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Funny / Toy Story of Terror!

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"We got a runner."
  • The toys watching the vampire movie. Rex is on the edge of his seat ("RUN, BETSY!"), Trixie thinks the girl is a goner, Woody encourages her like she can actually hear him, Buzz examines the situation from a tactical perspective, and Pricklepants talks exactly like we do.
  • Bonnie ringing the bell on the motel counter over and over and over again. Exactly like you did. And your siblings did. And your kids do.
  • Combat Carl's arm has fallen off in the exact same spot Dillon's arm was blown off in Predator.
  • The deleted scenes would reveal Ron's motivation for stealing toys and selling them. He's been obsessing over a luxury boat.
    • And when he wonders aloud what guy would buy a cowboy for such a price, cut to Al, in his chicken suit, rejoicing over his purchase and being scolded by the voice of his mother from above.
  • Jessie takes Combat Carl's advice too literally.
    Combat Carl: "Combat Carl never gives up, Combat Carl finds a way. Now say it!"
    Jessie: "Combat Carl never-"
    Combat Carl: "You're not Combat Carl!"
  • When Jesse dives into Mr. Jones to retrieve Potato Head's arm, the Pez Scout is grossed out and vomits out a candy.
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  • The ending, where two cops arrive to arrest the manager for (supposedly, but effectively) stealing Bonnie's toy. The manager tries to sneak out and steal the cop car.
    Cop 1: I told you not to leave the keys in the car.
    [the manager backs up into the sign, which crashes onto top of the car and totals it. The manager runs off]
    Cop 2: [deadpan, into radio] We got a runner.

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