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Pixar film


  • Sadness' introduction.
    Joy: It was amazing. Just Riley and me. Forever ... [Riley starts crying thanks to Sadness showing up] ... for 33 seconds.
    • Leading directly into Sadness' first appearance via Stealth Hi/Bye. The way she morosely introduces herself and continues pressing the button (which is making Riley cry) while Joy continues to smile hard and tries to politely nudge her out of the way is perfect. Similarly, during Disgust's introductory scene, after baby Riley eats the broccoli, the way that Sadness continues to stand a little too close, staring at the screen, and Joy's awkward-then-exasperated reaction.
  • Fear's surprise snarkiness during his late-night duties observing Riley's dreams after her first day of school, acting like a cynical Caustic Critic as the events (initially) predictably unfold.
  • During Riley's first encounter with broccoli, Disgust and Anger conspire to avoid eating it until her father pulls the airplane trick.
    Anger: Oh! Airplane! We have an airplane, people!
    • Said airplane trick makes all of Riley's adult-like emotions ooooh at the spoon of food like captivated toddlers. Except Anger, whose expression is more along the lines of "Here We Go Again!..." as if he knows there's no way he can fight it.
    • The Mind Reader headline. "Experts agree dessert good."
    • Prior to that, Disgust's assessment of broccoli:
      Disgust: That is not brightly colored or shaped like a dinosaur.
    • And after rejecting it:
      Disgust: [smugly] Well, I just saved our lives. Yeah, you're welcome.
  • Joy pulling everyone in for a group hug, followed by giving Anger a noogie.
    Joy: You too, Anger!
    Anger: Don't touch me.
  • Young Riley running around naked with a pair of underwear on her head, then jumping up on a chair and wiggling her butt at her dad.
  • When Riley gets Brain Freeze from a slushie, it causes Headquarters and everyone in it to freeze over.
  • After Joy Tempts Fate, saying, "Riley's 11 now. What could happen?" the next scene cuts to the move with the 'For Sale' sign being replaced with a 'Sold' sign, which makes Disgust, Fear, Sadness, and Anger scream, the car getting packed up, which makes the four emotions scream again, and the moving truck driving off.
    Joy: Okay, not what I had in mind.
    [Disgust, Fear, Sadness and Anger scream again.]
  • Apparently, when convincing Fear not to panic over the impending move to San Francisco, the truth was fudged somewhat:
    Fear: I sure am glad you told me earthquakes were a myth, Joy; otherwise, I'd be terrified right now.
    Joy: Ummm...yeah.
    • And Anger holds a newspaper with the headline "Future is shaky".
  • During the car trip to San Francisco, the emotions review daydreams about what Riley's new house is going to look like.
    Joy: [brings up a picture of a treehouse] This will be great for Riley! Oh, oh, no, no, no, no, this one! [brings up a gingerbread house surrounded by cookie trees]
    Disgust: Joy, for the last time, she cannot live in a cookie.
    Anger: [looking at a medieval-style castle] That's the one! It comes with a dragon!
    • "For the last time," she said. Apparently, Joy is really attached to this one.
    • In Fear's dream house, Riley is surrounded by huge colorful buffers that keep everything away from her.
      Fear: [contently] So safe...
  • The Emotions' reaction to Riley's new house, particularly the dead mouse they find in the corner:
    Disgust: We're living in the house of the dead!
    Fear: WE'RE GONNA GET RABIES!! [clambers onto Anger's head]
    Anger: Get off of me! [bursts into flames and sets Fear's ass on fire; Fear runs around in the background trying to put himself out]
    • And then Joy just nonchalantly sprays him with a fire extinguisher like it's an everyday occurrence for them (which it probably is).
    • When Riley's new room doesn't live up to what she expected:
      Disgust: I'm starting to envy the dead mouse...
  • 4/5 of the emotions' reaction to pizza with broccoli on it.
    Fear: What the heck is that?!
    Joy: [In utter disbelief] Who puts broccoli on pizza?!
