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Badass Family at its finest.
Dash: That was so cool when you threw that car!
Bob: Not as cool as you running on water!
Bob and Dash lampshading how awesome their experiences are

  • Frozone, undercover, immobilizes a policeman and the bullet that was being fired at him with "I know, I know ...freeze."
    • While we're at it, an understated one for the policeman: Frozone's ice shoots out of his hands at lightning speed, but the officer still manages to get a shot off that we can see must have been shot almost as soon as Frozone used his powers.
  • Young Mr. Incredible catching the jumper in mid-air. If you listen closely, you can hear the crowd outside give a stunned silence, followed by cheering when they realize what happened.
  • The big family fight against the giant robot ... which was only surpassed by The Incredibles fighting together against Syndrome's mooks.
  • Hell, Syndrome's entrance in general.
  • The chase scene on the island (titled "Hundred Mile Dash" on the DVD chapters). What really makes it awesome is Dash's laugh after discovering that he can run on water.
  • Mr. Incredible stopping a police chase, catching a bank robber, and rescuing a kitten stuck in a tree, all in one move.
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  • "I love our family!"
  • "'Greater good'?! I am your wife! I'm the 'greatest good' you EVER gon' get!" It gets even better when you realize that whoever this woman is  , she is telling off Samuel L. Jackson.
  • Edna telling Elastigirl exactly what to do. "Pull! Yourself! Together!"
  • Elastigirl's infiltration of Syndrome's island base is truly awesome, and the Awesome Music is just gravy.
  • Mr. Incredible and Frozone during the burning building rescue.
  • Dash and Violet have one together when Violet forms her forcefield ball and Dash runs it along, hamster-ball style. Then they accidentally run over their parents.
  • Edna is a walking CMOA. When you're 3 feet tall and can flabbergast supers, you can't be anything else.
    • The fact that Edna has fire over 1,000 degrees, machine guns and missile launchers in a secret room that seems to be under her house.
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  • Four words: Don't! Touch! My! SISTER!
  • A behind-the-scenes example has to go to Holly Hunter for learning what the radio protocol for pilots meant. The result... a nail-bitingly intense scene that doesn't feel scripted or acted, which for an animated film is truly mind-blowing.
  • Elastigirl knocking Mirage out for the count. Yes, she did it under a wrong assumption, but knowing what Elastigirl thinks is going on is enough to see it from her side. Plus, Mirage's expression is hilarious. Elastigirl must have one hell of a punch.
  • The fights on the island:
    • Mr. Incredible gets his groove back; his infiltration of Syndrome's base only blown because of the tracking beacon coming out of left field.
    • Elastigirl infiltrates the base and rescues her husband without being noticed at all.
      • The best part? They're creative. They might be out of practice and out of shape, but this is far from their first rodeo, and it shows in how they think and react to obstacles.
    • Dash and Violet using their powers professionally for the first time and learning that, yes, they're super, and they can hold their own against fully grown bad guys.
      • Even more awesome on Violet's part is just before she forms the hamster ball with Dash, she saw that Dash was about to be shot by a mook. Violet threw herself in front of her little brother, and was surprised that she formed the force field. She was about to die for her baby brother. This girl has got guts.
    • The looks on the kids' faces when they finally get to see what Mom and Dad are really capable of.
  • Violet outright refusing to flee from the approaching Omnidroid 10, even when told by her mother to get out of there. Quite the far cry from the withdrawn teenager who turned invisible whenever her high-school crush looked in her direction.
  • After thinking his family was murdered by Syndrome, Mr. Incredible threatens to kill Mirage. Later, when she tends to him, we see he's a clearly broken man with nothing left to lose, so he grabs her by the throat like he's going to crush her skull, demanding what else they can do to him.
  • Mirage calling out Syndrome over him not trying to save her, leading to her Heel–Face Turn.
  • Mr. Incredible gets one for throwing his boss Mr. Huph through several walls. While he gets into trouble, the fact that he was forced to watch a person get mugged and not allowed to do anything about it, knowing full well what was going on, makes it all the more likely to cheer for him getting what he deserved.
    • And before that, the former basically gives a giant "screw you" to the latter with every one of his customers that he helps navigate the bureaucracy that makes up Insuricare's claim system so they can get the money they are entitled to under their coverage. And apparently, according to Mr. Huph, Bob has been doing this multiple times, which means a numerous amount of people know how to Loophole Abuse their way into the company's inner workings and possibly tell other people how to as well.
  • The Omnidroid gets one when it turns on Syndrome and sends him flying across the city.
  • A random foot soldier manages to avoid The Guards Must Be Crazy. When Violet tuns invisible in an attempt to hide from him, he just throws some dust on her.
    • Extra points for doing a decent John Wayne impression. ("You can't hide from me!")
    • It also gives further credibility to Elastigirl's warning that these villains are not Saturday-morning cartoon villains and are a serious threat to their lives.
  • Syndrome owning Mr. Incredible in all of their confrontations. Not bad for someone who once was completely useless...
    • In particular, this scene demonstrates a lot of Syndrome's skill and intellect. Whether it's from the Omni Droid's design, his "Now I'm A Threat" monologue, or the now-iconic "You got me monologuing" and nonchalant beatdown, it is a clear showing that he is not interested in being a hero anymore.
  • Violet freeing herself and her family from Syndrome's energy-powered restraint. Not even Mr Incredible (whose Super Strength is so great he has to lift trains to put on some muscle) could do anything, yet she easily freed herself by blocking the energy flux with her forcefield, used the ball-shaped forcefield to roll to the controls, and deactivated the restraints with a grin on her face.
