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  • During the battle with the Underminer, Violet throws off her mask during a tantrum and is discovered by Tony Rydinger, the boy she had a massive crush on in the previous film. As she throws a tantrum, she's next to Jack-Jack's pram, his head turns in her direction, and both she and Jack-Jack have an "Oops?" expression on their face as Tony backs away in horror. Guess Violet won't be having that Tonyloaf after all.
    • The fact that Jack-Jack, who is about one year old, realises that something really uncomfortable is happening is hilarious alone! He's a baby! All he should be focused on is eating and pooping!
    • Later in the opening scene, Mr. Incredible stands in the way of the Underminer siphoning the money from the bank while striking a pose... only to get siphoned along with the money anyway. The Underminer's annoyance is what sells it, as though he were a guy vacuuming his carpet to find he accidentally got a paperclip in there.
      The Underminer: Oh, great! Now he's on the agenda!
    • Another Call-Back to the first movie: Mr. Incredible not only stops to strike a pose, but seems to be about to give the Underminer some kind of "last chance to repent" speech or other kind of Kirk Summation, only to be immediately sucked up the moment he gets started with it. You really should've known better by now than to let the bad guy catch you giving him a monologue, Mr. Incredible!
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    • The Underminer immediately resumes siphoning the money, at which point the camera cuts to Mr. Incredible pulling himself out of a pile of cash only to be bowled over by the resumed flow.
    • In the ensuing battle with the Underminer, everyone except Frozone plays a combination "Tag, you're it!"/"Hot potato!" with Jack-Jack being pawned off to the next available Parr. It starts with Violet and ends with the entire family.
  • The dinner scene begins with this gem.
    Violet: [Dash reaches for a spring roll before Violet stops him] Did you wash your hands?
    [Dash speeds out of the dining room, washes his hands and immediately returns. He tries to grab a spring roll again...]
    Violet: With soap?
    [Dash does the same thing, but uses soap as well]
    Violet: Did you dry them?
    [Glaring at Violet, he quickly shakes his hands dry, then defiantly stuffs a whole spring roll in his mouth.]
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  • Bob's Flat "What" at Dash's statement of "It [superheroics] defines who I am!" and Dash's little shrug as he admits he heard it on TV.
  • In the aftermath of learning that the Deavors want Elastigirl as their superhero spokesperson rather than him, Bob visibly and very expressively forces himself to swallow his ego and admit Helen will do a good job.
    Helen: That was excruciating to watch.
  • Then, to follow it up after reassuring Helen multiple times that he can handle looking after the kids and to goad her into agreeing (as well as a bit of playful poking) we get this:
    Bob: Do it, so I can do it better.
    [Helen smacks him with a pillow.]
  • Look closely at the "living room" of the mansion Winston gives the family. They're living in Tony Stark's house!
  • Upon moving to their new house, Dash makes a big deal of how much space their new home has: "It's got a backyard! ...Next to a forest! ...AND A POOL!!" We hear him jump into the pool, and when he comes back, he shakes himself off like a dog.
  • Dash trying all the house's technological features. At first, it's amazing! But then he pushes the button that dumps the couches in the water. Hilarity Ensues as he panics and keeps mashing buttons to fix it, coming to a head when he accidentally dumps his family in the water.
    • Even better, the uplifting music that has been playing as they explore the new house continues uninterrupted.
  • During his first morning as House Husband, Bob struggles to explain to his kids why their mother doing superhero work is okay when it's illegal. Thankfully for him, the bus has arrived and the children have to go to school. Bob picks up Jack-Jack and, in a Tempting Fate fashion, savors how spending time with Jack-Jack will be a breeze since babies "don't ask tough questions". On cue, Jack-Jack poops his diaper, and Bob has a tired expression like "Oh, yeah, forgot babies do that."
    Violet: So, Mom's going out illegally to explain why she shouldn't be illegal.
    Bob: (starting to protest) Hey! (upon seeing the school bus arrive out the window) Hey, the bus is here!
  • After Helen tries on her new suit, we get this gem:
    Helen: I'm not dark or angsty, I'm Elastigirl!
    • Edna's fury that she was not hired to create Helen's new suit and demanding to know why someone else was hired instead of her. She also demands permission to be the only one to exclusively design suits for Bob, Frozone, and Helen. Just to add insult to injury, she adds "throughout the known universe, until the end of time!" to that.
  • Poor Bob has his work cut out for him as his attempts at raising the kids on his own slowly stretch his sanity thin.