    Disgust: That's it. I'm done. [Walks away]
    Anger: Congratulations, San Francisco! You've ruined pizza! First the Hawaiians, and now you.
    • Bonus points for sounding exactly like the punchline on a Lewis Black bit.
    • The fact that Anger is very invested in problems such as no dessert and interrogations about a bad day at school, all while being voiced by a gruff Lewis Black, is hilarious in and of itself.
  • When Joy asks Sadness what the latter thinks is funny:
  • "Crying helps me slow down and obsess over the weight of life's problems."
  • Riley squirting milk out of her nose.
  • Joy's expression when she spots a disgusted memory after finally dealing with Sadness. Says it all.
  • When the headlights of a passing vehicle shine through Riley's window when she's trying to go to sleep:
    Fear: What was that? Was it a bear? It's a bear!
    Disgust: There are no bears in San Francisco.
    Anger: I saw a really hairy guy. He looked like a bear.
  • Riley's first dream sequence, which starts off with her and her parents in a flying car, then ends on a nightmarish version of her house, complete with the dead mouse (who looks a lot like an undead Remy!) inviting Riley to come live with him and a bear delivering broccoli pizza. Joy turns it off in disgust.
    Broccoli Pizza: Eat me! I'm organic!
    • Also, the music playing for the nightmare house? That's from the Haunted Mansion at Disneyland!
  • Joy waking the other emotions up with her accordion playing, followed by the tired looks Anger, Fear and Disgust give her through their tiny window.
  • Joy laughing at the teacher pointing out that Minnesota gets more snow that San Francisco. Meanwhile, Fear is still cringing from getting called on, and Disgust just as a look on her face that screams, "That is NOT funny lady."
  • Although the scene when Joy tells Sadness to stay inside the "Circle of Sadness" is pretty sad for Sadness, it's also funny in a bitchy kind of way on Joy's end:
    Joy: [after told Sadness to stay inside Circle of Sadness] See? Isn't it fun?!
    Sadness: [In a disappointed yet also matter-of-fact tone] No.
    Joy: [clearly ignoring Sadness' tone] Atta girl!
    • At one moment in that scene, you can also see Sadness raising her eyebrows.
  • Another one for Anger: after Joy and Sadness are sucked up the tube, he asks, "Can I say that curse word now?" Becomes a Brick Joke by the end when the improved control panel gives him access to the entire curse word vocabulary. And is an equally hilarious Actor Allusion, given that it's Lewis Black, who says of his own delivery that he uses F-bombs like commas.
  • "Sir, reporting high levels of sass!"
  • When trying to suss out what's wrong with Riley, Mom's Sadness advises that they "probe, but keep it subtle, so that [Riley] doesn't notice". Consequently:
    Mom: So, how was the first day of school?
    [Inside Riley's head:]
    Anger: She's probing us.
  • After Riley's father misunderstands his wife's attempt to get Riley to open up about her day:
    Mom's Anger: For this, we gave up that Brazilian helicopter pilot?
    • Then, after he sends her to her room:
      Dad's Anger: [while Dad's emotions cheer] Good job, gentlemen! That could've been a disaster!
      [Meanwhile in Mom's emotions, all emotions have a Disapproving Look face]
      Mom's Sadness: [deadpan] Well, that was a disaster.
      [Mom's Anger recalls the memory of the Brazilian helicopter pilot.]
      Pilot: Come ... fly with me, Gatinha!
      [All the emotions let out a dreamy sigh.]
    • "He's making that stupid face again." "I could strangle him right now!"
  • Dad's emotions are initially distracted watching an old childhood memory of a Pee-Wee soccer match as if it were the World Cup Final.
  • This moment with Joy and Sadness:
    Sadness: You can get lost in there!
    Joy: Think positive!
    Sadness: Okay, I'm positive you will get lost in there.
    • After trekking and dragging Sadness around for a long time later, Joy looks hilariously frazzled.
