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Awesome / In the Line of Fire

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  • It seems like Clint Eastwood can never stop being badass.
    Leary: Do you have what it takes to take a bullet, or is life too precious?
    Frank: Well I'll be thinkin' about that when I'm pissin' on your grave.
  • This Multitasked Conversation:
    Frank Horrigan: Go ahead and shoot, dammit.
    Lilly Raines: They can't see inside. If they fire, you'll be hit.
    Mitch Leary: I want you to thank me first, Frank.
    Horrigan: Shut up and shoot.
    Lilly: All right, Frank.
    Mitch: All right, Frank.
    Lilly: Shooters, stand by to fire. Wait for my command.
    Mitch: [Cocks the gun] Sleep well, my friend.
    Horrigan: Just one thing: aim high.
    Mitch: What?
    Lilly: Aim high.
    Horrigan: Now!
    Mitch: [Sees the microphone and realizes Horrigan has been talking to Raines] You bastard!
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  • Malkovich gets a couple of great moments, too. For instance, there's the scene where he meets two duck hunters. They're very impressed with his homemade composite gun, and he even lets them use it to shoot a duck. Then they hear about his plan to assassinate the President.
    Hunters burst out laughing... until they realize he's dead serious.
    Hunter: What would you wanna do that for, mister?
    Mitch: Why did you kill that bird, asshole?
  • Also, when Horrigan has Mitch at gunpoint. Mitch, who is in the middle of pulling Horrigan to safety, just closes his mouth around the barrel, daring him to shoot.

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