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  • The following is a story documented in Penn & Teller's How to Play with Your Food (1992). Before they ventured into the foray of feature-length films, Pixar was primarily known for its short films and advertisements. During the production of this commercial for Listerine, John Lasseter, Andrew Stanton, Craig Good and Flip Phillips decided to prank a representative of the Listerine company. To do so, they emptied a bottle of Listerine (they had several lying around as references for the animators), cleaned it, and replaced its contents with apple juice and water until it matched the color of normal Listerine. At the meeting, the representative brought up an urban legend surrounding a supposed chemical in Listerine that makes you vomit if you drink it in large quantities.
    Flip eyed the bottle. John pulled out a twenty-dollar bill and threw it on the table. He dared Flip to drink the mouthwash "just down to the top of the label." Andrew matched the twenty bucks. Flip picked up the bottle and took a deep breath. Stopping to breathe between each slug, he drank down to the top of the label. He acted up a storm, the smell filling the room. The Suits were turning green. Flip was trying for his first nonanimation Academy Award. When he'd killed it to the label, Craig offered him another $20 to polish it off. Judi, the producer from Listerine, had to leave for the rest room where she threw up from Flip drinking apple juice''.
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  • One of the extras on the Toy Story 3 DVD, has a story from one the Pixar employees about how he found a little door in his office leading into a secret room via air duct (which was the only way in), and how he made it this really cool place, which soon everyone wanted to visit, and at one point there was an entire football/soccer team in them! It gets better though, because the man’s last name? Gordon. Footage of the room in question is actually seen in a studio tour bonus feature on disc 2 of the original 2-disc version of Monsters, Inc.