    • Sadness eventually just sticks her foot into the frame for Joy to start dragging because she's "too sad to walk". And then, this:
      Joy: Which way? Left?
      Sadness: Right. [Joy turns right] No, I mean go left. I said left was right, like "correct."
      Joy: [trying not to sigh] Okay.
    • Just before that, after they see the collapse of Goofball Island take away enough ground that there's no easy path to Friendship Island.
      Sadness: Oh, we'll never make it!
      Joy: [Over Sadness's whining] No! No! No! No! No! Don't obsess over the weight of life's problems!]] Remember the funny movie where the dog dies?!
      Sadness: [Flops on the ground]
  • Joy and Sadness navigate through the memory facility and come across workers that dispose unneeded memories. One such set is the names of every Cutie Pie princess doll, which Joy tries to keep because she thinks they're, for whatever reason, important. The workers ignore her and promptly get rid of them. There's also this gem right before that by the mind workers:
    Paula: U.S. Presidents, what do you think?
    Bobby: Keep Washington, Lincoln, and the fat one.
  • The TripleDent Gum Commercial, and Anger's reaction every time it appears. The other emotions aren't too pleased either; even Joy gets annoyed when she hears the commercial. There's also the fact that the mind workers are the ones sending it up there for a laugh. Ever wondered why some commercial jingles never seem to leave your head? Now you know. The workers' Happy Dance really sells the initial appearance of it.
  • Here we go: Bing Bong!
    Bing Bong: I go in here all the time! Ya see? [pointing to a sign reading "DANGER: KEEP OUT" with his trunk] D-A-N-G-E-R: Shortcut!
    • Even the staff commentary manages to get in a pretty hilarious moment here with Pete Docter pointing out that since Joy can read, she should be able to spot the problem herself:
    Docter: So doesn't this mean that Joy is really dumb? And to that I say, yes, but I don't care because it's funny.
  • Bing Bong's attempt to hide from Joy and Sadness by crouching in a corner and covering his eyes (basically thinking "if I can't see you, then you can't see me"). His dumbfounded expression when this obviously doesn't work is priceless. A moment later, he acts as though he's about to engage with them only to throw a memory to one side with a yell of "Diversion!" and he tries to run in the other direction, but immediately crashes into cart full of memories instead.
    • Shortly after (keep in mind Bing Bong is a combination elephant-cat-puppy-dolphin, made out of cotton candy):
    Joy: "Wait, I know you..."
    Bing Bong: "No, I get that a lot. I look like a lot of people."
    • Which is doubly funny, because he really does look like a lot of people: namely, an elephant, a cat, a puppy and a dolphin.
  • Joy, Bing Bong, and Sadness wandering into an Abstract Thought generator and the sudden escalation of Art Shifts. When they enter the two-dimensional stage, Bing Bong exclaims, "Depth! I'm lacking depth!"
    • After deconstructing, Sadness ends up rolling her own head along like a barrel.
      • And Joy says "C'mere, me!"
      • And Bing Bong says "I Can't Feel My Legs!" then picks one up. "Oh, there they are".
  • On playing his nose like an instrument: "I blow a mean nose!"
  • In Imagination Land, the trophy area with the soccer goal:
    Bing Bong: Look! I got First Place!
    Joy: I got First Place, too!
    Sadness: Oh, Participation Award...
  • Bing Bong's reminisce about the things he did with Riley includes using time travel to have breakfast twice in one day.
  • Joy accidentally knocks over a couple of boxes containing opinions and facts, then laments that they all look the same. Bing Bong tells her not to worry, because them getting mixed up happens a lot.
  • Fear's attempt to jump ship via the memory tube. It's not even a panicked, knee-jerk reaction—he packed a suitcase and everything!
    Fear: [casually walking to underneath the memory tube] Sure, it's the coward's way out, but this coward's gonna survive! [presses the button to activate the memory tube...which then proceeds to get clogged up with him and all of that day's memory orbs, ultimately spitting everything out]
  • The fact that the Subconscious area is filled with mundane representations of Riley's fears, like broccoli trees and Grandma's vacuum. Even Monster Clown Jangles is strangely humorous, probably helped by the fact that he's not really actively malevolent, just oblivious to his Nightmare Fuel Station Attendant status.