    • Jack-Jack frequently escapes his crib and appears in front of the TV with the remote in hand every time. Bob tries putting a table over his crib, then upon second thought puts on an additional small pile of books for weight. Keep in mind, this is prior to his discovery of Jack-Jack having powers.
      • Bob has to read Jack-Jack the same bedtime story twice. He falls asleep while reading it the second time, and Jack-Jack has to be the one to smack him awake. He's reading what is clearly a parody of Dr. Seuss's Sleep Book and nearly crushes it as he reads:
        Bob: [reading from "Doozles are Dozing"] All over Doozledorf, Doozles are [starts dozing himself] dozing, their eyelids so heavy, they're drooping, and... [begins snoring, gets slapped by Jack-Jack] CLOSING! The point is, everyone, EVERYONE'S hitting the sack! Everyone's getting the sleep that they lack!
    • Bob trying to help Dash with his math homework.
      Dash: That's not the way you're supposed to do it, Dad. [shows book] They want us to do it this way.
      Bob: I don't know that way! Why would they change math? Math is math! MATH IS MATH!
  • While pretty sad, it's also kinda funny to see Violet grab a whole carton of ice cream and walk back to her room sobbing while invisible in her normal clothes.
  • While one could sympathize with Bob, his reaction in seeing Helen's success with the train emasculate him and congratulate her though his teeth is oddly funny.
    • As Helen happily screams and recaps her saving the train into the phone, Bob has the phone away from his ear with an annoyed, grumpy expression.
  • Helen struggling to control the torque of her new electric bike is pretty amusing in its realism.
  • While listening to police scanners, Elastigirl muses over the Irony of what a hypocrite she is, after snapping at her husband so often whenever he listened to police scanners.
  • Dash is unable to find his sports sneakers, and disobeys his father by directly calling his mother... while she is in the middle of a high-speed pursuit.
    Dash: Hey Mom. I can't find my high tops, and Dad can't find them either. But he won't call you and ask, so I am.
    Bob: (furious) Do NOT call your mother!
    Helen: (frantic) Dash, honey, can'ttalkrightnowbutlookunderyourbed,okay? (hangs up) HOW MUCH TIME!?
    • With some Fridge Brilliance, with her saying Dash's name, the Screenslaver accidentally saved the family's identities from being revealed by hijacking the video on the news just before it got to this part.
  • Jack-Jack's superpowered tussle with the raccoon digging through the Parrs' garbage.
    • Especially hilarious is that this random raccoon put up a better fight against Jack-Jack than Syndrome did in the first movie.
    • After successfully scaring off the raccoon, he yells out the babbled catchphrase he says from the earlier dinner scene as if it were his Battle Cry.
    • And in a Funny Background Event during Bob's phone call with Helen later, that raccoon is back for more, hissing at Jack-Jack from outside the window!
    • The icing on the cake is the track title for Michael Giacchino's score from that scene: "Rocky vs. Jack-Jack".
    • Another layer of hilarity is how Jack-Jack notices the raccoon and starts fighting it after seeing a burglar on television, as if thinking "That creature out there has a mask like the bad guy on TV. Imma go beat him up to save the day!"
    • Bob finally waking up just in time to witness the end of the fight and peel Jack-Jack off the raccoon.
      Bob: You! Have! POWERS! Yeah, baby! And there's not a scratch on you! Did you go right through the locked door? Are THOSE your powers? Haha! Who can multiply like rabbits and go right through any... solid... (several of Jack-Jack's powers go off at once, cue look of dawning horror on Bob's face as he realizes what this means for him as a parent) Oh, my God...
  • Bob recognizes his old Incredibile being auctioned on TV, then remotely activates it. One can only imagine how random and unexpected it must've been for the auctioneers to see a priceless vehicle come to life all its own.
    • Bob is still half-asleep when this happens. Dash steals the remote away from him and nearly activates the car's rocket launcher. Bob finally decides not to make more trouble and deactivates it, defeatedly grumbling about how a "rich guy got my car".
    • Later in the film, when Dash summons the car to rescue them from the Screenslaved supers, the rich guy is snuggling with a date in the same room—and he hides behind his date as the car blows a hole in the wall and drives away. The shot holds for a beat, just long enough for her annoyed expression to register, before cutting to the next scene.
  • While the context of the scene makes it rather tense, Violet has an epic meltdown, putting her suit in the sink's garbage disposal, the suit not ripping at all, trying to bite it apart, then throwing it at the wall.
    • The split-second buildup to it is fantastic too. Bob is retrieving the milk from the fridge while casually explaining that Dicker is the reason as to why Tony doesn't remember her. As soon as he closes the door, his livid daughter is standing right there.
