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  • Possibly the single greatest swear in the entire history of swearing:
    Malcolm Tucker: "You know, I've come across a lot of psychos, but none as fucking boring as you- I mean, you're a real boring fuck- sorry, sorry, I know that you disapprove of swearing, so I'll sort that out: you are a boring eff-star-star-CUNT."
  • A rarity: a character who isn't afraid of Malcolm. Played by James Gandolfini, no less.
    • Judy also gets some points on this front, since — while she's perhaps not quite as intimidating about is as General Miller is — she's also much more capable of standing up to Malcolm than most people are.
      • In a deleted scene, she did such a good job of standing up to Jamie that it's likely he went home after to have a wank.
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  • Meta-example: Armando Iannucci committing espionage in order to get a realistic look at the inside of the U.S State Department.

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