  • Sadness figuring out a pragmatic way into the Subconscious simply getting caught and thrown in by the guards. Complete with Joy glowing like a beacon while they're trying to sneak up on them.
    • Even better: just being close to the gate would have probably be reason enough to send them in, but the guards didn't notice those two sneaking past them. Why? They were arguing who the hat belongs to.
  • The entire dream sequence, which Fear is watching as if it's a bad TV show while Joy, Sadness, and Bing Bong cause havoc trying to wake Riley up.
    • One shot has him sitting in the left corner of the screen, just like MST3K.
      Fear: [tea sip] Let me guess, we have no pants on...
      Kid in class: Hey, look! She came to school with no pants on! [the camera pans down to "Riley" covering her bare legs]
      Fear: CALLED IT.
    • Especially the Bad "Bad Acting" from the dream teacher, who reads all her lines off of cue cards.
    • Riley's voiceover is done by some masculine guy with a beard, who sounds exactly like Riley thanks to his megaphone.
    • The whole part where Bing Bong says "Hi Riley, it's me!", sings a bit of his song and causes Fear to make the expression equivalent to a Flat "What", complete with a confused "Bing Bong?".
    • Joy and Sadness's dog costume goes wrong, resulting in a sudden shift into nightmare territory. Fear, who was sipping some tea at this point, reacts appropriately...
      Fear: [nervously] It's just a dream...It's just a dream...
    • While Bing Bong is getting subdued by security, the director orders the camera to pan out... and catches Rainbow Unicorn who was making her way around the studio with an armful of snacks, leaving her standing awkwardly with a nervous smile.
      Fear: Boooooo! Pick a plot line!
    • Right before Jangles arrives, Dream Productions seems to have been forced by the chaos to fall back to a Tastes Like Diabetes Rainbow Unicorn Dream. Everyone's deadpan look as they watch—both in Dream Productions and Fear back in HQ—just makes it better.
      • The unbelievably cheesy tone of the synth playing the chirpy Latin melody which Rainbow Unicorn is dancing to; it's been squeezed by a filter in such a way that it sounds like a very high-pitched fart.
    • Then when Sadness and Joy lure Jangles into the dream studio, Fear, of course, goes into full panic mode and wakes Riley up. This in turn gets Anger and Disgust downstairs, where they find Fear mumbling to himself in a Troubled Fetal Position. Anger grumbles that he did it again, and then angrily tells him off saying, "You idiot! It was a dream!"
  • This bit:
    Disgust: are we going to get to Minnesota from here?
    Anger: Well, why don't we go down to the elephant lot and rent an elephant?
    Fear: Hey, that sounds nice.
  • While riding the Train of Thought, Bing Bong points out various landmarks of Riley's mind, including mentioning Deja Vu three times.
  • Joy using a French fry as a jump pole...and then licking her fingers as she runs.
  • Joy trying to find Sadness and then acting like her (mopey voice, laying on the ground, etc.) to figure out where she could be. And it works!
  • Riley's imaginary boyfriends, especially how they are used as a Chekhov's Army. Joy makes a million copies of them, stuffs them into Bing Bong's Bag of Holding, and uses them to make a ladder so she can reach the trampoline on Family Island. Doubles as a CMoA.
    • "I would die for Riley!"
    • The initial reactions to the imaginary boyfriend: Joy's grossed out, Bing Bong's confused and Sadness is grinning.
    • Joy off-handedly calling the imaginary boyfriend "haircut."
  • "Forget it, Jake. It's Cloudtown."
  • Fear trying to pry the idea bulb out of the fading control panel with a crowbar, but he can't and ends up whacking himself on the head with it.
