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  • Awesome Music: The soundtrack features five songs, one sung by Julie Fowlis, who had another song first featured in this TV spot. Other performers include Birdy with Mumford & Sons, Billy Connolly, and Emma Thompson.
  • Merida steps up to the archery contest in defiance of the prize of her hand in marriage, striking every bulls-eye and then cleaving Young Dingwall's accidental winning arrow in half with amazing precision. All the while her mother is shouting at her to stop. For a Disney/Pixar Princess, that's pretty badass.
    • If you look closely as she fires the arrow, you can see the fletching of the arrow cut her cheek. THAT'S attention to detail.
      • That whole scene is a MOA for the Pixar animators. The way the arrow bends, and then spins? Seriously freaking cool.
      • There's an archery expert who went through the entire trailer and explained how every single detail was perfect on that shot. He did the same analysis on The Avengers and explained how every detail was clearly not. That's right, the animated movie is more realistic than the live action one.
  • This quote (quote quoted from article including quote):
    Merida tells her that she isn’t marrying anyone. Then she fights bears.
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  • At the beginning, after the "Proper Lady" montage, we get to Merida's one day to herself; as her father puts it later, letting her hair flow in the wind as she rides through the glen, firing arrows into the sunset. Seeing the sequence in action that the line sums up is breathtaking between the animation, the silent show of character, the music...oh, and the perfect archery form...on full gallop.
  • At the end of the "Family Legends" trailer, Merida leaps in slow-mo to escape from Mordu as Bear!Elinor holds a paw out to grab her hand and Mordu's claw swings toward Merida.
  • Bear!Elinor going into full Mama Bear mode (no pun intended) and fighting Mordu as he attacks Merida, smashing him against a rock until it falls and crushes him.
    • Bear!Elinor throws off all 4 clans pinning her to the ground when Mordu attacks Merida. Mama Bear indeed
    • Made even more awesome when you consider that, throughout the entire film, she has engaged in no violence at all, seeing it as a lapse into her bear side. Mordu goes for her daughter? All bets are off.
  • Merida fighting her father, the Bear King himself, to make him realize that he will not kill Elinor. She more than held her own, so obviously he taught her well.
    • To put it into perspective, Her father is seen sparring with a few of the boys of his clan, tossing them about effortlessly. One got his sword stuck on his peg leg and barely left a dent in it. Merida flips one of the guys over, KOs two more, blocks her father's overhead swing with little strain, and breaks the peg leg in half with one clean swipe, all without actually leaving a mark on him. Effective, but very precise rage.
  • Elinor calmly walking through the Ballroom Blitz the clans have started in the throne room. Fierce warriors all bow and step aside, and she drags the four clan leaders (her husband included) back by the ear.
  • Visual Effects of Awesome: there are over 100,000 hairs rendered on Merida's head.
    • The average redhead only has 90,000 hairs in real life.
  • Fergus is a large man, but even he looks small next to Mordu. Yet when he is completely unarmed with a twelve foot-tall bear charging toward him, what is his response?
    Fergus: I'll take ye with my bare hands!
  • The big nameless scar covered warrior of the Dingwall clan has one during the scene where the clans barricade themself against each other in the great hall firing arrows at each other. When the Dingwalls are being shot at everyone takes cover, except for the big guy who just snatches an arrow from the air without flinching.
  • As explained in Merida's speech, all of the clan leaders have their own Offscreen Moment of Awesome.
  • Merida's speech in the hall that restores peace to the clans and shows her own Character Development.
  • The way Merida tells her brothers who are cubs what to do.
    Merida: ...Get the key.
  • Merida sewing up the tapestry while riding on horseback.
  • Merida's arrow knocking her father's sword aside just when he was about to deliver a killing blow to Bear!Elinor.
  • Weirdly graceful.

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