    • What seals it is Dash's reaction:
      Dash: (somewhat nonchalantly as he eats breakfast) Is she having adolescence?
    • Followed later by her change of heart: "I renounce my renunciation!"
    • Jack-Jack's expression is rather fun too; he's staring, wide-eyed, while trying to eat his own hand. Then, once Violet retreats upstairs, Jack-Jack throws his breakfast in his own face.
  • Bob tries to make it up to Violet for Dicker erasing Tony's memory of her by taking her and her brothers to the restaurant where Tony works. When she sees he's their waiter, we get a hilarious reaction shot of Violet's eyes bugging out and water shooting out her nose.
  • Jack-Jack manifesting his balloon power for the first time and shooting himself into Violet's room (phasing through the wall) provokes the expected screeching shriek from her in response (she wasn't aware Jack-Jack had powers at the time).
  • Although it's a sobering look at how frazzled and haggard he's becoming, Bob's breakdown in front of his kids over how he has to be "incredible" at being a father is funny when you see how it quiets his kids for the first time since Helen left. Not to mention the part during his rant where he says he "eats thunder and crap lightning" (yep, he's just so tired that he mixes up the saying). When he's done, only Jack-Jack is giving an oblivious happy smile.
    • Just the comically broken look on Bob's face after he jumps in the pool to keep a catapulted Jack-Jack from drowning.
  • Lucius, witnessing a transformation of Jack-Jack’s, exclaims, “OH, HE IS FREAKING! AGAIN, HE IS FREAKING! WHAT THE F-- !?” before a Smash Cut to him and Bob exhausted on the couch with the baby.
    • When they don't have a cookie to offer, Lucius tiredly gives Jack-Jack an ice ball to teeth on. If one looks closely, the ice ball even refracts a view of Jack-Jack's open mouth.
    • Bob also casually reveals that Jack Jack can still hear him in "the other dimension."
    • "No biting Daddy!"
  • When visiting Edna, Bob gets clearance by giving her the raised eyebrow look, despite that he's too plum-tired to accompany that look with his charismatic half-smile.
    • When she asks what's his business, Bob just stares at the camera, slack-jawed from exhaustion. While doing so, Jack-Jack makes baby noises from behind him, making it seem like Bob is doing it. Edna dryly declares "It's worse than I thought".
  • Bob sharing with Edna what he's been up to as a House Husband. Some of it sounds like non-sequiturs that only make sense with context ("I broke my daughter, they keep changing math"), and the rest includes small mishaps like needing batteries and eggs.
    • Off-screen, Bob fell for the old "washed red laundry with white laundry" mishap. "Now everything's pink."
    • The incredulous look Edna gives while Bob talks, as though thinking "Wow, parenting has really bent you out of shape, Robert."
  • Edna realizing Bob wants her to babysit, then the camera pans out and shows Jack-Jack chewing on the end of her nightgown.
    • One of the scenes with Edna has her walking around in circles declaring "I am not a baby person — I'm an artist!" Did we mention that she's only walking around in circles because Jack-Jack is crawling after her?!
    • Edna spent all of her scenes in the first movie verbally and physically slapping Bob and Helen around, always in control of any situation. Seeing her fretting and cringing at the prospect of taking care of a tiny baby is hilarious.
    • E remains dead-set against babysitting... right up until Jack-Jack changes his facial features to resemble her (hair, nose, big eyes). She then realizes Jack-Jack really does have many powers, and gives what can only be described as a Slasher Smile when she realizes she's been given a golden opportunity to flex her genius fashion muscles like never before. Afterwards, she practically throws Bob out of the house so she can get to work immediately.
      Edna: (after Jack-Jack changes back to normal) Oh, my God. YES!
      Smash Cut
      Edna: (in full-on Motor Mouth mode) Goodnight, I'm sure that filling in for Helen is challenging, and you are very tired, and the other children need you and miss you and you must go to them. Auntie Edna will take care of everything, so drive safely and goodbye. I enjoy our visits! (slams the door)
    • Edna enjoyed babysitting Jack-Jack so much that she programmed her security system to recognize his handprint, eyes, and voice, where all he says is, "Bah bah bah."
      • Jack-Jack himself has taken a great liking to Auntie Edna as he even copies her stylish mannerisms. Especially the way he holds his lollipop just like she holds her cigarette-holder.
  • During a touching moment, Violet tells her father, who is hunched over in despair, that he is indeed a "super" dad. ...Only to realize he's just fallen asleep after going without sleep for so long.
    • How long does he sleep? According to Violet, 17 hours.
