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Sanjay's Super Team is a 2015 animated short by Pixar. It is one of the Pixar Shorts.

A young Indian boy named Sanjay lives in America with his father. Sanjay's father is an immigrant who meditates at a shrine to Vishnu in the home. Sanjay, a second-generation born in the United States, is Americanized and wants only to watch his favorite cartoon superhero show, Super Team. Sanjay's dad is irritated by his son's lack of interest in the Hindu religion while Sanjay is irritated when his father interrupts the TV to insists that his son join him in prayer.

One day his father confiscates Sanjay's "Super Team" toy and insists that Sanjay pray at the shrine. Sanjay retrieves the figurine, but accidentally extinguishes the flame in the shrine—and is transported to a magical world of Hindu gods and demons, finding out how similar Hinduism and superheroes are.


Written and directed by Sanjay Patel, who based the story on his own experiences as an Indian-American boy with an immigrant father. Played in theaters with Pixar feature The Good Dinosaur. Compare Bao, another Pixar short with similar themes.


  • Real-Person Epilogue: The short ends with photographs of director Sanjay Patel and his father, one from the past and one more recent.
  • Saved by the Church Bell: A Hindu god uses the sound emitted by a prayer bell to drive away a demon. This fails, but then Sanjay uses the prayer-candle holder as a bell, which succeeds.
  • Silence Is Golden: As with almost every other Pixar theatrical short, the story is told without any dialogue. (We do hear some dialogue from the Super Team show but it's irrelevant to the plot.)