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  • Apparently in this world, unicorns are basically Earth's equivalent of pests like raccoons, eating garbage and hissing at people.
    • Ian's disgust towards them counts as a Double Entendre, not just because they are common pests, but also teenage boys' general reaction to them.
  • One front yard has a typical garden gnome, standing still... then he's revealed to be alive when another gnome shows up and yells at him to get back to work mowing the lawn.
  • When Laurel sprays the pet dragon Blazey with water, she yells: "Bad dragon! Go back to your lair!"
  • The boys try to bring their father back, but Ian can't hold the spell and they end up with his lower torso for most of the movie.
    Barley: There's no top part! I definitely remember Dad having a top part!
    • Ian tries to make up for this by putting together a bunch of clothes to make it look like he has an upper body. So whenever he uses his upper body, it's like when Remy controlled Linguini in Ratatouille.
      Barley: Dad, you look just like I remember you.
  • As Ian tries to use a growth spell to make the canister of gas bigger, Barley keeps yelling at him from behind, causing Ian to lose focus and cut off the spell. However, it accidentally hits Barley and shrinks him. It takes Barley a few seconds to realize what happened.
    Barley: It worked! The can is huge! And the van is huge! And you're-! (looks down at himself) Oh no.
    • In the trailer the song playing in the background is "Hocus Pocus" by Focus.


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