  • When Joy uses a balloon to blow Sadness closer to Headquarters, she accidentally breaks the card house again. The mind worker expanding it promptly rage quits.
    Mind Worker: THAT'S IT! I FOLD!
  • At the end, while panicking about Riley's spreading depression.
    What makes this hilarious is that everyone who sees this suspects they're gonna smash through the window, but they don't.
  • Disgust's hilarious "The Reason You Suck" Speech to Anger towards the ending, all part of a Batman Gambit to make him angry enough to set of his fire-hair to melt the window glass. The smirk she gives right before giving it makes it funnier; you can tell she's going to enjoy it.
    Disgust: Of course your tiny brain is confused! Guess I'll just have to dumb it down to your level! Sorry I don't speak "Moron" as well as you, but let me try: DU-UUUUUUUUUUUH!
  • At the end, looking over the expanded control console, Digust notices a big red alarm labelled "PUBERTY":
    Disgust: Wait, guys, what's pub-erty?
    Joy: Oh, probably nothing important.
  • In a pretty obvious Sequel Hook or Pilot Movie line related to this later:
    Joy: [narrating] After all, Riley's 12 now. What could happen?
  • At the end, Mrs. Andersen's emotions toss out the memory of the Brazilian helicopter pilot...but then her Fear steals it back "just in case."
  • Our brief glimpse into the mind of Jordan (the boy Riley bumps into at the end):
    Klaxon Alarm: GIRL. GIRL. GIRL.
    [cue Jordan's Joy, Sadness, Anger, and Disgust running around in a blind panic while their leader Fear has assumed the Troubled Fetal Position and is rocking back and forth, sobbing in terror]
    [Jordan stands staring at Riley frozen in shock and slack-jawed.]
  • The Creative Closing Credits give us the emotions of other minor characters where we discover some pretty interesting truths:
    • The schoolteacher is frustrated with the lack of response from her students (complete with her Anger banging her head against a giant globe), but her ruling emotion, Joy, is nevertheless looking forward to the coming summer break. Oh, and she knows the same Brazilian helicopter pilot Riley's mom knew.
    • The pizza shop clerk has all of her emotions jaded and not even focused on what the customers are ordering, and is more preoccupied with what Troy (presumably her boyfriend) thinks. Maybe one or two joyful memories on the entire rack, and even that isn't certain. There's graffiti all over the control room. Also, none of the emotions know what Troy is mad about. Her Disgust is the leader, and is the only one wondering why they're obsessing about it so much.
    • One of the "cool" girls has Fear running her control room, with her emotions panicking and on edge, thinking that the other kids will spot her as a fraud. The cool girl's Anger responds, "Of course not. We're wearing eyeshadow." Then Sadness says, "Being cool is so exhausting."note  And the background consists of an electric guitar and makeup.
    • Jangles the Clown's emotions lament that he spent six years in drama school for this. Comedy/Drama masks hang behind the emotions, who are all dressed like clowns with disgusted or exhausted looks on their faces. Even better, Joy seems to control him, yet almost all his memories are Fear, Sadness, and Disgust-based.
    • All five of the bus driver's emotions are different shades of Anger and literally all but a few of his memories are red (he even has a big variety of red shades). One of them suggests thinking of something happy. What do they come up with? "TripleDent Gum will make you smile..." They all burst aflame at the same time. Various traffic signs are behind them.
    • A dog's emotions. All of them work in unison to get what they want (a slice of pizza a random passerby man is eating). The memory rack is full of joyful memories and there are dog bones behind them.
    • A cat's emotions. There's no one at the controls—they're all just walking and lazing around, acting like cats (Joy rubs up against Sadness, attempts to play with Anger, who hisses, then tries to play with Sadness, who remains subdued throughout the scene.). In the background, Disgust hocks up a hairball. But then Fear appears on the console and starts batting at the controls, causing the cat to flip out—which is apparently why cats act so weird every seven seconds. Also, since Fear is at the controls, it literally means it's a Scaredy-Cat. The background consists of cat trees, and the memory rack is filled with mostly disgusted memories.
