in traffic, or have your dinner interrupted by a telemarketer! Hang on, I'm getting a little worked up here. Those other emotions are all too touchy-feely! "Baww, I'm sad, I'm scared!" Anger is all about getting the job done, so don't get in his way, otherwise he might explode! Seriously. BOOM! Ha ha ha! He only does it 'cause he really cares, though. Promise!

I'm Amy Poehler and I play Joy in Disney/Pixar's new movie, Inside Out. Joy is pretty awesome. She's cheerful, upbeat, and always know how to turn that frown upside-down. Now don't get me wrong, everyone needs Fear, Disgust, Anger, Sadness, right? But Joy, she's the one you want at the party. She's all about keeping things happy, exicting, and most importantly, fun, and who doesn't like fun? No, seriously, who doesn't like fun? Bring them out here, cuz they are wrong. They're dead wrong. If there's one thing these different emotions have in common, it's that they're all about taking care of you.


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