    "Well, I think Dad has made some excellent progress today, but I think it’s time we wind down now."
  • The babysitter, Kari, manages to mitigate the damage Jack-Jack's superpowers cause to the Parr house. She winds up not dying, and eventually becomes prepared to respond to anything JJ does at an instant's notice, without flinching, despite staying up all night.
  • In a deleted scene, Helen hits a point for moms everywhere when she calls out a snooty woman who thinks that motherhood is only for people who can't handle the real world.
    Beth: Throw away my prime years trailing after a bunch of snotty kids. No thank you. Hello, NO THANKS. Hello, I want to DO SOMETHING with my life.
    Helen: Wait a minute! You consider raising a family nothing?
    Helen: Do you have any idea how much suffering would fail to take root if more people were just good parents?
    Beth: Well I uh...
    Helen: What's more important than that? What kind of job? A job saving lives? Is that important? What about risking my life? What about confronting evil on a daily basis for years so that people like you can sleep in safety and security? Would you consider that kind of job "substantial"?
    Beth: Uhm y-yeah I would, yes I would.
    Helen: Well that's the job I gave up for my new job: raising a family. And nobody is going to tell me it's any less important.
  • Just when it looks like Syndrome is going to abduct Jack-Jack, the baby suddenly manifests a smorgasbord of powers.
    • Helen's solution to getting Jack-Jack away from Syndrome is to have Bob throw her. She rescues Jack-Jack and uses her stretching powers to turn herself into a parachute. As Syndrome is raging and delivering his "I'll be back" rant, Bob gets fed up and chucks the family car at him.
    • Jack-Jack escapes from Syndrome by surprising him with his morphing powers, and breaks one of his rocket boots, forcing him to let go.
      • Yes, Jack-Jack has a temper tantrum (as babies tend to do) and escapes because of it.
      • Even better when you realise that all the powers he displays are exactly what Edna prepared for in his suit. No wonder that woman is still in business - she can probably see the future!
  • A rather underrated scene when the Omnidroid attacks Dash and Violet. The latter produces a force field to protect her and Dash, but is knocked out when the Omnidroid just drops its entire weight on the forcefield, cratering the street. A few seconds later, she is carried by her mother and taken to a safe place (Dash following behind). She tells her mother that she's okay. Let's reiterate: a teenage girl resisted the full weight of a giant robot (one that was purposefully built to be able to fight and kill a seasoned superhero like her father) and was back on her feet in under a minute. That is the epitome of badass.
  • What about Elastigirl protecting her kids as the plane crashes? She's able to get both of them and herself away safely despite the fact that missiles have just impacted the plane! That's just amazing, Mama Bear realness.
  • It seems to get lost under all the other cool moments, but one moment that rarely gets any recognition is Bob proving that Super Strength (arguably one of the least useful power sets for stealth) can be applied with some creativity, good judgment, and quick thinking during his infiltration of Syndrome's base. He's the team muscle, but as he's shown, he's certainly not Dumb Muscle.
    • Speaking of quick thinking, Bob tricking Syndrome's life probe by hiding under Gazerbeam's skeleton. Allowing Syndrome to think he had been killed made it much easier for Bob to go into full stealth mode. Even Syndrome gleefully admitted how awesome that was!
  • There is something awesome about the fact that, while just about all of the other superheroes were killed by the Omnidroid, some still managed to beat it at least once- even in its later stages.
  • Meta example: Bob, Mr. Nigh Invulnerable, is allowed to show fear and emotional vulnerability. Helen, his Love Interest/Wife, is allowed to be awesome without being flat. The kids are allowed to be awesome in their own right instead of being tag alongs. Basically, this is the movie that lets superheroes be people and remain awesome while doing it.
  • It's a definite tribute to Helen's parenting skills that the threat of grounding Violet and Dash for a month if they don't calm down works in the middle of the ocean after the plane they were in got shot down.
  • Dicker gets a Reality Ensues version when he has Syndrome's assets frozen, thus crippling his organization.
  • Just when you feel the family has reached a new understanding and all the loose ends are tied up, a colossal mole machine tears its way up from the depths of the earth, and grating tannoys bellow to the entire city that The Underminer has arrived! And we get one last super-hero trope on the way out, as Bob pulls open his shirt to reveal his costume beneath... just like that other guy.
  • Dash's teacher arguably gets one in the beginning of the film for discovering and explaining how he found out that Dash was the mastermind of the thumbtack prank. Since Dash has super speed, this is impressive.
  • A posthumous one for Gazerbeam. Much like Mr. Incredible after him and likely many other supers before him, he got suckered into testing the powers of the Omnidroid and was pushed into a state where he would have been killed by the droid, or possibly by Syndrome due to finding out about Syndrome's Evil Plan. He not only managed to escape both, but despite knowing he would be Dying Alone, with little if any chance of anyone finding him, he used the last of his strength to carve the password for Syndrome's supercomputer into the cave walls in a way that it would be difficult to find unless you knew where to look. Without Gazerbeam, Bob may very well have never been able to find out about Syndrome's plan until it was too late.
  • Likewise, Syndrome's files reveal that five supers (Gazerbeam, Macroburst, Gamma Jack, Hypershock and Downburst) actually managed to defeat an Omindroid before being defeated by the next version. Downburst just had the ability to reshape matter in what had so far only manifested as treatment of wounds, while Macroburst had the power to emit gusts of wind (both impressive powers, but not to the point of what Gamma Jack, Hypershock and Gazerbeam had to use against the robots). Yet somehow, they won, quite likely due to an It's Personal motivation, as the omindroids they were facing had killed two members of Macroburst's former team, and Blazestone (who Downburst had been in love with) respectively.


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