    • And, the Stealth Pun Aesop of this whole sequence: Everyone has feelings.
  • When we initially see all of Riley's core memories, the one for Family Island shows toddler Riley baking cookies with her parents. She says "I'm gonna be Rapunzel!" and shoves a cookie in her father's mouth. Funny and adorable!
  • The introduction to the new core islands at the end, including:
    Sadness: I like "Tragic Vampire Romance Island..."
    Fear: "Boy Band Island"... hope that's just a phase...

  • According to this article, Anger has a time out corner we never get to see him go to.
  • The film's "An Emotional Moment with..." promotional spots are a parade of hilarity.
    • "An Emotional Moment with Fear" features Riley's resident nervous wreck trying — and failing — to watch a hoary old horror movie called The Shoes of Doom.
      Man: Marsha, where did you get those shoes?
      Marsha: [Blu-ray/Digital only] At that haunted thrift store.
      Man: Take them back, Marsha! Those...are shoes... OF DOOM!
      [zoom into Riley's mind, where Anger, Joy, Disgust, and Sadness are watching the film on the sofa]
      Anger: [chuckles]
      Joy: Scary... this is gonna be good!
      Sadness: I love this part.
      Disgust: She'd better take back those shoes...
      Fear: [entering] All right! What are we watching?
      Joy: Fear, I don't think you could handle this. It's a scary movie.
      Fear: [confidently] Uh... thank you Joy, but I'll have you know I'm not scared of everything.
      Marsha: Ahh, my feet! They feel possessed! [Fear's confident expression vanishes]
      Man: Take them off, Marsha!!
      Marsha: [demonic voice] We are no longer Marsha! We are the shoes!
      [Fear starts to panic and begins frantically mashing buttons and spinning dials at the console.]
      Joy: Okay, I have an idea; how about, instead, we watch a nature show?
      [Externally, Riley changes the channel in fear. Internally, Fear begins to relax.]
      Nature Documentary Presenter: A young deer grazing quietly in a meadow... has no chance against the vicious jaws of a grizzly bear.
      [The bear roars. Overwhelmed, Fear passes out]
      Joy: So... Shoes of Doom?
      Anger/Sadness/Disgust: Absolutely!/Yes, please./Of course, yes!
      [Joy has Riley change the channel back]
      Possessed Marsha: We are the shoes! We are the shoes!...
    • While not part of the clip itself, the resulting Hurricane of Puns in the comments section is also hilarious.
      "I can't wait for Shoes of Doom 2: Heel on Earth."
      "Shoes of Doom 3: The Sole Taking Trilogy."
      "S v B: Shoes vs Boots."
      "Shoes of Doom: The Gritty Reboot No One Asked For."
      "Hopefully they don't just retread the original."
      "Shoes of Doom 4: The Velcro Villain."
      "Shoes of Doom V: Taste of Defeet."
      "Shoes of Doom VI: Arch-Nemesis."
      "Shoes Of Doom VII: The Sneak-ers."
      "Or Shoes of Doom 3: Wicked Soles!"
      "Shoes of Doom IX: The Lace Against Time!"
      "Shoes of Doom:4 Double knot Dynasty"
      "Shoes of Doom X: The Sandal Flame"
      "Shoes of Doom 3: Highway to Heel"
      "Shoes of Doom 4: Restless Soles"
      "There have also been rumors about a crossover film with either "Bootlejuice" or "The Human Sandalpede"."
      "Shoes of Doom sequels!
      2: Highway to Heel
      3: Tread Lightly
      4: No, Nope, Prada"
    • In the promotional spot "An Emotional Moment with Sadness", all the emotions try to keep Sadness from making Riley cry in front of other kids. At one point, Joy frantically tries to distract her with a Happy Dance, which works about as well as you'd expect.
      Sadness: Your desperation makes me sad!
    • "An Emotional Moment with Disgust", a.k.a. "Five-Second Rule", has Joy and Disgust arguing over eating a grape that passed the 5-second rule.