  • Now it's Bob's turn to be weirded out by Edna's suits in this exchange.
    Bob: "Combustion imminent?" What does that mean?
    (Jack-Jack, already in monster form, bursts into flames, freaking Bob out.)
    Edna: (calm annoyance, with her usual cup of tea) It means fire, Robert.
    • When Jack-Jack begins multiplying during the demonstration Bob panics and says he needs to get cookies. Edna sits him back down and gives an explanation about overrelying on cookies, while also giving a demonstration of a machine distracting Jack-Jack with a cookies, only him to get mad when he does not get it and transform.
      Edna: You do not need cookies. As I learned quite painfully last night, any solution involving cookies will inevitably result in the demon baby.
    • Edna designed the fire suppressant in Jack-Jack's suit to be edible. (Which makes sense, considering how much babies love to put things in their mouth.) She even specifically chose the flavor because of how good it was.
  • Honey still doesn't approve of Lucius going off without her knowing.
    Lucius: (to Bob on the phone) I'll be there ASAP.
    Honey: (offscreen) Where are you goin' ASAP? You better be back ASAP! And leave the suit!
  • Voyd's Adorkable fangirl freakout... especially when she reaches to shake Helen's hand: Helen reaches to shake, but Voyd pulls it away to gesture as she's fangirling out. At a loss, Helen awkwardly withdraws her hand.
  • One of the new Supers is Reflux, who spews what appears to be hot lava.
    • Even better? He drops that line before (well before) he's actually shown using his powers.
  • In the middle of a very tense scene, a hypnotized Voyd uses her portals to make Elastigirl punch herself in the face.
  • There's something strangely, darkly funny about how Evelyn dryly reveals why she chose a random kid to be the fake Screenslaver: "Eh, he was surly, (Beat) and the pizza was cold." Kind of paints a picture where she decided "Okay, I've just found a volunteer" when she met this boy.
  • Evelyn's disbelief when (through the supers' hypno-goggles) she sees Jack-Jack, which goes Up to Eleven when she sees Jack-Jack has powers.
    Evelyn: What the? A baby?
    Jack-Jack starts floating in the air
    Evelyn: A super baby?
  • Mr. Incredible's sheepish "Did I do that?" upon seeing the devastation he'd wrecked on the bridge while hypnotized.
    • This moment when Bob, Helen and Lucius are freed from hypnosis:
      Helen: Hey, it's me.
      Bob: (about to attack Helen but retreats) Yeah, that's what I thought last time!
  • When Screech grabs Dash and flies away with him, Violet grabs Jack-Jack and uses him as a gun to free Dash with Jack-Jack's laser beams. She makes a 'pew pew' sound effect as she is firing Jack-Jack; she is obviously enjoying using Jack-Jack as a gun.
  • Apparently, Krushhauer doesn't know how to "Un-crush". Even if he did, he considers the thought of it to be "silly", and asks Mr. Incredible what would he do if someone asked him to "un-punch" someone.
  • Elastigirl's woozy state from oxygen deprivation while she tries to fight off Evelyn in an escape plane.
    Evelyn: Hypoxia. Yup, things get a little silly! [...] Things get sillier and sillier... and then you die.
    Helen: (slurred, giggly) I don't wanna die...
    Evelyn: Ah, it's okay, nobody does. (kicks Helen backward)
  • Elastigirl tells Voyd to portal her up to Evelyn's jet. Unfortunately, this turns out to be a bit beyond her skills at the moment and the process takes several tries, throwing Helen through the air like a pinball.
  • Violet apparently knows that Evelyn will be back one day...
  • The final scenes.
    • Violet finally goes on a movie date with Tony... with her family seeing the same one.
    • Some robbers pass by and dramatic music starts up as the Incredibles begin a new adventure... until the music halts, when Violet shoves Tony out to get their seats and food. Then it starts for real. Looks like Violet learned from the beginning of the film.

New powers, new problems.

Incredicoaster Pre-Show Video

  • Every other word out of Violet's mouth is gold.
  • While Bob and Helen are trying to control a demon-mode Jack-Jack, Edna quips, "Do try to enjoy this time, darling. The terrible twos are coming."
  • After Dash jokes that Jack-Jack is too short for the ride (cue Jack-Jack quintuplicating himself), Edna reassures him that "height is overrated."
    • Then, when Dash runs off to get a corn dog and comes back, he realizes that he ran fast enough to cool it down. Cue Jack-Jack setting his hair aflame so that Dash can reheat it.
      Dash: Nice! Thanks, Jack-Jack!


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