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Awesome / The Good Dinosaur

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  • Arlo helping Butch and his kids fend off the Raptors.
    • To emphasize, Arlo managed to knock out the two raptors who were giving Butch a hard time.
      • Heck, how two tiny raptors were able to nearly kill a T-rex is amazing on its own.
  • The climax where Arlo takes on the pterosaurs by knocking the first four into the river, and then letting out a roar powerful enough to push Thunderclap away before Spot tears into his wing. Thunderclap tries to flee, but Arlo throws a branch at him and knocks him into the river.
    • No, that roar didn't push Thunderclap. It scared the living daylights out of him. Which is both awesome and cathartic after all his boasting about being above fear and having forgotten it.
    • Heck, however Spot managed to get free of Thunderclap's grip was impressive.
  • Arlo dives in front of Spot into the oncoming flash flood to protect him, and manages to swim through it to reach Spot just as they go over the waterfall.
  • Spot taking on a four-legged snake to protect Arlo.
  • Butch telling Arlo that fear is a natural process of life and it shouldn't be forgotten, but controlled. An intimidating, gigantic T-rex admitting that it is capable of being scared is a pretty awesome and humble moment.
    • You're forgetting the reason he started talking about it in the first place: Butch was fighting three crocodiles AT THE SAME TIME and won. The third of which he drowned with his own blood.
      • What makes it cool: out of context, it sounds like a mighty tall tale. But when Arlo decides he shouldn't be afraid either, Butch points out "Who said I'm not scared?" It drives the point home that every thing in his story actually happened, because he felt real fear, just as anyone of us would've in Butch's place.
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    • "If you ain't scared of a croc bitin' you on the face, you ain't alive." Those words are especially chilling when you imagine Butch is also talking about the likes of Thunderclap, that he's saying that people who live without fear are dead on the inside.