      • Joy argues that the grape "barely touched the ground". Disgust begins rattling off a list of other things that "barely touch the ground", including hippies.
      • At the height of the argument, each emotion is tugging at the lever on the control panel one way and the other in rapid succession (making Riley about to put the grape in her mouth but hesitant to do so), while the three others are watching the Cat Fight from the couch.
        Fear: Um, should we do something?
        Anger: [chuckles] No.
      • How Joy eventually wins the argument:
        Joy: It's a grape. It's not like we're eating broccoli.
        Disgust: [recoils in horror] Ugh! Don't even go there.
        Joy: [picking upon Disgust's reaction] Or boogers.
        Disgust: [gags] You're evil!
        [Disgust runs off, a hand over her mouth]
        Joy: [slyly] Or dog food.
        Disgust: [offscreen] Shut your mouth!
        [Joy pushes the lever, and Riley tosses the grape and catches it in her mouth]
    • "An Emotional Moment with Anger" features Anger reacting to a boy bumping into Riley.
      • Anger is unimpressed with the boy's reaction to bumping into Riley:
        Boy: My bad!
        Anger: "My bad"? That's all you have to say? What about "I'm sorry"? Ever hear of those words before? They're the same words the doctor said when he handed you to your mother!
      • Then the other emotions start an anger management lesson for Anger. Fear ends up getting held by the throat.
      • Sadness calls Anger short, despite physically being the shortest of the group sans Anger.
  • A different set of promos was called "Get to Know Your Emotions", each one spotlighting a different character.
    • Sadness's is pure comedy gold. And since her moment is triggered by Riley spilling a glass of milk all over her newly-completed homework, she's literally crying over spilled milk.:
      Narrator: When life gets you down — [Riley knocks over a glass of milk and it spills on her homework] — that's when Sadness takes over. This is Sadness.
      [cut to Sadness in the control room, who begins to sob]
      Narrator: With a caring touch and a kind heart, Sadness leaps into action to let you —
      [Sadness bursts into tears]
      Narrator: I said, Sadness leaps into action —
      [Sadness continues to cry while flailing all over the control panel]
      Narrator: Sadness?
      [Sadness falls on the floor, still crying]
      Narrator: Oh, Sadness.
    • Joy's is pretty good too. It involves her rocking out ... with an accordion.
    • When a card house Riley is building collapses, Anger throws a temper tantrum, leaves, then comes back with a folding chair and starts banging on the control panel with it. Priceless.
    • And then there's Fear's.
      Narrator: With speed and wisdom, Fear assesses the situation and settles your nerves. In his own special way.
      Fear: [Runs around screaming.]
  • In the tie-in picture book Joy's Greatest Joy/Simply Sadness, the Sadness half has her "trying to be more positive" by looking through "really good memories" of Riley's — like a mummy costume made of toilet paper that was ruined by a Halloween rain shower, and a fishing trip with Dad where "the boat leaked and it smelled like old fish and we didn't get a single bite."
  • The Hidden Track (which doubles as The Stinger) on Michael Giacchino's soundtrack album: ''Triple-dent gum...!'
  • Much of the Driven by Emotions Novelization, which retells the story from each emotion's first-person point of view, is quite funny. Samples:
    Joy: I gave [Sadness] some mind manuals to read. Who doesn't love mind manuals? With titles like Long Term Memory Retrieval, Volume 47, you just know they have to be fascinating! Okay, maybe not fascinating, but they gave Sadness something to do.

    Disgust: Then Mom came in to kiss Riley good night, and she was all, "Thanks, Riley, for being so happy when our whole life rots and we made this hideous decision to move to this place of doom." I might be paraphrasing.

    Fear: At one point Riley noticed that one of the fluorescent lights in math class was flickering. Not only did it give the whole room a creepy vibe, it was really bad for our eyesight. No one should have to multiply fractions in poor lighting conditions.

