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Pixar — Taking awesome To Infinity and Beyond!


Real life

  • Forget the movies for a second, the survival of the entire damn company is a CMOA. It spent something to the order of half a dozen years shilling one of the most advanced medical computers ever madenote  to companies that couldn't afford it, with pretty much no backing (this was during owner Steve Jobs' time away from Apple) and yet extremely few employees even considered quitting for better offers. John Lasseter—who was some guy using software-company resources to make short films—turned down job offers from Disney to stay at this dinky little start-up, insisting that unless Disney hired all of Pixar he'd stay where he was. Jobs straight-up refused to stop throwing money into this company in spite of ridiculously small returns on that investment. All on the hope of someday making the first all-CGI movie. And they did. Cut to twenty-one years later — Disney does, in a manner of speaking, hire all of Pixar, and puts Lasseter in charge of all Disney animation. AWESOME.


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