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You might conclude that Walt Disney did have his head removed and frozen, and every year a lab tech at Pixar extracts a sample, converts it to room-temp mush, spreads it over the script of the latest project, blows Chesterfield smoke over it and utters a prayer to the Nine Old Men now gone to the beyond. Transmutational alchemy happens, as the bumpersticker would say. The work of mere mortals is infused with something that seems 37% beyond the ken and capability of the rest of the talented thousands bent over CGI stations. The finished product is run through a filter that actually makes it 19% less impressive than it could be, because people might issue smoke from their ears if they saw the real thing. It’s delivered to movie theaters in hovercars that have fake wheels so people don’t point and gather ‘round and ask where they can get one. The popcorn is laced with a tincture of laudanum, just in case the final product ruins people’s desire to see the films shown in the previews. So you might well think.
James Lileks, having just seen WALL•E, The Bleat, June 30, 2008

As was the case with "WALL•E", "Up" shows that, for Pixar, progress is not just a technological matter. It is moving forward in artistry, cultivating realms of wordless splendor that evoke the best of the silent days.
Mick LaSalle, "Up" review.

Quality is the best business plan.
Pixar's business strategy

Art challenges Technology, and Technology inspires the Art. That, in a nutshell, is how we work at Pixar.
John Lasseter


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