    Anger: Fighting ensued, but it wasn't the good kind of fighting with wrestlers in an arena body-slamming one another.

    Sadness: I've never had good balance. I usually trip over my own feet and land on my face. That's why I just lie down flat on my face on my own. I keep myself from falling that way.
  • Originally, the film only planned to have Joy with the particle effect, only for it to prove expensive and time-consuming. They decided to scrap it. Then John Lasseter saw it and went "Great! Do it for all of them." Cue Mass "Oh, Crap!". And then they pulled it off.
  • Pete Docter revealed the basic shapes that all the emotions were modeled from. Disgust's is broccoli. Let's hope she never takes too close a look at herself.
  • In this video, Amy Poehler, Pete Docter and Jonas Rivera talk about a few jokes that didn’t make it into the finished film. One of them was of Fear giving Disgust an Anguished Declaration of Love, only for Disgust to reply with, "Ugh, I know." There's also the mention of a scene where Fear, acting as interim leader, reacts to a situation that didn't go brilliantly by saying "Fantastic, great job, everybody!" to the surprise of the other emotions. Fear then continues "And if you'll excuse me, I need to do a thing." He then walks off screen and screams off camera before returning and saying "All right, back to work, everybody!"
  • Forget This, a choose your own adventure styled book about Anger going into the mind world with either Disgust or Fear, has plenty.
    • In one of the Disgust paths, she and Anger end up in Boyband Island, and Anger is annoyed when Disgust starts fangirling over the bands.
    • In one of the Fear paths, Fear starts freaking out on the set of a spider themed nightmare at Dream Productions, and Anger is forced to calm him down by begrudgingly putting on a kitten costume.
    • One ending has Anger snap at a mind worker, and the mind worker gets back at him by sending him to Tragic Vampire Romance Island. Cue a Skyward Scream from Anger.
  • This deleted scene involving Bing Bong is one.
  • A comic in an Inside Out book called "VIP Tour", which was about Bing Bong giving a mind worker named Gail a tour of Imagination Land, had quite a few of these:
    • Bing Bong telling Gail that the traffic in Cloud Town is nuts after lunch, which leads to her responding "I hate traffic!"
    • This conversation in Sparkle Pony Mountain:
      Gail: Why do I have to get the one annoyed pony?
      Bing Bong: He's only annoyed because you are. Your smiles give them sparkle power. Go ahead, try a smile.
      (Gail does a funny-looking smile)
      Bing Bong: See, I told ya it would work.
    • Bing Bong shows Gail his favorite part of Imaginationland, the Stuffed Animal Hall of Fame, at the end of the comic. He tries picking up a teddy bear, who tells him that he's for display only and needs to be put down.
  • The fact that way back in production, before Disgust was added and when Hope and Pride were still there, all the emotions had Aerith and Bob-type names, rather than actually being named as the emotions they literally embody. But that's not the funny part—the funny part, is that once you look into the meaning of the names, aside from Joy and Hope, every single one of them is an Ironic Name:
  • The deleted scene Riley Grows Up has a ton of these:
    • In reaction to mentioning Bing Bong and seeing two girls who Riley wants to make friends with, Joy thinks that the girls can fly because Bing Bong can (back then, he had wings).
    • Joy repeatedly trying to yell "Monkey bars!", only for Riley not to listen to her.
    • "This is the most boring conversation of all!"
    • "Really, Sarah? The funniest thing ever? Funnier than cartoons?"
  • The Misdirection scene also has a few of these moments.
    • When Joy and Freddie run into Riley's imaginary boyfriend, Bing Bong tells them that although she forgot him, he never forgot her at all, which leads into him saying his catchphrase, "I would die for Riley!", and Joy calls this intense.
    • Mrs. Scribbles offering the house next to hers to Joy, which she says has a working chimney despite its size. Joy replies that she hasn't retired and that she's mistaken.
    • Bing Bong assumes that Joy is past her prime, and she says that she isn't.
    • "Denial is the first step to acceptance".


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