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Awesome / The Pirates! In an Adventure with Scientists!

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  • When all three of The Captain's rivals for "Pirate of the Year" dramatically burst into The Barnacle's Face in a series of ever escalating introductions.
    • First Peg-Leg Hastings swings through the window, violently crashing through any furniture or people unlucky enough to be in his path.
    Hastings: "Lock up your daughters! Ha-ha-ha! It's me, Peg-Leg Hastings, back from plundering the Spanish Main!"
    Liz: Hello boys. You're all probably wondering if I'm still as deadly as I am beautiful.
    *Stabs random pirate*
    Liz: The answer is yes.
    • And last but certainly not least we have the most audacious entrance of them all. Black Bellamy arrives via a whale launching itself from the ocean into the side of tavern. Crushing an unlucky pirate beneath its jaw as it unfurls its tongue to reveal Black Bellamy surfing the mountain of gold he's acquired.
    Bellamy: "Read it and weep, ya coves!"
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  • The Pirate Captain deciding to rescue Polly from being eaten at Queen Victoria's banquet despite the impossible odds, complete with a Badass Boast that celebrates Achievements in Ignorance:
    Pirate Captain: It's only impossible if you stop to think about it!
  • Blowing up perhaps the most technologically advanced and heavily-guarded ship in the world at that time with baking soda and vinegar, the stuff of childhood science fairs.
    • Bonus points for the Pirate Captain and his Ragtag Band of Misfits being the absolute last people that anyone expected to be capable of pulling off such an audacious feat.
  • The arrival of The Cavalry when the Pirate Captain battles Victoria, especially Mr. Bobo rowing across the ocean all by himself.
    • Mr. Bobo swings down to save Polly right before Victoria beheads her.
    • Followed up by No. 2 throwing a sword to the Pirate Captain (who had been disarmed by this point), who proceeds to cut loose a bunch of vinegar barrels to flatten Queen Victoria. It even comes with a Bond One-Liner:
    Pirate Captain: Sorry, your Majesty—dodo's off the menu!
    • Darwin finally growing a spine and opening the door to the shaft behind Victoria, allowing the barrels to knock her down it. The little wave he gives her beforehand is the icing on the cake.
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    • The fight itself counting, as the Pirate Captain is clearly outmatched against Queen Victoria, but manages to fend off her twin katanas with, among other things, sausage links and a frying pan!
  • The moment when we know for sure that the Pirate Captain has completed his Character Development:
    Pirate Captain: Come on, lads! Set a course for ADVENTURE!
  • Queen Victoria’s final fate has her dangling from a tree while the rare animals she was planning to cook and eat wait below, ready to make a meal out of her.
  • After sinking Queen Victoria's flagship, stealing back Polly and making her majesty look like a fool, and leaving her stranded on an island of hungry animals, it's safe to say Captain's definitely won "pirate-of-the-year" now. And apparently, the Pirate King thought so too as the last we see of Bellamy, he's sitting in the bar enviously looking at the Pirate Captain's newest bounty of 100,000 doubloons and in bursts the Pirate King who angrily snatches away the P.O.T.Y trophy while Hastings and Liz laugh it up. Major catharsis in seeing an arrogant jerk like Bellamy knocked off his perch.