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    Randy Newman 
  • Toy Story is the only Disney-style musical Pixar film. And all the songs are wonderful. "Infinity and Beyond", the song that plays during the final flying sequence (or rather, the "falling... with style" sequence) is absolutely beautiful.
  • From Toy Story 2:
    • "When She Loved Me". An utterly heartwrenching song by Jessie that was said to have made both Tim Allen and Tom Hanks tear up during the premier.
    • Ride Like The Wind. The reprise of the first movie's "Infinity and Beyond" near the end really sells it.
  • From Toy Story 3:
    • The Spanish version of "You've Got a Friend In Me" (technically, "Hay un Amigo en Mi") completely makes the movie.
    • The Claw from Toy Story 3, one of Pixar's tensest, most nightmarish, most heartwrenching scenes ever has the music to match.
    • So Long. Just listening to it can get your eyes misty.
  • From Cars:
    • The mood-altering song, "Our Town". A James Taylor song that details the glory days and then the fall to obsolescence for Radiator Springs. Rich with heartfelt emotion.
    • McQueen and Sally. A perfect score for their budding, emboldened romance.

    Thomas Newman 
  • From WALLE:
    • "Fixing Wall-E". While not Awesome Music per se, the beginning is a classic moment.
    • The Axiom is also a fantastic score. The parts that play when WALL-E and the spaceship are flying past the lunar rover and flag on the Moon, and then through the rings of Saturn, are almost impossibly beautiful.
    • Define Dancing is a gorgeous 3/4 song that plays as WALL-E and EVE dance their way through the stars around the Axiom, all while the captain continues to ask the computer to define things on earth, like Dancing. It enhances the pure Scenery Porn of that scene.

    Michael Giacchino 
  • The soundtrack for Up, by Michael Giacchino, invites you to pick a moment. Really, it's no wonder this won the Oscar for Best Original Score.
    • The four-minute-plus "Married Life" underscores a dialogue-free montage that follows Ellie and Carl from the altar to Carl's arrival home after Ellie's memorial service — whimsical, lyrical, and heartbreaking.
    • "Carl Goes Up". "So long, boys! I'll send you a postcard from Paradise Falls!"
    • "Paradise Found", in which the clouds part to reveal Paradise Falls and the rest of the plateau in all their glory.
    • "Stuff We Did — in which Ellie gets Carl to level up from beyond the grave.
    • "The Small Mailman Returns". Russell ceases to be The Load.
    • ...and basically everything from that point to the end of the credits.
    • And Escape from Muntz Mountain, and Memories can Weigh you Down, and that storm song. And everybody's theme at one point sounds epically awesome. Yes, even Russell's, which doesn't sound like much at first in 52 Chachki Pickup.
    • My Spirit of Adventure from the credits basically combines every 1930s style possible.
  • The soundtrack for The Incredibles is the best James Bond score never written. And then Michael Giacchino went and wrote it.
  • He came back for Incredibles 2, and knocked it out of the park again. The movie brings back Incredits for the credits roll, rearranges the beginning and end parts, and is overall a great way to cap off the sequel.
  • Cars 2:
  • Inside Out has a pretty damn great soundtrack, pretty much chock-full of beautiful and (no pun intended) emotional songs. You should definitely listen to the entire soundtrack, but here are some of the most notable tracks out of it:
    • "Bundle of Joy", played during Riley's birth and the subsequent introduction of Joy.
    • "We Can Still Stop Her", a tense song played when Riley is running away from home, while Joy tries to reach the HQ in time to stop her.
    • "Tears of Joy", played during Joy's breakdown in the memory dump.
    • "Rainbow Flyer", used when Joy and Bing Bong attempt to escape the memory dump in their wagon rocket.
    • "Joy Turns to Sadness / A Growing Personality", which is used during Riley's breakdown to her parents, Joy learning that being sad is an important part of living, and Riley's console getting an upgrade as she gets older.
    • The end theme "The Joy of Credits", which is essentially eight minutes of orchestra/light jazz music.
    • And last but not least, there's the TripleDent Gum jingle. At 13 seconds long it's probably the shortest piece of music from the film. What's awesome about it? The fact it's an intentional Ear Worm written specially for the film, which is no easy feat! No wonder Anger gets so mad when he hears it.

    Other Artists 

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