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Pixar film:

  • Riley scoring her first hockey goal!
  • All the emotions working together to make sure Riley's first meal was a happy one.
  • Sadness using a pragmatic method of getting in the Subconscious area. Just go to the door, get caught by the guards... and get thrown in by the guards.
  • Bing Bong sacrificing himself to help Joy get out of the memory dump, telling her to sing louder as he jumps off. Then he cheers her getting out, and asks her to take Riley to the moon. Doubles as a Tear Jerker.
  • The entire "race against time" sequence, with Riley running away from home interchangeably with the emotions trying to stop her before it's too late, all with tense music playing.
  • Joy using the Imaginary Boyfriend Generator to create a makeshift ladder big enough to launch herself from the Family Island trampoline towards Headquarters and grab Sadness in the process. She even gets a Meaningful Echo to Sadness saying, "I'm positive you'll get lost in there" when saying, "I'm positive this is crazy!" Doubles as a Funny Moment when the boyfriends shout, "FOR RILEY!"
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  • Disgust provoking Anger to burn up, so she can break the glass to pull Joy and Sadness to safety.
  • When Sadness is finally allowed control, she lets the blue touch her previous Core Memories, providing Riley the deep, cleansing cry she truly needed.
  • The final scene, ("Let's play some hockey!!!") shows that all the emotions are involved in Riley's enjoyment of her favorite sport. Even Sadness has a determined Bring It look on her face!
    • Riley recovering the puck during that same scene makes it very clear that Riley really is back in her element.
    Sadness: (As the opponent with the puck approaches the goal) Oh, Mom and Dad are watching us fail...
    Anger: (As Riley smacks the opponent's stick aside and takes the puck) Not for long!
  • Bing Bong's entire character arc is this. He starts out annoying, self-centered, not really very helpful, and in fact detrimental to the quest at more than one point. Then he sees that Riley really has outgrown him, and given the pattern that both Disney and Pixar movies were showing at the time, it would have surprised very few viewers if he were to become Inside Out's "Hidden Bad Guy." Then he defies all expectations with a surprising and very moving Heroic Sacrifice. Way to go, Bing Bong. Way to go.
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  • Fear is a walking moment of awesome. The emotion lives up to his name, being scared all the time and cautious while predicting dangers. But he never gives up, most of the time at least. Fear tries to find solutions to fix the missing core memories, even working to hold tentative new ones in place with his body. Even in the climax, he is doing all he can to rescue Riley from her depression and knocks himself silly when banging things against the control panel and the glass. You have to admire someone who is scared all the time but isn't afraid to try anyway.

Pixar film meta:

  • The entire Abstract Thought section of Riley's brain. Mostly for the surreal animation, which is like nothing ever seen by Pixar before.
  • The fact that Pixar had it in them to make a film that directly deals with depression among children, without glossing over the details or downplaying the effect it has. Those with depression themselves have praised the film. The sequence of first losing Joy, then Sadness, with Disgust, Anger and Fear struggling for control, before feeling disconnected from and unable to process all those emotions is perhaps the most direct, clear explanation of the process in fiction.
  • The success of this movie bringing Pixar back to its former glory. After the mixed reactions to their last three films, fans worldwide feared that Pixar's glory days were over, only for this incredible film to blow them away. To paraphrase one reviewer, "Pixar's not just back. They've made such a spectacular return that it seems silly we ever suggested they left."
  • The Visual Effects of Awesome for the inside of Riley's head, as well as the very concept. We see how her memories are made, how her personality is formed, and how all her emotions work together (or don't work together) inside her head to make Riley who she is. It's all shown to us, and it's all so cool.
    • The Kirby Dots particle effect was planned for Joy only, then nearly abandoned after proving too expensive and time-consuming. John Lasseter happened to take a look at it, and liked it so much he told them to apply it to all five emotions. And they did.
  • This post highlighting why the movie is a great one.
    • One thing this post didn't mention- even coming out one week after Jurassic World (which has broken several box office records and is already one of the ten highest grossing films of all time), it still managed to earn $90.4 million in its opening weekend, making it the biggest #2 opening weekend of all time (it eventually reached #1 in its third weekend).
      • A Pixar story artist drew two images based on the films competing for the number one spot at the box office. In the first, Joy faces down the I-rex, and in the second she uppercuts it so hard its teeth go flying.
  • The nostalgia many of those who remember Cranium Command felt (and still do somewhat) when this film was first announced. Inside Out is obviously a different story but there are influences of Cranium Command present, which Pete Docter was involved in.
  • The animated short, Riley's First Date, being included on the Blu-ray and Digital HD releases as a bonus feature seems to be jumping on the 'Frozen Fever' bandwagon; but if the latter was anything to go by, this will just make the short even more epic.