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  • Really, Mater provides pretty much all the Funny in this film.
    • Mater gets some drinks for Lightning at the free bar in Japan. Those who tried their first "pistachio ice cream" (which is really wasabi) knows what's coming a mile away.
    Sushi vender: (in Japanese) My condolences.
    • Mater then embarrasses himself by rushing to a fountain to wash off the burning sensation off his mouth, just as Axlerod welcomes McQueen to the stage.
    Miles Axlerod: And now our last competitor, #95! Lightning McQueen!
    Lightning McQueen: Kachow! Thanks for having me, Sir Axelrod. I really look foreward to racing. It's a great opportunity.
    Miles Axlerod: The pleasure's all ours, Lightning. You and your team bring excellence and professionalism to this competition—
    Mater: AAAAAHHH!!!!!!! (dashes toward the stage with a piercing scream of pain) Somebody get me water! (laps the stage fountain wildly) Oh, sweet relief! Sweet relief! (McQueen's eyes shift with embarrassment; from the crowd, Francesco laughs; Mater, now sated, approaches the mic) Whatever you do, do NOT eat the free pistachio ice cream! It has TURNED!
    • The scene where Mater actually freaks out after seeing a car with headlights for eyes in Paris.
      • What made this scene is that this is seemingly a reference to the decision to avoid that sort of character design during development of the original Cars as it made characters look like "snakes".
    • He tries to crash Lightning's and Sally's date at the Wheel Well by posing as a waiter. He even tries a drink at one point, hates the taste, nonchalantly spits it back out into the cup, then almost serves it to Lightning!
  • When Finn and Mater are being chased by the evil lemons outside of the airport in Tokyo, After Siddeley the spy jet lands, Mater sees Holley and hurries to her with the lines of, “Hey it’s my imaginary girlfriend! Boy you sure want this date, don’t you? That’s a no quit attitude right there!” While giving a wink at her.
    • When Finn asks Mater if Gremlins are considered lemons, he replies "Is the Popemobile Catholic?". Becomes funnier when we later see that said Popemobile is riding in another popemobile.
    • Mater's postscript in his goodbye letter:
    Luigi(reading Mater's letter): P.S. Please tell the hotel I didn't mean to order that movie. I thought it was just a preview and I didn't realize I was paying for it.
  • Before the race in Italy when the Italian car is talking to Lightning about how he misses his mom when he's over seas.
    Francesco: Of course, I am at home. And my mama is right here. *Camera pans to show his mom in the crowd*
  • During his knighting ceremony Mater realises he hasn't yet made the proper introductions, leading to the following:
    Mater: McQueen, Queen. Queen, McQueen. McQueen, McMissile. McMissile, McQueen. Queen, McMissile.
  • While tearing through Radiator Springs on his new jet engines, he comes across the car he towed in the beginning of the movie. He tows him to the shop, hooking him so fast he pulls him right out from under the dust he'd accumulated.
  • This little bit during the phone call on TV.
    (Francesco Bernoulli is a guest on Mel Dorado's TV show; Mater called in to argue with Bernoulli, and McQueen takes the phone)
    Lightning: [over the phone] Yeah, hi, this is Lightning McQueen.
    Francesco: The Lightning McQueen, eh?!
    Lightning: Look, I don't appreciate my best friend being insulted like that.
    Francesco: McQueen, that was your best friend? Ohhh... There's a difference between you and Francesco! Francesco knows how good he is. He doesn't have to surround himself with tow trucks to prove it.
    Lightning: Hey, those are uh, strong words from a car that is so fragile.
    Francesco: FRA-JILL-AY! HE CALLS-A FRANCESCO FRA-JILL-AY!? Not-a so fast, McQueen!
    Lightning: "Not so fast." What is that? Your new motto?
    Francesco: Motto?! [Rants and curses rapidly in Italian] ...RIDICULO!!
    (Francesco continues his rant but gets gets muted by the TV censors, and storms off-camera)
  • Mater and Finn McMissile introducing themselves to each other:
    Finn: Finn McMissile, British Intelligence.
    Mater: Tow Mater, average intelligence.
  • "Everybody! This is Finn McMissile! He's a secret agent! Don't tell nobody!"
  • Lightning and Mater are driving through Tokyo and at one point, they catch sight of Lightning being advertised as a vacuum cleaner (Lightning McClean), causing both to crack up.
  • Francesco insulting Lightning at the press conference following his win at the Tokyo race:
    Francesco: Strategia? Francesco needs-a no strategy, it's-a very simple: You start the race, wait for Lightning McQueen to choke, pass him, then win! Francesco always-a wins. It's-a boring...
    • And then the view cuts to Lightning who just heard this mean statement. He rolls his eyes and frowns with extreme annoyance, as if to say "You Have Got to Be Kidding Me!".
  • The entirety of the bathroom scene.
  • Just before the Tokyo race begins:
    Lightning: Speed...
    Francesco: [laughs] Really? You are speed? Then, Francesco is triple speed. [imitating Lightning's pre-race ritual] triple speed! Ho-ho! Francesco likes-a this McQueen! It's-a really getting him into the zone!
    Lightning: [to himself] He is SO getting beat today!
  • Francesco's reaction when Mater sped past him with his booster rockets and Lightning on tow in the London race.
    Francesco: [shocked] What is happening, it's a bad dream!?
    • Happens again when Holley flew past Francesco later in the same scene in pursuit of Lightning and Mater.
    Francesco: [freaking out] WHAT IS HAPPENING?!?!?!


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